Dino, Gerry and Kirk discuss Tuesday's Dale and Holley show which feature some measure of tension during the interview with John Farrell and during a Rick Porcello debate
Should Callahan go to the Donald Trump luncheon at the Langham Hotel? The guys discuss as well as the risk of celebrities endorsing Trump publicly.
Minihane's 'Headlines' as comes at 'Stolen Valor' Callahan, as well as discussing another city official arrested and Lenny Dykstra's bizarre appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

[0:04:35] ... he gets I would rather give my money that IndyCar scanned the Formula One scam artist that you money. A dollar toll that I I misspoke or free. I would not take you a problem with ...
[0:07:24] ... one lie. He talks about hanging out with dinero. About. A book Jack Nicholson. Charlie sheen's is good friend he'd wanted to be sure work Mickey Rourke. And and it's just one life I mean I've ...
[0:09:02] ... think because he probably you know he'll make up some lie about Curt Schilling went. I loved it I don't know now to I don't know I don't know although I thought nobody loves them. No ...

The Celtics and the Hawks are the first two teams to get interviews set up with free agent Dwight Howard. Minihane makes a case for why Howard should come to Boston.

[0:00:28] ... I think the market will open up. Though we were talking about Dwight Howard free agent. Unlikely because back to Houston Rockets that keep the line. I want to throughout the point that isn't automotive supplier are. And for next Harry talked a lot that we talked about atrocities in murderers in terrorism and unfair thank you know things. That make you think the world is gone man does this up there in my top ten today the sentence. Simple sentence. Dwight Howard declined his 23 point two million dollar player option for next season. It's not enough no that's not enough point which can ...
[0:01:43] ... hoping he'd tighten port that had a. Alito will be fine with Dwight Howard if they brought in a guy a real star Dwight Howard was second polar and people could talk themselves into. If he's the offseason prize that's brought Jerry African bag for effort to ...
[0:02:33] ... you do that's different. That's the that's the best I got waved Kevin Youkilis you should be making packaged into bogeys please forgive me Kimmel I'd rather have Andrew Bogut. Auction prices right. You mean how we fare best player just look at that went out bothers me mean. And hearing from ...
[0:05:06] ... it up since then. I can't that's the best case economic for Dwight Howard is well if guys OK whoever Kevin Durant if you do you do indeed meet with Durant I'd rather than the Horford. ...

The guys discuss yet another attack by ISIS at the airport in Istanbul on Tuesday night.

[0:03:10] ... he he married and married and they. I think there must be. Common law. Am I guess is there's different stuff you need be able to have control over to even be in an apartment some ...
[0:04:09] ... Like that you do you like her at the start big league Kim Basinger that's you know. Party time days you know have yet she doesn't while QBs party she has no public in case she's cute she's like. As a terrorist no strings should look at terrorist as bond. The bomb chicks no hitter night yeah yeah united on chicks get these you know they look like it's bill is within Bernie and I didn't warn against the porn and the Warner may be like Patty Hearst to put on the Victoria's Secret runway and she's like one right that's not fair Nelson shouldn't matter you can judge you're ...
[0:07:28] ... right 6177797937. Earnest like we have to decide one of a systemic. Dwight Howard I can add a page you can you can now. Yes yes it is your jump to the crack hoop and hands anyway Dwight Howard who's the one place. Really. Drives the one place where he reaches potential weak Ambac. ...

John, Gerry and Kirk open the show discussing the Red Sox win over Tampa on Tuesday night which momentarily stops angst about the team. Also, Callahan continues to walk back his comments about male nurses, and the guys enjoy the broadcast catwalk talk on WEEI and NESN.

Welcome to Wednesday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Wednesday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our WEEI.com home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

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College baseball: World Series, Coastal Carolina vs. Arizona, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
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Zurlon Tipton played two seasons for the Colts. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Zurlon Tipton played two seasons for the Colts. (Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

— An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday on former Colts running back Zurlon Tipton, who died Tuesday after accidentally shooting himself while at a car dealership in suburban Detroit.

Tipton, a 26-year-old Detroit native who starred at Central Michigan, had brought his car into the Roseville dealership for service in the morning, general manager Mark DeMara told The Detroit News.

“At some point, he reached into a duffel bag that was on the passenger seat of his vehicle and the pistol that was in there deployed and shot the gentleman in the abdomen,” DeMara said.

Tipton initially was alert and talking as he was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Police said there was a second firearm in the bag, but it’s unclear why he had them or who owned them. They ruled the death an accident.

Tipton played two seasons for the Colts after being signed in 2014 as an undrafted free agent. He appeared in 13 regular-season and three playoff games, scoring his first rushing touchdown in the AFC championship game against the Patriots on Jan. 18, 2015. He was waived on Dec. 21. Four days later, he was arrested and charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon after firing a shot from an AR-15 rifle outside his girlfriend’s Indianapolis-area house. According to media reports, Tipton indicated he was attempting to protect his girlfriend from an ex-boyfriend who had threatened her. The prosecutor’s office did not pursue charges.

Colts wide receiver Donte Moncrief paid tribute to Tipton in an Instagram post Tuesday, writing: It’s crazy I just got that phone call bro cause I just talk to you and we talked about the future and teams giving you your second chance. No matter where I’m at or what team I’m on ill have that 37 on my wrist or glove.

— Days after Johnny Manziel’s father called the former Browns quarterback “a druggie” and said he hopes he ends up in jail for his own sake, Manziel posted an image on Instagram of himself overlooking a beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In the photo, Manziel is wearing a Browns jersey of troubled receiver Josh Gordon. Wrote Manziel in the caption: @flashgordonxii I won’t take this thing off for a week. You my brother FOR LIFE. JUST WAIT ON THIS COMEBACK!!!! #CaboWabo #JoshAintHere #hiDad #HappyBdayDaveEvans

Gordon is coming off a season-long suspension and is expected to apply for reinstatement Aug. 1. His first attempt for reinstatement was denied after he tested positive for marijuana in March.

Manziel has had a tumultuous offseason, including facing a charge of domestic violence, and remains unsigned.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On June 29, 1994, the Celtics selected which paralyzed player with their 10th-round pick in the NBA draft?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “No one is really talking about the winning streak. We realize we are playing well right now. We’re just trying to keep that going. Ultimately an 11-game game winning streak doesn’t mean much if you don’t continue to build the momentum that you have.” — Indians pitcher Corey Kluber, after Cleveland kept alive its streak by rallying for three runs in the ninth inning for a 5-3 victory over the Braves

STAT OF THE DAY: 2 — Major league teams that have not had a losing streak of four or more games this season, with the Red Sox remaining in that pairing (with the Indians) by ending their three-game skid with Tuesday’s 8-2 victory over the Rays

‘NET RESULTS: Padres center fielder Melvin Upton Jr. hits a long home run in the first inning, then in the following half-inning reaches over the fence to steal a home run from the Orioles.

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo reaches over the tarp and falls into the crowd to make a catch against the Reds.

Astros right fielder George Springer makes a diving catch against the Angels.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Landon Turner, who was paralyzed in a car accident before his senior year at Indiana

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Colin Hay, former lead singer of Men at Work, was born on this day in 1953.

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Jerry Spar


An incredibly honest Metta World Peace opens up about learning to cook crack at 13, drinking Hennessey at halftime, and using therapy to find peace

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We check in with the manager of the Boston Red Sox, John Farrell joins us live from Tampa for our weekly update on all things Sox.