Michael Holley is back and he has thoughts on what he's missed while he was gone... including Don Orsillo and NESN.

[0:09:09] ... a job if he'd just done that lets see that we've decided Hanley Ramirez and no one no longer be in the outfield. Has anybody said that before everybody like that before Jackie unless I don't ...
[0:10:06] ... a calling it the BBC outfield that's fine Miami now works for Bill Bradley bets and cast the other two high browser half an hour program across the street and but it still deviate throughout the way they're aligning it today is the way I wanna see the regular alignment day in and day out next season. What they're doing is preparing for next season if Hanley Ramirez is on this team and I think Dave Dombrowski will desperately trying to unload in this offseason. But a piece here is going to be first baseman is going to be a platoon first baseman. And maybe if you've got Christian Vasquez and Blake's why art on this team. Find out one of them to play first base on the days they're not catching the way they are approaching this thing seems so intelligent to me. And welcome to give Dombrowski to credit until I nova. Oh and and he deserves it because. Bench Eric that was asked that at a press conference do you have any plans to move Hanley Ramirez the first to try him out he said unequivocally no. And it's he wasn't gonna yell if you was still here. In ...
[0:11:58] ... you continue until he just can't go anymore you try to trade Hanley Ramirez but. The only the only issue I have with that is that he's going to be a platoon first baseman while. What ...
[0:12:55] ... was Jerry Jones called bring him. The person decide to bring in Hanley Ramirez is going awfully five year old scouting report. Well you know wanted to great hitters one of the great contemporary hitters who used to be five years ago. But if you look at its full time seasons and here we got we got another full time player slugging percentage under 500 we're slugger. Well hope he gets under 800. So what do you mitigating and talking about that price tag. It's still somebody. On Hanley Ramirez what do you say paid them yourself OK. You owe me. You know you got got the best of me five years ago we made another trade so once you. What do you say did you start off by saying. You can have Hanley Ramirez how much of his contractor I have to eat. Night somewhere there's a price there's a dollar figure and it might be ...

This could be the most brilliant piece of editing in the history of YouTube. Because I’ve seen every second of “Game of Thrones” and I can’t ever remember a moment where I wasn’t fantasizing about smashing in Joffrey’s face with a shovel or hoping another character would stick a lance through his heart. The closest we ever got was Tyrion slapping him across his sniveling rat face and of course his (spoiler alert) gagging on his wine with the dying words, “This pie is dry!” oozing out of his miserable mouth. So like I said, this clip should win the Internet award for editing because they almost make the little punk seem human.


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In case you’ve missed this story over the last few days, U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert made a bit of a sensation when he went of Facebook to invite Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball. Then the fine Americans over at “TMZ on TV” tracked down Rousey and showed her the video. Well, as the video above shows, she accepted. And Haschert’s reaction is predictably spectacular.

By way of full disclosure, this story resonates with me especially for two reasons. First, because, in case you haven’t heard me mention it before, I have a son who went off to Marines boot camp a year ago today. So I can tell you second hand those guys make sacrifices few of us ever do. Besides the hard work and sleep deprivation there are things like going 13 weeks with no communication from loved ones other than snail mail while their buddies are off at college getting drunk with coeds and bringing their laundry home on weekends. There’s sleeping in some foxhole in a North Carolina torrential downpour. Getting dumped into a pool inside a helicopter crash simulator and spun upside down. And there’s the countless hours of untold boredom on fire watch or whatnot. So I can appreciate how much this means to Lance Corporal Haschert.

And also because I have a semi-odd fixation on really attractive women who can kick your ass. From Ripley in “Alien” to “Xena Warrior Princess” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to Michonne from “The Walking Dead” and beyond. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I admire strong females or I just need more discipline in my life, I don’t know. But Ronda Rousey is heart chakra.

