On the brink of the Pats' third preseason game, Christian kicks around some players that we might see suit up tonight in Charlotte.

[0:00:15] ... potential decision from judge Richard Berman is gonna factor in that. What Bill Belichick could do with this quarterback tonight not Christian or who examined Carolina cover in tonight's third patriots pre season game. Against the man does not Christian and they aren't any bang as the Paul Bill Belichick has got to. Roll out this team has the full dress rehearsal what's gonna look like tonight it will own plan and he's not need to hear anything with the big dogs. Bobbie I think you're gonna see I think brace simply get a play history group that. He in the last five years he at least plays the first half in the last played in Dallas. What are the ordered into the Erica way to third quarter. I think you'll see Glock out there. I think you'll see if they're if they're healthy. And they made the trip you're gonna see a play I think you'll see Reggie Wayne I think he'll play. You know blah you wonder about him with two days of practice and you know try to figure out new playbook I think you'll see him out there. I mean and Agile team needs to be something is extravagant for him dispute most small portion of playbook liberal that maybe two minute drill than maybe it's a hurry up offense that they they were up or maybe he runs out there with they. You know with with a wrist band but I think you're recede pretty much everywhere but the Carolina Panthers have already set their code authority said. They're stars are gonna play you know 3035. Wraps. Of the game do you look ...
[0:02:14] ... a receiver up format for all tied and I mean you mentioned Reggie Wayne and he's got a yeah like to think he gets his reps in tonight right. As I tell me this as a tighter as a receiver. Won't you need to get in tonight like like what's the exact work unique dimension a two minute offense on May be red zone offense. It won't be this situation that you'd shady itself going into this game tonight if you are Reggie Wayne sent. OK I need to be put into this situation well what does that's not a. Well I don't know that necessarily ...
[0:03:52] ... god has no spears whatsoever. Do we talk to a guy like Reggie Wayne he'll tell you. All the routes are the same the route combinations for all the same nobody's reinvent the wheel. It's just ...
[0:07:04] ... what's unique situation. But the most important thing is to make sure Tom Brady your quarterback. Is ready for weeklong distill a chance you he can play in week one. That's why I play him into ...

The guys discuss a number of off-topics that are in the news today, including Sir Charles calling out his former agent, a Texas little league coach gives a pre-game talk for the ages & Jay Gruden is becoming sensitive.

[0:01:01] ... now like a dog. All right well that now able to. As. Curt Schilling. If that is anybody else who it's our time for release you know the truth you you know telling us everything that ...
[0:03:49] ... love their. They don't mess with Texas. All I've got at a Washington Redskins are a disaster and I don't. Usually say in the pre season at a team's regular season all of this upcoming season's over. But I'm pretty comfortable to sit at Washington Redskins season is over based on all their pre season has gone but it seems like maybe Knick coach just doesn't even care ...
[0:06:05] ... guy who actually is the GM make it all the moves the New York Mets would do it alone TP. Yes what does OJ appears shoddy rifle we have the blue jays yeah. As well he actually ...
[0:07:29] ... that work off from a Toronto when you live and learn. Limited BJ Ryan remember a couple ones that. If he's adamant three I went three for all extra innings taken more patriots phone call 617. ...

Christian joins the show from Charlotte, as the boys discuss Mike Florio's take on how Chris Mortensen's sources continue to fail him.

[0:04:08] ... Where he was talking about how when he was a for the Super Bowl with the platform that he did the he talked to a lot of people try to try to get the information write ...
[0:15:02] ... Atlantic and the thing is about him the first person in the Tom Brady. What is the body the media it was bill. So he's going back to what his press conference and bases they've bill said talk to secure replicating them but yet he did it. That's what he's they've implicate somebody your basic say OK I did do but he didn't tell bill said. By saying hate talk to record back complexes where you're gonna ask him. I guess you assume that that's about as closest point the finger at Tom as you can get your bill Bill Belichick. All right so we do revenue development here in the deflate vacation has to do it some Mike Florio audio. Will play that in a medic Christian Fauria is in Carolina. On data got a stereo with a boomer Loney. We're continuing to talk about this in the want to ...

Lou and Danny Picard take issue with Chris Mortensen backing his original story on an Arizona radio show and decide that Mort is in fact, a liar.



Bwahaha! Good one, EA Sports! You’re killing it, Madden ’16! “Deflate the offense!” See, it’s so clever because the Patriots “deflated” the footballs! It’s subtle and yet hilarious. Laugh? I nearly did.

While I’d never deign to tell those brilliant satirists over at EA Sports how to write their comedy, I’d nevertheless like to suggest a few other witty digs they could get in on other NFL teams. How about:

  • Baltimore – “Elevate your game. Punch the ball carrier unconscious and cover up the ball.”
  • Indianapolis – “Drive. With lots of prescription painkillers and $29K in cash.”
  • Denver – “Go over the goal line. And the salary cap illegally to win two Super Bowls.”
  • Seattle – “Lead the league. In drug suspensions.”
  • New York Giants – “Blow up the play. And your index finger.”
  • Dallas – “Throw the ball. And your girlfriend down onto a bed covered with loaded assault weapons.”
  • New York Jets – “Make a play. On a star cornerback while he’s under contract to your division rival.”
  • Pittsburgh – “Attack the defense. And an underage drunk girl in the bathroom of a nightclub.”

