Cam Newton has led the Panthers to a 10-0 start. On Sunday he threw 5 TD's to 5 different receivers.

Meet 7-year-old Ethan, who is blowing up the Internet with the way he soldiered on through his rendition of the Australian national anthem despite a bout of hiccups that might have killed a lesser man.

You know, the word “courage” gets used far to often in today’s world. But what Ethan did is the very definition of a profile in courage. No holding his breath and swallowing a bunch of times to get rid of the hiccups. No drinking water from the opposite of the glass. And certainly no dropping the mic and running off the field because he has zero quit in him. He merely manned up, stared those hiccups in the eye and played them like a musical instrument. And in doing so, no doubt inspired his nation like probably no one not named Mad Max ever will.

So, I salute you, kid. You can drink from the other side of my canteen any time.


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Jerry Thornton
The Patriots play the Bills on ESPN tonight for Monday Night Football. The recap some things from Sunday's games, talk about how the Patriots are snubbing ESPN, and preview tonight's game.

[0:03:16] ... have you know some guys that he likes and he respects him Trent Dilfer out there yet Ron Amadon out there. In those boomers and boomers who have Chris Berman. Captured as a bit on the ...
[0:05:45] ... not. All they'll do I don't. Not a good. He would not Trent Dilfer would not go to Atlantic coast trades it. Seen Le Brock lost a lot of the hollowed out and ride and where. ...
[0:20:23] ... finally got to mop he was wobbling he went towards the sideline. Jeff Fisher is looking at him and we know that shelf. Is one of the real proponents of safety yes he'd give it talks about it all the time these players would never do. Physical harm helmet to helmet to try to hurt anybody else on the field and otherwise but on the commission the competition committee you know how many years here's a vocal leaders of these days a hands on coach quarterback and the sideline in the days not sure what's the season. And Jeff Fisher. Sends him back out there even though nick balls is warming up the side arbitrators. Are you know feel way traders nobody ...
[0:23:09] ... you attacking the guys that are hurt. I mean don't try go Mario Williams it that's the strength of the edge you are the smaller got to go to the want the god Jerry Hughes he's 61 they want to. It the last six or seven games a close up over a hundred yards rushing de Oca Williamson know Kyle Williams tonight I think Belichick looks at that says right there. And no stock and about we're Garrett one. Were all talking about ...

On the one hand, I’m glad that David Ortiz‘s fame has reached the level where to he’s “Saturday Night Live” character-worthy. That’s some rarefied air he’s breathing, the 2015 version of what a Sports Illustrated cover was 20 years ago. And good for him. That is reaching the kind of national icon status that even superstars like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout can only dream about.

That said, what the hell is this? This is how you parody a nationally known sports legend entering his last year? Have him rattle off the names of Dominican-sounding foods and talk about eating pigeons? And what does a dating app called Go Outside possibly have to do with Big Papi. Trust me, in no way am I offended. It’s just that I honestly don’t get the joke. If you’re going for satire a guy, satirize. Make fun of Ortiz. Write jokes about his career, the stuff he’s done, the things he’s said. Not just talk in a Carlos Mencia voice and turn up the laugh track.

But anyway, that’s just my opinion and there’s nothing in the world as subjective as comedy. So tell me what you think.

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Jerry Thornton

Where’d Scooby hide my football?!?

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, November 22, 2015


Welcome to Tom Brady’s life. The perfect dog. The perfectly landscaped yard. Even the perfect pile of leaves so perfect they all look they were purchased in the Seasonal Decor aisle at A.C. Moore. Even his off days of doing chores around the yard look like scenes out of a cholesterol medicine ad.

But to all the Brady Bashers and anti-Patriots Deflategate flat-earthers, if you think the whole time he and Scooby were man’s-best-friending each other he wasn’t scripting plays in his head and working out which route combinations will create mismatches he can exploit against the Bills, you’re living in a fantasy land. The pursuit of perfection never takes a moment off.


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Jerry Thornton
ESPN hates the Patriots.

[0:00:24] ... a lot of criticism. In the NFL waiver it's pretty clear that Tom Brady did something Bill Belichick is the Whitey Bulger of the NFL let's adjust to complete with Tom Brady had to say. You you seem pretty emotional as for the steroid bowl. Our competitive advantage issue. With equal. Absolutely sure and they are known felons it's more probable than not that it knew something Tom Brady knew. Absolutely positively not me. That there aren't. We use for going to do anything outside. Of the box. We gain our our lose a lot of respect for you in terms or. US the clear for me it is inconceivable. That's laughable Jim Kelly Holcomb and quarterback was on and I felt like yesterday saying that's laughable. Your comments there weren't his football period we over or under inflated. The other football where and repair the and they like on the lower due by the way to go for all of them regular. So all the scientific leaders have been thrown out of be careful Bob Bryan and do very soldier boy my colleague my friends every reporter our organization is terrific. I crippled craft Robert Baer and garlic ...

Brock outplayed Peyton in a win over the Bears.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:01:03] ... Palm Beach for cool engaged last year. Star studded pre wedding bash Reese Witherspoon chain Needham. Tomography in the post stars were all there fighting it and you know acted now I'll tell you this right ...
[0:03:44] ... before and that from the guys on for it's funny. What the American music awards I didn't you. No I wish I had why I don't do watch I got it just got locked in the football ...
[0:11:19] ... good but not. Not great I don't know she emissions into the John Roberts not a very you know we're ultimately tie with the guys go after each of the yeah we stopped at the olive ...
[0:12:05] ... Dion Lewis for Tom Brady to pour over the heads of the Buffalo Bills. ...

The guys discuss the ESPN hate towards the Pats.

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