Abiola Aborishade, a former UMass Dartmouth football player, has been camped outside of gillette Stadium since April, trying to get the Patriots to give him a tryout. Glenn, Lou and Christian have some advice for Bill Belichick on how to handle the situation.

WCAX in Burlington is reporting that Red Sox and Expos pitcher/beloved screwball Bill “Spaceman” Lee is running for governor of Vermont:

“I’m a pragmatic, conservative, forward thinker,” said Lee, Liberty Union candidate for governor. …

Lee is believed to have played more professional baseball games than any other person, playing semi-pro and minor league games well into his 60s. …

Lee famously quipped that marijuana sprinkled on his pancakes immunized him from Boston bus fumes as he jogged to Fenway Park during his nine years with the club.

He argues for legalization and taxation of pot in Vermont, along with single-payer health care, paid family leave and bringing the Expos back to Montreal.

In 1988 he ran for president under the Canadian Rhinoceros Party which touted positions like bulldozing the Rocky Mountains so that Alberta could receive a few extra minutes of daylight and a ban on deadly guns and butter. …

“If things don’t go our way, if we get Trump as president, I’m out of here and I’ll take Vermont with us,” said Lee.

You know, I probably agree with Bill Lee on very little. Socially I bet we’re about the same, kind leaning small “l” libertarian, who don’t want the government messing with individual liberties. Fiscally, he seems to be into the government messing with individual liberties. But to hell with it. He’s got my endorsement.

I’m not going to rest on ideology. Democracy is broken. And we need more guys like Lee. Flaky but impassioned nutjobs who are colorful, smart and interesting, instead of bland, corrupt and controlled like we have now. Plus, Spaceman had a loyalty that is rare among politicians. He walked off two different teams because they got rid of someone he was tight with. And nobody but nobody was more willing to drill a batter in retaliation for one of his own getting hit or throw down the glove and land a couple of haymakers when the benches emptied.

When it comes to Bill Lee stories, I’ll leave that to his radio biographer/friend Mikey Adams. But I will retell this one, which is my favorite. When the commissioner fined him $500 for admitting marijuana use, Lee sent MLB a check for $512.37, just to mess with their accounting. That is the leader Vermont needs.

The best thing is, he’s already got his own campaign song. RIP, Warren Zevon.

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As Jerry Spar mentioned earlier in the Mashup blog, the NFL got its collective non-concussed head handed to it by congress for reneging on a pledge to put money into a study on the effects of head trauma in football, because they didn’t like the fact they couldn’t control the conclusions:

The NFL had agreed in writing to donate $30 million to the National Institutes of Health to fund brain research, but after the NIH awarded a $16 million grant to Boston University researcher Robert Stern — an expert on the link between football and the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy — the league withdrew its donation, forcing taxpayers to pick up the cost, a government report concluded.

To make matters worse, some members of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee apparently pursued the grant for themselves despite the obvious conflict of interest. …

“This investigation confirms the NFL inappropriately attempted to use its unrestricted gift as leverage to steer funding away from one of its critics,” New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone said. “Since its research agreement with NIH was clear that it could not weigh in on the grant selection process, the NFL should never have tried to influence that process.”

I’d like to say that what I’m about to say goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway.

This is your National Football League. I know it’s shocking to imagine the mighty empire that Roger Goodell loves to say is all about integrity, transparency and getting the facts would ever want to influence an “independent” scientific study just to reach a preset conclusion and prove a premise that makes them look good. But there you have it.

This is not coming from me. This is from the United States Congress. And when that parliament of whores is saying you have no integrity, you know you’ve achieved weapons grade sleaziness.

If you’re one of the few remaining Deflategate Truthers, this is a tough development for you. Because this is the organization you sided with. One so morally bankrupt and anti-science that it would not only stick the taxpayers with a tab it swore to pick up, but is willing to play games with the lives of the players that build the league. You chose to join the cult of L. Roger Hubbard because you liked the way he was going after Tom Brady and the Patriots. And now he’s been exposed as a charlatan who’s only interested in keeping the faithful ignorant and protecting his little tax dodge. But by all means, keep the faith.

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Daily MailLego products are becoming increasingly violent and are including more and more weapons beginning an arms race, new research has found.

A team from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found that child’s play was becoming more brutal, with a higher proportion of weapons appearing among Lego’s building bricks and war-like scenarios featuring in its themed kits. …

In a peer-reviewed study published by the online journal PLOS ONE, the researchers concluded that Lego “showed significant exponential increases of violence over time.” …

“Currently, around 40 per cent of all pages contain some type of violence – in particular, scenarios involving shooting and threatening behaviour have increased over the years,” it found.

“The atmosphere of the violent acts is predominantly perceived as exciting.”

Our kids are increasingly playing with toys that they perceive as exciting? Imagine the horror. How are we ever going to survive? This is tearing at the very fabric of our civilization. Our species will descend into madness and chaos. And by the time this latest generation is in charge, the world will be one giant atrocity after another. We’ll destroy ourselves. And the weapon of our destruction will be little, colorful, plastic bricks.

