[0:00:07] ... on the roof of the three for all Tim bands that Maloney Christian Fauria -- -- is on -- -- today. But -- an answer to join us Sam's gonna showed -- -- April well. Here's mine my contribution comes in the world of sport sometimes forcefully and sometimes it is an in this is vaguely sports related. Antenna go to TMZ sports you know it's not going to be. All sports go V studio on well she was the woman in the Donald Sterling. Video -- our audio recording situation. V has just filed new legal documents in her war with Shelley sterling Donald's wife who sold the LA clippers. Steve Ballmer wanted to that second. V is claiming she never slept with Donald Sterling. Because quote he's in demand and she was his beard. DMZ is obtain the lawsuit would still be on the filed in response to -- allegations that be accepted cars and property from Donald but he didn't have the authority to giver. In the new docs to be on -- argues that the items in question were given to her in exchange for being Donald's beard. And she insists that -- knew about it quotes. She was not every partner of Donald sterling and believes in sterling is a homosexual and enjoy sexual acts or sexual congress with male. In the legal documents found -- -- -- -- superior court still be honest initially was acutely aware of his sexual orientation and condoned it. The same as well as acknowledging an approving. Donald's gifts to -- beyond. The gift that keeps on given it. This store like you thought -- while that Donald Sterling would just be allowed to fade often anonymity. And just kind of literally. Crawl and or Iraq in die. But stuff like ...
[0:03:02] ... don't know I generally I think. I -- -- that he's able Larry Sanders. He sounds like Matt Foley -- -- -- you referenced olds are now live skits. Error yet that's it's funny because it ...
[0:04:07] ... a wave batters in a speech then let's go Red Sox and Tom Moore knows this guys green and energy right -- -- around and it's -- it'll play enough. You're now the flip it -- ...

Tim and Christian react to the breaking news that the Red Sox signed Rusney Castillo. Alex Speier then checks in to provide the latest information.

[0:05:53] ... Haven't -- victory out in -- Or not they don't they had Shane Victorino but not the -- Victorino that I think year your reference in there and Alex that this is not seems especially in ...
[0:10:43] ... resonate to steal at some point this year and -- today is Steve Francis French. -- -- -- they were to get him at some point this year that would make it possible to move somebody ...
[0:18:54] ... -- no -- release any out yet. Consecutively so it wouldn't -- Cole Hamels now. -- reserve is Jon Lester back on the trade back as a viable option. You know so now you couldn't hit it did hit may get guys who can hit making a pitch you brought up Jon Lester. -- unfortunately and that's your own fault because you just made me think is something that I wanted to we come back about the news surrounding Jon Lester this week. They came out about the on likelihood of him returning to Boston there's an angle to this that I think ...

Tim and Christian discuss whats more absurd, Tony Gonzalez' prediction that the Broncos will go undefeated or Tim's prediction that the Pats will go 11-5?

[0:01:40] ... long baseball discussion and I brought up Tony Gonzales suggesting. That the Denver Broncos are gonna go sixteen and I'll be suggest that he -- outs today he said you're gonna. I always -- had a ...
[0:05:38] ... has quarterback. Back in the late. Say Peyton Manning is better or Aaron Rodgers is barrel I don't know look at the stats last. -- -- Got -- hard really look back up and he was ...
[0:10:26] ... hard it is. To win ten games. When health plan for the Seattle Seahawks if we won nine games we thought we -- gold in the playoffs. 97 would get you into the playoffs that's that's ...
[0:11:21] ... Miami and playing -- South Beach. But not to lose to the Miami Dolphins with that often the line and blind panic elect Corbett -- -- global -- Irreverent ads and give me your three loss ...

Browns backup quarterback Johnny Manziel was fined $12,000 for making an obscene gesture toward the Redskins’ sideline Monday night, according to multiple reports.

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel  

Manziel extended his middle finger in front of Washington’s bench during the third quarter of Cleveland’s 24-23 loss.

Two days later he lost to Brian Hoyer in the competition for the team’s starting quarterback job.

