The Red Sox trotted out their newest FA acquisition Tuesday afternoon, third baseman, Pablo Sandoval. The Kung Fu Panda then joined MFB to talk about his conversations with (former) Giant teammate, Jake Peavy, about playing Boston. He also stressed that this move was the next big challenge in his life, and addressed some concerns about his defense, stating that he is focused on being at the hot corner for the duration of his contract.

[0:00:27] ... Sandoval from the few moments ago. These days and it feeds advance Christian Fauria who lost today we got the AT&T hotline right now and we welcome Pablo Sandoval to WEEI for the. First time as a member of the Boston Red Sox organization. Panda welcome to Boston. Territory radar. Doing great how are you joy and I heard you say how number and a ...
[0:01:34] ... Dave Ortiz had dinner with them but a chance to talk to Jake Peavy. About would like in Boston yeah. Yeah Lou it's a bargain. At almost his Iraq. Up to war it is. A city ...
[0:05:15] ... move for Colombia and correct. Set some real good things they're not Hanley Ramirez coming back from commercial break a lot of people have a different impression of handling that if things go bad sometimes he ...
[0:08:36] ... okay your card here. As Pablo Sandoval now a member of the Boston Red Sox after his press conference became official. ...

Today's Three For All focused on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the events of last night's trial announcement. There was tear gas, shots being fired, cops cars and building being lit on fire, looting, and female reporter was hit in the head with a rock.

[0:00:17] ... him in the ass beat. There exhaustive review of the evidence the grand jury deliberated over two days. Making their final decision. They determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer Wilson. ...
[0:05:02] ... comment right. The comet but yet because these guys you last week black hole that's what it was the Delhi a black volatile black hole as its name guy. I've got one more forced it to. All right it is this just them getting hit by it bites here. Yes I get help from the police officers. The police officers are taking our. Oh yeah. It's your guest just dropped right here's what's gonna get very bad here we don't have maps ...
[0:06:43] ... the crowd wants it to you. Some like this is like. The Super Bowl the final four there go right at one way or the other they're there they're assembled something's gonna go out. Whether works out for or against them based on what they want to see happen from the grand jury decision. You know a different kind of protesters well the more serious protestor trying to explain. You know dot shots fired about ...

Rodney joined the show to talk about Dan Patrick and Tony Dungy giving him a hard time about the SECOND best catch by a Giant receiver. He also talked about how Minnesota showed that you can slow the Green Bay Packers down by stopping the big plays and stopping Jordy Nelson. Rodney thinks the Patriots have the personnel in the secondary to beat them.
Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston, said that Bill Belichick humiliated Jonas Gray, who was shaky when speaking to reporters after the game. She also touched on the fact that Patriots weren't likely to try and run against the Lions anyway, and responded to the story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about LeGarrette Blount's departure from the Steelers and into the arms of the Patriots.
With the Red Sox getting ready to announce the FA acquisitions of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, we were joined by's Rob Bradford to discuss everything that led the Red Sox to this point, and of course, the possibility of still signing FA Pitcher Jon Lester.
Tim and Christian start the show quickly talking about the events in Ferguson, Missouri last night, then they get into Steve Smith Sr. and his comments after MNF. Mostly though, Tim wanted to see how Christian and the callers felt about the fact that NFL decided NOT to fine Lions C Dominic Raiola for his cheap attempt to cut a member of the Patriots DL as his team was taking a knee at the end of the game.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys discussed the Riots in Ferguson.

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Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— Foxwoods has cancelled a future Bill Cosby show in wake of the sexual assault allegations against him, but there are shows still scheduled to go on in Boston and Worcester in February.

“If I already had my tickets, and I don’t care if I paid $200 for them, I wouldn’t go see this pig,” Dennis said.

“Doesn’t he have a right to perform, though?” Callahan asked.

“Yeah, he does, and I have a right not to go watch him,” Dennis replied.

“Exactly. Shouldn’t the market place determine who goes to see him,” Callahan responded.

— On a Fox News live broadcast from Ferguson, MO, shots were fired while Steve Harrigan was reporting on Monday night, following the ruling of there being no indictment for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. Harrigan kept yelling at his crew to move back.

“So the commissioner, or the chief said no shots were fired by his guys, not one. Who is shooting, and what are they shooting at?” Callahan asked.

“They are just shooting into the air. It’s a Palestinian thing. Haven’t you seen that in Palestine,” Dennis replied.

There were a number of buildings set on fire in the town following the ruling, some still burning into the morning.

“I guarantee you there would not have been 25 fires lighted during the daylight hours,” said Dennis. “They are much more effective at night, right? That’s like bon-fires at pep rallies.”

“You’d never light a fire at 9 a.m.,” Callahan replied.

— Jennifer Gable, 32, a transgender women of Twin Halls, Idaho, died unexpectedly last week. Friends of Gable were horrified to see her dressed as a man with short hair and a suit at the open-casket funeral. Jennifer was born a boy named Geoffrey

The online obituary made no mention of Jennifer, and the photo that was used appears to be of Geoffrey when he was a teenager.

“Do you blame the parents?” Callahan asked. “It must be a tough time anyway.”

“It’s not their choice,” Dennis replied.

“Yes, I do,” countered Minihane. “It’s someone who chose to live her life that way.”

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