In the time it took me to type that paragraph, I conducted a study of my own. It concluded that the people who conduct studies haven’t the first clue how kids — especially boys — are wired. They needed peer-reviewed research to determine that boys like to play pretend games of war and violence? And they’re blaming Lego for selling them what they want? I could’ve proved their thesis with one trip through our family room cabinet and only charged them a couple of million bucks.

Newsflash, PLOS ONE: Boys like play-violence. It’s encoded in our DNA. There hasn’t been a boy in the history the human race who didn’t take some inane object and pretend it was a weapon. Cro-Magnon toddlers picked up sticks and pretended they were spears. Roman kids used wooden swords to play gladiators. When I was little we played army guys in the woods using hockey sticks as rifles. There has never been a boy yet who, given the choice of balloon animal or a balloon sword, didn’t take the sword option. And if you give a 3-year-old those big toddler Legos and ask him to build a castle, inside of ten minutes he’s going to get bored and fashion a gun out of them. It’s not sociology; it’s nature.

But by all means, conduct your little studies. Blow money on your research. Try to tell boys it’s wrong for them to want to play with “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings,” superhero or cops and robbers Lego sets because it’s turning them violent. But the little plastic weapons in our house never killed anybody. And when you outlaw them, only outlaws will own little plastic weapons. So you’ll have to take the laser gun out from between my cold, dead fingers.

P.S. Now if someone would do a study on the dangers of stepping on Legos in bare feet that your kids left strewn all over the room even though you told them a hundred times to pick them up, I’d be down with that. There’s your real threat.

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CBS SportsIt’s the longest of the long shots, but Abiola Aborishade isn’t giving up. For the last month the former D-III wide receiver has stood outside Gillette Stadium asking for a tryout with the New England Patriots.

According to Mass Live, Aborishade has been camping out under the bridge near the entrance to the Patriots’ facility nearly every weekday since April 21 — logging more than 130 hours — waiting patiently for his shot.

The former UMass-Dartmouth star receiver figures there are only three ways his quest can end:

“The first thing is that they see me so often that they get sick and tired of me. So they almost give up, give into it, because I’m not giving in. So they give in and they say, ‘OK, let’s see what this kid can do.’ The second thing is the people who drive around here, who work around here see me so often that they almost say, ‘Hey, we want to see what he can do.’ “

“And the third thing is they just leave me out here,” he says, laughing.

It’s impossible not to admire Abiola Aborishade. Sure, he’s on an impossible quest that stands no chance of ending well for him. But dammit all if dreamers like him are the people who change the world. Guys who have no quit in them, even when the whole world tells them they’re crazy. Don Quixote. Ponce de Leon. Captain Ahab. Granted, Quixote was beaten near to death and died of fever, de Leon was killed by natives and Ahab drowned strapped to a whale. But that shouldn’t discourage my boy Aborishade.

What should discourage him is the fact he’s barking up the wrong franchise. Sorry, Abiola, but you picked the one team in all the land that doesn’t give a rat’s taint whether the scrappy little never-say-die underdog with the big dreams and the little posterboard starves to death under that bridge.

The men in charge who are blowing by you every day without tapping their brakes are fixated with a laser-sighted sniper rifle on one thing: the next championship. They would grind you up into Soylent Green and feed you to the 90-man roster if they thought your protein would help bring Super Bowl V. That may be hard to hear, but even achievers like you have to deal with reality on reality’s terms. If you want to touch someone’s heart, Abiola, try the Bills or the Jets. Maybe they’ll serve as the dream factories you need to reach your unreachable star. In Foxboro, only champions need apply.

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There’s nothing quite like waking up on a quiet spring morning and finding that someone over at NFL.com is trying to impress the bosses with a little bit of Patriots trolling.

Bucky Brooks has long been a captain in the NFL’s anti-Patriots media army. He’s the one who exactly one year ago gave us his list of the best quarterbacks in the league and not only named Tom Brady fifth, he put an asterisk with Brady’s name because of Deflategate. After this year’s draft, Brooks went on Daniel Jeremiah’s recap podcast where the two ripped the Patriots with this display of twisted illogic:

DJ: “What are they doing in New England? What are they doing? And then what happens is they end up winning so people say, ‘Oh, they knew what they were doing. They keep winning at a pretty good clip.’ But we sit here on the personnel side and say, ‘What if they drafted well?’ I mean, what if they gave No. 12 more help? What would this team be?”

BB: “Tom Brady and the head coach have masked a lot of their flaws. It will be interesting when Tom Brady departs. How they’re able to get it done or not get it done without all the pieces most teams need. They don’t have enough ammunition normally to compete with some of the heavyweights.”

Right. After 10 trips to the conference championship game, six Super Bowls and four championships. If only they knew how to scout college players like all those other, much more successful teams.

