It's the only story in sports in New England today... Tom Brady's suspension was upheld and reinstated by a US district court of appeals. We discuss it all... how it happened, why it happened, what's the Patriots recourse and much more.

It’s been days worth of tributes to the late, great Prince. But none I’ve seen have been as rewarding and entertaining as this bit from the classic “Mystery Science Theater 3,000.” If you’re not familiar with the show, I not only pity you, I don’t see how we can ever be friends.

The film Joel, Cro and Tom Servo were goofing on was the terrible “Agent for HARM.” The Prince references are comedy gold. Just the height of 1990s pop culture and, like Prince himself, is something we will never see again.

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Jerry Thornton
Presidential hopeful, and good friend of Tom Brady, Donald J. Trump, has a strong message for the NFL.
Callers react to the news that Tom Brady will likely miss games vs. Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo.

This was Donald Trump at a rally in Rhode Island mere minutes after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals lowered the boom on Tom Brady.

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that The Donald has been the one candidate in this race willing to address the real issue of injustice plaguing America: the continued persecution of the greatest quarterback of all time. He has not only been willing to talk about it, his message has been on point from the very beginning. And unwavering. He’s stood by his golf buddy in the face of all the haters, detractors, anti-science Deflategate Truthers and Ideal Gas Law Deniers.

It’s not always been easy. In 44 states and 31 NFL markets it’s popular to go against the man who has made life miserable for the rest of the NFL. But Trump has led from the front time and time again. And that’s what true statesmen do.

Granted, I say it more like this:

… But it’s really just a question of style. We are one promise of a presidential pardon away from me running the Trump campaign in Massachusetts. If you don’t like him, tell your candidate to pander harder.

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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Glenn, Lou, and Christian check in with Raffi Melkonian to get his insight on the 2nd Circuit court's decision and what Tom Brady's options are going forward.

[0:00:45] ... being able to come off. I'm happy do you have an affiliate football team. Get that out there we want to patriots fan. I'm from DC that I came back you know I lived in Boston for three years the patriots are number two look ...
[0:11:41] ... with the NFL we know that this case really. Is it about Tom Brady it's about players association. Verses the commissioner. An amount of power the commissioner has because we have suspensions in sports all the time so going forward they're going to be more suspension. How does the players is our association. Laying this out right now to try to see if they can't settle the case because isn't it more important interest Tom Brady. Yep that's right Tom Brady is really is the reason this is a big deal is that Tom Brady's you know one of the three best players in the league but is that a case isn't about Tom Brady like these that. I mean the way that this gets settled in my head is that it is a global settlement that ...
[0:13:32] ... good one back to your phone call six wants 7797937. Your reaction Tom Brady now looks like he's got a messed. Four games. ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian (and ESPN) react to the news that Tom Brady will be suspended the first 4 games of the 2016 season.

[0:00:12] ... should happen to win the appeal. Is he your intention to reinstate Tom Brady's four game suspension this is thought to it in it an individual player issue. This is about the rights and we negotiated ...
[0:02:53] ... just before. He really does this is a bad week for the New England Patriots. Virtually sitting out Thursday night not even drafting until. 59 players have gone off the board and then finally got you're probably gonna lose Tom Brady for the first four games but would brought up the cell phone. I just before and the cell phones prominently mentioned in ...
[0:04:08] ... commission deprived of member of the association wasn't happy with. What's in Troy Vincent and giving out when they destroyed that big to Delhi wants basically the other one was. Partial because it did have a third party or some like whatever it in other words that they brought up things suburban dame address this you always bring it up here eating addressed dozens and his. Argument whenever we're gonna bring them and they just destroyed. The players association Tom Brady can apply with a left nothing less than a ball. But again everything goes and he goes back to that statement of ...
[0:20:06] ... can't go Tito you're the patriots Diebold may be coming out hey Matt Hasselbeck. Need to al-Qaeda has Elliott got something left. There may be in zone near the home. Wow you need to change of ...

News broke during the show that the US Court of Appeals reversed Judge Berman's decision, and effectively re-instated Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.

[0:02:11] ... a competitive ruled in favor of the NFL it. Comes down to. Tom Brady. Is now suspended for four games. So if the appellate court has ruled for the National Football League it put back into ...
[0:02:55] ... commissioner. Can now go back to his original. Four game suspension on Tom Brady Tom Brady warmest first four games of 2016. But I believe that greedy and the players essentially the last I still have another option ...
[0:09:53] ... heard in early march. They lied about that they lied about what Tom Brady actually discussed. Number we found out one of the lies you know old Roger Goodell and quality talk about it at all that we found out through the testimony. Because it was actually there for us in brightly Roger pelican was Google public. That we found at the Tom Brady did indeed talk about the plated footballs or how they got that way or what had happened. Today these people. Still that's such a big deal what you can understand he would talk to him. Of course gonna talk I I will say this this is really pissed off. New England Patriots fans because there are numerous times. In the appellate court's ruling here where the site. The wells report and are backed up ...
[0:14:11] ... up the NFL don't read into it. Anode you know ruled for Tom Brady. When the three judges destroyed Tom Brady's team for the first time publicly listed don't read into it. Well at some time to think from what we've seen so ...


I’ll leave it to greater legal minds than mine to explain the rationale behind this latest nutpunch to the Patriots delivered by the appeals court. But let me sum it up the way I interpret it:

Roger Goodell is sticking it to the Patriots because he can. Screw you.

That’s it. There’s nothing in this ruling that says Tom Brady conducted an elaborate scheme that involved bribing the Deflator and Dorito Dink to secretly let air out of footballs. No fact-based argument about the Ideal Gas Law. No legal argument over the burden of proof. Not a reference to federal labor statutes that protect the right of every worker from a retail clerk to the best quarterback of all time.

Just Roger Goodell has absolute power and if it corrupts him absolutely? Well, if you don’t like it, you can lump it. We’re not hear to dispense justice. Write to you congressman.

On Dale & Holley with a shot of Thornton we’ll be talking to legal analysts to determine where this goes from here. But my immediate reaction is great vengeance and furious anger that a United States court would try to uphold the rights of a conniving, ego-maniacal bureaucrat to destroy an innocent man. The fact that Goodell has a piece of paper that he claims gives him the right to be judge, jury, arbitrator and executioner doesn’t make it so.

Are the justices claiming that there is no limit to Goodell’s power? None at all? If he decides tomorrow he doesn’t like a player’s attitude, the look in his eye or his haircut, can he suspend him? What if he suspended Brady for a year? Or banned him for life? Would they be cool with that?

Taken to it’s illogical conclusion, by this standard Goodell could go all President Snow, declare Brady has to take part in the Hunger Games to get reinstated and these dopes would rule he has that authority. Hell, if I was Commissioner Goodell, I’d claim the CBA gives me Writ of Prima Noctae and start sleeping with player’s wives and girlfriends and dare anyone to stop me.

The part of the CBA the NFL has hung their hat on all along is Article 46. The one that supposedly gives him total authority over player discipline, and only his opinion counts. No one has any rights in this but him. And now, thanks to the appeals court, Article 46 might as well be Order 66:

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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Dino, Gerry and Kirk look at the reports surrounding Prince and his drug use.