Manziel said after Monday’s game that he had “words exchanged” with Redskins players.

“I felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up,” he said.


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Nick Canelas

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– V. Stiviano claimed she never had sex with Donald Sterling because he’s a homosexual. She said she was simply used as the billionaire’s “beard.”

The allegations come in response to a prior lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife, Shelly Sterling, according to reports. Shelly Sterling’s original lawsuit depicted Stiviano as someone who convinced the former Clippers owner to get her a Ferrari, $240,000 in cash and a $1.8 million house on the outskirts of Beverly Hills.

Stiviano claims it was all for the price of covering up Sterling’s sexual orientation.

“The gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?” Fauria said.

Said Benz: “You thought for a while that Donald Sterling would just be allowed to fade off into anonymity, literally crawl under a rock and die. But stuff like this is not going to let it happen.

“She’s suing, by the way, for $10 million. The cost of being a beard in Los Angeles is $10 million on top of whatever she’s been given already.”

Fauria asked Benz if he’s ever been a beard for a girl.

“I’ve never been a lesbian beard,” Benz said. “But the closest I think I ever came to that situation was I did go on a date with a WNBA player once. She was like a 5-foot-5 point guard.

“I’m pretty sure she was a straight WNBA player, though. It was a legitimate date. That’s not a beard situation. That’s why I said it was close.”

– Fauria asked for Benz’s opinion on a situation he encountered when he was in Washington, D.C., two weeks ago.

“Kids were going crazy, I was talking to my girlfriend out here when I’m on the road and things are going crazy,” Fauria said. “I have some down time so I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to watch a movie.’ But I feel guilty telling her that I’m going to have 2 1/2 hours of downtime to watch a movie that we both agreed we would watch together.”

Fauria asked if he should feel guilty about it.

“Yes,” Benz said. “Just putting it out there. Not so much guilty. You should feel stupid about it because she’s going to hold it against you now.”

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Nick Canelas

One appearance on Mike Francesa‘s radio show wasn’t enough for John Calipari on Wednesday.

After making an appearance on the show, the Kentucky basketball coach called in later on as “John from Kentucky” to defend himself after the host questioned his X’s and O’s ability.

“That’s basically saying I can’t coach,” Calipari said. “You know what they call me, the magician. Cal the magician.”

Francesa and Calipari continued their exchange briefly before Francesa hung up on him.

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Nick Canelas
ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes joins Dino, Kirk and Buck to explain his cryptic tweet concerning Yoenis Cespedes exiting last night's game.

[0:02:10] ... That threat -- of the Oakland -- who then took up. With Major League Baseball. In MLB. Is aware it in and -- and actually. There's no mystery as to whether assessment -- -- money and he ...
[0:03:24] ... In I'm telling you this is something this is an issue that Major League Baseball. Is gonna have to address in a big way because it's your so right. For corruption every step of the way. Lawyer ...
[0:05:50] ... this is something that. You know we always hear -- over the Carl Crawford press conference with a claim to have done their due diligence and they. Went through Carl's trash barrels that when the find ...
[0:07:05] ... I think that one of the things one of its simpler steps Major League Baseball. -- -- in this series is that when a player I suspect the United States. Maybe you have to establish sick Cuban ...

The stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today Kirk previews the Emmys before he goes on vacation.

The Kevin Love trade appears to have an added element to it, although not directly.

According to multiple reports, the Timberwolves will acquire 76ers forward Thaddeus Young for a 2015 first-round pick and a pair of role players.

Minnesota reportedly will send Philadelphia the Heat’s 2015 first-round pick the Timberwolves will acquire as part of the Love deal with Cleveland. The pick is lottery protected to No. 10 and 2015 and 2016, and unprotected in 2017.

The deal is set to be finalized Saturday in line with the conclusion of the of the deal that will send Cleveland’s Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett to Minnesota for Love.

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Nick Canelas
Dino, Kirk and Buck start with a variety of topics including The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.