So kudos to her. I can’t think of a better way to honor the people who keep us all free to write goofy blogs where we creepily lust after Ronda Rousey than for her to actually go on a date with this American hero. So on behalf of a grateful nation, I’d like to thank Ronda and congratulate the Lance Corporal. ‘Rah, Devil Dog. I have no doubt you’ll be able to line up dates for her friends.

P.S. I love some of the work TMZ does, but someone needs to tell the writers that Marines only want to be called “Marines,” not “soldiers.”


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Deflategate news aside, there are some reports that Tom and Giselle are having some trouble in paradise. Lou, Christian and Gary discuss the validity of the reports, and Christian gives some advice to Tom.

[0:01:50] ... DC who's that. English name was brought up you know I bet. Bob Sanders just or just a warning. As soon as the show is over I would leave as quickly as possible but what he's ...
[0:02:52] ... oracle but also. Supports put it you know there are up for Matt Smith who has been very good. I mean I do about high school football news Manson and he's probably going to tank which. ...
[0:06:06] ... that's not get real they are on a fast first that the United States Olympic Games and I'll let your emotions out of it. And I say I was I was most of them while it's just it just speaks to the hole but it Tom Brady's human beings in ethics of those we lose we in sight of that. Do we see him on the football field and ...

Jerod Mayo dropped by the studio to talk with Lou, Christian, and Gary about the stress that some guys go through on "cut-down" day. He also made fun of Christian for his focus on fashion, and how exaggerated he thought HBO's "Ballers" was.











Can HBO and the NFL just work out a deal right now where the “Hard Knocks” cameras just stick around Houston after the show is over and follow Vince and Bianca Wilfork around? The world needs more Vince, not less. He’s a natural. You just can’t create this kind of persona. He gives new meaning to the term “larger than life.” And it seems like the Internet agrees.


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Lou, Christian and Gary (and the rest of us) are all patiently waiting for Judge Berman to decide Tom Brady's future. The guys wonder.... What is he waiting for?



Rest easy, people of America. Our long, national nightmare is over.

The scourge that was the underinflation of footballs, which had eaten away at the very foundations of our society and threatened to send us into a death spiral of anarchy and lawlessness, has been eradicated at last. NFL executive vice president of football operations and handing out ridiculous punishments Troy Vincent has seen to that.

Vincent has released to an anxious world the guidelines by which footballs will be handled in the 2015 season and beyond. And as you can well imagine, they are magnificent. Here are just some of the highlights:

Two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff, both teams will be required to bring 24 footballs (12 primary and 12 back-up) to the Officials’€™ Locker Room for inspection. Two Game Officials, designated by the Referee, will conduct the inspection and record the PSI measurement of each football. The League’€™s Security Representative will observe the inspection process. Primary game balls for each team will be numbered one through 12, and any game ball within the allowable range of 12.5 PSI to 13.5 PSI will be approved, and the PSI level will not be altered. …

Once the game balls are approved by the Referee, the K-Ball Coordinator (KBC) will take custody of and remain responsible for the security of the game balls and back-up balls for each club. They will remain in the custody of the KBC until 10 minutes prior to kickoff. …

At designated games, selected at random, the game balls used in the first half will be collected by the KBC at halftime, and the League’€™s Security Representative will escort the KBC with the footballs to the Officials’€™ Locker room. During halftime, each game ball for both teams will be inspected in the locker room by designated members of the officiating and security crews. …

All gauges will be certified prior to each season by Wilson Sporting Goods. Each Referee will be provided with a primary and backup gauge. NFL Football Operations will maintain a backup supply as well. The same gauge will be used for pregame, halftime, and postgame testing.

Bravo, Troy Vincent. A hearty “well done” for your iron-willed leadership on this. These rules and regulations are such an upgrade from the guidelines you had in place for the 2014 season:

Prior to the game, in violation of rules set forth in the game operations manual, the officials’ locker room will be filled with league personnel all in there watching the end of the earlier game on TV. The referee will have the duty of inspecting the footballs but not required to jot down the PSI because that’s too much work. The NFL will take his word for it that they all conformed, unless of course his memory is inconsistent with the fact the Patriots cheated, in which case we’ll determine that his otherwise flawless memory was, in this one instance, dead wrong.