Well, it would appear Brooks isn’t content with just babbling nonsense like some wino on a subway train. Now he’s bucking (unintended pun, but I won’t take it back) for a promotion to colonel with his latest salvo on the Patriots’ position. He’s ranked the top 10 NFL teams in terms of talent:

  1. Seattle
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Carolina
  4. Denver
  5. Minnesota
  6. Kansas City
  7. Cincinnati
  8. Arizona
  9. New York Giants
  10. Dallas

In other words, the NFL’s official website has a writer — a full-time, paid employee with health benefits and a retirement plan — who thinks the Patriots, who have been in the final four of the league each of the last five years with two trips to the Super Bowl and one title, aren’t in the top 10 in the league talent-wise. Even though they beat his No. 1 team in the Super Bowl one season ago. Ignoring the fact they have the best player in the game at three positions (quarterback, tight end, kicker). Despite the obvious talents and production of Julian Edelman, Devin McCourty, Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower. Disregarding young, obviously ascending players like two of the highest-graded corners in the league in Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler as well as Malcom Brown, the fourth-best run-stopper in the league as a rookie.

And did I mention veteran additions like Martellus Bennett, Nate Washington, Terrance Knighton and Chris Long? Did Bucky Brooks when he was making this list? Apparently not. He was too busy fawning over the massive collections of talent on the 6-10 Giants and 4-12 Cowboys to have noticed. It’s either being willfully ignorant or just plain stupid, but either way I’m sure it scored him huge points with the bosses.

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Jim Polito of WTAG in Worcester joins us for a few minutes to talk about the district attorney and how the show should stick to sports.

[0:04:14] ... whatsoever for a guy who wins and three or four occasions assaulted police officer right wreck to cocaine convictions. Out domestic abuse with his girlfriend. Right and that was at the domestic abuse with his girlfriend ...
[0:13:15] ... when they read. This story that turtle boys law they read the Worcester Telegram. But note the guy which shot there. Rather in the back at EV four criminal. Violations some offenses 84. And still walk ...
[0:15:30] ... in the back and and I'll finish tomorrow he's. Wife beater red domestic violence guy. After a domestic and racial on this intervention on the southbound side of interstate 495 cuts and Zambrano was arrested in ...
[0:19:00] ... said they have no problem with the redskin. Nickname for the Washington football team and and Peter says its longest 10%. Well fended he's going to be better and then the name must be changed. Let's ...

Turtleboy from Turtleboy Sports joins the guys to talk about the cop killer.

[0:03:11] ... you know people talk about. Dangerous and tropic fingers or whatever but Hillary Clinton let's say we're prospect criminal or number what you have on there we we need to end the era. A mass incarceration. In Iraq for mandatory minimum sentences and and I recruited. That's piper rhetoric that gets police officer's skull that's like two rhetoric that put pressure on judges and district attorney not to silk and not. In and made this all comes from. The black light matter people they'll block it I would have felt like that we have to recognize. That these people were successful but it didn't affect the a major candidate for president United States like adopt what they're talking about and that ending printed. A bit our prisons are filled with just innocent people that you ...
[0:08:07] ... that has 84 entries most of which were assault and battery on police officers and cocaine traffic. You know I don't disagree with that but. But it's almost it's harder to get a job. Right. It's ...
[0:09:15] ... For allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face mr. Zambrano struggled with police officers. Resisted even after he was pepper spray. As state troopers drove Zambrano dilemma mr. Barrett to continue to make threats he stated ...
[0:12:21] ... picked it up and the dog. Cuddle and the rest on this hot dog in the hidden. In stripper girl have fun. Doable bush gonna fund the government is of this squall what you do with ...

The list of top 20 celebrities people masterbate to, Cosby is in trouble again, and Dupont wrote another column.

[0:03:54] ... I think a lot of the picture of there yeah number six Emma Watson. Number five Channing Tatum guilty number four Jessica Alba number three Jennifer Lawrence number two Carrie Underwood at number one Jerry's here. No I certainly nothing of sun ritual bills bills yet no one number one. Jennifer Lopez so like I admit I can fully admit I pleasure myself. More to reach the goal is all in the number one ...
[0:05:17] ... know to this later. Watched. It felt terrible after. So number one Jennifer Lopez. I mean really nipple opens overly technical Salem in the world I would think Kardashian metamorphosis nominees was which would create build ...

Is Trump or Hillary more likely to make a catastrophic mistake as president?

[0:00:49] ... away. The cops to their credit didn't shoot him note to discredit George Bush should she dog a dog has a point I think as well. Activists yours Zambrano you have this. Killer dog yeah. So ...
[0:03:10] ... and I understand. This is not the I is this jury abrupt Hillary Clinton of saying. Forget Obama forget George George W. Bush was disaster forget the last sixteen years of presidential disasters. And just focus on troubled individual don't get lost in the in the in the right and left. World to just look at trop on his own the man. It's not really answer a lot of questions I don't really know what he's going to do is president that worries me I would much rather have him. As president than Hillary Clinton though no question a mock an argument that. Our goal to help. Are the studio. Our one shot at the community organizer. ...
[0:04:39] ... think it's so. That's all these little uneasy. But I do think. Hillary Clinton as the final nail in the proper. We've been no question it would double Anderson it's by Hillary quashed talk but forensic ...
[0:06:38] ... you say that. He's gonna make a better partner Hillary I hate Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton at least here career politicians. Are frightening sheet predictable he's going to be. Wildly unpredictable dangerously predict. In some ways that's good ...