Glenn, Lou, and Christian are joined by ProtFootball Talk's Mike Florio, who is not surprised by the Michael Floyd claim; and points out that the Patriots can potential gain a compensatory pick in 2018 if Floyd doesn't work out. He wonders why the NFL didn't harvest all of the footballs after the Giants-Steelers game. He thinks had they done an investigation, they would have discovered that the Footballs were probably very similar to those in Foxborough in 2015.

[0:00:19] ... terrific Michael floor are you shocked that he's a member of the New England Patriots today. Not really. Not really because when you consider the potential for harvesting a compensatory draft pick in 28 team by picking ...
[0:01:27] ... Notre Dame and the more recent arrested got to cut by the Arizona Cardinals I mean he hasn't been. I high and wide out he's got 1000 yard season that it was like a 1047. Yards ...
[0:07:19] ... plays Thursday night football but after a bye week. And I remember Ray Lewis was the first prominent players speak out about Thursday night football. And I've been doing neither radio show or web show for ...
[0:11:43] ... the way the spy gate was handled not enough punishment to the New England Patriots. That was part of the punishment what you've got to deflate get. People wrote about it people felt that we were sensitive ...

Patriots DB Duron Harmon joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian and says that the cold weather in Denver isn't as bad as New England, but he's still a "Sleeves guy." He says that the Defense has really grown together this year, and give his thoughts on new acquisition Michael Floyd as someone who has played against him.

[0:00:07] ... Art they all work hard all of them. Hardest worker talking about Ron Artest Iran Harmon just got all of that practice that right now playing all right. Order and he joins us right now such ...
[0:04:32] ... the most of it. You're drawing guys ought to see this team Denver Broncos are well aware of them you know them very well as any surprises there or not but just. The fact going you know to Denver and is it people talk about altitude you talk abouts in their defense and there isn't a court backs is delicate facing a Manning every single time to what exactly is in your mind is it just. There's two good football team or susceptible going to Denver. I was did this all this is sued Google for books and always actually Wear their futures ...


MashableGloves are sooo last century.

To keep your fingers clean while eating fried chicken, KFC in Japan has now started to hand out two-fingered transparent gloves that slip onto your thumb and forefinger, it announced.

The half-glove look is so that you can wear and take off the “finger naps” (short for finger napkins) easily.

It’s testing out the finger naps first at 222 outlets in Japan, before rolling them out to the other 1,000 restaurants in the country.

Not a terrible idea, both to keep your hands clean and also to keep your food clean from your hands, but I have a feeling this would take a while to really catch on in America.

KFC is one of the last places I would think of to come up with this idea. Their slogan is literally “It’s finger lickin’ good.” I would’ve expected Cheetos to offer these first.

Too slow, Cheetos.

Blog Author: 
Lucy Burdge


Us WeeklyNot so great. Vanity Fair writer Tina Nguyen went in on President-elect Donald Trump’s New York City restaurant Trump Grill in a scathing review published Wednesday, December 14.

According to Nguyen, the reality star turned politician’s eatery — located inside Manhattan’s Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue — leaves much to be desired. She and her companions decided to try some of the Trump family’s favorite items on the menu — and they were not impressed.

First, Nguyen and her pals ordered “Ivanka’s Salad,” a toss-up of vegetables named for the future POTUS’ eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Nguyen describes it in her review as “a chopped approximation of a Greek salad, smothered in melting goat cheese and dressing and missing the promised olives, that seemed unlikely to appetize a SoulCycle-obsessed, smoothie-guzzling heiress. … But the cuboid plant matter ended up being the perfect place to hide several uneaten Szechuan dumplings.” She didn’t like those either, describing them as “flaccid.”

Next, Nguyen bit into Donald Trump Jr.’s signature dish: filet mignon cooked medium-rare, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. “The steak came out overcooked and mealy, with an ugly strain of pure fat running through it, crying out for A.1. sauce (it was missing the promised demi-glace too). The plate must have tilted during its journey from the kitchen to the table, as the steak slumped to the side over the potatoes like a dead body inside a T-boned minivan,” she quipped of the unappetizing meal.  

I get that Trump and Vanity Fair are feuding because the magazine’s editor-in-chief Graydon Carter offended him at some point and the food at Trump’s Grill probably sucks, but what do you expect?

This restaurant is clearly for people who want to eat at a place with Trump’s name on it or to just say they’ve been there. People will eat there whether the food is good or not. 

But the big problem I had with this review was this part: 

On another level, Trump Grill falls somewhat short of that lofty goal. The restaurant features a stingy number of French-ish paintings that look as though they were bought from Home Goods.

There is NOTHING wrong with Home Goods. It is a wonderland of classy stuff. 

Tina Nguyen has some nerve insulting one of the greatest stores in this country. You can trash Trump’s Grill as the worst restaurant in America, but don’t you dare take Home Goods down with it.

Blog Author: 
Lucy Burdge
Charlie Weis joins the show to react to the Michael Floyd signing and Tanguay does a velfie for Wally all about himself.
Charlie Weis, former coach of new Pats WR Michael Floyd, calls in to react to Floyd's alcohol troubles and how he thinks he'll play in New England.

[0:02:31] ... to death. Well maybe you can join you some when he replaces Nick Saban and when he retires. Is Charlie junior was on Saban staff writers that to stoke public this. Yeah he's been down there ...
[0:09:26] ... days get up to speed to get on the same page is Tom Brady. You know I was I was talking to from another team. Rule who this morning who you know I had ties to ...
[0:11:44] ... know what to do. So the guys at bill like judge Joseph Chad Johnson. The dollar is it was just a verbal than of them. Well I mean that's that's a totally different that's a totally ...
[0:15:07] ... when. They have more than more than a beer you know. He Derek Jeter probably won't comment that your return can be here you're not. Here you don't trust. Rule or do you want to light air carrier jitters never to papers well as it has entered into it was elected and Eric Moore one beer. And you saw you so Tom Brady when he used to play. Drink alcohol right used to drink beer. You have bird Garko Vieira put the whole thing you ...

Bill Belichick's press conference features Kirk, Gerry and Meter asking their own assortment of questions.
Longtime sideline reporter Craig Sager passed away Thursday after a long battle with cancer. Kate Minihane reviews her trip to Star Wars Thursday night.
Jon Meterparel is on Dino's Casting Couch as the guys delve into the waiver acquisition of multiple DUI offender in WR Michael Floyd.

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