On Monday’s Dale & Holley with Thornton, we broke the news that D’Qwell Jackson — the Colts linebacker who intercepted a Tom Brady pass, supposedly went to the sideline with the ball, said something to the effect of, “Gee, this feels kind of squishy,” and started the entire Deflategate tragicomedy — is being sued by the 41-year-old pizza delivery guy he allegedly beat up last year over a parking space.

Now Jackson’s victim, Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, is speaking out. He went on Indianapolis radio’s Kent Stirling Show and told this tale of horror:

“What happened is that a crazy guy tried to choke me,” … The pizza delivery driver also added that Jackson said he was “going to kill me.”

According to Bonilla-Fuentes, Jackson became remorseful after the cops got involved.

“He come to me and say, ‘€˜Please, please I’€™ll give you whatever money you need, but don’€™t do nothing, don’€™t let the police take me,’ ”€ Bonilla-Fuentes said.

Now, I’d like to be fair to Jackson. He has denied he said anything about the air pressure of that ball he intercepted. And to buy the version of the events where Deflategate started with him is to ignore the sting operation that began with the Ravens contacting the Colts about the Patriots footballs and letting all the conspirators off the hook.

But nevertheless, this latest episode, with Jackson going all Walter Sobchak on poor Mr. Bonilla-Fuentes, proves once again a lesson people should have learned a long time ago: You do not screw with Bill Belichick. If you do, bad things will happen to you.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Twenty years after they hosed Belichick, the city of Cleveland still can’t win a championship. ESPN has lost 7 million subscribers. David Tyree never caught another pass after the Super Bowl That Shall Not Be Named. Plaxico Burress went to prison. The Colts missed the playoffs and doomed their own future by hiring back their GM and coach. Eric Mangini, the snitch behind Spygate, just got fired again and will never get another head coaching gig. Belichick’s karma will run down the people who have wronged him and then back over their corpses. D’Qwell Jackson is just the latest to learn the lesson all too late. And now he’ll be the latest to walk the Earth, a hollow shell of the man he once was.


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Jerry Thornton
Dino addresses a couple of problems he has with Gerry and Kirk. They also get into their favorite live shows and Springsteen.
Rodney Harrison gives his thoughts on how meaningless Super Bowl Media Night is and looks ahead to what the Patriots may need next season.
Denver Broncos corner back, Aqib Talib, stole the show last night at Super Bowl Media Night. The former Patriot tried his trade in rapping, reading liners and much more.

[0:06:42] ... little surprised I shouldn't say. But if you guys noticed that the Denver Broncos saying all the nice things about Carolina bands are treating them with tremendous respect him more time talking bad things about the New England Patriots. And his socialist that mitigated to some of that. Let's us have broken it down they've come out with the definitive who's the best quarterback in Super Bowl history. Is it Montana is it Brady is that there aren't sure these included Rodney Harrison coming up. And 1116 and number one emotional. Passing up his mind cannot bring. The and then when he got. Yeah. My ...

If you’re not regularly checking out this “Bad Lip Reading” series, you are missing out on some of the most brilliantly simple-minded, sophomoric comedy out there. They do these for things like the presidential race, movies and TV shows, and while most of their stuff is really good, for whatever reason their NFL videos just speak to me. And this one is especially good.

Come for the “What does a carbon catalyst fuel?/It fuels a reclamated intake core with Y-exponent,” stay for Tom Brady talking about shaving his ankles and Bill Belichick offering everyone Pop-Tarts. But like me, as you’re laughing out loud just admit you’ve got the same sense of humor you had in elementary school.


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Jerry Thornton

Let’s take a walk through the thought process here, shall we? So someone in the NFL’s Ministry of Truth comes up with this idea to promote the Super Bowl by having kids sing about how their parents conceived them the night their team won the Super Bowl. Little kids — 8- and 9-year-olds.

And not only did this idea not die immediately the moment that anonymous staffer ran it by somebody else, it got approved. Literally hundreds of people, from marketing people to makeup, costume, lighting and sound technicians to composers, arrangers, musicians, Seal, and all the families had to sign off on the concept of little kids singing about how their parents did the Beast with Two Backs on Super Bowl night. The point being that football is so great that when your team wins, you just gotta have it and there’s no time to stop for a Jimmy Hat and pulling out is not an option. Handies and blowjibbers are for losers, kids. Dad took mom to Pleasure Town and that’s why you’re here. Nice message, NFL.

And never mind the kids. I don’t care if you’re one of those 1967 Green Bay Packers babies. Contemplating when and how your parents made you is at the very least creepy and at most disgusting. I can’t even bring myself to do the math and figure out about what time of the year Bud and Irene made their baby boy, much less the circumstances. Like most of you, I just like to assume it was divine intervention. That’s how normal, well-adjusted people deal with the grossness of their parents doing it. Obviously, normal and well-adjusted no longer applies at NFL headquarters.


