We discuss the weasel-like ways of the Baltimore Ravens and their coach John Harbaugh, who conveniently do it to other players and teams when it suits their purposes.
Inspired by Russell Wilson's miracle water endorsement, we present four of the worst sports endorsement's of all time, with a bit of a local slant.
Inspired by Russell Wilson's miracle water endorsement, we present four of the worst sports endorsement's of all time, with a bit of a local slant.

[0:02:07] ... athletes and we'll start would depends adult diapers. And our old friend. Wes Welker. I'm Torre served who should not be around the toughest guys in football and now I'm training guys who legal hurdle to guard their manhood with a man style protection. And shields or guards. Go online for my kids help guard your manhood with new depend shields and guards. Across America to get too new to the real thing briefs and to date. I'm with professional football players to markets where Wes Welker and play use so. It Newt did and real that brief currently it pretty comfortable. Almost like so. I. I. 00 weird ...
[0:03:17] ... and I remember when it air through through being sort of terrorist Wes Welker is pretty big hugs him watches night's close. Here's what we'll. Diapers. And applicable here slot receiver doesn't get drafted men got ...
[0:04:00] ... Larry Bird and out of anti bush is going for escort on new car kind of laughed Robinette need to do an escort commercial. You see I'm six foot nine and escort about or put six ...
[0:05:02] ... is the door open to some local slap the dealership. If Michael George Michael Jordan at the time. He's got McDonald's and he hoped he obviously had. Nike as Jerry says. Be local. Ford dealer down ...

Bwahaha! Get it? “Cheat codes!” “Bill Belicheat!” Spy equipment and smashed cell phones! The Patriots only win because they cheat so much! That is the essence of good comedy. It’s funny because it’s true!

As I’ve said many times here, no fan base in all of sports has a better, funnier and more motivated social media game than the people of New England. And this cheap insult cannot go unavenged. Pats fans, do your worst.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys discuss a number of off-topics that are in the news today, including Ronda Rousey telling Floyd Mayweather that she makes more money per second than him, IK Enemkpali's strange headline in the news, and Danny unveils his thoughts on the player ratings for the new Madden game.
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Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo comes on with Lou, Christian and Danny to give his brief, Patriot-like answers about preseason and their upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers while Christian has fun with the Panther's stadium sound effects. After the interview, the guys get into a heated debate over tipping valet drivers.
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