In case you missed it yesterday, Tyson Rauch of @JetsFanMedia, the group that flew the "Cheaters Look Up" banner over Patriots training camp, came on the show and Lou couldn't help but laugh at him.

[0:00:01] ... hour of the children days with him at feet overloaded to advance Christian Fauria my last hour before it all Pittsburgh and we leave but it it was quite newsworthy here. Angel Stadium Foxborough as the ...
[0:00:48] ... stands does start to boo it's pretty obvious that there were some patriots fans you notice that we now are joined on AT&T hotline Mike Tyson rugs from a had jet fans media and Tyson thanks a lot for calling in along if you had this plan. War. ...
[0:02:00] ... that just took him in a there you know they've won a Super Bowl last year perfectly obviously you no cheating involved balls are perfectly expected that Brady's just. So damn good that you hysteria quarterback ...



You guys made a mistake by drumming up business for the show and how I would address my reporting for the first time (which is not true).
I won’t allow WEEI, Kraft or anybody to make me the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported far beyond anything I did in first 48 hours.
Maybe when the lawsuit is settled – in Brady’s favor, I hope — we can revisit.
Don’t call.

— Email from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen to Dennis & Callahan

So Mortensen doesn’t want to be the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported, even though his own misreporting is the centerpiece of the story.

Does he make himself clear? Crystal.

This latest little plot twist in this whole sordid saga proves what I said immediately after Mortensen’s tweet back on Jan. 21: That from the very beginning this was a plot cooked up by persons in the NFL office to get the Patriots, and they were not about to let a thing like the truth get in the way.

On the same Friday show that Mortensen bailed out on, John Dennis reported that the weasel who fed the false intel to Mortensen is in fact Mike Kensil, who’s been basically Suspect No. 1 from the beginning. He had the means, the motive (he’s openly hated Bill Belichick going back to their days together with the Jets) and he had the opportunity to be the Patient Zero of the pandemic that is Deflategate, and it makes perfect sense that he’d use a stooge like Mortensen to spread the infection and make it go viral.

And if you’re still one of the sheeple who’ve bought the narrative that Tom Brady is guilty, how do you explain this? How do you justify a reporter refusing to back up his own report? It’s been 6 1/2 months, and Mort has never once addressed the fact that he put out a story that is contradicted by the investigation launched by the very people who fed him the fake information. Nor has he bothered to correct it. Neither obviously did anyone in the NFL, despite the fact they knew it to be wrong as soon as it was tweeted out.

There is only one explanation that fits. And it’s that “league sources” wanted to smear the Patriots, discredit their accomplishments and make them suffer a punishment. And somehow have gotten to the pasty they duped into starting the whole phony scandal to keep him from coming clean.

Now that we have the unprecedented development of a news reporter recusing himself from talking about his own news story, there is one logical next step. Chris Mortensen should be the plaintiff’s first witness in Brady v. The NFL. He began Deflategate. Let him begin the lawsuit he hopes Brady wins.


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Jerry Thornton
We know the leak to ESPN on deflate gate.

[0:03:21] ... was no memorandum there was no pull aside an operations guy or Bill Belichick Tom Brady or equipment guys that by the way. All master Robert footballs because we're getting some complaints they didn't do any they'd set ...
[0:08:00] ... also know you're credit I applaud you it's an ovation minute man Troy Vincent. Was the source for Steven Hayes. He'd destroy all right so it right Gerri just roll his cellphone cell phone Troy Vincent drop the dime on Stephen Hadley called federal well Philly player Stephen it was in Philly flies I'm now a little different. Because Steve and his report was right yes. And months and destroy what I will say that's the NFL is alleging he destroyed and that's what Steve they report you know source is right this and I think he is. The thing that Stephen A citizen in the interview went back I told him basically what this is war is war spring and god that's Troy Vincent thing that's correct. But we knew that because we knew cancel went to Schoenfeld and have them it's that you are in ...
[0:13:49] ... he has because he's bringing the hammer down on. The patriots and Tom Brady in fact just a little bit of the opposite where he is weaker than you think. Is listening to his minions were ...
[0:16:24] ... hole. You not. Not why. I'm Brady. Bill ballot check in the New England Patriots women. Get Super Bowl. Inaction. What am I guess that there there are some validity to that but I don't think it's so much looking forward I think it's looking back at what bill in particular I don't think there's any. What's worked animus. Torch pom. We're certainly the owner here. But I think there's a strong dislike. Or bill Belichick's. Arrogance and personality and his rubbing their nose in it. By beating them everywhere they possibly get some animus toward come from ...

Beverly Scott hired by Obama.

[0:06:06] ... May well. And strategic it re George Cody for a it's true Tom Cruise for example David Beckham the bitter battle and not realize that. Really Smart and and we no matter have the mile per hour. Yes they are Smart well yes now she's tired she has no parent should work full time threat. She she puts them on the scale they're under two and a different pound it out how it. Yeah I know you love the big not short text into the playground if they don't scare the little children out what you you know Jennifer Garner. Like. It's yes and it fired a three. And O says he never never attempted by the opening bell. Jennifer Gardner's intractable decreased. But the name needed is in love with Ben Affleck and reported pool. Had an affair with them. I would say is more track some joke and we all blame her 100%. ...
[0:08:11] ... able to get her passport is going to be kept her out. Jennifer Garner is a fool owns unless you're one Russian one to get divorced that's true she set. Maybe she said all the chips ...
[0:10:22] ... looking for a makeup call you know like if if see a Super Bowl winning quarterback multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback. Who was never arrested for crimes never charged with a crime he's suspended for six games. Now lowered it to ...

ESPN's reporter ducked the show.

