We end the show with scouring the world for the best sound of the day.
Dale, Michael and Jerry discuss the one legal analyst we found out there that believes the NFL will win it's appeal.
We end the show with scouring the world for the best sound of the day.

“Welcome … to Park.” It’s a simple concept. But as with all your best, one-off jokes, less is more.

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn and Lou take a look at an ESPN list of the current top 20 players in the NBA, and the Celtics don't have any of them. The guys discuss how the team is this good without great talent.
Curt Schilling is catching some heat after he went on a Kansas City radio show and said that if Hillary Clinton is guilty of the accused crimes, she should be buried below a prison. Glenn and Lou talk about Schilling's comments and whether he should continue to talk politics.

[0:00:35] ... of give Obama on the public server and after what happened to General Petraeus. She should be very energy somewhere. But after the cars can't help himself not to eat calling do we know that this ...
[0:01:16] ... this is one of those where once again. If you agree with curt Schilling's. Political take you sit at home okay what's the what's the big deal. And if you disagree would this political today. Then ...
[0:06:48] ... a recommendation between now and the election. This could really cost lead Hillary Clinton's campaign because let's face it. I'm sorry all you people to feel the burn out there she won the nomination. What this might come up between now and the election almost a White House can hold it back it was a legitimate comment that he is making it's not like he's taking unfair attacks. And Hillary Clinton it was it was justified. If you believe that. And he's you know believing that it's justified pictures too outspoken Prius. Yet ...




I really want to take shots at my man Titi Alailima for missing such an obvious answer as identifying the logo of the damned NBA champions. Especially when the category is “California Pro Sports Teams” and the fricking Golden Gate Bridge is right in it. But like he said, the brain is a funky machine. And the trivia brain is even funkier.

Believe me, no one loves bar trivia more than me. And I’ve formed a superteam that basically steals money every time we play. But sometimes you find yourself nailing questions you have no business knowing the answer to, like something about the Dauphins of Auvergne (which I’ve done). Next you’re blowing a question about how many yards you’re penalized for a false start penalty (which I’ve also done). So yeah, sometimes you miss the tap-in putt, then you’re holing out from the fairway.

Trivia is a tricky business, and “Jeopardy!” is infinitely harder. So let ye who has never missed an obvious answer cast the first stone at Titi Alailima. But those of us who pride ourselves on our vast reservoirs of useless knowledge know what he went through. No need to apologize, Titi.

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Jerry Thornton
Sports Illustrated's Michael McCann joins Glenn and Lou to preview tomorrow's Deflategate hearing in New York, and tells the guys why he thinks Tom Brady will win yet again. Also, he sheds some light onto Daniel Mahoney's column in the Boston Herald, which said the NFL will win easily.
With Tom Brady's lawyers meeting with the NFL's lawyers in New York tomorrow, we will get the next episode in the Deflategate saga. The guys talk about Daniel Mahoney's story on why the NFL will win.
Dale and Holley went at Glenn yesterday, calling him out on his anger with the Bruins at the trade deadline. Glenn fires back and defends himself. Also, Glenn and Lou joke about Kirk Minihane endorsing Donald Trump.