Rob Parker, of (formerly ESPN) wrote an open-letter to Tom Brady asking him to admit guilt, to apologize to Jim McNally and John Jastremski, and finally to ask for forgiveness from NFL fans. Parker joined the morning show to discuss his opinions. Lou, Christian and Tim broke down some of those comments.

[0:00:09] ... career as an if you ask me if feel obligated to another Super Bowl how worn out so. No way any Knoll Powell. I've this to bowl lost the giants played twelve that's your former colleague rob Parker Christian yes go to boarding off. Oh Tom Brady and New England Patriots. He wrote what amounts to an open letter and I guess nobody really writes open letters anymore they're right open emails now is that is the way to go into a letter. Yeah opened tweets. To Tom Brady from rob Parker are eat your charade. Tom enough already. It's done he stopped the silly charade about your innocence in deflate ...
[0:05:15] ... they got what they wanted out of it OK fine patriots guilty Tom Brady's guilty rip what I needed to. I didn't you don't read the entire thing to where does a lot of things you ...
[0:07:07] ... And this is part of the reason and hydrants I think that. Tom Brady should take a step back after his appeal is heard initially and safe is down two games are one game. Why not ...
[0:08:32] ... people that supported him were pissed can't believe you do this. So Tom Brady to stands down the people that support Tom Brady bit I can't believe you did this the supporters. There are a part comedian never change his mind he probably will never ...




This clip is just further proof that everything is better when it’s said by a Brit. It’s why Americans like condescending, snobby British people talking to us and pointing out our flaws. Whether it’s Chef Ramsey, Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, two different nanny shows or that upper-class twit on the barely watchable “500 Questions,” we can’t get enough of them.

And when the Brits are fun-loving like these guys, it’s irresistible. There should be a network just for watching playoff hockey with UK announcers. Come for the accents, stay for the references to salmon and meaty Canadian foreheads.


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The Sox are now 9-15 in the month of May, and are 8-21 when they allow the first run. David Ortiz was bumped down to 5th in the order as he continues to struggle at the plate.

I’ve recognized for a while that Hollywood was fast running out of ideas. But I didn’t realize it was this bad.

A new “Point Break”? Are they kidding us with this? Look, I can get why you reboot some movies. Every generation gets it’s own redo of some classic characters. Every so often they need to reintroduce and update Dracula, Superman, the Mummy, King Kong and the like. Horror franchises do it all the time. Something to reflect the updated technology and sensibilities of the time. I can live with those.

But “Point Break”? It only came out 14 years ago. Not only that, but it achieved perfection. It was Keanu Reeves as the height of his powers. Gary Busey in the early stages of the golden age of his insanity where it seemed like the sky was the limit on his public mental breakdown. And it was Patrick Swayze at his absolute Swayziest.

You can’t duplicate that. It was the kind of magic that occurs only when the planets align in such a way that the perfect actors meet the perfect script at exactly the moment in time when true lasting greatness can be achieved. It’s like Salieri said about Mozart’s music: Change one note and there would be diminishment.

And yet somehow Hollywood executives saw fit to greenlight this abomination. Well they’re not going to get my money. I’m going to fight the Hollywood system that kills the human spirit. I’m going to watch my DVD of the original, great, one and only “Point Break” to show the human spirit is still alive. RIP to the one, true Bodhi.


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To: Tom Brady

From: Rob Parker

Re: Your charade


Enough already.

It’s time that you stop this silly charade about your innocence in Deflategate.

This story, this circumstance has gone on way too long.

As the quarterback for the New England Patriots and a face of the league, you should set aside your pride, your gang of high-priced lawyers, and accept your four-game suspension. …

This is all you have to do:

1. Admit guilt.
2. Apologize. First, to the two team employees — Jim McNally and John Jastremski — who lost their gigs because of you. Then, to the NFL, your organization and your teammates.
3. Lastly, ask NFL fans for forgiveness.

