Steve Buckley announced he was gay in 2011. (Photo provided)

Steve Buckley announced he was gay in 2011. (Photo provided)

The Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley announced he was gay in a column seven years ago. But he says Bill Simmons tried to out him a decade earlier.

During the debut episode of WEEI’s latest podcast, “Two Outs with Steve Buckley and Alex Reimer,” the longtime sports scribe describes his coming out process. While Buckley wasn’t publicly out until 2011, he says he didn’t make much of an effort to hide his sexuality when around friends and some co-workers.

Simmons, who was writing for the defunct AOL Digital Cities in the late 1990s and early 2000s, often wrote acerbic commentary about Boston sports media members. During that time period, Buckley says Simmons made several thinly veiled references to his sexuality on his blog. Most of Simmons’ work for Digital Cities, including the articles in question, have been expunged.

“I’ve never really talked about this before, but Bill, during that period, made several references to my sexual orientation,” Buckley said. “‘Oh, he’s the most popular sports writer in Provincetown’ –– ‘wink’ ‘wink.'”

Buckley says the barbs “devastated” him and caused some angst. He was planning on coming out in 2003, but then his mother passed away, causing him to push the announcement back. When he penned his column eight years later, Buckley says he decided to not hold any grudges.

“I made a decision when I came out –– ‘Blood is a big expense,’ to use a line from the Godfather,” he said. “I wasn’t going to go carrying baggage for the rest of my life. If I saw Bill right now, I would talk to him about it. … I wanted to prevent the next Bill Simmons from trying to out me. So I dealt with it, and I moved on.”

When Buckley did come out, Simmons recorded a podcast with LZ Granderson, an openly gay sportswriter for ESPN. In it, Simmons seemed unimpressed with the timing of Buckley’s announcement.

“In 2011, is it too little to come out and write a column that says, ‘I’m gay?,'” he asked.

After the column was published, Buckley says he read some criticism from members of the LGBTQ community who felt he was exploiting the work of activists who participated in the Stonewall Riots and other seminal moments in LGBTQ history. He explains the standard-bearers of the gay rights movement laid the groundwork for him to come out.

“Someone wrote a letter to the editor in a paper that someone sent me,” Buckley said. “The basic message was, there were people back in the 60’s and 70’s and the Stonewall Riots, fighting the good fight, the AIDS quote and all of that, and they did all of the heavy lifting and then I just kind of swooped in and took advantage of all of that. Those were the real heroes. To which I say, ‘absolutely.’ But here’s why they miss the point: All of those noble people, beginning with the people who fought the police at Stonewall back in ’69, why did they do it? They did it so I could come out. They did it for me.”

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Following the Sox loss to the Yankees, Lou comes out swinging on managers and writers alike.

[0:01:55] ... pressure was OK so you diversified he's out of the game but Chris Young. When the lefty comes in the game yes hello Chris Young in his pants and can't wait to get it yes it. And I don't understand like the first opportunity so you're down three runs a lefties on the mound you're down three runs. And and so Babin attendee walks the lead off the angle it's a double. Off the loss and a second and third nobody out down three runs Chris Young needs you bats and is not two outs we're you know. This is it any energy Christian Europe 83. Runs and before that connects small island is that the plea to number hole hitter who won't buck at it let's just get this straight bringing a case of Chapman. It's all it's all for one his career against chair. It just for just keep going Josh Rutledge is all 41 with a cane a walker Chris Young going to game was opened three wood OK so Mitch Moreland. Who. I had an idol this year we see in 231 against lefties in 3.3 against righty but last year you 277 against lefties to 21 against rights are being shown that. They did love his approach at the ladies shown he can hit lefties so you choose with nobody out. To pinch hit Chris Young for Mitch Moreland your four hole hitter Hanley and Jackie run deck but you're down three. Soul. Even he delivers what you want which almanac and but he did or did he grounded out and scored the one run you can put in you don't three. The debate the important hitters are about two to three meters away right but you get any it Jacqui good there did you get Josh Rutledge. And Marco Hernandez. Would you rather have Chris Young pinch hit for Kristen from Mitch Moreland. Oh would you be saving them down the lines annual down the ring it's admits ...
[0:04:30] ... Did you get alien Jackie he showed us yes and then adding Chris Young. You know hits for a wage does what Christian were scuffling to put points on the board and then. The joy it ...
[0:05:10] ... struggle against lefties to 31 this year you know we could see Chris Young was significant but sixty against lefties in symbol only one you can look back last year. Chris young's track record against lefties and very well how well I'll look back at last year's track record of lefties he did very well. So small and if you wanna go by last year's numbers Tiki used the issue is one guy not issues for the other and vice Versa. What was the rush to beat Chris Young hit beautiful hold it when you know it was gonna get down a rough which as you know one. Campbell Martin though he loves him against left and mark and Roberts did he can hit lefties I understand. But again this guy is nasty Chatman two to best shooters out there before hole hitter is better than you shouldn't owner obviously it was open minded. So keep Chris Young for a trip back to put to our first I just enjoy it pinch hit it picked up a if it got ...
[0:08:33] ... this year. Is how was this team going to react with no David Ortiz both in the club house and the way that certain pitchers will pitch around certain hitters. Where there's no David Ortiz in the lineup we know what Ortiz one. The leading a home run hitter on the Boston Red Sox it's possible he's ...

