It Is What It IsDespite the dumpsterfire that Deflategate has become, at this point it doesn’€™t appear that the NFL is going to change much, at least when it comes to putting an increased focus on standardizing the referee’€™s pregame management of game balls.

A report from our friend Football Zebras (also known as Ben Austro, who provides smart and reasoned analysis on all things referee-related on his Twitter feed) on Monday indicated that at an introductory officiating clinic for the 2015 season this past weekend, there was no discussion regarding the standardization of game balls. Austro Tweeted that it’€™s possible “there will be extra security or changes to chain of custody,” but that, at least at this stage, it will “not a major effect on (referees)” for the upcoming season.

And there it is, in all it’s glory. A near perfect example of the rampant, unapologetic hypocrisy of the National Football League in 2015.

Since late January, there has been no issue more important to the sanctity and integrity of the game than how the footballs are handled. The mere unproven suggestion that they might possibly have been touched before the AFC championship game was enough to cause widespread panic across the land. A story from the referee in that game that he didn’t know where the bag of balls was for a few minutes was met with horror and alarm. A $10 million indictment was brought against the quarterback who was accused of being the mastermind of the plot and he’s been docked a quarter of the season and his reputation lies in ruins.

But do anything about it? Make a change to the way the balls are dealt with on game day? All of a sudden it becomes “Why bother? They’re only the footballs. What’s the big deal?”

And it’s impossible not to look back at the hysteria of the last six months and not point out what the few rational people on this issue were saying. That at worst – meaning if Tom Brady was completely guilty, which I am not – what we were talking about here was a minor equipment violation. The equivalent of Pedro Martinez cutting the inside seam of the sleeve on his pitching arm or a hockey player over-curving his stick blade. And now, at long last, the NFL appears to agree with us.

If the the footballs were handled in a way that matches the over-exaggerated importance the league has given it through this mess, the psi would be measured live on national TV and the balls delivered to the field in a Brinks truck by a phalanx of heavily armed guards. But the NFL all of a sudden thinks paying much attention to them is silly. Well, welcome to the club.

Unfortunately it’s too late for them to admit their cavalier attitude toward the whole issue because it will point out what duplicitous, sanctimonious liars they’ve been throughout the process. It’d be like the Salem town council at the end of the witch trials saying, “We never meant to suggest witchcraft is such bad a thing. What gave you that idea?” Of course, fat lot of good that does the women you burned at the stake and the fellas you crushed to death with big piles of rocks on their chests. Too little, too late, NFL.


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Some Aaron Hernandez talk. The ACC Media Guide hates Wake Forest. Marcy's Diner in Portland, Maine has a blowout between a patron and the owner over a crying baby.

[0:02:13] ... of his car running it to the stadium and it is carpet gas station and everybody kind of got to be just walking by them and they demand it. But the violators can be put in ...
[0:04:05] ... the media guide came out. Frolic that the teams who got the Wake Forest this page. There was page 145 of the ACC 2015. Media guide you know they have like they're they're scheduled some of ...
[0:04:55] ... pushing its politics here is tired of the season with you this football team but he just had enough. The reduced that to the media get it got to fix these jobs it apologized. The benefits of error in the emea that we force them to have a vote last called again Wake Forest went it Linda ciskei that this. The stadium was so empty arts are one of those things where you can hear the coaches yelling at the players from the box or how about this winner second the last game of the on this page here right. Two lines above adds this believed. A 63. Double overall I Wake Forest and in Google maybe at all god as I don't they played the what do disaster that was ardently in honor and ...
[0:06:22] ... so is that this government to a lady a couple up in Portland Maine. Where they had their two year old daughter who was screaming yelling over some pancakes and the owner of the diner. Basically ...

Sal Capaccio, WGR 550 in Buffalo, joined the show to help preview the AFC East. He spoke about Rex Ryan leading the defense, and says that Greg Roman is the best offensive coordinator he's ever had.

[0:00:18] ... it's going to be. Perseus L what we're gonna see maybe from Tom Brady or Jimmy drop bloat Bryant and a hell I guess it's maybe a more up par with the jets but. How much ...
[0:01:09] ... is that Greg over the opposite coordinator and what he did when Alex Smith in than what Colin Capp predictor can really. Chose bill you have an ability. To me aren't something that someone even the ...
[0:02:49] ... minus the quarterback so let's just get through it EJ Manuel. I'm Matt Cassel. Tyrod Taylor then apparently Rex really really likes of me who do you what is EJ Manuel and you think back Jessica's ...
[0:03:33] ... of how he used Allen Capra that said you know they look. Matt Cassel minimizes the mistake speaking manager look at the defense you have that's the best data we wanna get the playoffs and that ...


Daily MailAustralian pro-surfer Mick Fanning is the most talked about athlete in the world right now after he miraculously walked away from a shark attack totally unharmed.

The three-time world champion punched a great white that tried to attack him while he was competing in the final of the J-Bay Open at South Africa’s Jeffreys Bay on Sunday. …

Fanning is a savvy property investor who has built up an impressive multi-million-dollar portfolio around the beachside town of Tweed Heads, on the border between NSW and Queensland, where he lives with the love of his life, entrepreneur and model Karissa Fanning.

