Following the Hank Baskett story, Christian heard an interesting song on the X-Factor. Target Field has installed self-serve beer stations. Lou talks about the Sirius XM's firing of Anthony Cumia, of The Opie and Anthony Show, following a seemingly racist twitter tirade.
Wake sat down with Lou, Christian, and Tim to talk about how the pitching staff has been over-performing the last 2 and half months. He reminds fans that it's still too early to panic. He also talks about how he discovered the knuckleball and how the pitch found HIM, and not the other way around.

The Blue Jays have hit a rough stretch, losing four consecutive games for the first time since April 23-26.

It will only get tougher for Toronto going forward, as the team will be without its biggest offensive weapon for the foreseeable future.

First baseman Edwin Encarnacion will miss the next 2-4 weeks due to a strained right quad injury, according to Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi.

The 31-year-old slugger injured himself during Saturday’s game against the Athletics, as Encarnacion beat out a potential double-play ball while running to first. He had to be helped off the field by members of the training staff.

Encarnacion has been of the baseball’s most intimidating hitters this season, batting .277 with 26 home runs and 70 RBIs. He was on pace for a career-high 47 home runs before his injury.

Encarnacion’s absence might cause Toronto to scour the trade market for more offense, as Morosi reported that the club is in discussions to acquire Padres third baseman Chase Headley.

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Conor Ryan
The team looks dead and the funeral march is on. The Sox had a chance to sweep the Orioles but instead won only 1 game. Stephen drew had a pair of home runs on Saturday but came crashing back down on Sunday. Sunday also involved a huge comeback effort that resulted in a 12th inning loss.

[0:01:41] ... get a huge winning team won. That your your Lackey has a great performance your opening gives it up you come all the weight back yesterday. Only to lose that game. It's just last year it ...
[0:04:44] ... look at it PV a look at it Pierzynski. -- who wants Jonny Gomes and a goal right down the list because this team they have good role players that can help championship teams like TV's on all good. Giant Eagle still crushing left in the kitchen it's -- -- -- catcher AJ Pierzynski but there's no need to hold on a role players that are going to be here next year -- Jaret at this ...
[0:06:23] ... it's keeping a Christian basket that's not a bad thing either. It Jonny Gomes you know I think guys status and an 880 yes against lefties at 322 against lefties some team will want him he's ...

Browns wideout Josh Gordon had a great year in 2013, as the Baylor product led the NFL with 1,646 receiving yards in just 14 games.

However, in a shocking turn of events, last year might have been the 23-year-old receiver’€™s swan song in the NFL, as a second failed drug test in May and a DWI charge stemming from his arrest Saturday has put Gordon’€™s career in jeopardy.

While it seems like helping Gordon is a lost cause at this point, Colts linebacker and former Browns captain D’€™Qwell Jackson announced his efforts to try to help the young receiver both on Twitter and while speaking with Monday.

“He needs help, he really does,” Jackson told “He needs people to extend themselves and probably have to do more than they wanted to do. But if [the Browns] care anything about the kid, they have to do it.”

While Jackson — who played alongside Gordon for two seasons in 2012 and 2013 — does not regularly talk with Gordon, he that he will reach out to the embattled wideout soon before adding that his Browns teammates also need to make an effort to help him out.

“At this point calling the cell phone is not going to work,” Jackson said. “You have to fly out to him. You have to fly out to wherever he is, take him to dinner and pick his brain to see what’s important to him.”

Gordon, who was already facing a year-long suspension for testing positive for marijuana, has planned to appeal the ruling later this month –€“ a move that is likely all but futile after his latest arrest.

Jackson, who said that Gordon was “one of those guys when he left the building that you worried about,”€ said that Gordon had all the potential in the world while out on the gridiron.

“Josh Gordon was a big piece of the Browns’ future; It’s just unfortunate he didn’t view it that way,” Jackson said. “He is so valuable. He doesn’t understand how valuable he is to an organization. He has no clue.”

