Are the expectations for Darrelle Revis and the Patriots defense too high? We discuss it.
Sagging ratings, sagging attendance, sagging interest. The new commissioner of MLB faces some stiff challenges, and we discuss it with you.
Sagging ratings, sagging attendance, sagging interest. The new commissioner of MLB faces some stiff challenges, and we discuss it with you.
We tackle four topics about the late, great Robin Williams.
We tackle four topics about the late, great Robin Williams.

[0:00:37] ... all Americans. Building you a better network. The untimely death yesterday of Robin Williams. Sort of let us naturally into today's for a four. As you heard that was Robin Williams is the genie from Aladdin. Today's sports world talk about four of the most memorable performances from Robin Williams film career. We're gonna start. With -- turn is majoring crone our. Good morning Vietnam era. Can't remember what day is malaria ...
[0:01:40] ... -- pretty unharmed -- the Reagan went to an event had a heart attack. You're well aware of all of -- -- That's my favorite of and if -- there's -- windows out of this -- ...
[0:02:23] ... that -- committee but to be anything like that that's my favorite Robin Williams reports all time it could. If you know I have thought -- before you got here before you -- Colorado. University which ...
[0:02:59] ... Michael that brings us in 1989 surprise hit. Dead poet's society where Robin Williams plays John Keating. And English teacher inspiring his students to local poetry and seize the day. Like to step forward here. Through ...

With Ryan Mallet's injury and recent struggles, the guys discuss what the Pats will do at backup QB.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou MerloniChristian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

The guys dedicated their segment Tuesday to celebrating legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams, who died of an apparent suicide Monday at the age of 63. They started by discussing Williams’ part in the movie “Good Will Hunting,” in which Williams plays a more serious and constrained role compared to many of his others.

“For a guy that was that manic — all over the place when it comes to his performance in a lot of his other movies and on stage in his stand-up — he was so reserved and so laid back for large portions of that role,” Benz said. “It was striking he could be that way on film. I think that’s why it resonated with people the way it did.”

– Soon after the news of Williams’ death was made public, fans of the Oscar winner and “Good Will Hunting” spontaneously set up a memorial at the Boston Public Garden bench that Williams and Matt Damon sat on during one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

Nicholas Rabchenuk and his girlfriend brought flowers and chalk to the bench. The couple and two others teamed up to write lines from the movie, including “Sorry guys, I went to see about a girl” and “Your move, chief.”

“A lot of people are now paying tribute to that bench in Boston Public Garden,” Merloni said.

– Fauria took some time to reflect on his favorite Williams movie, “The Best of Times.”

“The movie is about him being a high school kid, he’s an older guy but he goes back,” Fauria said. “He dropped the pass in the championship game, which helped them lose the game to their big-time rival. Ever since that game, the town is in disarray, the economy sucks. It’s really all his fault.

“Where the other team won, they’re thriving. So [Williams] basically brings all the old players together again, gets them in shape to go against the team that he lost to when he was in high school, basically reclaiming some glory. It’s a classic.”

Fauria later asked Merloni and Benz what their favorite Williams movie of all-time is. Merloni said “Good Will Hunting” and Benz said “Good Morning, Vietnam.”

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Nick Canelas
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Lou Merloni finally convinces Christian and Tim to take the Ice Bucket Challenges to raise awareness for ALS and the Pete Frates #3 Fund

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s Headlines with Kirk Minihane and guest hosts Rob Bradford and Jon Meterparel. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

CBS Sports confirmed to The Big Lead that the network will debut the first all-female sports talk show in September that will include former NESN sideline reporter Jenny Dell as co-host.

The weekly show, which will air on CBS Sports Network, will feature an all-female cast with Dell, Lesley VisserDana JacobsonAmy TraskAllie LaForce and Tracy Wolfson. The show will be produced and directed by women as well.

“I think that’s got potential,” Meterparel said.

Minihane and Bradford disagreed.

“I would just say that it is not going to work,” Minihane said. [Dell] is a nice person, I don’t think she’s shown any personality yet on television. How about Lesley Visser at this point, is she like the Barbara Walters of that show?”

Said Bradford: “Haven’t we learned our lesson? It’s the same thing newspapers do when they say, ‘We’ve got to do X Games coverage because we’ve got to get that crowd.’ You can’t go off the script. You can’t go away from what people go to you for.

“Let me ask you this: in this show, who are they hoping is going to watch this?”

“Guys who like Alli LaForce,” Meterparel responded.

Said Minihane: “My problem is if they’re smart and funny and talk about stuff, I’m in. If they don’t — if they talk about how great athletes are and this and that — after a day or two people aren’t going to watch because Jenny Dell and Allie LaForce are good-looking.”

“That’s my point,” Bradford said. “If they want to have all women on it, great. But do it because they’re good. Do it because they’re entertaining and they’re good at what they’re doing.”

– Newton native Jonathan Cohen launched an academic journal, titled BOSS: The Biannual Online-journal of Springsteen Studies, focusing on Bruce Springsteen for his master’s thesis.

The 23-year-old Cohen is a PhD candidate at the University of Virginia. His thesis examines “deindustrialization and working-class memory” in Freehold, New Jersey, the hometown of Springsteen.

“I would read that” said Meterparel.

“I wouldn’t read that,” Bradford said, “because I don’t read. I only write.”

Said Minihane: “Springsteen is weird as a subject because his life is not that interesting. There’s no crazy drama, there’s no drugs. He’s kept it quiet. He’s been the same for like 25 years.”

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Nick Canelas