Fanning is Australia’€™s highest paid surfer and 19th highest-paid athlete, making an estimated $2.7 million last year according to the BRW Rich List.

Along with the income he makes from surfing and sponsorship, Fanning has an interest in a popular Reef Sandal range that has a bottle opener embedded in the sole.

I owe Mick Fanning an apology. For as much as I respected him fending off two sharks, there was a part of me going all snarky, like “look at this dumb surfer dude almost getting eaten for his stupid sport.” But I should have known better.

I knew nothing about Fanning before this, but I should have just assumed that any man who can fend off two perfectly evolved death machines with five rows of military-issue teeth in their mouths would be the ultimate Apex Predator. A success at everything he does in life. That he’d crack the top 20 richest athletes in the world, even in a sport 99.9% of the population doesn’t know has a pro circuit. That he’d of course have a preposterously hot and successful model wife. And that he’d be a mogul both in real estate and the novelty flip-flop industry.

The bottom line is that I will never again violate my own unwritten rule that says to never underestimate a man who fights sharks with his bare fists. Lesson learned.

But I will add that I think those Reef Sandals are a terrible idea. Maybe it’s just because the first time I ever saw a pair my cousin Phil opened my beer with one. In his back yard. The one with where the two giant greyhounds roam free. You do the math and tell me why anyone would want that on the mouth of their bottle. But that’s why Mick Fanning is a shark fighting multi-millionaire and I’m not.


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David Ortiz was vocal after the game about how depressed he is over this season.
David Ortiz was vocal after the game about how depressed he is over this season.

[0:00:18] ... demands from Monique Christian Fauria. From on board meets on Going David Ortiz. It's bad bro. I don't think guys ever remember coming in here losing a whole series like this not every game. Goes ...
[0:01:21] ... Our waters our partner the bail me out. He's a very depressed David Ortiz and why wouldn't he be knowing what he's gonna go through the next this is this is such terrible suits seem to ...
[0:03:18] ... even though you know you're the guy was out did you try. Hanley Ramirez did you try it the Phillies make them earn it. This is I mean again listen so. And I'm sure you and ...
[0:08:53] ... the starch so. Behind Ryan Hanigan so. We're talking big picture like David Ortiz was discussing that ESPN com. Or we're talking specifics whichever direction you wanna go on and I'm hung up on this Napoli ...

The Red Sox got clobbered in a double-header vs. the Angels. Rookie pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez lasted only and inning and two thirds, but seemed to be tipping pitches again. This time around, he seems to be doing it from the wind up.

TMZJerry Rice got all MAGIC MIKE in a nightclub this weekend — stripping off his shirt to bump and grind with a g-string go-go dancer … and TMZ Sports has the amazing footage!!

The NFL legend was partying his face off at Peek Nightclub at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe — when something came over the Hall of Famer … who hopped up onstage and ripped off his shirt.

The 52-year-old — who was a runner up on “Dancing with the Stars” — continued to get down to Future’s “F**k Up Some Commas” … while Shaquille O’Neal DJ’d the party.

So now we know Jerry Rice is not only a repellant Deflategate Truther, a hypocrite who admitted before Deflategate that he used stickum on his hands long after it was banned and a coward who’s gone completely silent ever since his hypocrisy was exposed, but he’s also something much, much worse.

He’s the kind of guy who ruins a perfectly good erotic dance.

We’ve all seen that guy. The attention-whoring jerkstore who can’t control himself around a working girl, thinks is all about him, acts up and ruins the fun for everyone else. That guy is the bane of every bachelor party. He’s the reason the bouncers in nudie bars hate humanity. And the cause of ever dancer’s disaffected, dead-eyed, 1,000-yard stare. He’s too stupid appreciate the subtle, nuanced art form that is the erotic dance and is so delusional he thinks that somehow no one would be enjoying themselves if he didn’t get up in the performer’s grill and try to turn it into a comedy routine starring himself.

I could someday find in my heart to forgive Jerry Rice for questioning all of the Patriots’ accomplishments while he himself sat upon a throne of lies. But taking his shirt off and wrecking a perfectly good strip show? Never.


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The guys take a closer look at Ben Cherington's track record making moves.

[0:01:43] ... and thank you forget somebody's. Lugo. J. D. Drew. Rent to Ria. Matt Clement he'd fall. Daisuke should make that case I say. You're gonna say about what a World Series any 11 taking intro to ...
[0:02:31] ... this may because it happened defensively right restaurant they decide to bring Stephen Drew back right it is a terrible errors to right AJ Pierzynski terrible pull ten million bucks Stephen Drew Stevens or ten million dollars but it presents. Africa Asia and half nine million for a year and it's not so much ...
[0:06:31] ... 31 starts last year. Comes here. It's just for the pitching guru John Farrell yes and loses it completely totally whose two point that I'm obviously is that happened. A trait for a guy like Joseph ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.