Mut and Merloni discuss the Red Sox offer to Jon Lester and how it is not even close to what Lester could make in the open market.

[0:00:33] ... all the chance. -- that last week here WEEI talking about the Jon Lester contract negotiations. And to me the news of those negotiations -- more shocking thing I saw the Red Sox over the weekend mark Lou 937 WE the other those stories. The year ago and I can't be right that that that just can't be right and when -- that ball Ken Rosenthal fox sports. Reporter over the weekend that Jon Lester turned down a four year deal worth 7080 million dollars. Adding quite how that -- that -- four years and eighty two pieces starting point. It was rob Bradford report at WEEI dot com. That said it was actually four years in just over seventy million dollars but what seventeen million dollars a year. That Jon Lester turned out for the Boston Red Sox weren't. -- your gut reaction on my was that -- just cannot be right if they're serious about. Extending Jon Lester and nobody's been more peace about not overpaying Jon Lester that I. So that's my reaction. I can't imagine what Levinson and -- reaction was if that's the case for years and ...
[0:03:15] ... trying to given for. So what I -- four year deal with Jon Lester I've got to believe. I've always believed that at the average annual for him is is -- at 20/20 two range. I ...
[0:07:18] ... got Ortiz. And Lester and Lackey and Ellsbury you can bring in David Ross and Johnny Gomes and seeing Victor Reno. You can do that. Okay you gotta be careful. If we don't wanna spend anything on the good players. You kind of have a -- to crap. You gotta have a bunch of role players have a bunch of minor leaguers that are gonna come in their first and second years have become all stars. That he can't do it that way it's gotta be a combination of both. You can't squeeze a guy like Jon Lester for years seven need to see you walk Ellsbury you walk. Then this guy goes -- -- just have a evident field that it would rock called Jonathan a rare reason Brian Roberts -- fiscal grind this thing out. With standard Bogart's it short the budget Daniel -- is in Jonny Gomes is in my car running around the -- field. All you can't know it. Last off season -- win the World Series ...
[0:09:36] ... thirty more starts. You gotta make attempting. Right this. This is attempting. Jon Lester could blow out and have Tommy John and probably get this. Seriously. I mean he could probably blowout. Income in the spring ...

Friend of the show, Brad Faxon, checks in to examine all the Masters action and to evaluate Bubba Watson's performance.
Dave McGillivray talks with John, Gerry and Kirk about the preparations for the 2014 Boston Marathon.
Dino, Gerry and Kirk discuss a frustrating weekend for the local nine in the Bronx. The Red Sox were on the wrong end of replay challenges on two pivotal occasions.
Dennis and Callahan look ahead to a week from today when the 2014 Marathon will take place.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

NBA: Celtics at 76ers, 7 p.m. (CSNNE)
NBA: Spurs at Rockets, 8 p.m. (NBATV)
NBA: Timberwolves at Warriors, 10:30 p.m. (NBATV)
MLB: Braves at Phillies, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
MLB: Athletics at Angels, 10 p.m. (ESPN)


Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith

– Troubled 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport after being uncooperative with security and telling a TSA agent he had a bomb. He was released after posting $20,000 bail.

Smith, who took a leave of absence from the team last season to undergo treatment for substance abuse, was randomly selected for a second security screening when he allegedly became confrontational.

“The suspect then became belligerent and uncooperative with the process and with the TSA agent, making a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb before proceeding toward the gate area,” police Sgt. Karla Ortiz said in a statement.

At the gate, Smith again became confrontational and was taken into custody.

“We are disappointed to learn of the incident today involving Aldon Smith,” 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said in a statement. “As this is a pending legal matter and we are still gathering the pertinent facts, we will have no further comment.”

Smith was arrested on Sept. 20 for DUI and marijuana possession. He also faces three felony counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon after a party at his house turned violent in June 2012, five months after another DUI arrest.

– The Knicks might have the inside track to sign free agent forward Carmelo Anthony, but the player’s comments over the weekend are raising questions about his desire to return to New York.

Anthony reportedly asked Bulls players what it’s like to play for coach Tom Thibodeau, and on Friday he was complimentary of the former Celtics assistant.

“Thibs is a great coach,” Anthony said (via the New York Post). “His system kind of reminds me of [Spurs coach] Gregg Popovich‘€™s system. You put anybody in that system and it’€™s going to work. And that’€™s what they’€™ve been doing. They had guys who have been sitting out all season long, guys [have] been in and out the lineup, and they seem to get it done.”

