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Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Look at this kid. Even as a chubby youth in an oxygen-free environment fraught with peril and one slip up from a watery grave, he’s got ice water in his veins. Even as a child, there just weren’t enough “o”s in the word “cool” to describe Tom Brady.


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Jerry Thornton

I’m a little torn here. First, because as good as “I.P. Man 3″ looks, I haven’t seen “I.P. Man” or “I.P. Man 2,” so I worry that there might be some subtle nuance or minor plot points that I missed that will make it hard for me to get the full vision of the film makers.

That said, Mike Tyson fighting with a guy over some gold framed Chinese characters that look like they’re tattooed down some hipster’s forearm and to settle once and for all whose fists are the fastest? You can count me in. Granted, I’ve been hoping Iron Mike would branch out into some other film styles. Maybe try romantic comedy or historic drama or something, to really show off his versatility and acting chops. But in the meantime, I’ll take this.


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Jerry Thornton
Glenn, Christian and Gary Tanguay go after some of the local media members, and an angry Rob Bradford calls in to rip into Tanguay.
With the shake-ups at NESN, the guys debate who could be a new part to the Red Sox TV broadcast team and talk about how NESN screwed up with how they treated Don Orsillo.

[0:00:25] ... But not a solo of agrees to a deal yesterday with the San Diego Padres might stand a pretty good deal. For him he's gonna be doing a bunch of stuff out there and probably not all ...
[0:06:18] ... and nobody is really indeed it wishes spent too while talking about Tom Brady and. But he's not a talk show he's doing a baseball brought same thing. I completely not gonna give us and passion ...
[0:07:15] ... their gonna realize the ability that he has he's also gonna do college basketball which is very big on FS one right now and he's gonna be able to do other sports and Dodd is gonna ...
[0:13:24] ... interested in a three man Booth right very similar to what the New York Mets do bright with Ron darling by the way dollars to rent. I've watched the little bit of the Mets this summer month ...

Everyone knows Bill Belichick is a great coach, but he's received criticism for his role as a GM. Glenn, Christian and Gary discuss whether or not the criticism is fair and look back at how Belichick has built teams and evaluated players in the past.

[0:00:00] ... Re you know who Tom Brady he has called the book thought whoa careful opening of the Pope would. They're football with the Narnia and I'm not here are hernia whether it's walk back what. All my old what are ever coming up that cup football. I district Lewis another one of the other guys you can't help himself. And he just won't do find some way of attacking. Tom Brady's good guy who's got. It's great players don't get it from great great great player parties know a little bit discretion it's ...
[0:02:55] ... think the best example is in believe me every coach has a Chad Jackson. They immunity you know everybody has boss. The best example was Malcolm Butler in not just because obviously he made you know ...
[0:06:44] ... depict that he probably at some interest on in draft that. Yes Chicago Bears fans they're gonna be so pissed because boss Google I mean hopefully he comes here and he really. It's difference right he ...


Boston MagazineThe past couple of years, he’€™s been making calls that begin like so: “This is Robert Kraft. Do you know who I am?”

Andrew Schiff answered the phone to that question last year at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. He said to Robert Kraft, “I know who you are. But I have no idea why you would be calling me.”

“I have good news for you,” Kraft said. He told Schiff that he was giving his nonprofit, which teaches culinary skills to unemployed adults, $100,000.

Kraft also told Schiff not to tell anyone about the call. And there was more: In order for Schiff to get the money, he’€™d have to raise another $100,000 from others.

Two hundred thousand dollars’€”that would cover a year of the culinary program’€™s operating costs, Schiff thought. But he’€™d have an easier time convincing others to give if he could use Kraft’€™s name. Could he, please?

There was a pause.

“Okay”  Kraft said. The generosity was no surprise. With his wife, Myra, as the point person, Kraft had long been one of Boston’€™s biggest philanthropists, to the tune of more than $100 million over the past three decades. … He’€™s still writing checks, still feeding the homeless, still going off to charity board meetings. He’€™s still busy by nature. Still, in fact, driven. Why, just this summer he took 19 Hall of Fame football players on a weeklong trip to Israel, on his own dime.

