Peter King's MMQB attacked Kirk for his joke last week on CSNNE. He joined the show today and Kirk returned fire regarding Peter's erroneous reports last year.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB: Blue Jays at Red Sox, 1:35 p.m. (NESN; WEEI-FM)
MLB: Orioles at Yankees, 1:05 p.m. (ESPN)
College football: Ohio State at Virginia Tech, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Soccer: Euro 2016 qualifying, Armenia vs. Denmark, noon (FS1)
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Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft

— Patriots owner Robert Kraft was not in court for Tom Brady‘s Deflategate hearing that ended with the quarterback having his NFL suspension overturned last week, but he got his chance to talk to the judge over the weekend.

Kraft was at the Hamptons on Long Island for a Labor Day weekend party hosted by Discovery Communications boss David Zaslav and featuring media industry bigwigs such as Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Harvey Weinstein, Katie Couric, Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, James Dolan, Irving Azoff, Jimmy Buffet, Jack Welch and Giants co-owner Jon Tisch, according to the New York Post.

That’s where Kraft ran into Berman and had a short conversation, confirmed by the Patriots.

Said a team representative to the Post: “It was a chance encounter at a social event with hundreds of guests. There was a brief introduction and an exchange of pleasantries that lasted no more than a couple of minutes.”

New York Post football writer/conspiracy theorist Bart Hubbuch, unsurprisingly, took the news and ran with it, continuing his attempt to imply Berman had reason to be biased toward the Pats.

Hubbuch, who had a tough time defending himself during a recent appearance on Dennis & Callahan, had tweeted earlier Sunday that he was “officially done debating Deflategate,” but that was before he heard about the apparent hard evidence of a conspiracy because Kraft ran into Berman at a party.

Tweeted Hubbuch: We’re supposed to believe this was their first-ever meeting just because a Patriots spokesman says so. Got it.

Hubbuch last week implied there was a connection between Kraft and the judge because one of Berman’s former law-firm colleagues is on Columbia’s Board of Trustees Emeriti with the Pats owner.

Hibachi also tweeted last week: Dear Boston: You have completely lost your f*cking minds about the Tom Brady case. Please rejoin the rest of us on Planet Earth.

— Mets pitcher Matt Harvey tried to end the controversy over his innings limit by writing a piece in The Players Tribune indicating he will pitch in the postseason if the Mets qualify.

Harvey, in his first season back since undergoing Tommy John surgery, has pitched 166 1/3 innings and is expected to start another 3-4 games this month. His agent, Scott Boras, has expressed a strong desire for the team to keep him under 180 innings.

Harvey was vague about his plans Saturday, leading to some criticism from Mets legend Doc Gooden.

Wrote Gooden: can’t believe what I’m hearing i couldn’t imagine me or ron darling agent would even think about taking the ball from us come crunch time i … Would expect Matt being the ace to come out & say he’s pitching if they make the playoffs & moving forward he wants the ball every 5th day.

On Sunday Harvey tried to assuage Mets fans with his first-person piece.

“As an athlete, when your surgeon explains to you the risks of exceeding a certain number of innings, it can be alarming,” Harvey wrote on The Players’ Tribune website. “You listen. I love to play baseball, and I love winning even more. I would not give that up for anything. I also know I want to be able to play and win for a long time. But there has never been a doubt in my mind: I will pitch in the playoffs. I will be healthy, active and ready to go. I am communicating with my agent, my doctor, [general manager] Sandy [Alderson] and the entire Mets organization. I can assure everyone that we’re all on the same page.

“Together, we are coming up with a plan to reach an innings limit during the season. It will be a compromise between the doctors and the Mets organization to get me, and the team, to where we need to be for our postseason run. I understand the risks. I am also fully aware of the opportunity the Mets have this postseason. Winning the division and getting to the playoffs is our goal. Once we are there, I will be there.”

— Two Texas high school football players have been suspended from their team for attacking a referee during Friday night’s game.

Two defensive backs on the John Jay High School team in San Antonio, apparently frustrated after two of their teammates had been ejected from the 15-9 loss to Marble Falls, lined up behind the official before one of the game’s final plays. As the play started, one of the players ran right into the official from behind, knocking him to the ground, and the other player drilled him headfirst.

Northside Independent School District athletic director Stan Laing told local TV station KENS that the players were suspended from the team and from school, pending an investigation.

“It is what it is when you see it on the video,” Laing said. “Obviously, that’s very disturbing and inexcusable. That type of behavior certainly would never be condoned.”

NISD spokesman Pascual Gonzales said there will be a due process hearing Tuesday morning, when administrators will interview the players, coaches and “anyone who has knowledge of whatever was seen.”

“This incident is extremely disturbing, not the sportsmanlike behavior we teach students at Northside ISD,” Gonzales said. “We are cooperating with the UIL [University Interscholastic League] investigation. … The bottom line is, Northside will not tolerate this type of behavior.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): Sept. 7, 1950, marked the major league debut of which Red Sox outfielder who would go on to have a movie made about him?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Everything that’s happened over the past seven months, obviously I have a lot of personal feelings, but I really don’t care to share many of those. I really care to think about what I need to do going forward. We’ve got a lot of guys in this locker room who worked really hard to get to this point, and so have I, and I’m excited to be able to go out there and do it.” — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, addressing the media in Foxboro on Sunday

STAT OF THE DAY: 200 — Career home runs at Fenway Park by David Ortiz, who reached the milestone during Sunday’s victory over the Phillies with his 497th home run

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): With one out and the bases loaded in a tie game, Astros batter Martin Prado has a 12-pitch at-bat that ends with a game-winning sacrifice fly to left field to beat the Mets.

