Joey Mac spoke about the Bruins' awful road trip and some options for the March 2 trade deadline.

[0:04:33] ... a hail Mary pass and really trying to sign somebody. Maybe like Chris Stewart somebody that they Paula don't wanna pay a lot of money for sign a guy like that really make a difference and ...
[0:08:11] ... a rock should either surely hope that has turned into a perennial Stanley Cup contender. And I think that they bulked up app. They've done on the hot seat in the pat 2000 let him go ...
[0:11:31] ... come back and WEEI. While we are an eye blink away from Christian Fauria testifying at the Aaron Hernandez trial. Coming up next 937 W via. ...

Tom Brady, reportedly, wants to become a serious actor when he's through with football. A Florida man relieves himself on a stack of books in the library. (He was drunk.) MFB sets the parameters for the 1st annual Midday 40 yard dash, which will be held in the hallway.

[0:00:38] ... it is the most recent report says according to Star Magazine. Brady Tom Brady. After his playing injury is over which means you should rejoice because there is lots of Tom Brady. Johnny got some big nose Tammy Lynn and I are gonna have a baby congratulate say wait we Howell that's the thing ...
[0:01:43] ... so now I guess there's serious discussion listed. If you're an actor Tom Brady. Let's say you're a director what role would you put concrete in others he feels he can't play itself. Right you can't plea Tom Brady being Tom Brady be Tom Brady at telemarketer. Reasonably himself and not fraud could be tied to. But if you're casting a movie what role would he fit in he's got to be. Like for instance in a romantic comedy which Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston he would be that guy that has Jennifer Aniston and eventually. Loses her loses her exit that door with glasses correct yes that would be the perfect Tom Brady role I think. There's not a way to mass murder or duke never suspect in the VoIP. But a serial killer what like. Anthony Hopkins is our land is now I don't see employ that I. It's going to be baby steps and he's almost got almost ...
[0:03:15] ... a blazing saddles mechanically Mondale and notes at parole that I think Tom Brady could pull off would be like. Matthew McConaughey and against the Jennifer Jennifer Lopez and I wish I don't know the wedding match or something like that was a movie camera. The wedding planner yet you don't wanna theater in theaters he's got it he though a guy like Tom Brady with all the things that he's done he's got to make fun of themselves. So we've got to play that flat stick ...

Jackie Mac talks about John Henry's ability to improve Fenway Park incrementally, and appease the old-time fans who would be upset with drastic changes. She also dips into the Aaron Hernandez trial.

[0:01:01] ... tell you guys have yeah. So it Jack yet Christian says at Fenway Park smells bad he wants the Red Sox to move that doesn't sound like John Henry is at all that you'd like that's gonna happen though and I don't like you're became all this last time Jack you talked about this and Steve but he wrote his. Column I guess was a week and a half ago suggesting that maybe the Red Sox who capitalized. On a new baseball venue to play and if the Olympics to come to Boston in the stadiums built. I would that you watch the Red Sox to investigators John Henry Wright thinking not for another thirty or fifty years. Well you know I've always admired. John Henry Larry Lucchino and it should guide. They have maximize that space. Haven't Dayton in every year they have a little more they were Smart ...
[0:03:17] ... held talks would that be too much and Olympic based volume of Fenway Park. But the jacket you're right about what you're saying about the fire revenue streams we talked about this before another thing about ...
[0:06:50] ... break yours wanna get your thoughts first two games so far about Isiah Thomas with the Celtics. Well he comes to advertise deadly not afraid to shoot under a great job penetrating. Brought the energy that ...

Christian mulls over the possibility that he could be called into testify during during the Aaron Hernandez murder trial. The guys discuss why the trial isn't garnering a lot of media attention.

