Tom Brady Sr. spoke with the Boston Globe and said it was "laughable" that the NFL would not be releasing the data from its PSI testing during the season.

[0:01:32] ... over sons reputation. And by the way. He will be skipping the Super Bowl it's his own town and of his son is going to show up to be out there and field team is gonna skip most seniors can. Seniors. I'm not going back button that you were you in BP I don't know Kagan vote but it. It's not much David he's a senior so I added and it I don't know man. He he's heading to a Palm Springs for some rest relaxation. And that's what he's going to sell you think you still think Tom Brady. Junior's gonna show. You'd think that Brady junior Scott going to show up but he should've what Madonna does it originally should ...
[0:04:00] ... him getting but I Al flat at one you know. But just Super Bowl MVP trophies. So I mean it's easy for you beta came close fewer than I came close forty so this police until ...
[0:04:49] ... don't. The real question witnesses. You have what you every problem. If Tom Brady doesn't show up. You know we did the same thing when it would that was go to the White House we also at it's at. Well I would go to the White House if we're oh sure what did you ever the White House and we got to look at the cuts except I'm not the politics of little. Or predominantly Altria I can't do that in context that Tom Brady. At a QB a bigger communities class individual okay how I used a wedge behind him will you have a problem with Tom Brady here on Monday if he's an -- yes okay that the Dalai I've expressed that I don't flip live bit higher. McCarty said he won't run. Against him. Brady had a dog though delusional ego that's that's I would be what it can always hold it against Mick a city that day. I'm not gonna like rip up a poster of Tom Brady you know comic you root for your post button. On his dealings could have just got to interdict. It second does not ...
[0:07:03] ... more emotional now it watching a patriots and describes get down and Tom Brady like isn't it. More fun. Not this beyond. Nothing is under which is fun it's it's interesting it's fun to be angry ...

A day after Roger Goodell said the PSI tests were merely "spot checks" serving as a deterrent to prevent teams manipulating the air pressure in game balls, Dean Blandino told the media that the league is, in fact, "evaluating" the PSI data.

[0:07:12] ... pissed because. There's not enough evidence. To sit there and prove that Tom Brady did anything wrong and you certainly don't you gotta be weeping. Could they try to give a four game suspension. Nobody cares ...
[0:08:47] ... could possibly be satisfied with that first round draft at. Is what. Real estate but it doesn't always issue off. When you really believe. That somebody that. He didn't do anything wrong or somebody you know ...
[0:10:49] ... we. Loss competition it's elementary on an obvious mental back with a weight loss competition via. I'm giving you information you tell me Europe so yes impeccable. Yes. Told you that this one person removed that ...
[0:12:19] ... the bargain and other out there. I think you fear of fear patriot fans that a content I don't know what you possibly depicted that could mean but I think that's one that you should accept ...


“We do spot checks to prevent and make sure the clubs understand that we’€™re watching these issues. It wasn’€™t a research study. They simply were spot checks.”

— NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday

“We did spot checks throughout the year and we measured PSI levels and recorded that information. Right now we’€™re evaluating the information …  and then we’€™ll see what that tells us.”

— Vice president of NFL officiating Dean Blandino on Wednesday

And here you have it in perfect microcosm. A classic example of the the problem with conspiracies: Keeping your story straight. When you’re telling the truth, all you have to do is remember what happened. When you’re telling lies, you have to remember the story you’ve made up. And that’s exponentially harder when more than one person is doing the lying.

We’ll collect PSI data and share it with you. We never said we were collecting PSI data, it’s just a deterrent. We don’t have numbers and won’t share them. We did take numbers and we’re evaluating them. Spot checks. Integrity. Transparency. Grow the game. Broadcast partners. 32 teams. Beep. Buzz. Click. Whistle.

Here we have, just 24 hours apart, the president and the attorney general of the NFL completely contradicting one another. Which is what happens when you’re spinning a web of lies. I mean, which is it? Was the NFL only doing random checks to scare those evil Patriots to stop their cheating ways? Or was it part of an evaluation process and right now they’re mining the data for the facts? Because it can’t be both. Unless you believe that there is a study being done and the commissioner doesn’t know about it. Which is lunacy, since he staked what little reputation he has left on the matter and looks more like the conniving weasel he is by the day.

So you either have to believe Goodell that there was never any intention of studying PSI data or Blandino, that he’s got top people crunching the numbers right now. Just whatever you choose to believe, you have no choice but to believe the bigger, far more important issue. That the NFL continues to conspire against their Super Bowl champions and will never, ever admit that the Patriots were the only ones telling the truth all along.


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Jerry Thornton
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:01:18] ... Murray I don't know I. I would take a 100000 dollars. Of Hillary Clinton's money. Guilt free if she allowed it to give her one media wise tip that would help her in New Hampshire and ...
[0:03:48] ... attracted. Elizabeth Ward. Should be number one of them really more than Hillary Clinton yes he's a much better shape and she doesn't she's not sure coal coal in the war. No given there we won they won got your head have to do it. Procreation of earth relies. You pick Hillary Clinton. A yes over shop. But to show it appears that Elizabeth Ward. A it's our it's our humanity I can't really got ...
[0:14:18] ... side and you call them back. We got to get to the Tom Brady seniors or yes just the gas but did you do that Gaspar worked hard to get the one answer he wanted one ...
[0:15:03] ... Slandered libeled and and and brand it a cheater forever and and Tom Brady senior. Sounds like a Smart guy he's paid attention everything he knew his material he read the wells report core media he ...