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Jerry Thornton
Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek

In the midst of a disastrous season, the Suns have fired coach Jeff Hornacek and promoted Earl Watson to interim coach. General manager Ryan McDonough (a former Celtics executive) made the decision official with a team statement Monday morning announcing that Hornacek was out after 2 1/2 seasons at the helm.

While Hornacek found success in his first year with the Suns, improving their record by 23 games, the team’s recent struggles could not be overlooked. Phoenix had lost 10 of 11 games, and 19 of its last 21. The Suns’ overall record of 14-35 ties them for fourth worst in the NBA.

While coaching may have been partially to blame for the Suns’ abysmal 2015-16 campaign, it is worth noting that they have some significant personnel issues as well. Star point guard Eric Bledsoe tore knee cartilage a month ago and will not play again this season. Backup point guard Brandon Knight has been out with a groin injury. Offseason acquisition Tyson Chandler has been battling multiple injuries, and forward Markieff Morris asked to be traded after his twin brother Marcus was dealt to the Pistons.

Assuming Watson, who retired from his NBA playing days two years ago, is not the permanent solution in Phoenix, some names that have been tossed around locally and nationally as potential candidates include former Suns coach Mike D’Antoni, recently fired Cavaliers coach (and Framingham native) David Blatt, Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton and former Celtics assistant and Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau.

ESPN also reported the team was interested in former Suns point guard Steve Nash, but he apparently made it clear he has no interest in the position.

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Travis Upham
Should Tom Brady go to the Super Bowl?

[0:01:31] ... that mark right. 61777979. B 37. Washington Post poses the question should Tom Brady. Join Roger Goodell big Super Bowl fifty celebration. I say no I say he shouldn't I say he won't Jerry says he shouldn't but he says he will mean Hanna is always agrees with me and Bob Wright head. Up heady and oh my god would be opening himself up rivers somebody's got to. Tell talk about any idea of not going he's got to go he's got to go and show some class maybe has some fine he did have a good quick one liner for the commissioner of seriously. Take the huh. Well it. Possible as my advice to Tom Brady. Get out there the public opinion in general has swung back and it a little bit more in his favor a mile ...
[0:03:43] ... car was forced to break him Roger Goodell he do you think Tom Brady has a problem. With low income that will never give up at cherry he was the chances of that as yet he ...
[0:04:58] ... he was the he was the tip of the spear to make Tom Brady's life a living hell. I was gonna say 847 or eight months but this is going up through at least march 3 now so we're talking twelve or thirteen or fourteen months and furthermore Jerry. Really from Sydney boards piece in the Washington Post. She writes. Back in April. Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner. Reached out to patriots quarterback Tom Brady inviting him to be part of the big games festivities. Not cancel. Not some bowl oh. But some PR or not the ...
[0:09:13] ... simple bowl could help came out says. Ryder Cup Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick have nothing to do with this. OK I gave them a pass if you look and pragmatic Belichick would be implemented a ...

The fattest man alive is now dead.

[0:00:17] ... people just wake up no problem. Kind of a surprise I think Jeb Bush and Martin O'Malley did. You never know these pulls him out of nowhere if they always say I was a predictable when ...
[0:01:18] ... Under knee Marino the world's fattest man. Is it that from a heart attack. It just happened you we never thought that coveted huge air you know what I hate when guys come up short of ...
[0:03:00] ... Is Ben Carson at nine Rand Paul at five and a half Jeb Bush into all the way down to just eliminate these other guys. Yes yes of course they'll all be gone in the week on election article there is already. Martin O'Malley has about why do you not. A lot of here's Santorum to either all he probably will there tomorrow as well but Jeb Bush is the state through New Hampshire just Kasich. It has to be done them drop out of the bush has like fifty ...
[0:06:50] ... won't go home this sort of supply in your pocket watch the Super Bowl. If Tom Brady goes or doesn't go the ago. I won't want to defeat if he if you go about watching as he's gotten ago. ...

Cruz over Trump.

[0:00:13] ... Clinton's mouth but he certainly number two. Number. I played in another Super Bowl and you know Marshall. You Marshall Faulk was a possible. I mean played they were teammates is still that little CT true here could be happening right and the third thing is that as I said going into the break I have from time to time out fallen into using archaic and mark he expressions. Old thought the people about a guy I've ever used the expression that. Peyton Manning used yesterday when asked about what the NFL will fine windy dig deeply into this H TH allegation for Al-Jazeera. A big ...
[0:04:55] ... eight Cree. No although religious three I love the witness they were Pat Robertson won this Ian anyways Santorum Santorum in my pocket I alternate routes fall back on my idea. The slogan from George Bush ...
[0:06:37] ... congratulate head. I don't wanna congratulate all of the incredible candidates including Mike Huckabee who's become a really good friend of. I don't know yeah. Everybody I thought that he does not do humble no doubt. ...