Mike Florio tells Glenn, Lou, and Christian that he "Would be surprised" if Gronk finishes his career with the Patriots. They also discuss the conflicting initial reports from Gronk's Camp and the Patriots' Camp.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian wonder how the man who shot former NFL RB Joe McKnight can be free of charges and walking around the streets of New Orleans.

[0:01:24] ... busy intersection in traffic in a suburb of new war. Now the TV station down there is reporting that multiple witnesses. Saw a man in an Infiniti sedan. Pulled McKnight from his Audi and shoot of its multiple times after an argument. One witness told a local paper that she saw the victim lying illustrate and heard the shooter yell I told you you don't F with me. That is ...
[0:02:35] ... know files of in charge isn't even possible. It's Louisiana. It's like Will Smith the same is a different situation Will Smith. Or deepened the tackle line of yeah that was different shot that was that was actually manage your ridiculous the matter of color of anyone but you understand right anyway this is going to I would understand black members John White man's that'll with a gunshot and twice a multiple times right. Admitted to kill them get any doesn't it charged that you kitten ...
[0:04:10] ... case died of what dumber reading is a witness told the a local paper she saw the victim lying in the street and heard the shooter yell. I told you not to F with it. Witnesses ...

Patriots DB Duron Harmon joined Glenn, Lou, and Christian, and he discussed the team needing to come together after losing Gronk, and the turnovers in the Jets game can propel them to create more turnovers.

[0:00:19] ... saying you guys see what he does those sons believe she's the port city of all throughout the years are on the issues. The unfortunate situation in blood on me as it ended days of news ...
[0:00:53] ... as many questions about the disease and you guys on your side football league to step a little bit more. You know guys we didn't a lot of criticism lately about the defense not having impact ...
[0:01:26] ... the whereabouts is so aware of media in the media that the actual results Cole plays. And are going to be out there they're hopelessly involved on the army's all we can do is just continue to try to improve our views that are areas. We don't need to get better and they keep get better is that it's. Keep journal of voters. Ron what will go to areas you think this. You guys did improve from week to week it did look like San Fran news some guys run free miscommunication. In the club better is against the jets is Fitzpatrick threw some good baldness some great ...

Damien Woody joined K&C and shared a story regarding a conversation he had with Bill Belichick in the training room in Foxboro.

[0:00:00] ... in forty. Crossed out the Lombardi stuff like to see on this Damien Woody confronted by counter higher. And by the New England who voted tractor viewers Jamie joins the Sunday the eighteenth the outline. Damian ...
[0:03:45] ... think they were the favorite to win it all to win the Super Bowl before. This injury and did you change your mind. Are locked up with a favorites are different thought it would favorites before. ...
[0:06:23] ... the wanna get exposed. Argue you can go down a lot of Kansas City Chiefs there you know they've they've. They played solid all they don't turn the ball over what. Can they really get to shoot ...

In the 9 am hour Gerry and Kirk mocked the Belichick press conference and took a call from Jim the Wrestling Goon who is not a fan of Amani Toomer.
In the 8 am hour Gerry and Kirk talked about a brutal answer by Dan Shaughnessy regarding Bill Conlin'sn spot in the Hall of Fame.
In the 7 am hour Gerry and Kirk discussed the hiring of Rich Keefe and the announcement yesterday on Dale and Holley.
In the 6 am hour Gerry and Kirk discussed the latest season ending injury for Gronk and the joint statement released by the team last night.

Us WeeklyJennifer Aniston revealed she’s a card-carrying member of the Mile High Club on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired on Wednesday, November 30.
During a game of “Never Have I Ever” with the host, the Friends star confessed to hooking up on an airplane — and then some.

Aniston, 48, hesitated briefly before lifting up her “I have” paddle when Ellen DeGeneres asked if she’d “joined the Mile High Club.”

“You with me on that one?” she asked the comedian, who admitted: “On that one, I’m with you.”
But it didn’t end there, as the pair hilariously took it a few steps further. “Never have I ever with the pilot?” asked DeGeneres.

“Oh, God,” Aniston replied, before holding up her “‘I have” paddle again — and keeping it up as the host continued, “And the co-pilot. And the flight attendant.”

Gives new meaning to “cockpit,” am I right?

This has never, ever appealed to me because planes are disgusting. And doing it with both the pilot and the co-pilot seems just a little dangerous. But maybe that’s the main reason they invented autopilot.

Of course, Jen has done OK for herself and it very well could have been a private jet, where this kind of thing is much easier, I’m guessing.

If this is your kind of thing, there are actually entire airlines just for people who want to have sex in the sky. I learn something new every day writing these posts.

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Lucy Burdge

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