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Women’s Wear DailyDespite her retirement from modeling last year, Gisele Bündchen will help kick off the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hosted at Maracanã Stadium, the 35-year-old model will strut through the venue’s gateway during the opening ceremony as a part this year’s celebration.

I have to be honest with you, because I want our relationship to be based on trust. I hate this news.

And not just because I have very low tolerance for unretirements. I wrote too many Barstool blogs tooling on Brett Favre for his serial unretirements to change my opinion now. We’ve seen far too many athletes go out at or near the top, only to have second thoughts, come crawling back, embarrass themselves and damage their legacies. (See Michael Jordan with the Wizards.) Not to mention how many bands we’ve seen do a “farewell tour” only to lather, rinse and repeat a few years later when there’s another quick buck to be made. No, I believe you’ve got to make a clean break of it the way Gisele did last year and never look back.

But I not only don’t want her going to Rio, I don’t think anyone should. As I said Tuesday on Dale & Holley with Extra Thornton, I don’t want Nate Ebner there because this thing is going to be a fiasco. Between the Zika virus, massive levels of poop in the water, crime and political chaos, it’s a disaster in the making. And certainly not worth the risk of giving your babies birth defects just so people can win medals in ping pong.

All that said, I understand why Gisele is going. It’s because she is a patriot. A true daughter of Brazil who loves her country more than her retirement, her health and her safety. Because her nation needs her and she’s answering the call.

Gisele will be at Rio in the way Muhammad Ali went to Atlanta in 1996 despite the early stages of Parkinson’s. Because it was the right thing to do. Gisele is to Brazil what George Washington, the Wright Brothers, Babe Ruth, Elvis and Neil Armstrong combined are to us. She represents all that is good about her nation and makes her countrymen proud. They could no sooner have an Olympics Opening Ceremony without her signature “horse walk” runway move than we could have one without the American flag.

And for this selfless act, I applaud her. I just beg that she coat herself in bug spray, keep away from the ocean, and get right back to Brookline where she belongs.

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Jerry Thornton
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When I was a little kid, there was really only one thing I wanted out of life: the jetpack 007 that flew around in “Thunderball.” I mean, sure, as I got older I developed other, more mature desires. A nice wife. Loving kids. Stable home. A light saber. But the jetpack dream never left me. And now, thanks to Bubba Watson, I can not only have the wish fulfilled, but combine it with golf? Yes, please. This must be how George Costanza felt when he took a sandwich to bed so he could combine food and sex.

Here’s the thing, though: I don’t want one of these if everyone has one. And not just because I don’t trust other golfers riding carts around as it is. There are ignoramuses out there who drive those things like they’re playing “The Simpsons Road Rage.” Never mind dozens of drunken hackers buzzing around above the tree lines. I’d rather walk and carry.

No, mostly I want to be the only one because it’s not special if they’re all over the place. This jetpack is the golf equivalent of having a your own Gulfstream. It’s a status symbol. It shows you’re better than everyone else. In that way Leo DiCaprio jets off to Monaco to boink lingerie models by the dozen, I want to be flying off to find my tee shot in the nearest fairway bunker. Now that I’ve seen one, I can’t imagine ever golfing any other way.

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Jerry Thornton