Tim Tebow's MLB workout is apparently going to have scouts from many MLB teams, and the guys still can't believe that he's getting this much attention for a sport he has no chance to play.
Minihane, Callahan and Mutnansky dive further into the Brady - Belichick dynamic as Tom's four-game suspension gets closer.
Gerry, Kirk, and Mut take NY Giants coach Ben McAdoo and SI writer Peter King to task for not addressing the Josh Brown domestic violence story.
Kirk and Callahan with Mut discuss the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick pressers from Tuesday and whether they reveal signs of a rift between the coach and QB.

I’ll confess that I’m not the world’s foremost authority on Li’l Dicky’s work. I know that he’s got the nerdy, frail, white guy comedy rapper market on lock. But to be fair, there’s not a hell of a lot of competition. And I’m really not sure what’s being accomplished with putting him in a motion capture suit in front of a green screen and having him try to cover Rob Gronkowski.

Your guess is as good as mine, but it seems like EA Sports is going to make a character out of him to promote Madden 17. And if that’s the case, I want in. If they’re going to give any geeky, undersized entertainer an avatar and have him defend Gronk, by all rights it ought to be the man who’s written a million Gronk-themed blogs and rocked them all. Not some rapper. Life is unfair.

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Jerry Thornton
Minihane & Callahan with Mut finish the Wednesday show discussing the breaking Patriots news that center Bryan Stork was released, plus a little ESPN bashing for their Little League World Series and Tom Brady coverage

[0:02:58] ... at this thing like that was. Its workers really good punching. Like Logan Mankins punched everybody who didn't write them they don't care that is that is nothing to. Not so cut the cut today becoming ...
[0:03:57] ... the patriots for Bryan stork you're starting center when he's healthy and Nate Washington out one of those surprise the other one. Bellic veteran wide receiver Larry so you know big value honesty don't you want ...
[0:04:44] ... image Chris price writing about these occasions ornery with the media. With Logan Mankins greats of the media is a great all pro player and policy they well backed up and is now the Bryant store and putt. You get Ali wasn't good to the media had an attitude. And it's easy to point back and up I never heard one negative thing about Ryan stork. And it's attitude before I get cut you know I mean courteous and attitude but I was it was a good thing it wasn't I'm Anthony Wright thought it was a Mankins and we thought I would pickets wants them to be thoughtful and open with me just to ...
[0:13:22] ... bought this property the little big world of the pussy would last Ray Lewis the questions right threatening the a like the. It's receive aid such you you can't say the yes though you'd Q yet ...

Curt Schilling checks in the Kirk and Callahan featuring Mut for his weekly thoughts on politics and the Red Sox.

[0:01:23] ... that well he's he can make a case. An honest case against Curt Schilling you have to lie and a state like or dislike or we feel we're showing is ammunition is legitimate ammunition is safe ...
[0:05:53] ... he said. That had nothing good what you actually said and then Hillary Clinton will stab somebody in the talked about how to set up. Pork or Obama open 400 million in ransom and will be better Zoellick page 27. Front page above the headline some dumb swimmer. Lied about what happened to a gas station that's big and. Am blown away by how quickly booked it. Don't the media has given away pretense is that spoke of ...
[0:13:11] ... month you're gonna open the playoffs. And I I thought that this road trip these. That bit the amount of travel that they're gonna happen through the pitching had to be testing carried them and for ...
[0:16:14] ... are 6000 people in the past last maybe it's not 6000. Ice Curt Schilling he's brought to you by our friends at boost mobile every single Wednesday at 9 o'clock Kurt as always thanks man appreciate. And I'm glad to see dramatic glass of the show ultimatum given. That that Kirk is back now they meet somebody at Dick Bennett of the so it's been dragon mask. I was away so song soul so hurtful and so. There's such a bully you really are. They like to shield that is not Curt Schilling joining us here. ...


Daily MailA realtor was busted by cops for having sex with a man in a house she’d just sold.