[0:00:12] ... to stand. Which may lead to even more key witness. Our own Christian Fauria at. How close are seeing my name out of it to getting you on the stand for the Aaron Hernandez trial something ...
[0:05:55] ... parallel to this case is the 2001 case surrounding the hit the Carolina Panthers wide receiver rake Ruth. Put out on the mother of his unborn son somebody also point out parenthetically that Christian Fauria was in charge of mentoring. And see how that turned out but no I was asked to mentored him off so I estimate to talk to recruit which. Terrible sect case was the writer goes on to say it did not involve the reigning world champions or one of the NFL's signature franchises. Both Kraft and coach Bill Belichick are on the list as possible witnesses for prosecution. I've no doubt the media circus will erupt if either man is called ...
[0:11:26] ... Linda are you Orlando that's right you're on on the road for Disney World. It's a quick call up and are we called in and they give us the play by a player what was going ...
[0:15:16] ... he makes about rolling to start paying attention once Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick in some of the other. Football names get involved I think that's that the nature of the beast. He is again a ...

Tom Brady reportedly wants to go into acting once his football career is over. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Tom Brady reportedly wants to go into acting once his football career is over. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Inside TrackNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is reportedly thinking about the future once he retires from the NFL and has set his sights on conquering Hollywood.

A source told Star magazine: “At 37, Tom knows he only has a few seasons left before retirement. He’s thinking ahead and believes he could become a huge movie star.

“He’s used to being a superstar. After winning the Super Bowl again, he’s thinking about new challenges outside of football.”

However, his beautiful wife, Gisele Bundchen, 34, with whom he has two children, Benjamin, five, and Vivian, two, reportedly doesn’t like the idea of him cozying up to other actresses on set.

Tom has already landed two big film roles and is set to appear in “Ted 2″ and “Entourage” next summer.

This is baloney. Grade A ba-loney. Look, I have no doubt whatsoever that if Tom Brady decided to go into acting full time, he’d absolutely crush it. In the same way he made himself the greatest of all-time in football, by day one on the set he’d make himself the acting GOAT. Daniel Day Lewis’ acting chops mixed with Vince Vaughn’s comedic timing times Bradley Cooper’s versatility to the power of Leonardo DiCaprio’s looks. They’d be handing the Academy Award to him before the broadcast and then on the air announcing, “Annnd the Best Non-Tom Brady Acting Oscar goes to…”

That much is obvious. The man had no problem picking apart the best defense in the NFL during crunch time of the Super Bowl. Why would we think a script where he has to act like Stephen Hawking or whomever would pose a challenge?

I just don’t see why he’d be interested. When you’ve been the quarterback of the best dynasty in sports for 15 years and counting, why would you want to slum as a Hollywood actor. Sure that lifestyle sounds cool, all limos and gala events and getting your ass kissed by Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet. That would be a dream come true for most of us.

But, Tom Brady is not most of us.

Think about what a downgrade that would be for him and Gisele. They’ve been to the mountaintop. A house in Brookline. An apartment on Beacon Street. Working in Foxboro. Living among the salt-of-the-Earth Massholes who appreciate all they’ve done for us. Feeling the love of 70,000 drunken fan boys whipped into a frenzy of emotion every game. What could possibly compete with that?

I say there are only two possibilities for Tom Brady’s post-football life. He either joins the Patriots’ organization in some capacity, or he finally evolves beyond his corporeal body, takes the form of pure energy and becomes and omniscient being. Anything less than those two options would be beneath a man who’s accomplished as much as him.


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Jerry Thornton
Drew Smyly tweets about Yoan Moncada. Are the Bruins out of it? After a horrendous road trip, the guys discuss what kind of moves the team should make at the trade deadline. Should the team prepare for THIS playoff run, or start to position themselves for the future.

[0:07:20] ... Clay Buchholz on at some point before. 1230 Jack McMullen at 1230 Joey MacDonald gonna join us. At 1045 to talk about the Boston Bruins in the injured David crate Jewish by bring that up as well well Lou here in the open before yeah they're running ...
[0:07:57] ... that I still really was adamant yet joy it's time burying the Boston Bruins. You know it's seven goals on the season there in eighth place there any playoff position as of now without David crates ...
[0:11:13] ... you normally wouldn't. If you wore the seventeenth or eighteenth team the National Hockey League that doesn't get into the post seasons will be deeper because the top end talent. So would be the worst thing ever ...
[0:18:11] ... guy is surely has made. A single move for a guy. That Claude Julien didn't think. I didn't work my roster with or without him. You know the lone exception hands doesn't it depend a gimme ...



