We close out the program with the best sound clips of the day.
We close out the program with the best sound clips of the day.

[0:06:24] ... sweat bands authorities don't bother and it's not something important qualities that Warren Sapp. The food world. And that these underlings that. I didn't have never had a happy to meet personally with people that I have approached us approached him on visa that you guys here. UT's meatless is presented useless. What got probably pissed that settlement for making the amazing catch in the Super Bowls former falcons receiver Roddy White who revealed the podcast this week that he may have had some money on the game. And so did a former NBA ...
[0:07:40] ... not come from anywhere now we'll let you know and I. The Roddy White commercial no not a whole lot a Richard are you guys have never heard of Antoine Walker. Yes there's little the articles are thought Robert richer of disarmament and Greg and it was in jail. 400000. Dollars in child ...
[0:09:00] ... a good player. Superstar. This is supposed. It bad points out that Roddy White played 65 million dollars that's less than Antwaan that's true and vomit or a hundred to one answer. Another gem Michael to ...

USA TodaySo just how bad is Tiger Woods’ injured back that he cited it as the reason for withdrawing from the Genesis Open here this week? Apparently so bad he’s incapable of holding a news conference.

On Monday, a Q&A session with the media scheduled for Tuesday was postponed until today. On Tuesday, the news conference was scrapped altogether.

Woods, who has undergone three back surgeries, returned to the PGA Tour last month after an 18-month layoff. Making his debut in January at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, he missed the cut for the first time in his career on that course. Then, citing back spasms, he withdrew from the Omega Dubai Desert Classic the following week after an opening-round 77.

Next move: On Friday Woods posted an update on his website announcing that he would not be playing in the Genesis Open or the Honda Classic next week in Florida.

It is unclear whether Woods has remained at his home in Florida this week or has flown to Los Angeles to be at the tournament, which benefits his foundation.

He’s been advised to limit activities like sitting and talking? This must be bad. Or he just doesn’t want to talk about it. If I’m him, I would retire. Enough of this.

The Masters is in about seven weeks and as of two days ago, the odds of him winning it were 100/1. But now it seems people should be betting on whether he’ll even play in it.

How the mighty keep falling.

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Lucy Burdge

Throughout all eight years of his presidency, Barack Obama filled out NCAA tournament brackets on ESPN. Donald Trump is discontinuing the tradition.

Donald Trump won't be filling out a bracket this year. (J. Scott Applewhite/Pool Photo/USA Today Network)

Donald Trump won’t be filling out a bracket this year. (J. Scott Applewhite/Pool Photo/USA Today Network)

Throughout all eight years of his presidency, Barack Obama filled out NCAA tournament brackets on ESPN. Donald Trump is discontinuing the tradition.

According to the Washington Post, Trump declined ESPN’s bracket offer. In a statement provided to the Post, White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks didn’t provide many details about the reasoning behind the President’s decision.

“We look forward to working with ESPN on another opportunity in the near future,” she said.

Obama, a basketball enthusiast who frequently played pick-up games with staff members and other politicians, filled out both men’s and women’s brackets for an annual special on ESPN. Basketball analyst Andy Katz, who guided the President through the process, told the Post Obama’s passion for the game made the arrangement work.

“He wasn’t as dialed in to every player or team but had conversational knowledge to offer his own analysis on the NCAA tournament for the men’s and women’s game. Baracketology was a success because it was clear he was a fan of the sport and the NCAA tournament, like millions of other Americans,” he said.

Though Trump holds an apparent reverence for athletes, it’s unclear how closely he follows sports (he bailed on his beloved Patriots during halftime of Super Bowl LI, missing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history). While Obama was known to watch SportsCenter in his free time, Trump opts for cable news. He often live-tweets the morning talk shows, offering his unfiltered analysis on Twitter. Wednesday morning, Trump pleaded with his followers to watch Fox and Friends and ditch CNN and MSNBC, which were covering the fallout from Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation.

While ESPN likely would’ve caught flak for collaborating with Trump, much like Saturday Night Live did in 2015 when he hosted an episode, this is a negative development for the WorldWide Leader. In recent months, the network has been criticized for its apparent left-wing bias. Featuring a softball segment with Trump may have helped change that perception –– at least for one day.

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Alex Reimer
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[0:01:24] ... a guy who did I do have a problem with those is Tom Brady's. Kind of it's kind of like oh I'm not political but yet I throw these little political things in there oh I ...
[0:02:19] ... but what political thing. Not what. It's I don't know I think Tom Brady has been its right. I'm lucky that you think. They had an answer to. I'm just saying that he has to. If ...
[0:04:02] ... friends in the Internet tough time with my aircraft passing. I feel Bill Belichick talked but the friendship that never once talked about him and as far as politics go. And I know it's not good ...
[0:05:11] ... with I think a lot of people when they were watching that Super Bowl yeah. Q were caring I don't think so I didn't want I I billion people vote for Donald Trump. Most sports fans are males the majority of Mel's vote for Donald Trump I don't really think people watch simple. I'd do. I do you care argue I can argue a lot of people that could try to take a lot of I don't think a lot of people that watch the Super Bowl. How do you know that. I do know that you're just your user making stuff but look at the ball out of Oklahoma. Males voted just got a trumpet this election right. Men watch sports. So good at the does that mean more men watch the Super Bowl. That's what do you think drama big old men watch the Super Bowl and women is that it he's saying he's making things up a as somebody else that make it something not so. We're ...

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