Red Sox center fielder Mookie Betts makes an impressive running catch in Sunday’s win over the Phillies.

Cubs rookie Kris Bryant launches a mammoth home run off the Wrigley Field scoreboard.

Dodgers second baseman Justin Turner makes a terrific diving stop, then throws out a Padres baserunner from his knees.

From a high school football game in South Carolina, Spring Valley run the hook-and-lateral to perfection, and the lateral is especially impressive, as the receiver is being hit in midair as he makes the toss.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Jimmy Piersall, the subject of the 1957 biopic “Fear Strikes Out.”

SOOTHING SOUNDS: Buddy Holly, who died in a plane crash in 1959, was born on this day in 1936.

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Jerry Spar

With a weekend sweep of the Phillies complete, Rob Bradford hosts Red Sox Review from Fenway Park and takes (mostly) calls of optimism from listeners regarding the team's recent play. Also, two biggest points of optimism heading to the future.

Rob Bradford introduces and reacts to Tom Brady's five minute chat with reporters at Gillette Stadium, Brady's first audio interview since his four-game suspension was overturned

[0:00:23] ... down there you go W I dot com video. Right out and Tom Brady's marked as he talked to for the first time. And not only do we have video of Tom Brady docking but because for a radio station we also have audio here's a little treat. He areas Tom Brady talking for the first time doubt in Foxborough. Strap yourself in because it is even match it can always. We bring you ...
[0:02:39] ... the season. I think that on. You know it's it's been very tough situation for everybody and but a lot of stress on everybody's family. And I feel bad that anybody's in the position that. You ...
[0:05:37] ... feels good to be with your. Thanks guys coming. All right that's Tom Brady Donna Foxboro early today docket for the first time since this mess. That is to placate but listen as I said before that's the appetizer that's the potato skins at the mozzarella sticks that's than not shows. That's the partially. Does the real main course of Tom Brady talking is going to be on Dennis Callahan in men and Tuesday morning. His first appearance of what's going to be the season long. String of appearances for Tom Brady. That first appearance that first time we talk where it all started. Why they were in the wells report that's where you ...
[0:06:47] ... we heard about the all the reports about the the fairly situation Tom Brady whether they're true or not but that was a legitimate question and not only with a family by just about the preparation. About you know did you sleep are you little sleep are ...

Villani and Tomase kick off the Sunday Sports Roundtable discussing the streaking Red Sox and how they've been able to achieve this through the young guys, high energy and having fun. They get into the effect of having Hanley Ramirez on the bench and what to do with him going forward. Also, Joe Kelly is on fire!
Villani and Price take a look at the roster overall and specifically discuss the RB position for New England. They talk about how that position has evolved and what the Pats are looking to get out of it. They talk about the offseason overall, what they've added and what they've lost. ESPN's Field Yates joins the program to add to this discussion before the guys close out the show preview what may happen with the roster this week leading up to Game 1 on Thursday night against the Steelers.
The great Field Yates joins the NFL Sunday crew to discuss his feeling on the 2016 season, the final roster cuts for the Pats and other teams and why Jonas Gray finds himself labeled a free agent today. Field gets into Deflategate and the Berman decision as well as preview the upcoming season as Week 1 approaches.

[0:01:22] ... now the fact it's. Jonas gray who got in conjunction with the Reggie Wayne move which. I'm not sure the major surprise because of what Reggie Wayne offers from maple bulk import errors or reason why you are available. In the middle of August 18 to side and look back at the outer orbit for 2000 dollar signing bonus at Butler an affirmation of the idea that you problem's gonna make the roster. I think when you look at that the Reggie Wayne situation we talked a little bit about this off the top. There's some similarities there to the John Lynch situation if if a few years ago where you have a well respected veteran who comes in who just says look I ...
[0:02:21] ... and a my lightly adult forward. A weaker so you know obviously Reggie Wayne was not coveted by a bunch keys before Simon the creature. Willie generate interest now I don't know like falling back on ...
[0:06:00] ... or hybrid quarterback wonders due respect you contributor. Seven or where the Arizona Cardinals. When they dealt with their active quarterback injury issues during the second at the eaten rarely had just been. Who blew by ...
[0:13:53] ... the feds are investigating the cardinals is they were hacking into the Houston Astro is at a yeah ID exec that in in pre brings a book report commute the same time the patriots move the ...

Villani is in for Dickerson to make NFL Sunday the "Chris' Show". The guys discuss the 53-man roster after the final roster cuts and discuss the shocking move to cut Jonas Gray. The guys wonder if there is anything else behind that story. They also get into the fourth and final preseason game last Thursday night against the Giants and the huge TV ratings the game did despite the lack of action. Villani and Price hit on Judge Berman's decision before discussing the various roster moves with WEEI's Mike Petraglia.
Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson get you ready for your fantasy football draft heading into Week 1 of the regular season. They look at a variety of players and their ADP's (Average Draft Position) and how to find value picks at various points of your draft. The boys also discuss how to not get overwhelmed with your first round pick because later rounds can be just as important. Keeper leagues can totally change your strategy at certain points of your draft as well.