Inspired by David Ortiz' success at 40 we look at four other guys who did the same.
Inspired by David Ortiz' success at 40 we look at four other guys who did the same.
We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.
We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

Every once in a while I feel the need to throw a smart one up here in that “listen up and you (meaning I) might learn something” kind of way. Any four minute clip that can educate me about the nature of our existence that works in everything from Schwarzenegger to Miley Cyrus is OK by me. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly the kind of learning I retain. If every subject in school was presented to me like this, I would have been valedictorian.

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Jerry Thornton
Jackie MacMullan of ESPN calls in to discuss who she thinks the Celtics are going to draft with the #3 pick, and also gives her opinion on what trades the Celtics could pull off this off-season.

[0:06:06] ... his options open he's got the player option W McCain option with Amir Johnson. If you get Okafor. Indeed Israel to let Amir Johnson lot. You know people are down sellinger I totally get why I get it. But if nobody goes on break the bank ...
[0:09:46] ... is you know that's a real possibility it was a bit like Dwight Howard we know that they location around to Dwight Howard at the trade deadline now again. Like a love are two different things. Dwight Howard it's thirty years old I spent some time with him in Atlanta a week and a half ago he sounds like a guided me that very contrite. That once as he put it to me quote the reset and he. He's worked with Mike Clark the guy from Phoenix that has straightened out so many of the Phoenix Suns played including including Shaquille O'Neal got him healthy. After he came out of Miami. But here's the thing are you gonna Max white Howard I doubt I. Now if he opt out of his contract. If contact is 23 million dollars that need to be opt out he thinks he's getting more than that war he's gonna take a little less for you know what three year deal let's say. Now Dwight I'd be opted to pull my understand that he's you know we all have issues with him but. You can't tell me wouldn't help the Boston Celtics he would. You know than what. Priced at what you write that but it all comes down to. Jack you're talking about ...

There are so many good, young players on the Red Sox that it's hard to pick out the top 3. Glenn, Lou and Christian debate which of the young guys on the Sox are the most valuable and which ones could possibly be traded for a starting pitcher.
Kevin Love sat out for the entire 4th quarter for the second straight game against the Raptors, and Glenn, Lou and Christian can't believe the excuse Tyronn Lue gave to the media.
Golden State's Draymond Green will be in the lineup for Game 4 against Oklahoma City after he kicked Steven Adams below the belt. The guys discuss why he wasn't suspended and Lou thinks it's all about business.
Abiola Aborishade, a former UMass Dartmouth football player, has been camped outside of gillette Stadium since April, trying to get the Patriots to give him a tryout. Glenn, Lou and Christian have some advice for Bill Belichick on how to handle the situation.