At this point, it’s impossible for fans — outside of New England, of course — not to root against you in what appears to be an open-and-shut case. …

Tom, the time has come to let this go. Spare yourself and the league continued embarrassment.

Yours truly,

Rob Parker

To: Rob Parker

From: Jerry Thornton

Re: Your ignorance


Enough already.

It’s time that you stop embarrassing yourself by exposing your towering pig-ignorance about the actual issues involved in DeflateGate.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Read The Wells Report.
2. Show us the part in there where the case is open and shut. In fact, show us any part in 243 pages where Ted Wells says that the footballs were in fact tampered with and doesn’t make a series of assumptions based on rejections of the data is own investigators collected, inferences from text messages he interpreted to suit his own agenda and the complete dismissal of the game referees “best recollection” of his pregame procedures.
3. Lastly, ask Tom Brady and all of New England for forgiveness.

Of course, since you’re the same buffoon who “lost his gig” at ESPN for this historically stupid piece of dumbassery:

… I don’t expect you to actually have a reasonable, rational approach to what Brady did or didn’t do based on the actual investigation into the matter. We see him as the Greatest of All Time but you probably see him as a cornball G.O.A.T. Or maybe that’s just coming from people you’ve talked to.

Brady’s been accused, the case hasn’t been proven to the satisfaction of anyone who took the time to read the report, and he has the right to fight this thing. But what’s a little thing like due process and fighting for your reputation when a disgraced former ESPN back-bencher who can’t even be bothered to learn the facts about this is convinced of his guilt?

Rob, the time has come to let this go. Spare yourself and your website continued embarrassment.

Yours truly,

Jerry Thornton

P.S. When you do use a memo format, you’re not supposed to have a salutation at the beginning and a closing/signature at the end, too. Even fans inside New England know that.


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Rob Parker joined the show to rip Tom Brady.

[0:00:13] ... man saw. No way he Knoll Powell. That was rob Parker after Tom Brady the patriots lost to the giants in the Super Bowl. Fourth and final hours DNC admin and rob Parker joins us on ...
[0:00:56] ... haters. My question to you is do you really. Truly believe that Tom Brady being generally aware. That team employees try to prepare the football to his liking deserves and according new York at least an eight game suspension. Absolutely. And I'm not kidding I know a lot of people adult. Rob he lost the Obama bought and paid or hate rob great I don't know Tom Brady. I have no we've not hate Tom Brady. It's just the idea that and people could cool pool would all they want when you met with the integrity of the holes I believe. In the stop but I've read in Tom Brady instructed the ball boy to do his dirty work. It makes no other sense whatsoever. That'll ball boy would take the air ...
[0:02:41] ... the taxes on the ball court unbeaten being and the idea that Tom Brady if you really we're going to. Our. Quite put your name and your reputation. You would be willing to work with investigators ...
[0:03:18] ... from these guys and the other problem I have is why is Tom Brady who works claimed that he didn't even know the ball it was four. That was his quote that you didn't even know ...

Schill discussed the Sox latest struggles.
The guys spoke with Jeremy Schaap on FIFA's latest scandal.

[0:00:24] ... is the unfolding beat a scandal. Actually big enough Jeremy the knock Tom Brady and a plate gate to the back burner up next week or so I'll just tell me that's true place. Yeah not ...
[0:01:26] ... a lot about what was going on here. I'm quite a law enforcement official here Jeremy who said we are struck by just how long this went on. And how it touched nearly every part of ...
[0:01:56] ... there are jurisdictional. Quit after why you know the federal government the United States in pursuit their earlier firm you know. I'd be cured it it's one of those three didn't. And also getting all their ...
[0:07:05] ... federation. Going back to your original quote when you were quoting a Sepp Blatter over my dead body this won't be in Qatar. How about over his incarcerated. Body it may or may not be he is yet to be arrested he's yet to be charged but if what that law enforcement official says is true it is rampant in the entire organization. How can Sepp Blatter not be a part of that. Well I expect that they're quite. Subway or have to be. Earned exactly that caught red ...

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