The Knicks closed out the season by beating Thibodeau’s Bulls on Sunday, but missing the playoffs does not sit well with the veteran.

“It’s hard for me to accept,” he said. “It’s hard to kind of be happy in these times. It’s just a hard situation for me right now.”

– Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adrienne Haslet-Davis expressed her disappointment with NBC’s “Meet the Press” after the show allegedly broke a promise to her and said the names of the bombing suspects during her appearance, causing her to walk off the set in tears.

Following Friday’s taping of the show that aired Sunday, Haslet-Davis, a ballroom dancer who lost part of her left leg in the attacks, went on social media to express her dismay and disappointment.

“Your decision to back out on that promise you made and the horrific way you brought that decision to my attention just minutes prior to taping was not only a cowardice move but a dishonorable one as well,” she wrote on her website. “To say that I am hurt is an understatement, for you not only disrespected me, you disrespected the survivors of the bombing and the victims memories by blatantly disregarding this request and putting the value of a terrorist’s name, who put a city in turmoil and caused irrevocable damage physically and emotionally to people of this city, over Boston’s integrity, fortitude, and my personal well being.”

Host Brian Gregory tweeted an apology, but the official show response was less sympathetic.

“Adrianne Haslet-Davis is an inspiring survivor with an important story to share,” an NBC News spokesman said in a statement. “She was due to take part in a roundtable discussion for ‘Meet the Press’ with three other participants. She requested that the alleged bombers’€™ names not be used in the entire program, but given the nature of the discussion we couldn’€™t make that guarantee. We regret any distress caused by this miscommunication.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On April 14, 1967, in his major league debut, Red Sox left-hander Billy Rohr took a no-hitter into the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium. Which Yankee broke it up with a two-out single?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “On the heels of yesterday, it’€™s hard to have any faith in the system, to be honest with you.” – Red Sox manager John Farrell, on MLB’s new instant replay system, after having calls go against him two days in a row in the weekend series vs. the Yankees

STAT OF THE DAY: 8 – Regulars rested by the Bruins for Sunday’s regular-season finale, a 3-2 loss to the Devils

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): “Saturday Night Live” pokes fun at David Ortiz for the presidential selfie controversy.

Thunder guard Russell Westbrook blocks a Pacers shot after the whistle (Kevin Garnett style) only to fall on his rear end in the process.

From the Professional Indoor Football League, Georgia Fire wide receiver Johnny Lester goes over the wall to haul in a touchdown pass.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Elston Howard, who would be traded to Boston later in the season

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Loretta Lynn was born on this day in 1932.

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Jerry Spar
All the stories of the day brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today's top story: A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor leaves Meet the Press.
Friend of the show, Brad Faxon, checks in to examine all the Masters action and to evaluate Bubba Watson's performance.

[0:00:12] ... to watch film. Bush was here but on me at this critical. Bubba Watson to green jackets joining us on the AT&T -- live from Augusta National -- -- is about to make his way our pal Brad -- morning facts. Oregon mourn Jerry I facts hey you've got twelve hours to think about what you saw and analyze what you just saw. Simple question what was the more impressive performance Bubba Watson. -- -- -- That's a great question you know it it came down to. I'm match play like a it it does ...
[0:03:15] ... -- -- Brad minute hand is on the record of service and Bubba Watson is a total phony he thinks he's -- -- a lot of guidelines are ranked and doing drugs and society says the ...
[0:06:43] ... have a long and major filled career. Why might he be more Nick Watney Dustin Johnson actually Keegan Bradley he's won a major. As opposed to a guy who's gonna win multiple majors. Well I think ...
[0:08:19] ... better you're worse round of the week or what would you determinant Bubba Watson really didn't play that that -- In the third round and and and he kept himself senate you know we had to ...

Dave McGillivray talks with John, Gerry and Kirk about the preparations for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

[0:00:08] ... athlete but in this particular. Existence gives the race director -- the Boston Marathon -- by the way has helped organize more than 900. Races since founding the MSC. In 1981 while raising millions for worthy ...
[0:01:51] ... impossible along a 26 mile -- it's not like you know a baseball game. Dave but -- what is different but this year it just the number of cops and number security people. I mean again everything. You know certainly be the lead here. Level security at another convention -- -- you know we haven't experienced in the past but. You know we've been working in collaboration without ...
[0:06:23] ... attending but is gonna be life now a year in Europe from security perspective at this marathon and is this what you have to deal with here. -- -- -- You know a stop to say. ...