Kayla Marisa Seloff, 22, of Houston, had sold the house, in the 200 block of East Castle Harbour Drive in Friendswood, Texas, on Friday.

But the following morning, police responded to a call from a concerned neighbor and found Seloff there with Joshua Leal. …

Police arrived at the scene and spotted the pair lying on the floor in a ‘passionate rendezvous.’ …

They found drug paraphernalia inside and a small bag of marijuana inside as well.

Seloff admitted that it belonged to her — and then revealed that she was actually the house’s realtor and had sold it the day before.

The new homeowners filed charges, and said they did not approve the couple to be there or their unconventional ‘housewarming.’

The only people who behaved badly in all this are the new owners of the house.

Seriously, are these people so uptight that they can’t be happy for poor Kayla Seloff? It’s not like they’ve moved in already. They had just signed a purchase and sale, probably won’t be ready to move out of their old place until the end of the month. At this point it’s really only their place on paper. So why not let Kayla and Joshua Leal celebrate her big closing by getting their swerve on for a night?

Besides, have these new owners no romance in them? This scenario has been played out in a million adult films for a reason. Sexy realtor (and Kayla is a smokeshow. Click the link for pictures of her that are way better than that morning-after mugshot) makes a big sale. Studly guy says to her, “Hey, you know a lot about real estate. Tell me, is this [zip] … a lot?” And they start going to town on one another. In terms of porn popularity, it’s just behind the “Pizza deliver guy” trope and “Couple walks in on the babysitter” paradigm.

It’s just a pity our girl Kayla had to sell to the one couple with no sense of fun. But my guess is that for her going forward, business is going to be booming.

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Jerry Thornton


SportsnautThe brand new Dallas Cowboys training camp locker room has a sign on the wall with three words that may seem familiar to a group of people in Foxborough.

Indeed, “Do Your Job” is a common phrase heard on the sidelines of the New England Patriots. After the Patriots win in Super Bowl XLIX, NFL Films even produced a movie about the team with that title.

Right again, Thornton.

I’ve been saying for a while now that there are two sets of rules in the NFL. One for the Patriots, and a different set for every other team. And, in case you needed it, here is more proof. Not only don’t the same NFL rules apply to the other 31 franchises, now they’re even immune from federal trademark statutes.

Since February of 2015, the Pats have been the legal owners of “Do Your Job.” The trademark is thus protected under 1946’s Lanham Act, which “protects a business’ commercial identity or brand by discouraging other businesses from adopting a name or logo that is ‘confusingly similar’ to an existing trademark.” And trademarks can consist of “a word, phrase, or logo … a slogan, a name, a scent, the shape of a product’s container, and a series of musical notes.”

But if a football team turns its own legendary coach’s signature, original catchphrase into a team slogan and gets legally binding federal protection for it, then some other football team is welcome to help itself to it. So long as the intellectual property in question belongs to the New England Patriots.

Sure, a lawyer could argue there’s no monetary damage to the Patriots, so there’s nothing to stop another organization from lifting it. But as always in cases like this, you have to do the mental exercise of turning the table. What if the Patriots put up a huge sign in Gillette that stole the Cowboys’ “America’s Team”? Or the Raiders’ “Commitment to Excellence”? Or the Jets’ “The Workplace Has Not Seen an Employee Physically Assault Another Employee in [12] Days”? Congress would be calling an emergency session and Roger Goodell would be taking the cap off his lucky Draft Pick-Taking pen.

Even if you want to take the Cowboys’ side, you have to admit this is cheap. Exactly the kind of thing loser organizations do. Completely unoriginal and sponging off the work of a superior franchise. Hell, why don’t they just plaster the walls of the facility with “Just Do It”? Or “Da-da-da-da-da … I’m Lovin’ It”? How about “The Ultimate Driving Machine”? Or a simple “Got Cowboys?” Because Jerry Jones knows he’d get his pruned, bony ass sued off, that’s why. But it would appear the Patriots don’t have the rights any other company has.

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Jerry Thornton

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