Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk about the Bills DB's Stephon Gilmore and Nickell Robey-Coleman saying that they'll retaliate if the Patriots run through their pre-game warm-ups. They also delve into the actual game.

[0:03:40] ... high tower was pissed when they were looking for talking about the Buffalo Bills. So this instead Borger a couple of the Buffalo Bill players say if they go out. In the pre pre game and they watcher when he uber journals. Were the same thing all over again so they're fighting words here on both sides and yet. Are you feeling it here in this marketplace this week at this Rex Ryan this is a breath trying to week the but the Buffalo Bills its retro. I like hearing it I think there's a reason. I think there's anybody within the sound of our voice. Even ...
[0:05:08] ... I mean are we got a lot of respect for. For a Buffalo Bills. Go read a lot of respect for organizations so I just don't see any problems happening this camera I mean. There's a ...
[0:09:38] ... quarterback is gonna play quarterback not even Jimmy eagle rock blow not Tom Brady. Jacoby percent if you walked in he try to intimidate feel good about yourself you shut the man out good game for ...
[0:10:09] ... deep down they're like. And is percent anymore. We get an annual Tom Brady is a different belief. You know as far as your actions talk nice to dedicate yourself a talking trash. Talking trash your ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian go over an in-depth article about Chris Mortensen from "The Ringer," where they discuss his allegation that he received death threats from Patriots fans.

[0:05:48] ... on TV and he had to be an insider. No that's why health problem. Yet to be an insider. Which years but yet have information first we didn't get all the information you'll know what part ...
[0:09:10] ... conduit to get this up out there were shut it down this presidential election every single day it is another you know leak it out and everybody in response it. That was stolen. In that was ...
[0:20:53] ... go on the air and you sit here and yet you say Tom Brady threw a bad pass him and if it carries though it. ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss last night's sports-tacular viewing: The World Series, The Celtics Opener and the Bruins. Lou feels like watching 3 things meant he really didn't actually watch anything. They also talked about the Bruins health issues, specifically at Goaltender, and how the Celtics roster is constructed in exactly the same manner as last year's; so you can expect last year's issues.

[0:04:32] ... politics and government. And it's too early in the season obviously celtics' first night and so we know the Bruins have problem right now. The problem oh my god do the that we don't have a ...
[0:12:08] ... Obama just I mean there's five minor penalty to zero for the New York Rangers have waited just. It just kind of fell apart. So anybody are pretty you have you have a young goalie that's made ...
[0:13:54] ... this game. Part five starters ten guys off the bench. You what Gerald green's gonna get his minutes correct yeah federal esteem I want Jill brown to continue to get their fifteen to forty minute mark ...
[0:16:22] ... to see that if you expected to see Gerald Green playing fifteen Gerald green's one of those guys that have reached it if he's stroking it. You want him in the game he's instill confidence weakened ... –  Exactly two years ago Saturday, a NFL public service announcement condemning domestic violence titled ‘NO MORE’ was released.

The minute-long ad … featured multiple NFL players, including Giants quarterback Eli Manning. …

But when reminded Friday of his involvement in the PSAs, and asked for his reaction to the fact Mara said Thursday in a radio interview that kicker Josh Brown admitted to the organization he abused his wife, but was still re-signed and retained as a team employee, Manning, a team captain, said he could not offer much comment.

“I saw some new information that was revealed. I didn’t read into what exactly it was, so I’m probably not up to speed on everything,” Manning said. “Right there, you support your teammates, but also support the decision of the organization.

“Again, I’m not aware of what ownership said or any of the announcements. My focus this week has been getting ready for the Rams. Obviously, I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, all I can do is support my teammates and support the organization.”

This a really alarming. Eli Manning, the star of an NFL-sponsored public relations ploy service announcement decrying violence against women, takes a pass when it comes to actually commenting on actual domestic violence actually committed by his actual teammate. That champion of female empowerment, can’t be bothered to offer an opinion on the fact that his own kicker ignored his “NO MORE” campaign and his organization enabled the football- and spouse-kicking monster Josh Brown with coverups and contract extensions.

Of course, you’ve probably heard all about Manning’s non-comments by now. The nationwide shock and outrage over his silence on the matter has been echoing all across the country. From sea to shining sea, America has stood up in anger and shouted out with one voice that Eli Manning is a hypocrite for passing up the chance to denounce his teammate, his owner, and the NFL for this scandal.

No, wait. That didn’t happen. I’m sorry, I’ve got this mixed up. It’s Tom Brady that’s taking the heat. That’s it. Brady is the one being ripped in places like USA Today for being insufficiently furious at the league for their handling of Josh Brown. He called domestic violence a tragedy. Said he has no tolerance for bullies who abuse vulnerable people. But when he talked about how when it comes to disciplining players, he stays in his lane. And for that, he was put at the top of the national media’s Most Wanted List.

But when Eli Manning feigns ignorance and says he’s just focusing on the Rams game? And actually uses the words “support my teammates”? At a time like this? Crickets.

Congratulations, Roger Goodell. You have created a league where only person who loses in the court of public opinion not only hasn’t done anything wrong, he’s your best player. How about you throw money into a phony, insincere public service ad to stop that?