The inspected footballs will then be carried to the field in a bag in full view of a dozen or so NFL executives by a per diem employee who’s real name nobody knows but who answers to “Bird” or “Dorito Dink.”

The K-ball will be placed in the sole possession of a league employee who steals them before they can be auctioned off to help underprivileged kids so that he can sell them on Ebay.

When it suits the purposes of the Colts (in collusion with the Ravens), officials from the league office will swoop down on the Patriots sideline, confiscate the footballs and test the PSI using random, haphazard and uncoordinated methods  and in complete ignorance of standard middle school physics. An official will then be permitted to tell a low-level equipment man “We weighed footballs. You are in big f***ing trouble.”

All footballs will be measured with $5 Walmart bicycle aisle pressure gauges that register different readings. A set of utterly fictitious numbers will be leaked to a willing media hack, setting off a national excrement storm. A league-appointed investigator will then conduct a witch hunt in which he will use the numbers from whichever gauge makes the case the Patriots cheated, and ignoring the other one.

Of course I could point out that since Vincent decided these guidelines had to be established now, that it would discredit the entire way the league did things before and invalidate this preposterous phony non-scandal. But I won’t. Rules is rules. Even the ones you only enforce retroactively in order to screw over the Patriots.


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Schilling emailed Awful Announcing.

[0:00:26] ... extremists. And then something that appeared on. Awful announcing yesterday. That said Curt Schilling compared Muslims. To World War II era Nazis. There's an important word. Left out of that second sentence as constructed by awful ...
[0:03:36] ... gas that their recovery and and sale wonderful smells yes. Spooks that wild flowers. But in this case I mean obviously they're like most of these web sites that don't like shall there lefties they're run ...
[0:07:30] ... and color. And and yet they continue to live the 'cause. It's Curt Schilling. He's right wing wing Matt we are also the notes it could mean to you seats it's this a layup but it's ...
[0:08:22] ... at the boss Doug comes most popular stories. And right the cup Curt Schilling email the blogger Greg Cunningham is at number one up ahead of all the on the U hauls in Boston ahead of to placate Obama is coming to Boston that's the fifth most popular. All of these stories about real new stuff. In a black masks. Coming out or you're saying all less populous city Curt Schilling emailed blog. Pretend you were suspended yesterday if you didn't of the sniffles or suspended. But play that game I lost my ...

Florio gave us the latest on Brady vs Goodell.

[0:08:33] ... be happy. If the NFL wins and really really bombed out of Tom Brady wins French market. You don't take the football and deflated or insulated it's a rules that they had an edit they have that it has to have a certain amount of pressure if you purposely. Break the rules. Then you should be punished. And and the New England Patriots have a history of breaking the rules. The commissioner came down fairly. Suspended four for four games and now. Brady is a ...
[0:09:22] ... the rules and then he takes this lead for the says the New England Patriots have a history of doing this up talking about the new look in patriots history here. What history is Brady have of ...
[0:11:57] ... being a legal issue and it becomes a potential PR issue. If Tom Brady is willing to accept two games. For failure to cooperate. Exonerate should. Of anything related to the alleged. Deflation scheme in his ...
[0:12:55] ... this but. The NFL would be in a very tough spot if Tom Brady doesn't appeal. Mean everybody wants is to be over the fans want this to be over so this ruling in theory comes out. Less than a week roughly a week before the first game of the regular season everybody wants to clear the decks of this deflected stuffed. Here's a ruling from the judge splitting the baby in half two game suspension Tom Brady says I'm five to NFL's file that. And what's unifil do attempt settled back into quarter that put my PR standpoint how ...