I could do this all day, but you get the point. My only question is when the NFL’s broadcast partners, its own social media accounts and now its signature, most lucrative, officially licensed video game are constantly harping on the Patriots, can someone explain to me why anyone would still argue Pats fans are wrong to feel like the world is against them?


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Jerry Thornton




As you no doubt know by now, Chris Mortensen went on the “Doug and Wolf” show in Arizona to do what he didn’t have the grapes to come on WEEI and do: Defend his handling of the whole Deflategate mess he started.

And to the surprise of no one in New England, he did so really, really poorly. He hedged, he equivocated, he spun and he backpedaled so fast I want him starting opposite Malcolm Butler at right corner.

Mostly though, he didn’t make any sense, which is fairly common when someone doesn’t have the facts on their side. So as a public service, I’ve translated what Chris Mortensen actually said into plain English using a little language I’ve invented for just this occasion: Mort Code.

Mortensen: “The whole narrative that somebody from the league deliberately leaked false information to me is so much baloney. It’s actually insulting, because I made the inquiry.”

In Mort Code: How dare you suggest someone in the NFL fed me deliberate lies designed to make the Patriots look bad! First I made a phone call. THEN they fed me deliberate lies designed to make the Patriots look bad. Get your facts straight.

Mortensen: “Where I get into trouble is the fact that I tweet the 2 pounds under. We clarified and simply went to ‘significantly underinflated.’ ”

In Mort Code: The numbers I was fed were completely wrong. But the guys who fed them to me and knew they were wrong wanted the tweet to stay up there, so eventually I changed them to an adverb. That way I didn’t have to be accurate and everyone wins. You know, like when you do your taxes and instead of telling the IRS how much you made you just say you “signficantly underreported your actual income.”

Mortensen: “By the way, it was 11 of 12 footballs. … And not only that, we also know the league itself didn’t even get it right when they sent the notification letter to the Patriots and said that one ball was as low as 10 PSI.”

In Mort Code: My report was a complete lie. But Dave Gardi told a complete lie when he emailed the Patriots saying a ball was 10.1 PSI. So the two lies cancel each other out. It’s like that old saying, “11 of 12 wrongs make a right.”

Mortensen: “[I] never implicated Tom Brady. Never had a source implicate Tom Brady in the original report. And also, didn’t even suggest that the balls were tampered with. … The first person who ever implicated Tom Brady — it was a non-media type and it wasn’t me. It was Bill Belichick.”

In Mort Code: Sure, the media immediately pointed fingers at Tom Brady. The league headquarters immediately jumped on Tom Brady. Ted Wells immediately started digging into Tom Brady. And Bill Belichick deferred the question of how Tom Brady likes his footballs to Tom Brady. But I never once the name Tom Brady so you can’t pin that on me. Thank God for 140 characters or less or else I’d look even stupider.

Mortensen: “Two pounds under PSI — listen, if I could have changed the tweet, and I should have changed the tweet, simply to the dialogue I used, which was 11 footballs — that was my focus — not the PSI, 11 footballs were in fact confirmed to be underinflated. And you can argue whether they were significantly underinflated or not. But I stand by that story.”

In Mort Code: I said 11 of 12 footballs were underinflated by 2 PSI. I got the PSI wrong. And when I changed it I got the “significantly” wrong. And in all likelihood I got the “underinflated” wrong. But there were in fact 11 footballs. So my dialogue was right.

Mortensen: “In the meantime, I understand the passion of the fanatical nation that is in New England, and certainly anybody who’€™s going through this.”

In Mort Code: It turns out Patriots fans know how to read and understand how the Internet works. And I guess when you report a bold-faced lie, leave the tweet up there for months and still have the lie sitting on ESPN.com without correcting it so it turns into the major sports scandal of the decade, they get a little cheesed off at you. Who knew?

Mortensen: “I’ve had both Krafts — Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft — call me and apologize for just the way this thing has gone down.”

In Mort Code: I haven’t been honest to this point. Why start now? Like George Costanza said, “Just remember: It’s not a lie if you believe it.”


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Jerry Thornton
Another hour of Mort being wrong.
Callers reacted to another mistake by Mort.
The great Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk joined us on the latest Mort screw up.

[0:04:12] ... that yeah how does he how these footballs get two pounds under. Tom Brady's press conference was horrendous that we it was laughable. Well what's in his mind as he's meeting with the media. Somebody took ...
[0:07:16] ... economic answer that from a pro football talk story back in January. Troy Vincent told pro football talk. That the NFL expected to wrap up its investigation in quote two or three days on quote. That was the plan before the stuff that the fan but my point. In minute I want Mike to respond news. As soon as it got out that Tom Brady was being interviewed or there was an investigation into Tom Brady of footballs is still possibly could've exploded. What it possibly could and I think that it. The investigation would have lasted only ...
[0:08:25] ... at the data can be found that I can handle garrido dementieva Mike Anderson that I is it that way the patriots didn't let them testify or fifth time albeit they -- for crack and now ...
[0:10:20] ... aware when everyone assay I think that's one of the reasons why Tom Brady said you knocked at my phone and I think that's one of the reasons why the patriots eventually said enough. We are ...

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