We spend some time talking Sox as news of the rain cancellation comes down. A few more thoughts on the spat in Baltimore and Dustin Pedroia, plus David Price takes to twitter for his "media session".
We spend some time talking Sox as news of the rain cancellation comes down. A few more thoughts on the spat in Baltimore and Dustin Pedroia, plus David Price takes to twitter for his "media session".

[0:00:41] ... often sung games are all well the weather is not gonna prevent Dustin Pedroia from talking today I would assume he's below are knowing him he's the park now good. Members of the media will talk ...
[0:01:45] ... point when they get in there they'll talk to him. Now that Matt Barnes has been suspended for four games has appealed the suspension. Is eligible to pitch tonight for the Red Sox against the Yankees ...
[0:02:50] ... of the kid yeah but I became Griffey's dad right. Auto com Ken Griffey outrigger generic. Are you ready the kid there's Spencer they're that good at that guy either Griffey junior junior Griffey. Add and ...
[0:04:35] ... actions. And you know I'm I'm I'm not necessarily offended that. That Dustin Pedroia didn't want to be to be a part of it I'm just it's just so strange. That he would do it also ...

Dollar beer night in Houston!
Dollar beer night in Houston!
Dollar beer night in Houston!

[0:04:01] ... you. They go the other way too it's used in the UB Kenny Rogers who leaves the Houston named an Rodgers would be. Certainly a choice. Instead they went with the these three I'm Travis Scott ...
[0:07:21] ... it's patently units is trying to hide it I view and dollar hot dogs people and I know also. It helped the traffic flow the yeah. I think I could now they're good time relent and rid of another special guests the former rocket. A former Rocketboom boom there he or James Dickey got into the dream right or or not going to be Steve Francis played that big shot Bob the conference big shop body shop online and I'll. Do anything. And dollar hot dogs you Kool Aid will also be governor with the traffic flow and a special guest to get everybody revved up the former ...
[0:08:39] ... camera goes right down. Dollars soft drink one dollar Beers. And dollar hot dogs we pool. And yeah okay. You could drop in boom in the they go all right we got to get out of ...
[0:09:20] ... that the parents. Tomorrow will be at Fenway Park will talk to John Farrell about how much stuff that went on this week. The. Former rockets guard. Bird. Vernon Maxwell takes it to the Max before ...

John Tomase gives his acceptance speech for winning the 2017 Kirk and Callahan NC-Double A-hole tournament.

Juror who voted to acquit Aaron Hernandez tells @AntonioPlanas1 that defense lawyer offered to pay for bus to have jury attend funeral. https://t.co/7RmzxvoNFm

— Jen Miller (@jenbmiller) April 25, 2017

Boston HeraldThe jury that acquitted disgraced Patriot Aaron Hernandez of a 2012 double-murder was invited to his funeral yesterday in the former NFL star’s hometown of Bristol, Conn., a juror told the Herald.

“I was invited, but I decided ultimately not to go,” said Robert Monroe, one of 12 jurors who on April 14 acquitted Hernandez of the murders of Cape Verdean immigrants Daniel de Abreu, 29, and Safiro Furtado, 28. Both were living in Dorchester.

“I received a message, if any of the jurors wanted to go to the Aaron Hernandez funeral, that Jose Baez would rent a bus to get us back and forth,” Monroe told the Herald today.

Monroe, 27, of Boston, would not disclose in what form, or who was behind the invite, but did say he received the message last week. Baez was Hernandez’s high-profile attorney.

Monroe is unsure if any of the jurors attended the funeral.

… Monroe said he initially was taken aback by the invitation. But also, if Baez was behind it, he probably had good intentions.

“I actually asked a bunch of my friends, should I go, and they thought it was strange. Initially I wanted to go and maybe get some closure, this whole, confusing thing … his suicide … I would have been out of place, I’m not family or a friend,” he said.

As for Baez, Monroe said the lawyer may have wanted to acknowledge their commitment to the case.

“If it was Jose Baez who set this whole thing up, I could see he recognized that we were in the same room with this guy (Hernandez), for about two months. That perhaps some of us would want that, maybe some of the religious juror members.”

This sounds like a total Baez move. It’s pathetic. Of course he’s the one behind the invite. You won the case, we get it.

And, yes, it was probably because of their “commitment to the case,” which translates to the fact that they acquitted Hernandez. If they were committed to the case but found him guilty, no way Baez would have invited them, obviously.

Monroe made the right decision to not go. He would have been WAY out of place and it would have looked like a spotlight grab. At least he understands what is and is not socially acceptable, unlike Baez.

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Lucy Burdge
Derek Jeter reportedly won a bid Tuesday to buy the Marlins.  (Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports)

Derek Jeter reportedly won a bid Tuesday to buy the Marlins. (Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports)

Derek Jeter is taking his talents to South Beach.

Bloomberg reports the ex-Yankees great and former Florida governor Jeb Bush have won an auction to buy the Marlins. The value of their bid is unknown.

Earlier Tuesday, Forbes said the Jeter-Bush ticket was “running around trying to look for money.” Other bidders included a team headed by Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, and ex-Braves hurler Tom Glavine. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria almost sold the team to the Kushner family two months ago, but the deal fell through. Around the same time, Loria was also rumored to be named Ambassador to France. Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump and serves as a special advisor to the President.

The loathsome Loria, who once dropped the Marlins payroll to $20 million, could receive nearly $1 billion from the sale. He bought the Marlins in 2002 for $158 million. Forbes says the franchise is currently valued at $940 million.

While 75 percent of owners need to approve the ownership change, it likely won’t be a problem for Jeter and Bush. Assuming the sale goes through, the failed Republican presidential candidate will finally have something to clap about.


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HOUR 4 - The guys talked about Magic Johnson "tampering" with Paul George on Jimmy Kimmel, a potential Jae Crowder for Carmelo Anthony trade, Isaiah Thomas' growth as a playoff performer, and we ended the show with John Tomase's A-Hole acceptance speech.

[0:07:56] ... but it LA it's no time they're hot Rod Hood Rodman expenses. Carmelo Anthony is not a bad players pretty good players probably a whole flavor yet at this point. Would you give up if you're another team for Carmelo Anthony as other rumor last week about the Celtics. While the Celtics want a militia getting him for virtually nothing well let's net ...
[0:10:36] ... what do you do you really considered that yet still think you. Isiah Thomas is pretty active not think now you're you're under so overreacting. To the contact the constantly of these. So I don't know ...
[0:13:38] ... got to make some of them I'm not expecting him to be Isiah Thomas. Is this as a shoot two or score as it Thomas a thirty point guys gained. Expecting that but to you to ...
[0:16:16] ... what Fred Cory bird had said yesterday. About the hope calming. Of Isiah Thomas and pricing the video it's all doorways social and its effort there they because of player after player after player of the ...