We tackle the top four Red Sox hot stove moves in recent memory.
We tackle the top four Red Sox hot stove moves in recent memory.
Christian tells a story about him and his agent duped Joe Gibbs into giving Christian a contract. A former NBA player acquired a Grenade Launcher in Japan. Tim's doctor told him he has a spot on his brain.

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Andy Brickley joined the show and touched on last night's convincing win over a good team, Matt Bartkowski needing a wake up call, and the NHL review process.
Detroit Lions TE Joseph Fauria is the nephew of the our own Christian Fauria. He joined the show today to talk about being a Pats fan as a kid, being a better athlete than his uncle, and before all was said and done, things got personal.
Christian hits on Magic Johnson comparing Aaron Rodgers to Larry Bird, a soccer stadium near Route 93, John Dennis supposedly having the flu, the Red Sox acquiring Jon Lester or the Kung Fu Panda, and the possibility of the Patriots signing RB LeGarrette Blount.
Free Agent pitcher Jon Lester is the bell of the ball with the Hot Stove cooking. The Red Sox have reportedly tabled their offer. The Blue Jays signed C Russell Martin, which could mean that the Cubs, who WERE in the market for a catcher, might now turn their focus on Lester. And, the guys talk about whether Sandoval is worth it for 80 million dollars.
Mut made his long awaited return to the morning show.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, Gerry Callahan and guest host Mike Mutnansky. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

—  CNN host Don Lemon had an interview with another one of the Bill Cosby sexual assault accusers, Joan Tarshis, who said she was forced to perform oral sex on Cosby. She claimed, like many others, that Cosby drugged her. Lemon said there could’ve been a way for her to not perform the act, using her teeth as a “weapon.”

Said Callahan of Lemon: “This guy’s out of his mind.”

“How does he have his job?” asked a stunned Minihane.

Said Mutnansky: “You’re a TV star, isn’t there a producer most of the time in your ear. Like some producer saying, ‘Maybe don’t go down this road about biting this guy’s crank off.’ … Give me a break.”

“Don Lemon, I think he’s almost embracing this madness, though,” said Minihane. “I don’t know how well it’s going to end.”

Replied Callahan: “That’s the last hope of someone who actually watches CNN. Anderson Cooper isn’t getting it done.”

— People magazine named its annual Sexiest Man Alive this week. The hosts had differing opinions on who should take the title, but the winner turned out to be actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in “The Avengers.” He beat out finalists Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey for the award.

Callahan said he liked how McConaughey was a final candidate.

“That’s a good choice, but he’s a little too trendy right now,” Callahan said

“Too skinny now, too. I like a man with a little beef,” replied Minihane. “I like a little beef, something to love. Isn’t McConaughey too skinny?”

Said Callahan: “He was, I don’t know that he still is. He was skinny for a part, for a role.”

When Callahan found out the winner was Hemsworth, he could not think of more than one character the actor played: “What else is he besides Thor?”

Said Minihane: “He was in that Ron Howard movie, the race car movie Ron Howard did. Remember that?”

“No,” replied Callahan.

— Charles Manson’s fiancee’s mother said she will not attend the couple’s upcoming jailhouse wedding and won’t buy the two a gift for their marriage. Afton Elaine Burton, 26, plans to marry the criminal, and her mother, Melissa Burton, does not exactly approve.

After hearing a clip of Afton Elaine talking, Minihane was a bit skeptical of her as person.

“Could you, like, hang out with her?” asked Minihane.

“No. I don’t think Manson is spending a lot of time with her either,” replied Callahan.

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