There is little doubt that Shaquille O'Neal is eventually headed to the Hall of Fame. With Shaq joining the Celtics at the end of his time in the NBA, he joins a select list of Hall-bound players who stopped in Boston late in their careers to play for the Celtics, Bruins or Red Sox. Check out the list at the LEEInks blog.

Criticism continues to hit the Knicks for re-hiring Isiah Thomas as a consultant after his disastrous performance as coach and president. But the deal might not stand. The NBA reportedly is considering blocking the move, as Thomas is a current college coach, set to begin his second season at Florida International. Meanwhile, Thomas went on a sports talk radio show in Miami Monday and implied that he might bail on FIU if he has to choose between the two jobs.

New Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal has been known to dabble in acting. In fact, he has quite the resume of roles on the big and small screeen. But some of his best performances have come in commercials. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of his most memorable endorsements. Check it out at the LEEInks blog.

Knicks owner James Dolan’s decision to re-hire Isiah Thomas as a consultant did not go over well in New York. The team has been taking an absolute beating in the local papers, with reporters finding the move offensive and insulting. Former Knick (and Celtic) Stephon Marbury, who had a public falling-out with Thomas, could say only “Good luck, New York.” Thomas admitted reading the stories about him over the weekend and is doing his best to be humble and positive about the situation.

Former Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez made a promotional appearance in New York Thursday and said the Phillies and several other teams recently tried to lure him out of retirement, but he's going to continue to spend time with his family instead — at least for now. And in comments that should sound familiar to Boston fans, Pedro criticized the Mets for not re-signing him after the 2008 season. "They didn't pull me back," Martinez said. "They left me hanging after I let go of so many teams. It's business. I know that baseball has a bad side.

With Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins anchored at home in a contract holdout, he joins a long list of Boston athletes who have taken a similarly drastic negotiating approach. We count down the 10 most significant holdouts in Boston sports history at the LEEInks blog.

Alex Rodriguez finally hit his 600th home run Wednesday, but he's still getting plenty of flak, with one national columnist calling it a "hollow milestone" and another writing that only 444 of the home runs should count. Baseball legend Willie Mays offered his congratulations and support and refused to discuss A-Rod's use of performance-enhancing drugs. Meanwhile, the Yankee Stadium security guard who retrieved the ball is getting his 15 minutes of fame for turning in the ball instead of trying to capitlize on it financially.

It's the year of the baseball injury, with the Red Sox having another key player get hurt seemingly every week and the rest of the league dealing with bizarre situations — such as players injured while sneezing or celebrating or wrestling with a coach. So, we took a look through the archives to find the strangest injuries in Boston sports history. We found plenty. Check out the list at the LEEInks blog.

Alex Rodriguez remained stuck on 599 home runs for the 12th consecutive game, the Yankees dropped out of first place, but the big news out of New York Tuesday was that A-Rod missed the team photo. The slugger needed a team representative to stand in, with Rodriguez' face to be digitally inserted later. Also, Sports Illustrated's Peter King introduces a scenario in which Brett Favre could return to the Vikings in October, the Dodgers take some heat from a Los Angeles columnist for enabling Manny Ramirez, and the White Sox get some grief for failing to support manager Ozzie Guillen.

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