Saturday Night Live has found their go-to Rob Gronkowski impersonator — WWE superstar/actor John Cena.

It probably doesn’t hurt that Cena is a Massachusetts native, who played football at Springfield College.

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Danny Talks with Phil Perry
Danny Talks about the Chris Sale trade and Pats game against Ravens
Hour two of Saturday Skate as Ken Laird and Rear Admiral take a more league-wide view of things with the Bruins' 28 games into the season

[0:02:34] ... on the run. But I don't you guys had a guest on Mike commodore for Rachel player who was just trashing Mike Babcock the coach at least. Highly entertaining yap has good stuff. Bomb the view by this lease steam as the down the road ...
[0:03:12] ... a lot of pain before it gets good Toronto and that's a Brendan Shanahan who are where morale doing right now is. The break and everything down in order to build it back up again. It ...

Ken Laird and Rear Admiral talk about the Bruins week that was, featuring five more goals from David Pastrnak, a Thursday clunker, and the Saturday call-up of Danton Heinen with a prospect update from Mark Divver of the Providence Journal.
Mustard and Johnson were joined by Sam Kennedy President of the Boston Red Sox and got his thoughts on the Chris Sale trade. They also talked about the expectations for the Red Sox this year. Mustard and Johnson also previewed the big Monday Night Football match up between the Patriots and Ravens.
In the final two hours Trenni and Tomase cover many different topics in the MLB, including their thoughts about Dombrowski trading away top prospects. They also talk about there favorite Christmas movies.
During the second hour Trenni and Tomase talk with Rob Bradford about the MLB winter meetings and the trades the Red Sox made. Bradford also talks about the biggest rumor from the winter meeting, which is Bobby V becoming the ambassador to Japan.
In the first hour Trenni and Tomase were joined by Dave Dombrowski and John Farrell. Each of them talked about the huge trade for Chris Sale and the other off season trades. Farrell also talks about Pablo Sandoval and how his work is going during the off season.
Tom E. Curran came into a John Harbaugh conference call with verbal fists of fury as Curran took the Ravens HC to task for the semi-dopey things he said the last time the Pats and the Ravens matched up.

[0:00:02] ... night low light years. And now. Time for the okay. The night. Blue light what was the I don't know other sports we know. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That's right. Isolate Diallo late tonight is ...
[0:01:05] ... finding and exploiting people who have the patriots do. In point fourteen divisional playoff game. Well I mean you're right I mean I thought I don't want it and get it at all that the hashed out. As far as that goes I mean you know I I I believe but I believe it I think it's solvent proved to be right back but the point point about that that's been talked about. But it looked. And I bet that that. That's that tactic. You know into to step it not special teams play. And again the competition committee coaches on the competition committee and dean didn't want to look at back then so it gets chanted four years ago sort of I do about that it was a surprise to anybody. So it didn't create an unfair advantage for anybody. Content he kept going. Because he stayed out of it was great. Just when Harbaugh fight given his answer we ...