The up again, down again Red Sox are feeling down again after blowing two very winnable games to end this road trip. We discuss it with you.

[0:00:21] ... that point. He may nobody starting but he's playing the game the Bill Belichick wants him to play which is who knows you know I'm gonna be ready to start just like you always have to ...
[0:05:28] ... to be in the rotation here and and you know you hit Fort Myers next February he's one of your five starting pitchers. But short term you know when they're looking to try to eight get ...
[0:09:18] ... get it from Tampa who bought three day trip yet they're the Boston Red Sox you know they have pretty good resources and I think it. Please. And they're open. In oh it was. 6177797937. Is telephone ...
[0:09:48] ... to review coming up next 6177797937. I know the seven of four road trip frustrated after the last two losses. But going into this thing boarded the eleven games away from home. You've signed on for ...


(NSFW, language)

This Donald Trump rap is gross, over-the-top and incredibly harsh. And equating The Donald to Klansmen and Nazis is patently unfair to the point of being slanderous. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t catchy. Obviously you can’t use the video, but if I was working for the Trump campaign, I’d consider using it at all our rallies. Orange is the new black.

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Jerry Thornton

It’s Britney Spears.

Lifetime announced yesterday they have a two-hour movie about Britney’s life in the works. But Britney is not on board with it.

Her rep released this statement:

“Britney Spears will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the Lifetime biopic, nor does it have her blessing.”

Cool. I love and support Britney forever and ever but I’m still going to watch this. But I understand why she wouldn’t want Lifetime to recreate her life and everything she’s been through. However, it makes for a great TV movie: Child star who lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake then became the biggest pop star in the world, married a childhood friend in Vegas, annulled that 55 hours later, married Kevin Federline, had two sons with him, then divorced him. Then I see the second act of this film climaxing with her EPIC 2007 meltdown when she shaved her head.

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This movie writes itself.

Oh and this girl, Natasha Bassett, is playing Britney:

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Stay tuned.

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Lucy Burdge
Glenn, Lou, and Christian debate the value of playing Tom Brady in the preseason, and they opine about whether or not he should even be on the team plane.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk Benintendi's knee injury, and compare Big Papi's season to other 40 year old players. And the juicing question comes up again...
Glenn, Lou, and Christian debate John Farrell's decision to stay with Porcello into the 8th, and his use of the bullpen.

[0:01:27] ... Do you think Beck beat do you think it Kevin Cash Olympics David Ortiz know. Up one. Not so mean muggles get thirty bombs and point nine I was at thirty ziglar tickets that's out yard. But are to believe. Don't give me Miguel Cabrera Tacoma because yes he did Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball. Just hitter cholera to me you know it's so he made a mistake you have the ball up a little bit. Miguel Cabrera went up oh at Fenway Park. The people don't take ziglar deep. It's very very rare so I think it's a fair ...
[0:02:30] ... home run guys at the plate and you get a reliever down suicide bomber he leave any yard against ziglar. But you know what. Farrell does hurt to me does not use Hitler I agree. He ...

Kirk is already fed up with Curtis and wants Paul back; Glenn Lou, and Christian start a pool on when Curtis will burn out on D & C and quit again.
Kirk Minihane is joined by his long time nemesis Bart Hubbuch. Kirk and Bart discuss the incident between the two that led to Kirk being let go from Comcast and the long standing issue of deflategate. Bart annoyingly wouldn't get of his speaker phone. This is an explosive interview between two guys who admittedly dislike each other.
Kirk Minihane is joined by his long time nemesis Bart Hubbuch. Kirk and Bart discuss the incident between the two that led to Kirk being let go from Comcast and the long standing issue of deflategate. Bart annoyingly wouldn't get of his speaker phone. This is an explosive interview between two guys who admittedly dislike each other.

Wednesday I brought you the story of how the Dallas Cowboys have lifted the Patriots’ trademarked “Do Your Job” and embedded it into the wall of their new, gaudy $1.5 billion, monument to exceess, Taj Ma-Practice Facility.

Within hours, Rob Gronkowski was tweaking the unoriginal, plagiarizing also-ran organization for their intellectual property theft on Twitter. Bless him. “#DoYourJobGate”? I love it. And wish I’d thought of it.

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone beholden to the former Super Bowl champions (22 years ago, but who’s counting?) came back at him. And they did. In the form of the Cowboys bloggers on USA Today’s Cowboys Wire:

Yeah, we’re going to need you to get over yourself, Rob. Without knowing everything there is to know about trademark law, it seems pretty silly to think the Patriots’ trademark would affect anything the Cowboys or any other sports organization would use to motivate themselves. It’s pretty safe to say they aren’t running and printing t-shirts to sell outside of AT&T Stadium. …

Regardless, if it’s war Gronk wants, it’s war Gronk gets. If CowboysNation were to collectively inform Gronkowski he should maybe do his job instead of worrying what’s on the Cowboys wall, then he’ll be all the better for it.

And naturally, they went right to the last refuge of a scoundrel. The classic “Well, instead of worrying about X, you ought to be paying attention to Y” argument. The logical fallacy where, instead of defending your own actions, you accuse the accuser of being obsessed with your sins, without ever addressing the actual sins. It’s the verbal equivalent of Jiu-Jitsu, trying to use someone’s momentum against them. And these CowboysNation pull it off with all the rhetorical skills of a subreddit commenter saying “Why are you wasting your time on Harambe the gorilla when there are humans getting killed in this country???”

Cowboys fans aren’t defending their team for stealing from the Patriots because it’s indefensible. The fact that the most lucrative franchise in all of North American sports doesn’t have anyone on the payroll with the mental capacity to come up with their own catch phrase is an embarrassment. And they know it. It’s just another example of a team that can’t draft like the Patriots, prepare like them, coach like them, manage their payroll and roster like them, and certainly not win like them. So instead, they try to hire old Patriots coaches, overpay to get their former players, and pilfer their slogans in hopes that the winning will rub off magically like some kind of football pixie dust.

The fact that Gronk took 15 seconds out his day to call the Cowboys out for it doesn’t mean he’s not getting ready to win his second ring in two seasons. Or that Dallas is a loser organization doing loser organization things. The team needs to take its own advice and tell their motivational sign maker, “Do your job.”

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Jerry Thornton