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Conor Ryan

Here are the highlights from Monday morning’s Headlines segment on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane and guest co-host Rob Bradford. To listen to the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Radio shock jock fired from SiriusXM show for racist Twitter rant

Anthony Cumia, co-host of the “Opie & Anthony” show on SiriusXM, was fired for a racist rant on Twitter after claiming that a black woman assaulted him in Times Square last week.

In a statement released by SiriusXM, spokesperson Patrick Reilly said that Cumia’s comments were “abhorrent” and “wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.”

“I don’t like anybody getting fired for anything they say or think, I think the jobs that we do generally go on the other side, because we all say dumb things,” Minihane said. “I’ve gotten in trouble, I’ve said things that some people think are dumb. … Then I read the tweets, and you can go look them up, they’re so dumb. They’re so trolling, they’re so begging for it that I’ve actually got to admit, I’m OK with firing this dope.”

“How can his defense be, ‘It wasn’t even the radio?’ ” Bradford added.

Joan Rivers storms out of an interview with CNN

Comedian Joan Rivers can dish it out, but apparently she can’t take it.

The “Fashion Police” personality walked off a CNN “Newsroom” interview with host Fredricka Whitfield after a series of questions Rivers felt were of a negative tone.

“You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry,” Rivers said before walking off the set.

“I give Joan Rivers credit for this … she still tries,” Minihane said. “She’s in her 80s, I think. Her boobs are like 20. Her face is like 14. But she still tries. … It’s an odd life. [Don] Rickles is like it, too. I guess they just can’t give it up.”

Leonardo DiCaprio tabbed Hollywood’s biggest star

Vulture magazine polled a group of Hollywood executives on who they thought was the biggest star in cinema today, and the 39-year-old DiCaprio took the top spot.

“He’s actually been a roll here the last 4-5 years,” Minihane said, adding: “He’s had hit after hit.”

“You know who I definitely wouldn’t: Tom Cruise. … He’s a cliche now,” Bradford noted.

Added Minihane of Cruise: “Time has passed him by now. His movie bombed, this ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ which people said was pretty good. You see him now, it’s like a parody.”

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Conor Ryan
CSNNE's Gary Tanguay went off on Avery Bradley's 32 million dollar contract.

[0:12:20] ... welcome it passed the senate ethics. I mean hell I missed on David West made it inside guys even in the bird. Freeze the brilliant. Not by any of that the better example they missed on David website meant when they had that was their chance Annika won a title and that was that they were so close up then. They never get as a it Doc Rivers which is a recruiter right and evidently pretty -- recruiting but you know according to artery that -- I mean it has ...
[0:13:52] ... a great trip it's not you -- at least if Minnesota say Al Jefferson -- turn out to all and he player. Is you know 2010. Yeah I like that break. Now you know you guys ...
[0:15:03] ... the physical the ethical point guard magic this group -- -- and Marcus Banks too little is. I was told. -- well. You initially at -- Wednesday you drafted Troy bell Jiri Welsh that's right garbage ...

Joan Rivers storms off a set.

[0:01:55] ... trapped in here for our. No windows no air -- times like Hannibal Lecter is one of the view that's it. -- just carve a little something I mean this is a great -- the semester ...
[0:11:19] ... got no outs. Kneecap DiCaprio made these guys now think the biggest movie star but he's made movies. Are like -- is excellent role in the last 45 years. Yeah -- Wall Street as it left ...
[0:12:41] ... -- -- is the basic 64%. Say DiCaprio number two is still Denzel Washington. Say in the right he's really box office -- a lot -- it says fizzled but he's Johnny -- as a bomb left off all already outlawed that you did the one this past came a few months it forget it. It came out on all the thing about his mind yet -- three stickers in a row. DiCaprio -- Denzel Washington. Number -- DiCaprio is crazy Rory mat team sports which you know it was almost an interesting Steve -- expert at. Right ...
[0:13:34] ... AT&T. We get back to the Red Sox conversation off to get LeBron James. In a bad weekend for. One of the premier office of talented football that's stupid again music here. The mother breaks us ...

Kirk and Rob opened the show discussing the last place Sox.

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