It looks like Jacoby Brissett will be the starting quarterback for the Patriots against the Texans, but what will the Patriots offense look like with a rookie at QB? Glenn, Lou and Christian start talking about how the Patriots will prepare against the Texans.

BroBibleAustralian Mark Murray originally invented the Hamdog in 2004, and secured a U.S. patent for the “combination hamburger hot dog bread bun” in 2009. He introduced his sandwich abortion to the world when it was pitched on the Australian version of Shark Tank last year.

“Everyone told me it wasn’t possible, because you’d need a patent lawyer and it would cost millions of dollars,” Murray told “Even [Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank judge] Janine Allis told me that it was impossible to patent. She’ll be eating her words now.” 

I don’t know that I’ve ever needed anything as much as I need the Hamdog bun. I’m at once kicking myself for never inventing the thing myself and standing in awe at the diabolical genius of Mark Murray for finally bringing it to the world.

It’s a crime against that heretofore has had live without the glorious hamburger and the magnificent hot dog have never been able to share a single bun in harmony before. And like so many men of vision, the Hamdog’s inventor had to endure so much to get it to production. The naysayers who told him he was insane and his invention would never succeed are the same people who mocked Copernicus and laughed at Nikola Tesla. And if it were up to them, we’d be cursed to live out the rest of our days, tragically forced to use both hands just on meat alone, our burgers and our dogs separated forever.

So at my next cookout, I’m going to grab a Hamdog and use my free hand to hoist a beer to its brave inventor. We stand on the shoulders of giants like this man.

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Jerry Thornton
Tom Brady is ESPN's No. 4 athlete of the last 20 years. (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Tom Brady’s time in exile is giving him a fan’s perspective of his own team. (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Tom Brady on his weekly Westwood One appearance:

“I was hoping to gain a little different perspective, and I think I have. It’s amazing the way our team responds to adversity and the way our coaches prepare us for all these different situations that we face. I’m just proud of the guys for how hard they’re working. You can see it on TV, and obviously it’s really paying off. It’s great to be a fan of the Patriots and it’s really great to be a player on the Patriots. I definitely have gained that perspective, and hopefully we get to 3-0 on Thursday night.”

We are now exactly halfway through Tom Brady’s disgraced banishment from the NFL, so it’s way too soon to be Gronk-spiking any great, karmic footballs. But is it possible that so far – with a long ways to go here – that everything is working out in the Patriots favor?

Granted, I’m not talking about those pilfered draft picks or the one million Kraft bucks that won’t ever be coming back. But with respect to Brady’s time in exile, it’s becoming more likely by the day that, when this long, regional nightmare is over we’ll all be saying that nothing but positives came out of it.

I mean, read that statement by Brady. Were I in his shoes, I’d be consumed by great vengeance and furious anger. Hell, I already am. And I am literally in his shoes, and Uggs are the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever owned. (Focus, Thornton.) But instead, he’s getting, for the first time in his career since having to sit out the 2008 season, a view of his own team from the outside looking in.

And to the surprise of no one, he’s getting a fan’s perspective. The same appreciation of the Patriots that has so enamored them of the people of the region. The way this team deals with adversity. The workmanlike way they prepare. The professionalism. The focus on what matters. While players on other teams are conducting Twitter beefs in the middle of the season like a bunch of lowlife sports media doofuses or talking about “personal hatred” of division rivals, and Colin Kaepernick is feuding with Cam Newton about which one of them introduced the Dab to pro football, the Patriots put the next game on Missile Lock and do their jobs.

It’s one of the main reasons why Patriots fans are the way they are. Why they’re so galvanized behind this team, despite the rest of the country hating them. Because they lost their franchise quarterback to persecution and the backup to injury and just continue to plug away, their eyes always fixed on doing what it takes to win LomBrady Trophy V.

The people of New England have known it for years. It’s just good to hear the guy at the epicenter of it all is getting his chance to see it from their point-of-view for a change. “It’s great to be a fan of the Patriots,” he said? Those are the most perceptive words he’s ever said.

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Jerry Thornton


As mentioned earlier on The Mashup blog, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he’s “disappointed” that the NFL took away Seattle’s 2017 fifth-round draft pick, fined the team $400,000, took away a week of OTAs and fined Carroll $200,000 for his team allowing contact during non-contact practices.

And you might accuse ol’ Sensitive Pete of letting his emotions get the best of him like we’ve seen before.

But in this case, he’s absolutely right. Not about the Seahawks breaking the rules. They did. Running contact practices when you’re supposed to be running non-contact practices isn’t just violating the CBA, it’s cheating. Plain and simple. Do you think Bill Belichick would like to be prepping his team in the spring with full pads and hitting drills? Damn right he would. So the Seahawks were gaining a competitive advantage and should pay the price.

