At the risk of sounding like I’m committing heresy, I just feel the need to say this after the Red Sox honored the 1975 AL champions Tuesday night by wearing their throwback uniforms.

I loved that team. I loved that era. The Sox of the mid-to-late ’70s were one of my first loves as a kid and left an imprint on me like Jacob did to Bella’s baby — one that will never leave me for as long as I live.

But as much as I love that World Series team, I hated the uniforms. I feel like I’m committing an atrocity when I say that. Sometimes we are so beholden to nostalgia that it’s like we are contractually obligated to want to embrace anything that’s old, regardless of whether it’s good or not. That’s why we made a historic landmark out of an eyesore billboard for a petroleum conglomerate.

So admitting I don’t like those throwback unis is tantamount to using the American flag as Charmin. But I hated them as a kid, too. To me they always looked like pajamas. I’d see old pictures of Ted Williams in the blue hat, red-piping button down with the belt and it just looks so professional and cool. And growing up watching the Sox play in that same classic style he did is something I’ve always appreciated. Some sports franchises spend their whole existence trying to develop that kind of cache. And you’re never going to get there in a V-neck and elastic waistbands.

Granted, it’s not my most hated outfit ever. But it makes the Mount Rushmore of Sucky Boston Uniforms.

My list:

4. Late-’70s Red Sox PJs

3. Current Celtics alternates — They look like cheap T-shirt/shorts combo your aunt would buy you at the Ocean State Job Lot for $12.99 because she knows “you like basketball.”

2. Patriots jerseys from 1993 — In an effort to distance themselves from the bad old Pats teams, in Year 1 of the Bill Parcells/Drew Bledsoe era they completely changed their look. And the first attempt was a dismal failure as the red numbers on the blue shirt were indistinguishable to anyone sitting further away than the guys on the chain gang.

1. The Bruins’ third jersey from 1996-2006 — Most teams that went with hideous alternates ditched theirs long before, but the Bs held onto Winnie the Pooh for a very ugly decade.

My only hope is that on the fourth anniversary of the other teams listed, they spare us from having a throwback night.




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Jerry Thornton

With his new book, “Pedro,” which was released on Monday, former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez offers untold stories of his career in baseball. One of those stories came from his time with the Mets.

Martinez wrote in his book that Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon forced him to pitch through an injury in the 2005 season, specifically a toe injury that plagued him in late September when the team had no hopes of making the playoffs.

The New York Times published the excerpt, which said that Mets manager Willie Randolph told Martinez that he was done for the season but Wilpon wanted to sell tickets for a matchup against star Marlins left-hander Dontrelle Willis. Martinez said he protested the order and offered to give back the rest of his contract.

The newly minted 2015 Hall of Famer wrote that Wilpon said, “While I’m the boss here, you’re going to have to do what I say.”

The game, which Martinez pitched and lost, prolonged the toe problem, Martinez claims, and other parts of his body broke down the next season, and Martinez was inactive for the Mets’ run to Game 7 of the 2006 National League Championship Series.

“I couldn’t help but think about how when I was healthy in 2005, our team wasn’t that good,” Martinez wrote. “But as my health declined, I was urged to pitch a meaningless game at the end of 2005 that wound up shortening my recovery time for 2006 and led me to a hospital where doctors performed a three-hour arthroscopic procedure to repair my shoulder.”

Wilpon responded to the excerpt via a statement published by the Times, refuting Martinez’s story.

“Pedro was always a great competitor and deserving of being in the Hall of Fame,” the statement read. “This particular excerpt in the book is false as those kinds of decisions have always been put in the hands of our baseball people.”

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Judy Cohen




SB NationTiger Woods conceded Tuesday that he has not slept much heading into Thursday’s start of The Players Championship — mostly since this week is the anniversary of his father’s death and because of his recent split from Lindsey Vonn.

“It obviously does affect me. It is tough, no doubt, I’m not going to lie about that, it is tough,” Woods said during a press conference at TPC Sawgrass about off-course issues having a impact on him inside the ropes. “And on top of that, this time of year is really, really hard on me. This three-day window is really hard.

“I haven’€™t slept,” said Woods. “These three days, May 3rd through the 5th, today, is brutal on me. And with obviously what happened on Sunday it just adds to it.”

