I wanted to ride into the weekend on this one because it was by far my favorite video of the week. I think this one should be preserved in a time capsule because it perfectly captures the widening cultural divide in 2015. The Diamondbacks announcers trying to reconcile their old-school, baseball purist mentality with these narcissistic millennials with their undisguised frustration is just perfect.

“Do you have to make faces when you take a selfie?”

“That’s the best one of the 300 pictures I’ve taken of myself today!”

“Every single one of them is dialed in. Welcome to parenting, 2015.”

“Here’s my first bite of the churro. Here’s my second bite of the churro.”

Priceless. And sadly more fun than practically the entire Red Sox season. Thanks, girls.


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Jerry Thornton
With the emergence of the young players for the Red Sox this season, they're starting to look like they can be competitive next season. The guys discuss this and talk more about whether Farrell should be the manager next season when he gets healthy.
Leaks have come out over the last few days that John Farrell will return to the Red Sox when he gets healthy, but is this the right decision? Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss whether or not his job should be safe.

[0:00:13] ... the game. They team understands this is the Steelers for years ago Troy Polamalu was fine 101000 dollars for using a cell phone during a game and everybody called his wife say that's okay with a ...
[0:03:41] ... have the cellphone I don't think there was anything devious. Done by Ben Roethlisberger in that game last night. Yeah but what always happens gland like honestly what always happens know there's this and he's a ...
[0:06:59] ... performed he spent money it is expectations. Now look at a guy Bud Black who are like an awful lot to a San Diego but. He was fired during the season because they spent the money ...
[0:08:13] ... team you come across as they holes if you come out with John Farrell. Here's what I don't get about this whole thing if we're to believe. That there was mid August when Dave Dombrowski first ...



FLORHAM PARK, N.J.The New York Jets are not messing around when it comes to trying to make this trip to London as comfortable as humanly possible.

Among the more than 5,000 items the Jets sent to London for their game against the Miami Dolphins were 350 rolls of toilet paper, according to The New York Times.

The franchise that brought us the “Butt Fumble” apparently isn’t chancing anything with the thinner toilet paper across the pond.

“Some may say that’s a little over the top or whatnot, but it didn’t really cost that much, so why not?” Aaron Degerness, Jets senior manager of team operations, said to the Times. “We’re basically trying to replicate everything that we’re doing here over there.”

“Everything that we’re doing here over there”? Did the Jets’ operations guy really suggest that his team goes through 350 rolls of toilet paper a week? Let’s use round numbers and say that between players and coaches the Jets have 70 guys. Divide 350 by that and we’re talking about five rolls per man to last them seven days. Are they kidding us? What’s going on with them? Is there a stomach bug going around or something? Because I spent a year of my life living with three other dudes and I’m not sure we went through five rolls between us. Sometimes I’d leave on a Friday to go do a weekend of comedy knowing there was a half a roll in the house and come back Sunday to find it hadn’t been touched. It’s a guy thing. So how is it the Jets feel they’ll need so much? Are they planning on wrapping gifts with it or something?

And why does an American team feel the need to bring its own? The UK has been one of the most advanced civilizations in the world since the Norman Invasion. Does it not have toilet paper? What do the English use? Copies of the London Times and the liners from fish and chips baskets? If their toilet paper situation is so dire and I’m advising Mr. Kraft, I’d tell him to get his paper empire rolling (no pun intended, but I won’t disown it) and corner the market, posthaste.

I didn’t know who to go with for this game since it’s on a neutral site, but there’s no way I’m not taking Miami now. Any team that can’t function without bringing its own TP is a team that’s beaten before the game is even played. I guarantee you that when the Patriots go on the road Bill Belichick preps them for any toilet paper contingency, from having to deal with that crappy (I meant that pun) single-ply public bathroom kind to finding nothing but an empty cardboard tube. That way the focus stays on the game, and not how soft the Charmin is. This is just further proof that the Jets will always be the Jets.


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Jerry Thornton

Tom Brady might play forever at this rate, which means more titles. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)Random thoughts while waiting for Nov.

It looked like Ben Roethlisberger was on his cell phone during last night's Thursday Night Football game against the Ravens. Should this be a big issue? Do Patriots fans have reason to be upset that the NFL isn't making this a big deal?
After last night's Steelers/Ravens game, it's becoming more and more clear that there isn't a team in the AFC that can keep up with the Patriots. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about the game and how bad NFL kickers have been.
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Bobby calls in from the streets to talk about gang life and gun control.

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