Where Carroll is right, though, is that the Baltimore Ravens got caught doing the exact same thing. I wrote about it back in May when they got caught. They were running rookies through full padded workouts, which has been their standard operating procedure for years, apparently. At least it was until they made the mistake of bringing in Ben Watson, a union rep who’s too smart to let the team get away with the practice and called them on it.

But for getting nailed doing the same thing as the Seahawks, the Ravens lost zero draft picks. Sure, John Harbaugh had to pay a bigger fine than Pete, but we all know the only capital that really counts for anything in this league are draft picks and suspensions. And they forfeited neither.

Why, you might ask? For the same reason Ray Rice almost got away with a grotesque display of spousal abuse. For the same reason Terrell Suggs never faced a Boson particle of discipline for beating his girlfriend and threatening her and their infant with a bottle of bleach. For the same reason the NFL approved Harbaugh’s rule change proposal banning the Patriots’ formations he couldn’t handle in the 2014 playoffs.

Because Roger Goodell is buddies with Baltimore’s owner, Steve Biscotti. Because the two of them get to golf at Augusta National together. And because Commissar Goodell has absolute power to play favorites and he exercises it every chance he gets. He is so controlled by Ravens ownership that if Steve Biscotti is drinking water, Goodell can’t talk. So when the Ravens get bagged breaking rules, they get a slap on the wrist that even a league/media darling like Pete Carroll won’t get.

I’d feel bad for the Seahawks, but I can’t. One, because this is the way the rest of the football world wants it. A despot with absolute control over arbitrary punishments. But also, because as a Patriots fan, I can’t condone cheating.

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Jerry Thornton
The 9am hour upload from Friday with just Kirk & Callahan in to take phone calls on the Patriots QB situation, including some who are ready to trade Tom Brady.

[0:00:04] ... head and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. You do realize that Bill Belichick has drafted eight quarterbacks in New England not main parade. One Jimmy go rob what was really good. This is the night ...
[0:13:44] ... I can't argue that anymore. When your callers. Say it's time pitcher Tom Brady did the work I'm stunned what he thinks living fabulous market guys that does that sound sane view what should be justly to bad teams would mean. Keeping Matt Cassel but you signed up a drop of which you know I mean you think you're pretty good at these so far is ...
[0:24:22] ... conversation because he'll live he'd rather him go like Jerod Mayo said Mike Vrabel. But Petraeus is their greatest men is a clear fiddle every single time best and he's not even until he has done ...
[0:26:11] ... way in the sale that we got to switch that you AG Tom Brady is over. David is saying nobody sales tax these so which is growing over the basics of where Iraq's Al now. In ...

The 8am hour upload from Tuesday's show with Kirk, Gerry and Richard Deitsch refusing to 'pump the brakes' on Pats QB talk.

[0:05:37] ... through and he wants to Drew Brees. And look. Yeah Andy Dalton. Philip Rivers Romo. Moral. Home Eli Manning bloody war Matt Stafford Joseph Flacco I mean I have. The rock police saw. Formats that formats ...
[0:19:26] ... feelings of middle right animal Alex Smith and hill Alex that it Philip Rivers now he won a lot of guys but that would be good that a Pro Bowl level basis trapped six quarters as ...
[0:20:46] ... the Guinness EU every time we talk most of these guys in Willie McGinest and Ty Law they're different. It's not like any of the greatest the greatest player and pitcher for interest. Arguably the greatest athlete in the ...

Kirk Minihane has the political headlines for Tuesday, with SI's Richard Deitsch & Callahan alongside.
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TelegraphWorrying reports of creepy clowns scaring members of the public have spread across the United States after a new alleged sighting.

After reports of creepy clowns trying to lure children into woods in South Carolina, Jamie Hill posted a photo of a clown she claims she spotted on the 192 highway in the city of London, Kentucky. …

Police in South Carolina town have warned that anyone dressed as a clown could face arrest after reports of mystery figures frightening members of the public.

Clowns have also been spotted in North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, WTVQ reports.

I agree with Jamie Hill of Kentucky and law enforcement that something has to be done about this clown epidemic before somebody gets hurt.

Namely, me.

I’ve survived a lot over the last few years. The two Super Bowls That Shall Not Be Named. The 2014-15 Red Sox. The campaign. Deflategate. A dozen Taylor Swift breakups. “Batman v. Superman.” But I will not make it through scary, random clown sightings on a regular basis. I simply will not.

I mean, who does that? Who would possibly put on the clown makeup and a tutu and stand by a highway sign in London, Kentucky? I’ll tell you who. Someone with a cabin way out back in the woods where they chain you up and torture and kill people.

And that’s the best-case scenario. More realistically I think no human could be this demented. And that these are really demons here to drag us back to their hell dimension where everybody is a clown and lives in a circus tent and the animals are all balloon animals and all you hear is calliope music drowning out the sound of human screams.

So I appreciate that our brave men and women in blue are starting to round up these horrible beasts to put an end to this clown epidemic once and for all. But I’d rather we just start shooting them to drive them back to the clown hell they come from so I can sleep at night.

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Jerry Thornton