MMQBA sultry breeze rolls off the Yazoo River, and it looks like Malcolm Butler might drift with it … into a slumber. It’€™s Saturday afternoon, nearly three weeks since his goal-line interception in the waning moments of Super Bowl XLIX, and the Patriots’€™ rookie cornerback is lounging on a red rocking chair on the porch of a 150-year-old bed and breakfast in his hometown.

His is the hero’€™s journey told anew. Before he became an instant star in the Arizona desert, he was a once-cut JUCO player who went from working at Popeyes for $7.25 an hour to an undrafted free agent in the NFL. …

And yet Butler, who made the rookie minimum of $420,000 last season, will find himself fighting for a roster spot in August. That’€™s the cold reality of Bill Belichick‘€™s NFL, even after you find yourself taking a selfie with LL Cool J and getting Jamie Foxx’€™s cell number at the Grammy’€™s. That’€™s why Butler says he’€™s dedicating himself to four pillars: staying humble, being appreciative, remaining focused and continuing to work hard. But today is all about celebrating the past. …

In Vicksburg, Miss., February 21 is Malcolm Butler Day. …

Within the hour, the mayor of Vicksburg began preparing to throw Butler a parade. Twenty days later, the brunch crowd of 150 became nearly 3,000 locals lining the streets. … Vicksburg hosts five parades a year, and each usually features about 50 entries such as floats, bands, and festooned cars. Malcolm Butler Day has 127 entries. …

“€œWow,” Butler says from atop his perch. He wraps his arm around his mother’€™s shoulder. “Can you believe this?”

Speechless, she wipes her cheek.

The best line in this story — and I can’t recommend you read it strongly enough — is the part about Malcolm Butler being on a hero’s journey. His story really is like something out of Joseph Campbell’s epic tome about legends and myths, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

Now I can’t lie to you and pretend I’ve read the book. My reading is more limited to 50-page erotic Rob Gronkowski fan fiction, but I understand it inspired George Lucas to make “Star Wars” and that I am familiar with. And you can see the similarities. Butler is Luke Skywalker — an unknown kid from humble beginnings who goes on an epic quest and when the moment comes, he finds something inside himself to do great things and save the universe. More or less.

And by all accounts, it sounds like all this sudden fame and success couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid. I admit we never truly know pro athletes, and if I’m being perfectly honest I’ll admit that I’d still be perfect happy Butler made that interception if he really was a bigger phoney-baloney, whore-chasing jerkstore than Warren Sapp.

But the fact that he isn’t? That he’s this beloved by people who know him, that his hometown threw him the biggest parade they’ve ever had? And that it made his mom cry? That is two-tissue Patriots porn right there.

Of course we don’t know whether any of this will matter next training camp. A few weeks ago Butler was in a photo finish for the last defensive back roster spot with Daxton Swanson. For all we know they’ll draft another depth guy or sign a free agent and he’ll be gone. But at least nothing will ever take this cool story away from him. In the words of Norman Dale, “You know, most people would kill to be treated like a god … just for a few moments.”

Hopefully Malcolm Butler’s few moments won’t stop any time soon.


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Jerry Thornton
Alex Rodriguez is so hated in New York he can't even show up early without taking heat for it. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez is so hated in New York he can’t even show up early without taking heat for it. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

TAMPAWith two strikes against him and little margin for error, Alex Rodriguez still managed to find a way to irritate the Yankee brass when he arrived at spring training Monday — two days earlier than expected.

Wearing a green University of Miami workout suit, Rodriguez arrived in Tampa Monday morning, which was news to the Yankees, leaving Brian Cashman and the team’€™s media relations staff scrambling for answers.

The Yankees, who had expected him to show up on Wednesday, had no issues with A-Rod arriving on Monday, but team officials were fuming that he hadn’€™t alerted them to his plans.