Following the Sox loss to the Yankees, Lou comes out swinging on managers and writers alike.

ESPN gutted its MLB coverage Wednesday, laying off several prominent reporters and analysts.

 NY Post Sports — Grayson Murray’s open book policy on social media took a decidedly creepy turn Wednesday night.

The 23-year-old golfer and part-time model chaser, after admitting he “had a couple drinks,” fired off an inappropriate tweet to a young female fan after she posed the age-old question, “Why does everyone hate on @GraysonMurray?”

“Idk but I hate the fact you are in high school. You are pretty,” Murray replied in the since-deleted tweet, which had been captured.

The fan in question, a Dallas-based high schooler who had recently shared photos from her prom, responded to Murray’s remarks with, “Well thanks!”

Murray returned to Twitter on Thursday morning, switching the subject matter from personal to professional.

I cringed out loud when I saw this it’s so skeevy.

But I also laughed out loud. It’s quite a ballsy move and it’s kind of funny that he tweeted this as a quote tweet and not a reply where it’s at least a little more private. 

At least Murray did answer this girl’s question of why everyone hates on him. Certainly clears that up.

Here’s the first tweet he sent after he deleted the tweet in question: 

Way to subtly pivot to tweeting like a professional person and expect us to forget you just hit on a high-schooler. While this technique is frequently used, it is rarely effective. Screenshots are forever, as they say, so Murray’s clever attempt to distract us by tweeting about golf has failed.

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Lucy Burdge
Karl Ravech (right) is reportedly going to see his role at ESPN significantly reduced. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

Karl Ravech (right) is reportedly going to see his role at ESPN significantly reduced. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

ESPN gutted its MLB coverage Wednesday, laying off several prominent reporters and analysts. As a result, the WorldWide Leader is now looking towards the outside in an effort to beef up its baseball programming.

In a press release, ESPN announced it’s partnering with MLB Network to air “Intentional Talk,” the slap-and-tickle fest hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. The program will run from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on ESPN2 beginning next week.

The collaboration between ESPN and MLB Network isn’t a surprise, given Disney’s 33 percent stake in MLB Advanced Media. It appears as if ESPN is dramatically cutting down on its original MLB studio programming, with “Baseball Tonight” mainstays such as Dallas Braden, Doug Glanville and Raul Ibanez receiving their walking papers Wednesday. The Hollywood Reporter says “Baseball Tonight” host Karl Ravech is going to see his role significantly reduced.

While ESPN pays MLB $700 million annually to broadcast games, it’s apparent baseball coverage is no longer a priority in Bristol. That’s likely a reflection on MLB’s lessened national standing. “Sunday Night Baseball,” once a marquee property, continues to see its ratings flounder in comparison to the network’s other major telecasts.

MLB will still be covered more prominently than the NHL –– ESPN canned three hockey reporters this week –– but the gap is closing.

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Alex Reimer
We waste no time picking apart Jimmy Butler and the Bulls after dropping a pivotal Game 5 to the Celtics. Butler's poor performance last night might have Glenn thinking twice about the C's pursuing Jimmy this off season...
We waste no time picking apart Jimmy Butler and the Bulls after dropping a pivotal Game 5 to the Celtics. Butler's poor performance last night might have Glenn thinking twice about the C's pursuing Jimmy this off season...

[0:02:44] ... Hula and now taking a 32 advantage in the series against the Chicago Bulls did not look. Promising here after the first two games right and now they're in the driver's seat and just right to ...
[0:07:25] ... one more for much of Horford in in Avery Bradley mean and Isiah Thomas. You know the Celtics last night you know as I said all for really good Cohen in a third and took off ...
[0:10:03] ... we're looking for will look at for somebody else you can't expect Isiah Thomas to do it every night somebody else's got to step up I thought for Horford was a typical. Horford then. That's it's ...
[0:11:57] ... maximum contract guy I think you could say the same thing about Isiah Thomas the old thing is probably not a Max contract with all the money right now these actual contract. And that I think ...

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