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

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Gerry and Kirk call out Chris Mortensen for claiming his family got death threats over his deflategate reporting.
Gerry and Kirk argue over Tom Brady's need to play this preseason.
Trenni, Gerry and Kirk talked about Joe Maddon's odd comments defending Aroldis Chapman and Headlines with Minihane.

[0:00:05] ... whatever minute teams always driven by that number one it ticked off Tom Brady I don't think that the flaky would have been more motivated on Brady's not the only guy out there we'll tell my ...
[0:01:05] ... I'm minding. You get enough money and I really got sick of John Cusack enough. I saw some good pictures onto ordered John Cusack people between what they know what you did yesterday troops accused accurate. He peaked at better off dead he's been going down ...
[0:03:35] ... can't go wrong with that. They do it and here Bob Newhart John Cusack and police there is Bob arts in the stands. He's stool right out the first pitch here November. Bottom broadcasts without a ...
[0:10:36] ... up. It really gets me about it has its connect back to Josh Brown's story from the last few days is that Joseph and getting the worst answer I ever. Hurt in terms of when art ...

Gerry, Kirk and Trenni started the show talking about Joe Buck's love for Kyle Schwarber and a crazed Philly fan.

[0:00:05] ... whatever and it teams always driven by number one it ticked off Tom Brady I don't think that the flaky would have been more motivated on Brady's not the only guy out there we'll tell my ...
[0:14:19] ... thinking why whatever it. It's lousy weather the game takes for ever Adrian Peterson came back at six months from the seal on it there. Air in Foster also come back quickly from an icy Atlantic ...


Viva la Mexico ✈️ @mikenapoli25

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You can count me among what I think is the majority of Red Sox fans who are pulling for Cleveland to win the World Series. Mainly because of Terry Francona. But also for Boston connection guys like Andrew Miller and Coco Crisp. And especially for me, Mike Napoli. First of all, he won a ring here. But also because I met him once at a party thrown by a mutual friend. Well, now that I find out who he’s dating, I respect Nap more than ever.

Boston? Meet Sophia Phalen. Nashville, Tennessee native. Belmont University nursing student. Baseball WAG. Any man capable of making Ms. Phalen fall in love with him, deserves a second ring. And a dozen more after that.











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Bryan Curtis of The Ringer has posted a long, in depth profile of Chris “The Father of Deflategate Misinformation” Mortensen, talking about his life, his career, his battle with cancer and of course, Deflategate itself.

There’s a lot to unpack here. But let’s start with the aftermath of Mortensen’s infamous tweet saying 11 of the Patriots 12 footballs in the AFC title game were tested at two pounds per square under the minimum:

After the tweet, a second source, with whom Mort had a better relationship, urged him to adopt a broader description: that the balls were merely “significantly underinflated.” In that tweezers-sized distinction, you could see a preview of the madness that would become Deflategate. Mort told me, “That should have raised the journalist in me to a higher level. I’ve got to ask some more questions here. What are we talking about, 2 pounds under? But, no, I got to get on TV.” He had to be an insider.

In appearances on TV and radio, Mort said he immediately backtracked to the safer ground of “significantly underinflated.” But Mort’s January 20 tweet and story that contained the 2 pounds per square inch number remained uncorrected for more than six months . …

Mort’s cool began to melt only when he started to get a number of death threats. “What bothered me is we’re in an era where if your wife goes onto social media, she basically reads that they want you to die,” Mort said. “Even after I got cancer, I got some death wishes.”

The Mortensens live in Arkansas. But when Mort was working in Bristol, they often stayed in a house they leased in Connecticut. As the Deflategate threats began to pile up, Mort told Micki he didn’t want her traveling to Connecticut anymore. “My job is to protect her,” he said. When Mort himself came to Bristol, he behaved like someone who was living under a public threat. He went straight from the ESPN studio to his home, avoiding restaurants and rarely appearing in public.

Look, I want to be kind to Chris Mortensen since he’s going through the living hell that is cancer treatment. I say with all my heart that I’m rooting for him to crush this disease and die an old man in his bed surrounded by loved ones many, many years from now.

But facts are facts. Mortensen admits here that he knew the information he put out there was pure horsecrap. And he did nothing. Even saying the balls were “significantly underinflated” was a pure lie. For the better part of two years he’s perpetuated the lie, kept the fire burning and continued to throw fresh wood on it like the time he went on Arizona radio to make up a story about Mr. Kraft and Jonathan Kraft apologizing to him.

And now, after the fire of falsehoods has finally burned itself out, he’s trying to kick around the embers and claim he didn’t correct the fake story because he’d said it on television? Bull. One hundred percent, Grade A, USDA Choice bull.

Secondly, while we’re on the subject of lies, I have a question about these “death threats” he’s implying came from Patriots fans. Who issued them? When? What did they say exactly? What happened when he told the police?

I mean, you can’t just casually throw out there that “Yeah, I people from New England saying they were going to come kill me and my wife. I was a big enough deal that we rearranged our lives, stopped traveling, looked over our shoulders and lived in fear. But what are ya gonna do? That’s those wacky Pats fans for ya.” That’s a big claim. One that smears the fans of an entire region as deranged, homicidal lunatics and deserves verification. But this Bryan Curtis doesn’t ask for it and Mortensen doesn’t provide it.

Then again, when it comes to publishing lies that can’t be backed up with any proof whatsoever, no one has anything on Chris Mortensen. Get well soon, Mort. But for God’s sakes, quit making up stories.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton