Shannon Sharpe was on First Take yesterday comparing Brady's alleged deflating of footballs, to Alex Rodriguez' admitted use of steroids.

[0:00:06] ... And you're known sorry it's not Randy Moss it is it not Troy Brown thumb mediator. They knew it isn't New Orleans sent a second year that Joseph for real hope Miller efforts that would be ...
[0:01:04] ... got one game left I don't know it listen they just got Reggie Wayne now bring in over dealer Saunders I was going to be a practice squad got to do it released Josh Boyce. And ...
[0:03:10] ... maybe a little different take on first. Do you believe still that Tom Brady cheated and lied about it. Absolutely absolutely absolutely but if you listen to court judge Berman. He failed with Tom Brady Melbourne were better. In the second how would regulate this apple ball on that argument whom they Iran's number the better this ...
[0:06:03] ... gave. If he was able to that he would not vote for Tom Brady's go to the hall and that was what. The show was supposed to be about most looked woefully about what the ludicrous statements. He Oprah so you have a he did answer the question he cannot fill it's kind of well here. The sooner you have been quoted many times on the show by the Manning usually sits in that chair because you were on Stephen a's radio show us. You've been quoted as saying you would not want Tom Brady in the hall of fame that you occupy you still there. No I think he deserves to be an all I need ...

Lou had the call of the game last night. Also, some more foreshadowing about the arrival of Glenn Ordway to the 10-2 time slot. And finally, Lou and Christian anticipate a ruling from Judge Berman.

[0:09:02] ... other for the effort was there really an effort. According fear Rappaport Tom Brady was open to serving a one game suspension preparing to cooperate. We've heard that before you want to admit guilt or except ...
[0:15:35] ... that there was that text if there was a phone call what Tom Brady said. After these referees checked the ball all right drop that be decided twelve and half. You got a case that would ...
[0:16:43] ... flat out just nip this in the but early on just like Troy Vincent said will be done and a couple days the cut to get this. Because if it gets any other team that we said the very first they've it's the jackets Jacksonville Jaguars this is not even an issue. The fact that it Tom Brady. Bill ballot Jack. Robert craft the New England Patriots that's what it's about and more importantly could funnel down to board up ...
[0:19:05] ... you don't arrogance but she's. And let him rest right now electric Troy Vincent members talking about now Juan. You'll all of this money will wasted our had hearings and help this ball LN FL play in the fact that there. A challenging our guard decisions that are going to arbitration and going to district court and all this money that we can be saving helping others. And it's like well he's accused pleaded or what what do you why do it if you didn't see general op deflate gay and and Jerry enemy in Ray Rice you know and and Adrian Peterson and begins grew up maybe. The Jonathan Martin's situation the walls of Paul was bogus the first time around. I mean if ...

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McCann gave us his thoughts on yesterday's proceedings.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your consideration, the unassailable logic of Shannon Sharpe. “If you look at the Wells Report, if you look at commissioner and what he’s wrote, he’s always stated that it’s ‘more probable than not.'”

This is the argumentative corner into which the good people of New England have backed the Deflategate truthers. We blocked their punches of lies, countered with jabs of logic, hit them with combinations of facts and pummeled them with flurries of common sense. Now they’re left with no other option but to rope-a-dope on the turnbuckle of “the NFL doesn’t need proof to persecute Tom Brady” in the hopes we punch ourselves out. And in the case of Shannon Sharpe, I use “dope” literally.

Think about what he’s arguing here. Shannon Sharpe is a former NFL player and a union member. Meaning he would have been subject to the same unfair, unproven and indefensible standard of punishment he’s now supporting. Worse than that, he’s actually celebrating it.

Never mind that it’s unconscionable for a man who owes his pension and health benefits to a union that’s being trampled under the boot heels of a powerful megalomaniac, he’s actually leading the cheers for Goodell. Why? Because while he might hate the commissioner who has wrote (sic) the overreaching punishment of Brady, he hates the Patriots more. The Westboro Baptist Church could come out against Tom Brady and the Shannon Sharpes of the world would form a circle around them get “The Wave” going.

The funny thing about having no principles though, is your own hypocrisy will come back and bite you in the ass every time. Here we have Sharpe in this same segment – while actually praising Brady’s career accomplishments – calling Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor the greatest players of all time. That would be the same Jerry Rice who admitted to cheating by using Stickum on his hands long after it was banned by the league and Lawrence Taylor, who alternately lied about his use of drugs and underage sex workers and blamed them on his alter-ego “L.T.” Yet now he’s claiming the moral high ground over Brady allegedly wanting the footballs to be squishy.

Then again, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Given that Sharpe won two Super Bowls in Denver while the Broncos were cheating the salary cap and another in Baltimore while Ray Lewis was “destroying” his blood-stained suit so it couldn’t be used as evidence in a double murder, the ship sailed on his integrity a long time ago.


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