[0:01:25] ... one Roger Goodell and National Football League are doing what they're doing Tom Brady. Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and the doing and patriots. OK boys. While what while the public thinks it's out there to talk to someone ...
[0:07:22] ... that. Basis of foundation happens all the time since you know and Troy Vincent. But Stephen A Smith was usable and he used to finally worked its assembly got a relationship. You give me some information ...
[0:16:08] ... used because somebody. Actually more than one somebody has an agenda against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and and and Robert Kraft added to the patriots as an entity. Used him to promote that agenda in advance that agenda ...
[0:17:26] ... that's gonna happen all politics the more they're gonna use drones. Behind Tom Brady and quarterbacks in the National Football League this year to be a big thing and it's acute but what ever more reports ...

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Welcome to Friday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

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MLB: Nationals at Mets, 7:05 p.m. (MLB Network)


Sheldon Richardson

Sheldon Richardson

— Jets fans had some fun at the Patriots’ expense Thursday, flying a plane over Patriots training camp practice with a sign that read, “Cheaters look up.” However, they’ve got some problems with their own team to worry about.

Pro Bowl defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, who like Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the season — Richardson’s issues was a failed a drug test — was charged Thursday with resisting arrest along with a series of traffic violations after leading Missouri police on a high-speed chase earlier this month.

According to police, the St. Louis native and former University of Missouri star turned off the lights on his 2014 Bentley Silver Spur W 12 drove at speeds of up to 143 mph on I-64 during the July 14 pursuit. The 24-year-old eventually pulled into a driveway (after driving through a red light), where police discovered a strong odor of burned marijuana, a gun under the driver’s seat and a 12-year-old boy in the car with Richardson and two other men.

News of the legal problems broke Thursday, an hour after Richardson talked to the media about his suspension and insisted he’d stay out of trouble going forward.

“I take full accountability for my actions,” Richardson said of the suspension, which was announced July 2. “I apologized to my teammates and this organization, and I told them they don’t have to worry about my name being in the news again.”

Added Richardson: “I’m not a dope fiend, man. I can say no. I just chose not to. It was a depressing time in my offseason and that’s just that. It’s just that simple, bro.”

Richardson, the 13th overall pick in 2013, was the 2013 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year after recording 78 tackles and 3.5 sacks. Last season he had 66 tackles and eight sacks and earned his first Pro Bowl selection.

A Jets spokesman said the team was “aware of the situation and gathering information.”

Red Sox infielder Pablo Sandoval isn’t the only baseball player to have struggled with dehydration this week. CC Sabathia ended up in the hospital after pitching in the Yankees’ loss to the Rangers on Thursday night in Arlington, Texas.

With the temperature at 101 degrees at the start of the game, Sabathia pitched five innings, allowing four runs — including a three-run home run to Josh Hamilton in the first inning and an inside-the-park home run in the fourth to Ryan Rua.

After the game, while icing his arm in the trainer’s room, Sabathia began experiencing symptoms of dehydration, the team said, and was taken to Medical Center of Arlington for fluids.

The hefty lefty did not fly with his teammates to Chicago, where the Yankees will play a three-game series against the White Sox.

— Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman will become the second woman to serve as an NBA assistant coach, as both she and the Kings confirmed that she will join the team this season.

Lieberman, who coached the D-League’s Texas Legends from 2009-11 and then served as an assistant general manager of the Mavericks for one season, had been working as a pregame and postgame analyst for Thunder games on Fox Sports Oklahoma.

George [Karl] and I talked about brining her back after she helped us at Summer League [in Las Vegas],” Kings vice president Vlade Divac told the Sacramento Bee. “She was terrific. She brings a different dimension. I think it is a nice opportunity for her.”

Lieberman, 57, was a standout player at Old Dominion University in the late 1970s. She went on to play professionally, including alongside men in the United States Basketball League. In the inaugural season of the WNBA in 1997, she played for the Phoenix Mercury as a 39-year-old. After coaching the Detroit Shock for the three seasons starting in 1998, she played one game for the Shock in 2008 at the age of 50.

Lieberman follows Becky Hammon, who is entering her second season as an assistant with the Spurs.

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On July 31, 1997, in one of the most favorably one-sided deals in Red Sox history, Boston acquired catcher Jason Varitek and pitcher Derek Lowe from the Mariners for which reliever?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “While this litigation is ongoing, it is appropriate (and helpful) for all counsel and all parties in the case to tone down their rhetoric. . . . If they have not already done so, the parties and counsel are directed forthwith actively to pursue a mutually acceptable resolution of this case.” — New York Judge Richard Berman, on the NFL and the union discussing a settlement in the Tom Brady case

STAT OF THE DAY: 13 — Runs the Red Sox allowed in the first innings of their four-game series against the White Sox, giving up a pair before rallying for an 8-2 victory in Thursday’s finale

‘NET RESULTS (mobile users, check the website to see the videos): Jason Castro ends a scoreless game with a walkoff three-run home run in the ninth inning to give the Astros a win over the Angels.

Josh Hamilton hits a walkoff single as the Rangers beat the Yankees in the ninth inning.

Earlier in that Yankees-Rangers game, Texas’ Ryan Rua hits an inside-the-park home run as Jacoby Ellsbury has trouble fielding a sinking liner to center.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Closer Heathcliff Slocumb

SOOTHING SOUNDS: On July 31, 1975, three members of the popular Irish group the Miami Showband were massacred on their way home from a performance as part of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Spar
Dale, Michael and Jerry Thornton talk about all things Patriots, including the challenges on the field and the drama off the field as 2015 training camp opens today in Foxborough.
Dale, Michael and Jerry Thornton talk about all things Patriots, including the challenges on the field and the drama off the field as 2015 training camp opens today in Foxborough.
We wrap up the day with some of the best in sound you may have missed.