We check in with Peter King of SI and the MMQB and get his breakdown of Brady-Manning 16.
We check in with Peter King of SI and the MMQB and get his breakdown of Brady-Manning 16.
We tackle four of the biggest one-on-one rivalries in Boston sports history.
We tackle four of the biggest one-on-one rivalries in Boston sports history.
Christian visits a psychic. Everybody is dressing up like the characters in "Frozen." Tim is hoping to avoid giving out candy.
Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, previewed the Celtics upcoming season. The open the season tomorrow night with seemingly ZERO inside presence. Jackie and Lou also spoke at length about Jackie's column on Friday about former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's battle with cancer. Jackie turned into the interviewer and posed a few hard questions to Lou.

[0:00:06] ... joins us on Tuesdays and Jack we differ on talk about your Curt Schilling piece which is very good but I want to start off by. Having you maybe follow up in the conversation we were ...
[0:02:17] ... him a bass what would you had a phenomenal article. About a Curt Schilling. That was and espn.com. And the things that he went through very it is it's remarkable and I'm trying to. When you're ...
[0:04:09] ... son Andy's in that scary because. You look at any I gather Curt Schilling Tony Gwynn and you go through it and it is not. Easy you know and it's it's it's a challenge. I know I don't exactly saying he's absolutely right none of that is made up that is not just curt Schilling's case this is an issue for most people that that are addicted to this. So let me ask you like him a ...
[0:05:05] ... Doug Ramona Dixon take tobacco out. Indeed it all these players like Curt Schilling who do shows up on dates as you can't do anymore disappearance we will not that easy guys. I can't just thank ...

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

— Fauria was doing the show from New York City and decided to go visit a psychic Monday night. It didn’t go as well as he wanted.

“I go to the psychic’s little office, which is basically her house and there is just a curtain divider and someone is cooking dinner in the back,” Fauria said. “There is a kid yelling in this one room, ‘I want my teddy bear.’ You know, it was crazy. I roll up in there and she’s like go and sit down and of course I whip out my [microphone]. She freaks out. She freaks out. It’s a big [microphone] too. … The funny thing was like I’m going to use this for the radio and try and have some fun and of course she wanted nothing to do with it.”

He said it may have been because he was using his “Chicago, Lou [Merloni]” voice.

“It’s cool like on the phone, but when you do it in person don’t you think you look a little funny and probably not very trustworthy?” Merloni asked.

— Merloni brought up how the Bruins on Monday went to Children’s Hospital dressed as characters from the Disney movie ‘Frozen.’

The hosts then got talking about Halloween Friday night.

“Now Tim, will you be handing out candy at your one-bedroom studio apartment?” Fauria asked.

“No, because what is going to happen is we are going to go to the main door, which is upstairs and I am safely tucked away in the back,” Benz replied. “We don’t see a lot of kids having the inspiration to go out back and see if there is a door to downstairs. So, I think I am good and I don’t have to give out candy.”

— Actor Taylor Kitsch from the show ‘Friday Night Lights’ has been added to the cast of ‘True Detective.’

“I was going to ask because I don’t watch Friday Night Lights, if this was a good addition to the cast or not and I guess you guys aren’t familiar with Friday Night Light either, you don’t watch that show?” Benz asked.

“No, not the show. I’ve seen the movie,” Merloni replied.

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Rodney Harrison, NBC Sports, spoke about how dangerous a healthy Rob Gronkowki is, and how stupid defensive coordinators are, when they continue to try and cover his with ONE guy. Rodney agrees with former teammate Tedy Bruschi, in that he does NOT think Vincent Jackson is a necessary addition.
After a bizarre press conference yesterday, John Idzik was taken to the woodshed by WFAN's Mike Francesa.
NFL Network's, Ian Rapaport, said the Patriots are one of a few teams inquiring about Tampa Bay WR Vincent Jackson. Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi doesn't think it's a great fit. The show takes a look at Bruschi's comments and some of the salary cap ramifications that such a move would make.