The guys discussed Tom Brady Sr's comments.

[0:00:39] ... repair that dominant at home and beat traffic this day dilemma. That Tom Brady senior. Does not have to deal with or face on Super Bowl Sunday when the game is over he doesn't have to leave early to beat the traffic why. He's not going I think obvious. I don't think there's a chance to help Tom Brady senior who is pissed off his big his top and it's I think Tom little conversation with a map that San Francisco ...
[0:01:54] ... with him. To his grave for the next fifty years how long Tom Brady probably hundreds of rare process 23. Yeah proposal until ten that's a until he dies he's going to be the cheater of the guys that definitely it'll take a look at that it's depleted. And the dumb jokes from. Comedians in a late night domino. A lot from Bill Belichick cheat to something else and you know it's a great example of that but it's not exactly analogous to this guy in the Super Bowl was nowhere near on the mountaintop the jobless. Yesterday. Eugene Robinson. Met the media. And was talking about the conversation he had with Carolina Panthers about. Don't be stupid like I was in Miami but it missed and blot and get a hooker but when you forgive Eugene Robinson what do you think about a great player no you think about a guy who screwed up. On Super Bowl EU for might have been Friday night adult matter. And got picked up in a prostitution sting. And didn't play in the Super Bowl. And that is stuck on him forever right and then got slots issue in the all the guys learned their lesson ask ...
[0:03:53] ... my mother screaming about for ever that form a break about this. Tom Brady senior. Has the same amount of information as Tom Brady does write my guess is the Sunnis are very close to the debt he shares with him in a where we are on the legal process where we are getting ready for Denver in the AFC champ all that stuff. He knows what Tom knows. Consider the difference between how taught me is responding I do think Tom's gonna show up and he's gonna play nice and I don't know whether he can ignore Roger. Or we gonna Wear to a Super Bowl rings on his middle fingers. But I do think he will show up Tom Brady senior said op play in golf I'm going no where near that to think about the difference Annika a couple of the same cloth. And taught us handling it in a classy take the high road in front of Matt and that's because he read the four agreements. You know he dead agreed that. You keep little perspective yet coach not personal right don't take it personally Tom Brady senior. Has not read before agreements he's a good Catholic as he points out common result the only two people. And you ...
[0:05:47] ... it is physically RC great recruiting class. According to Jim Harbaugh. And Tom Brady senior said he didn't even know Tom was going to we saw on the news. That maybe true but Tom Brady senior nose with a Tom Bradley junior is going to the super yes he does want it he won't reveal it. Which ...

Goodell will not give in.

[0:05:43] ... what happens. About the non existent legion of football fans who hate Cam Newton because he's African American you're OK with that. Yes I it doesn't feel lame ran out of gas yeah I mean I'm ...

Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Thursday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NHL: Bruins at Sabres, 7 p.m. (NESN)
NHL: Islanders at Capitals, 7:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
NHL: Ducks at Kings, 10 p.m. (NBCSN)
NBA: Knicks at Pistons, 7 p.m. (TNT)
NBA: Lakers at Pelicans, 9:30 p.m. (TNT)
College basketball: Ohio State at Wisconsin, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
College basketball: Texas A&M at Vanderbilt, 7 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: Tulsa at Temple, 7 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: Central Florida at Tulane, 8 p.m. (ESPNews)
College basketball: South Florida at Cincinnati, 8 p.m. (CBSSN)
College basketball: UConn at Memphis, 9 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: Colorado at Oregon, 9 p.m. (FS1)
College basketball: Murray State at Southeast Missouri State, 9 p.m. (ESPNU)
College basketball: Utah at Oregon State, 11 p.m. (ESPN2)
College basketball: Portland at Pepperdine, 11 p.m. (ESPNU)


Josh Norman

Josh Norman

— The Rodney Harrison-Josh Norman feud took an ugly turn Wednesday — at least as far as Patriots fans are concerned.

After Harrison suggested that the Broncos try to injure Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in order to gain an advantage, Norman, the controversial Panthers cornerback, responded by bringing up the Patriots’ loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl XLII.

“You would have to ask [David] Tyree about that one. Remember [No.] 85, when he caught it over his head?” Norman joked, referring to the incredible catch by the Giants wide receiver during New York’s game-winning drive while Harrison tried in vain to dislodge the ball. “Rodney’s been saying a lot of things this year, he really has. To comment on something like that … I don’t know.”

Added Norman: “It’s something I don’t think this game would want. I don’t think it’s something the Panthers would want, and I know it’s nothing that me, as his teammate, would want. I don’t want it to happen, period.”