Look, if Tiger Woods loses sleep around the anniversary of his father’s death every year, who am I to judge? People grieve in different ways, I guess. Granted, it was nine years ago. And Earl Woods was 74 years old. Which isn’t old, per se. (I’ve noticed that the age at which I think someone lived to a ripe old age gets moved back with every passing year. When I was a kid I used to hear about someone in their 50s dying and think, “Well, he had a good run.” Now someone kicks in their 90s and I get all distraught and say things like “The poor thing was in the prime of her life!” But I digress.) But it’s not like burying a child or something. Both my parents have passed and I accept it as a “circle of life” kind of thing, and when their anniversary rolls around I feel bad but get the shut-eye I need. But if Tiger chooses to stay up all night mourning his loss instead, he’s welcome to.

But staying up all night because Lindsey Vonn dumped him? That’s where I draw the line. That I will judge.

Man up, Tiger. Is Vonn hot? Do you have the right to be sorry she took you to “Splitsville, Poplulation: You” and left you there? Absolutely. But you don’t have the right to carry on like this. You lost that right when you became Tiger Damned Woods. You’re not some zit-faced, brokenhearted high school kid, lying in his room listening to Goyte on constant repeat. You’re the first billionaire athlete. The seducer of beautiful women. The man other men feared. Who stalked the grounds of the PGA Tour like … well, like a Tiger.

You’re an Alpha Male. You don’t stare at the walls all night all lovelorn. You go out and find some cheap tart and have crazy, dirty and probably psychologically damaging sex with her like you did back in your married days. Heck, find someone who looks like Lindsey and exorcise a few demons that way. But moping around talking about how upset you are is not the look of a champion. You owe it to men everywhere to snap out of this.


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Ex-Patriots and Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham is going to court to face 'revenge porn' charges. (Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

Ex-Patriots and Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham is going to court to face “revenge porn” charges. (Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images)

New JerseyFormer New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to face charges in a case of alleged revenge porn, nude or sexually explicit photos shared online without the subject’s consent.

Prosecutors said Cunningham sent naked pictures of a woman to the victim’s family and friends as payback after a “domestic incident.” It happened in Summit, N.J., in 2014.

Cunningham’s attorney says his client is innocent, and the name of the woman involved in Cunningham’s case has been kept confidential. …

New Jersey was the first state in the country to enact a “revenge porn” law 10 years ago and New York did so last summer, but many states are still debating the issue.

I don’t want to get into a Patriots vs. Jets debate here. I mean, far be it for me to bring up the fact that Jermaine Cunningham’s career stat line looks like this:

  • New York — Seasons: 2. Incidents of revenge porn: 0
  • New England — Seasons: 3. Incidents of revenge porn: 0

But I won’t because that’s not the real issue here. The important takeaway from this is that revenge porn is wrong. Not just for the victims, but for all of society. When women sext you naked photos of themselves, it’s a sacred trust. A social contract that says you’re going to keep the pictures to yourself. And possibly show them to your buddies to impress them. But once you start disseminating them, posting them on revenge porn sites or sending them to her family and friends, you’ve broken that bond of fellowship. And we all suffer because in the future fewer women will be willing to sext naked photos of themselves to others. And for that, I hope Cunningham suffers to the full extent of the law.

And while we’re on the topic, how good a year did the Patriots have in the 2010 with guys from the U. of Florida? Bill Belichick took three guys who played for the Gators, presumably with assurances from his good pal Urban Meyer that they were Patriots kinds of players. Here are the results:

  • Second round, 53rd overall — Cunningham: Released after three seasons and 43 tackles. Facing criminal charges in a revenge porn case.
  • Second round, 62nd overall — Brandon Spikes: Before he played a game for the Pats a sex video he made at Florida surfaced. In his final season with the team he complained about being put on IR and skipped a workout because of three inches of snow in his driveway. After five years in the league he’s currently unsigned.
  • Fourth round, 113th overall — Aaron Hernandez: Convicted murderer now facing another trial in a double homicide.

I’m in no position to tell His Hoodedness whom he should and should not associate with, but we’ve all had those friends who are a bad influence and just keep getting you in trouble. From here on out, it might be wise for him to just let Meyer’s calls go right to voicemail.


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Curt Schilling joined the show to give his thoughts on the Sox.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys discussed the Sox honoring the 1975 team.
the guys discussed the troubled lineman.

The Red Sox starting 5 has been awful so far. The Patriots have limited proven players in their secondary for the upcoming season. When their respective seasons are over, who do you think will have had a better season?


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