“He’€™s learned nothing,” said one baseball executive. “He’€™s the same old guy. He just did what he wanted to do.”

This is return of A-Rod is already a huge disappointment.

I’m not talking about for him personally. I don’t have space to list all the ways I don’t care how it is for him. I mean that this is disappointing strictly for Bostonians. I mean, how can we enjoy A-Rod’s comeback when his own team hates him more than we do? When the atmosphere in New York is so toxic for the hamburger helper-gloved one that he can’t even show up to work early without them getting all cheesed off at him, where’s the fun in hating him?

Not that this is going to make him a sympathetic figure by any means, but when we’ve got to get in line behind his own organization and wait our turn to hate him, it does kind of take the bat out of our hands a little bit.

And the reason it’s so disappointing is that more than anything else in this town, we need a villain. For all the spoils of victory we’ve enjoyed these last 15 years, for all the titles, the unforgettable moments, the great players and the pyramid of skulls we’ve made from vanquished opponents, there is a void there.

Call it the law of unintended consequences. All that success has left the people of New England without a bad guy worthy of our true hatred.

A-Rod right now is a shadow of his former despicable self. He’s a relic of an earlier time. Hating him now is like hating Cuba. You know there’s some historical bad blood there and at one time it was a big deal to your parents’ generation, but now it’s just more sad than anything you can get worked up about.

At this point, who do we have left? Peyton Manning? Forget it. The Tom Brady vs. Manning debate has been settled for years. After this last Super Bowl, comparing the two would be like doing a “Tale of the Tape” between an ant and a shoe.

Lebron James? OK, I suppose. He is pretty insufferable. But, he’s in Cleveland now with the Celtics we don’t even know who’ll be on the roster by St. Paddy’s Day, much less next year. I’m afraid having a villain is a luxury reserved for championship contenders only. You don’t worry about the neighborhood bully when you can’t even get out of bed.

I guess the closest thing we have to a pro athlete we can rightly call a villain is P.K. Subban, I guess? But even that doesn’t work because there’s not a man, woman or child among us who wouldn’t carry him onto the Bruins’ roster on that giant throne they used to cart Xerxes around in “300.”

A-Rod was our last, best hope for a real wrestling heel-type of bad guy, and now he’s being vilified by his own people for the sin of coming to work two days early. If you’re a fan of good, quality, old fashioned hatred, this is a sad day indeed.


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Jerry Thornton

By way of full disclosure, I don’t smoke pot. Not out of any moral objection on my part, it’s just not my jam. Personally, I prefer to keep my vices to be brewed, distilled, or in the form of my health plan-approved two cigars per month. But, I don’t judge. I’m about as libertarian on these things as your likely to find.

Besides, there are real people out there with real medical issues and if smoking the occasional blunt or putting a little of the Mary Jane into their Snicker Doodles helps with their treatment, who are we to stand in their way?

That said, the marijuana culture is hilarious, and recreational pot smokers are some of the nicest, most self-deprecating cats out there. (Hey, Mikey Adams.) So there was no way I was going to let an event like the New England Cannibas Convention come to town without getting to know a few of them.

Thanks to all who participated, and to the few who awkwardly said, “Gee … no thanks” to my interview requests? I understand. Peace.


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Jerry Thornton
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:19] ... you by AT and he mobilizing. Your world started yes. With the Academy Awards. From a couple of nights ago a couple of house cleaning up I did not yet have no idea loosens. Professional please ...
[0:05:19] ... now but people. Don't we need you to people's out of the box office numbers were spot you know seven of the eight. Didn't do a lot of bills now I'd like to I don't think ...
[0:08:47] ... anything else rob and yet a careful. I want you terrible this Al Sharpton story. Pretty good ideas. Move it sort of with the proceed with the dollar up shot selection and through her defense. I ...
[0:10:01] ... the 33% 295. How. Is any charges that BT's muddy deputy chairman Richard John Davis. 30000 dollar pay it in unused sick time to run up at that you know Sunday's Carol's got as that seen ...