Jerod Mayo joins MFB to talk about the Pats preparation this week for the Vikings.
Three For All: Official Cocktail of each state, Microsoft pays a huge sum for commentators to call their tablets iPads, and a team has to issue a twitter apology.

[0:02:54] ... Massachusetts would you guys think most popular Drake in -- but like Sam Adams -- right you think has to be but like Crown Royal. Yeah you would think could be sort of atmosphere. In my ...
[0:05:10] ... listen you guys telecast. -- -- Firefox John let's -- it would Drew Brees quote. He was not watching movies on its iPad yellow tablet that they've been using Trent Dilfer. Did it there Arizona Cardinals the coast looks like he's using. -- everybody uses I had a scope of those pictures all those tablets -- watching. All ...

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– The Penguins social media department apologized Thursday for using the “blow up” in a tweet on the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The controversy began when a tweeter from Washington, D.C., tweeted at the Penguins: Who cares about the Pens?

The Penguins responded by suggesting to their 547,000 Twitter followers that they “blow up” the individual’s account with mass tweeting to show how many people do care. That led to an apology for the poor choice of words.

“I mean, really?” Fauria lamented. “Isn’t that kind of just obvious that it’s not what you meant? There’s certain words that you can’t use on certain days now?”

“Said Benz: “When people demand that others apologize, at times don’t they have to apologize for something they meant to do. Am I apologizing for something I didn’t mean to do, and did you really take offense or are you just trying to take offense?”

– A recent study based on Google searches from 2004-14 determined the most popular cocktail in each state. The No. 1 drink in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is the martini. For the rest of the New England states it’s a cosmopolitan.

“Some of the drinks in certain states seem to fit,” Fauria said, although the hosts questioned the New England choices.

– NFL coaches have been using Microsoft Surface tablets on the sidelines this year, but many people are misidentifying them.

Said Merloni: “Everybody in football is calling them iPads, and Microsoft spent [$]400 million for them to call them Microsoft Surface tablets. ‘€¦ Apple’s sitting there saying, ‘This is awesome, we didn’t spend a penny.’ ”

Fauria acknowledged misidentifying the tablets when he served as an analyst for Patriots preseason games.

“We were doing it, too, we’re like, ‘Oh, there’s the iPad,’ ” Fauria recalled. “[The producers] go in our ear and be like, ‘Oh, crud, you guys, it’s the Microsoft Surface.’ Trent Green did it the other day during the Patriots game.”

Reminded by Merloni that Microsoft spent $400 million for the placement, Fauria said: “That’s why Roger Goodell is not getting fired. Another reason why he’s not getting fired.”

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Adam Schefter joins the program to talk about the future of Roger Goodell and the NFL's new drug testing policy.

[0:01:16] ... or going away so that will be different but a case like Wes Welker think will be allowed to play now it's Friday. On the game plan -- to measure your play this week but maybe ...
[0:11:18] ... -- Christian I feel that. In time ten year anniversary of the Super Bowl team. Around 78 years from now. At some point Ray Rice is going to be brought back into Baltimore and honored by the team part of the Super Bowl memory may be retire his Jersey. However talk a little race statue next big Ray Lewis statue but something along those lines Lou feels that will not happen Christian ire of a different opinion where do you -- ...
[0:13:08] ... okay -- they were talking ten years down the line gluten mean Michael Vick. Is playing in the NFL he went to prison he still forgiven he still honor to meet people -- K with him ...
[0:13:43] ... go away. Nevertheless the matter you know you can inspect one -- Michael Vick I don't think so hey let's protect your memories in my is certain things you see. That never go -- to protect ...

The Orioles are a near-lock to win the American League East, but they’ll start the playoffs without slugger Chris Davis, who was suspended 25 games by the league for using amphetamines.

MLB announced the suspension Friday morning, saying Davis was suspended without pay “after testing positive for an amphetamine in violation of Major League Baseball‘s joint drug prevention and treatment program.”

Davis, who is batting just .196 but has 26 home runs and 72 RBIs, released a statement through the players association.

“I apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Orioles organization and especially the fans,” he said. “I made a mistake by taking Adderall. I had permission to use it in the past, but do not have a therapeutic use exemption this year. I accept my punishment and will begin serving my suspension immediately.”

The Orioles have 17 regular-season games remaining, so he would have to sit the first eight games of the postseason.

