Danny discusses the feud between people who think its all Brady and those who think it is all Belicheck
Danny discusses trading Brady and who should get the MVP
Guys discuss MVP voting between Ortiz and Mookie
Guys discuss MVP voting between Ortiz and Mookie
More talk of the game on 9-24 and the Pats vs the Texans
Guys talk about Pats future and the Sox
The guys discussion is dominated by Pats and Sox
"Dr." Chris Price of WEEI.com joins the show to talk the latest Patriots win.

[0:05:58] ... Especially her short week. And the fact that your that your third string quarterback and I think all of that is. The critical. Thing for me to be offensive performers. Are birds are very effective protects ...
[0:08:52] ... the difference right there we go big test for Ximian. Tomorrow and Cincinnati Bengals we know you're not travel well particularly in New England but they'll probably. Be able to exploit civilians raw. Tell little bit ...
[0:11:06] ... moments of between Thursday night at Gillette. They were chanting Roger. At Oak Park yes but yeah role. Exactly. It would it would probably yeah I think it you know a bit of the I would ...

Mustard and Johnson discuss the latest Patriots' win over the Houston Texans. Red Sox win their 9th straight. Listen as the Preacher and the Teacher take calls and more.
The Red Sox beat Tampa 2-1 on the strength of a David Ortiz 2-run HR and a strong outing from Drew Pomeranz with the bullpen shutting the door. Several callers applaud Ortiz for his performance while others point to Farrell's bullpen decisions as being the key. KG retires from basketball and a caller from CT thanks Mut and the WEEI entire staff for SAVING HIS LIFE while he was homeless.