The OMFers open the show talking about new revelations about Giants Kicker Josh Brown and his domestic violence case. They discuss the NFL's failure to uphold the standards that they had placed on themselves in policing domestic violence perpetrators.
Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio makes his weekly appearance on OMF to discuss the NFL and New York Giants mishandling of the Josh Brown situation.

[0:02:31] ... need to get this done if this had been done months ago. Josh Brown would have been suspended six games. Period may be more because aggravating circumstances can reduce the baseline instead with the NFL did ...
[0:04:25] ... department we need to get this done and you eventually go to Josh brown and his lawyers and say hey guys you know what. If there's something you can do to work with law enforcement to ...
[0:05:28] ... they had that attitude when they wanted to throw the book and Tom Brady. Even even even this guy Robert Agnew begotten FL representative Alan Seattle whose that pleased you about there a key county said. ...
[0:07:25] ... The millions of dollars and the hundreds of hours spent. To get Tom Brady. Not 1% of that was used to get to the bottom of the judge brown situation it was the same person making the same call to the same deputy. Over and over and over again getting the same response with notepad it at one point they had somebody else try to get through this same deputy. A it's what you have to go about the deputy at some point have to come up with some other way to get them to close the case and issued their reports of the NFL can make a decision about how to discipline. Josh Brown that's what's amazing to me because yes law enforcement dragged its feet for too long. But the NFL could have put pressure on law enforcement and Josh Brown to get this thing done so they can see what's in the file and make a real decision. About what kind of discipline needed to be imposed on him. Mike the whole thing is disturbing but John Merrick yesterday some of the words having a sign it's gotten a two year deal just earlier this year. Admitting that he new book Pro Bowl it's admitting that Josh Brown. Told him that he abused his wife's that it has closed the problems we don't know to what extent. We daddies that's disturbing details just. You tell Josh Brown. We want to know everything and if you don't cooperate with this do not gonna work force anymore and at what point back in August when John merry initially was under siege about this. He said you know when you run an organization just can't terminate people over allegations epidemic Josh Brown his contract expired he was no more employed by the giants than any of us. And they signed him to a new contract. Knowing that there was an unresolved red flag over this guy's personal life that they had got no cooperation from. And they hadn't gotten a full story from Josh brown and they still kept this guy why do you choose a kicker. Why do you do I could see doing it for ...

This weeks edition of the WEEI Whiner Line

If you’ve listened to us on Dale & Holley talk about pot, than you know I’m not a smoker. More power to you if you are. I once interviewed a guy who had a severe nervous disorder that gave him such horrible shakes he couldn’t even do number one without making a mess of his bathroom, and after trying every prescription drug imaginable, finally got his condition under control by smoking weed. So I don’t stand in anyone’s way of getting it. It just doesn’t happen to be my thing.

That said, this is the best commercial of the campaign season (non-Joe Exotic category, of course). It just touches so many buttons I don’t know where to start. It plays out like the fever dream of every ultra-conservative, sheltered, Puritanical soccer mom who pretends she was never a teenager or went to college.

That’s right, mom. If the state allows marijuana dispensaries, it’s only a matter of time before they outnumber those bastions of healthy lifestyles, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Derelict teens all hopped up on goofballs will roam the sidewalks, leering at you and daughter with bad intent. THC-laden candies will lure your daughter through the window like a Christmas display into a shop that, by law, she’s not allowed in. And in the midst of all the debauchery, you will catch your son, who looks like central casting sent him after his role as Troubled Youth in a Kirk Cameron film, buying weed by the overstuffed grocery bag. Because that is how this works.

The only problem is that the ad pretty much backfires. Because now I want to vote “yes” on Question 4. Just to see what happens to this mom and poor, pot-headed Kevin. In the same way “Reefer Madness” accidentally made smoking pot actually seem kind of fun.

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Jerry Thornton
Listeners voice their displeasure with the NFL and Michael Lombardi called in to give his thoughts on Roger Goodell and Josh Brown.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut react to Mad Dog defending Josh Brown.
The guys praised Jerry Thornton's questions to Peter King and headlines with Minihane.
Mut, Gerry and Kirk discussed the latest domestic violence disaster in the NFL.

The plot thickens on the scandal surrounding New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, how much the powers that be in the NFL knew he’s an abusive, wife-beating sniveling coward and when they knew it.

First, the NFL’s public relations people said they asked the police in King County, Wash. for information and were denied. Which Sheriff Josh Urquhart was not about to take lying down.

“Nowhere on the request does he say that he works for the NFL and so, we don’t know that it’s the NFL and we’re not gonna give it out anyway, so we denied it,” Urquhart said on KIRO in Seattle. “… To our discredit, perhaps, we didn’t use the Google, to Google this guy’s name. Turns out that he is a security representative based in Seattle for the NFL. But he never told us that. The NFL never told us that. At no time has the NFL ever filed a written request – public disclosure request – for any of these files. Period. It’s never happened. …

“I don’t like to get pushed around by a bully,” he added.

And just when I was really starting to feel like Sheriff Urquhart and I were about to become best friends, the NFL fired back. Vice president of communications Natalie Ravitz essentially came out and called my man Urquhart a liar, tweeting out “It was clear we were looking for info for months.”

And that’s where we stand. Exactly two years after Ray Rice, the NFL has gone right back to its domestic violence playbook. Claim you didn’t have enough information. Blame law enforcement. Say the refused to cooperate with you. You did the best you can do. Followed by weeks of more deflection, finger pointing and damage control. Lather, rinse, repeat. Time is a flat circle; everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re going to do over and over again. Because the people in charge of the NFL are what Bill Belichick would call “error repeaters.”

Like with Ray Rice, all the information anyone needed on Josh Brown was right in the open. The cops had been called on him 20 times. Twenty. At the Pro Bowl last winter, NFL security had to take Mrs. Brown and her children away to basically a panic room for their own safety and not tell Brown where they were being kept safe from him. He violated a restraining order, the legal standard for which is “imminent fear of serious, physical harm.” What did the league or Giants owner John Mara think the danger in these incidents was? That Brown was going to give his wife dirty looks?

It was clear to anyone who wasn’t invested in this scumbag’s ability to put 50-yarders through the uprights that he was regularly, routinely and cruelly onside-kicking her ass. And any attempt to get to the truth was typically half-assed, just like it was with Rice.

Now we are left, once again, to ask why anyone would believe the NFL tells the truth about anything.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton

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