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Jerry Spar
Kevin Millar checks in to talk about the Red Sox offseason, Dustin Pedroia's injury, and Giancarlo Stanton

[0:05:29] ... the obvious. Position that I think everybody is looking -- we're here James Shields and where would you -- they would spend their money on as far as pitching goes. I think they're gonna have to ...
[0:06:44] ... ever heard of an unsuccessful one but. There and successful surgery for Dustin Pedroia. On his on his wrist so. What's where we that would that with PD that's not I know what he brings the team defensively and know what he's all about and I refute reports of people -- they should trade him and everything but how concerned are you moving forward. A lot of hands a lot of wrist injuries to Dustin Pedroia. Yeah you know what that that all of this Eric Burke you know we appropriate and what situation what am -- -- and come back -- -- Lou. But I can you hear anybody I'll. Try out here so Mike talk about trade debt or. I would ultimately get to 35 Paul London looks -- life. And wanting. We appreciate the way Dustin Pedroia plate became a baseball he's crushing you make people around him better. He's got that little bit of an actor that describe. ...
[0:08:35] ... very next guy comes in to finish the at bat and -- Reed Johnson next at -- rather -- -- he hits him to in the benches -- Was that the right response from the Marlins ...

A number of Ravens fans wore Ray Rice jerseys to the Steelers-Ravens game last night and Bill Polian quickly changes his story.

[0:04:45] ... Bowl Ray Rice he'll -- out last year's than anybody else seem Ray Lewis now maybe even more so than Ray Lewis. The only way Ray Lewis gets cheered louder is of Ray Rice is welcome back before into Baltimore and I bet you that can happen to. I ...
[0:06:14] ... against your ability to see you think it will owner of the Baltimore Ravens. And -- clearly that's out there and boy in the street did you see them falling all over themselves to defend this ...
[0:08:00] ... military organization will never -- this is number tournament starts you know Ray Lewis on front of the street Louis -- football Ray Lewis came back for what how many years ten years -- -- football -- audience Ray Lewis. Was found guilty we all local public opinion can do whatever you want. You want a couple of super balls or lose our way Ray Rice won one so it's okay but here's how it happened so but -- -- batteries after we get the -- -- Ray Rice won one for the bulk carrier gets acknowledged okay that he does it. It's completely different -- what do you have Ray Lewis got a bit harder and you'll you'll be out there. Your Ray Rice. You joined some. Some group some woman's group against ...
[0:10:14] ... old guys like that. And they put to advance the vote. So. Ty Law as -- hall because the fans voted him in. I -- It's a bucket compared to what the fact is that. You might not have any power over so they put him on that list say there's five guys on that list this it was it was -- allows Bill Parcells. For generals and analysts at the time but it picked Ty Law so. The fans haven't overwhelming majority of the -- then he's getting in -- into the future but just got to your ...

Christian gives his three keys to Pats-Vikings. GET MEAN!

[0:01:35] ... always trying to stop their best player for Bill Belichick and the Minnesota Vikings best player he's on offense is Adrian Peterson. They're second best player it's really -- one and one day it's. We've been lately is coral status of the wide receiver kind of person -- if they could stop those two guys. And they're really -- need to sack up really convinced themselves. That they could do this because. Watching film of Minnesota Vikings on the ball and they are pulling their guards they're pulling their tackles. That too wide to I didn't out there and ...
[0:05:24] ... that nothing to do -- ski. This has to do with what Rodney Harrison said. The other day about that all these and I want to pay 2 o'clock and get a safety that was a ...
[0:05:58] ... going to be on offense on defense. And he goes with what Tedy Bruschi said last week. I think the more valuable part Logan was bats if somebody came and hit -- overcame -- who was ...

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joined the show to discuss the leagues handling of the Ray Rice situation.
Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy

During a week in which former Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL indefinitely for punching his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City elevator in February, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy returned to practice Thursday, a day after he met with his lawyer about an offseason domestic issue.

In May, Hardy was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The Pro Bowler was convicted on two domestic violence charges in mid-July but immediately appealed the decision. When he was arrested, the police officer filling out the report noted that Hardy grabbed and threw the woman around.

Two months before the domestic violence incident, Hardy signed a one-year franchise tag deal for $13.1 million.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera only talked about Hardy’s practice performance, and would not comment on his legal problems.

“I couldn’t tell you that,” Rivera said of the potential pressure Hardy is facing. “The only thing I can tell is he practiced very well.”

Carolina expects Hardy to play in the team’s home opener Sunday against the Lions. Neither the league nor the Panthers have suspended Hardy, and a decision most likely will not be made until the legal process comes to an end.

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