Yoan Moncada has struck out in 7 straight at-bats, and the Red Sox have decided to sit him for a little bit. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk Sox and get into what the Sox should do with Buchholz in the long term.
Tom E. Curran of CSNNE calls in to talk Patriots leading up the opening game, and discuss what he think Brady will do during his suspension.

[0:00:33] ... Did you sense that the kind of like it's a relief that Tom Brady's no longer around outing penalty charge. Yet I absolutely do and I don't think that that is. By any stretch a slander on Tom Brady or on Bill Belichick this was an imprecise. Operation from the beginning that part of the punishment the greedy attic getting what you suspension. But just operate suspension impacts the entire team and an impact the coaching staff in an impact the Barack oil. And we would have to do I get into football history. And biography that we have read over the court car. Which you feel going back corporal moral and Johnny Unitas and Fred Morton Marcus about our group. Any number of other one young and Joseph Montana and say look this doesn't exist ...
[0:03:37] ... mad so that was done and probably could get away from the video games to get in his book. Integrated producer of error when you know quick bad turnover out near. The field operator yes that ...
[0:09:43] ... can bring a couple of back. I find it interesting Aaron the Bill Belichick public go to Iraq excuse me NC server socket parts are now. Look I'm we're cool. Colts rule. Pittsburgh won time of ...


As the 2016 presidential campaign, otherwise known as America’s Last Election, comes slingshotting around Labor Day and achieves terminal velocity, news organizations are looking for every angle they can to make Democracy’s Great Suicide Pact interesting. Enter The Daily Beast, who put a reporter up to looking into the past of Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples.

The piece pretty much reads like a People magazine profile you read on a toilet in the mid-’90s because the iPhone hadn’t been invented yet and you were desperate. The Lifetime Original Movie they did about Marla. How The Donald cheated on his first wife with her, putting her up in hotels so she’d be close by when needed. Her acting career that peaked with her role as “Screaming Woman” in the Stephen King epic “Maximum Overdrive.” But the real money shot comes toward the end:

The actual birth of Tiffany is an incredible Donald Trump moment to imagine. …

Marla took “a spiritual approach to her delivery,” her Ob-GYN told Lifetime. In a candle-filled hospital room, Marla listened to her New Age music and used aromatherapy and massage to ride the waves of her contractions. Marla said she and Donald “did a lot of kissing while I was delivering.”

You might not like Donald Trump’s policies. You might recoil at the things he says at his rallies. You may think he’s nuts. But you have to respect his delivery room game.

Making out with your wife in the middle of labor is the power move of all child-bearing power moves. Believe me, I was there for the birth of both of the heirs to my dominion, and the thought of macking on the Irish Rose was the furthest thing from my mind. Seriously, it was like a crime scene in there. All unidentifiable fluids and pain and me being in the midwife’s way. It was all I could do to keep it together, never mind getting my needs taken care of like he was doing.

For this reason alone, we should elect this man. Because someone so calm in a delivery room crisis that he’s making out with his hot gold digger second wife is the voice I want on the White House phone when it rings at 3 a.m.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton


Daily MailAn obese model who is paid by men to eat wants to pile on a further 300 lbs to become the world’s fattest woman and be completely immobile.

Monica Riley, 27, from Fort Worth, Texas, already tips the scales at 700 lb but dreams of being too fat to move and is working towards hitting 1,000 lb so that she feels like a “queen.”

Her feeder boyfriend Sid Riley, 25, whose surname she has taken despite not being married, spends his days cooking Monica meals and even feeding her 3,500 calorie shakes lavished with double cream through a funnel. 

He then rolls her over when her 91-inch stomach is full.

Among the things Monica — a model on Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman websites — is looking forward to about being immobile to is getting a bed with a built-in toilet which Sid will need to empty. 

Call me a hopeless romantic, call me what you will. But I am a sucker for a beautiful love story, and this is one of the best I’ve heard. It’s like a Nicholas Sparks novel, if he ever wrote about morbidly obese couples who use dangerous amounts of binge-eating as foreplay.

It’s rare that you ever meet a couple who is perfect for each other, but Monica and Sid couldn’t be more ideally suited. She wants to be 1,000 pounds, he wants to love a woman who’s 1,000 pounds. It’s a match made in Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman website heaven.

Sure, some people will judge her. They’ll say Monica has an eating disorder or even a crippling mental illness that will be her undoing. But who are we to say? Everyone is entitled to their dreams. Granted, the one she’s chosen is reckless to the point of suicidal. But if she achieves it, then she will make herself and the millions of men paying her to down that double cream slurry happy. And isn’t that what life is all about? To bring a little joy into the lives of others, one 3,500-calorie funnel at a time?

So go for it, Monica. Keep supporting her, Sid. When you’re rolling her over onto her bed toilet so she can Take the Browns to the Super Bowl, then you’ll know you’ve found true love in this world. Bottoms up, you two crazy kids.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
The 9am hour of Kirk, Callahan and Mannix with some baseball talk.
The 8am hour upload from Wednesday's show with Chris Mannix joining Kirk & Callahan. The guys talk Pats and Paul Finebaum's apology among other topics.
Kirk reads the Wednesday political headlines and gets a little Springsteen talk in as well. Chris Mannix is alongside K&C as the auditioning host.
Minihane and Callahan welcome Chris Mannix to the program as the Wednesday third-man in. The 6am hour upload here is heavy with political talk as Mannix attempts to take on Gerry's right-wing stances.


And so ends a bizarre day not only for now-former Patriots lineman Josh Kline, but for the proud history of NFL transactions.

Early Tuesday there were reports the Pats had traded Kline and a 2018 fourth-round pick to the Eagles for cornerback Eric Rowe. We asked Bill Belichick about it on Dale & Holley with a Thornton Chaser and he confirmed the deal, which he rarely does. Now Philly has rejected the Kline part of the deal, but the Patriots get to keep Rowe. Which to me seems sort of the equivalent of paying full price for a living room set, only to tell the sales guy to keep the sofa and love seat, you just want to take home the recliner. And the Pats think so little of Kline that they just cut him when they could have had him back for free.

But here’s where the story gets fun for Patriots fans. As usual, it’s when ESPN gets involved. Because even in a deal as one-sided as this, as the deal unfolded the gang over at the World Wide Leader managed to spin this as New England getting fleeced.

The newest member of the Troll Brigade is Joe Banner, who spent 20 years mismanaging the Eagles and Browns as president and CEO before joining the anti-Patriots jihad in Bristol. Joe is the author of this little gem:



To review: The Eagles were going to cut Eric Rowe. The 23-year-old, second-year, 6-foot-1 corner with 4.45 speed they used the 47th pick of the 2015 draft on. But holding their cards to their chest like riverboat gamblers, they bluffed Bill Belichick into trading them a valuable asset. And that asset is Josh Kline, an undrafted guard who, according to Football Outsiders, was personally responsible for an incredible 12 pressures on Tom Brady in the AFC championship game. But now Rowe is on the New England roster and Kline is the one looking for work. Still, the Patriots got hosed by the slick and savvy Philadelphia Eagles organization. Got it.

Well, welcome to the majors, Mr. Hobbs. It looks like this Joe Banner is going to be one to watch in the months to come. Because if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that there’s no better way to succeed at ESPN than some good Patriots bashing, no matter how wrong you are.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton

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