Harrison, known for his physical — critics would say dirty — play during his career, started this week’s back-and-forth when talking about Newton’s skill with the ball.

“If I see Cam Newton running the ball and he’s a quarterback and I’m on defense, I’m trying to hurt him,” the NBC Sports analyst said. “I’m trying to knock him out of the game.”

Added Harrison: “I guarantee you that as many compliments that Denver’s defense is giving Cam Newton, those guys are in the background saying, ‘If we can knock him out of the game, that’s the difference between us winning and losing the Super Bowl.’ ”

Meanwhile, if Norman is unhappy with Harrison (with whom he also feuded in December), he must really be upset with former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski. The Boston College product — also known for his aggressive, sometimes over-the-line play during his 16-year career — told Bleacher Report on Wednesday that he would take a similar approach to Harrison in an attempt to slow down Newton.

“I’d hit him as hard as I possibly could, and probably at the bottom of the pile I’d try to get him by the neck and choke him,” Romanowski said to laughs. “And hopefully he can’t breathe for a long time.”

— The Flames are not pleased after the NHL handed defenseman Dennis Wideman the second-longest suspension for physical abuse of an official in league history, a 20-game ban.

Wideman, a former Bruin, was skating back to the bench after taking a hard hit during a game last month when he encountered linesman Don Henderson and knocked the official to the ice from behind. Wideman, who later apologized, was diagnosed with a concussion after the game, but the NHL called the hit “a forceful blow that was no accident.”

Responded Flames president of hockey operations Brian Burke: “[We] maintain Dennis’ collision with the linesman was unintentional and accidental. We agree that our officials’ safety and well-being is of extreme importance in order to allow them to perform their duties. They perform an invaluable but underappreciated role in our game. We support sanctions against players who make deliberate contact with any official. However, unintentional and accidental contact does occur at times in our game.”

Wideman, who had a chance to explain himself during a hearing Tuesday, had an appeal filed on his behalf by the NHL Players Association.

“Dennis has played in 11 NHL seasons and almost 800 games without incident,” the NHLPA said in a statement. “The facts, including the medical evidence presented at the hearing, clearly demonstrate that Dennis had no intention to make contact with the linesman.”

— Raiders legend Ken Stabler, who died of colon cancer in July, was diagnosed with Stage 3 chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Boston University researchers confirmed Wednesday.

Dr. Ann McKee told The Associated Press that Stabler had “quite severe” damage to the regions of the brain that affect learning, memory and regulation of emotion.

“We’ve now found CTE in former NFL players who played every position except kicker,” said McKee, a professor of neurology at BU. “While we know on average that certain positions experience more repetitive head impacts and are more likely at greater risk for CTE, no position is immune.”

Chris Nowinski, founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, said Stabler asked his family to have his brain studied.

“What is interesting about Ken Stabler is that he anticipated his diagnosis years in advance,” Nowinski wrote in an email to the AP. “And even though he’s a football icon, he began actively distancing himself from [the] game in his final years, expressing hope that his grandsons would choose not to play.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Feb. 4, 1990, which Bruin became the 32nd goaltender in NHL history with 200 victories following a 3-2 victory over the Quebec Nordiques?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We did spot checks throughout the year and we measured PSI levels and recorded that information. Right now we’re evaluating the information. We didn’t have any violations this year, but again, we’re still in that evaluation phase to look at the information and then we’ll see what that tells us.” NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino, during a Wednesday appearance on SiriusXM Radio

STAT OF THE DAY: 24-12 — The Celtics‘ record this season when they score 100 points, following Wednesday’s 102-95 victory over the Pistons

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Warriors star Steph Curry toys with two Wizards defenders and hits a floater in the lane.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Reggie Lemelin

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Florence LaRue of The 5th Dimension was born on this day in 1944. (She’s on the left in this video).

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Jerry Spar
Dale, Michael and Jerry speak with our favorite legal expert on our least favorite topic, deflategate. Michael McCann of UNH Law and Sports Illustrated helps us understand why the NFL didn't reveal any PSI numbers that it claimed it was gathering.
Dale, Michael and Jerry speak with our favorite legal expert on our least favorite topic, deflategate. Michael McCann of UNH Law and Sports Illustrated helps us understand why the NFL didn't reveal any PSI numbers that it claimed it was gathering.

[0:00:53] ... the NFL doesn't wanna share information that. Could potentially be used by Tom Brady not in the appeal but it Tom Brady where pursuant defamation lawsuit against the NFL. He would have to show that the NFL has actual malice but it's not only ...
[0:02:00] ... makes it clear that the commissioner has final authority it's not like Tom Brady or Tom Brady had a union to protect them has a collective bargaining agreement. Kraft is really limited by the contract that he signed the ...
[0:03:56] ... though you're not necessarily dismissing. Well throughout latest that the likelihood that Tom Brady collapsing you want to do is spend months if not years going to court against the NFL. Over an issue that I'm ...
[0:05:19] ... they do it and in what would that look like. They could Michael Vick to withdraw the appeal they could petition the second circuit in the federal appeals court and say we have decided to which ...