Still, something about Robert Kraft feels off. Even or especially when he’€™s being generous. … Claudia Green, the executive director of English for New Bostonians, was meeting with staff early this year when … she picked up the phone to: “This is Robert Kraft.”€ She knew who he was. “€œI encourage you to use the Kraft name with other donors.”€ he told Green. She says the impact of her conversation with Kraft was “a lifetime in two minutes.”€ Offers like these don’€™t come along every day.

And something’€™s been off, as well, in the way Kraft has swung between rage and desperation in trying to control the damage of Deflategate, the latest scandal that threatens to tarnish his team’€™s image. At the podium, staring into the cameras and declaring the team’€™s innocence, Kraft hasn’€™t been buffing and shining his image the past year so much as demanding: Do you know who I am?

I’ve been a stalwart, consistent supporter of Mr. Kraft for all these years, but not after reading this. I appreciated that the man saved pro football in the region, turned the worst franchise in all of sports into the model of success, tore down the most amateurish stadium in North America and replaced it with a state-of-the-art facility without the use of taxpayers’ money or charging his fans for personal seat licenses. And I respected all the good works the man has done with that $100 million he and his late wife gave away.

But sorry, Kraft family. Those days are over. This article has finally pulled back the veil that’s been over my eyes all this time. Now that I know he’s calling food banks out of the blue to offer them generous donations and allowing them to use his name in order to get matching donations, I’m done. Sure, Andrew Schiff might think he’ll be able to save lives with the support and perhaps Claudia Green believes she got a lifetime of help in two minutes, but thanks to this crack investigation by Boston Magazine, I know different.

Hell, I even watched the video of that trip to Israel. I watched NFL greats like John Hannah, Andre Tippett and Curtis Martin give testimonials about how spiritually enriching it was. I saw Mel Blount, one of the baddest men in the history of football say how rewarding and life-changing it was. And I bought into the hype.

I’m embarrassed to say I actually applauded him for stepping to that podium and defending his team, his coach and his quarterback in the face of the most ludicrous and pointless non-scandal ever in pro sports. I can’t even tell you how stupid that makes me feel right about now.

Thanks to Boston Magazine, now I know the truth. Something about Mr. Kraft is off. Admittedly I don’t know what. I read through all 10,000 or so words of this piece, none of which shed any light into what that “something” is or exactly what “off” is supposed to mean.

What I do know is the author talked to several unnamed sources who anonymously have non-specific bad things to say about him. Including “a longtime Bostonian” who “has studied Kraft” and given him “a lot of thought for many years” (>cough< Ron Borges >cough< Dan Shaughnessy >cough, cough<) who calls him “the neediest man I have ever met.” Which is all any of needs to hear to be convinced that yes, there’s a story here.

Just what that story is or why Boston Magazine felt compelled to run a hatchet piece about how much a man gives to charity remains a mystery. I guess we can just conclude that nothing is “off” with American journalism. It’s going down the toilet right on schedule.


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Jerry Thornton
Tom Brady gets criticized a lot from former players and national media, but why hasn't that happened to other top athletes? The guys compare Brady's legacy to that of Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan.
Bart Scott went on the radio and said he doesn't respect Tom Brady as a tough guy, and ranted about people with Boston accents loving Brady. Glenn, Christian and Gary Tanguay tell you what they think about Brady's toughness.

Thursday morning Dennis & Callahan with Minihane (offering Kirk some love, third wheel to third wheel) played sound of Patriots-hating, goblin-turned-inarticulate CBS football analyst Bart Scott on Damon Amendolara’s nationally syndicated show.

You can click here for the audio, which includes Scott gleefully looking forward to the day Tom Brady retires because “it ain’t gonna be pretty,” and saying the Ravens contacted the Colts in order to set the Deflategate wheels in motion. Which, while true, means he admits both teams lied and that cover story about the Colts’ D’Qwell Jackson intercepting a Tom Brady pass and deciding it felt a little extra squeezy is a complete fabrication. He also trashed a caller from Boston for speaking bad English, adding  (with irony that was no doubt missed on Bart himself) “€œDo anybody speak ‘Boston’?”

But the money clip is here:

Scott: “There’€™s nothing tough about Tom Brady. The toughest thing about Tom Brady is his chin because it has the dimple in it, which is characteristic of most super heroes.’€

Amendolara: “€œSo, you thought that when Tom is doing the ‘pump it up’ on the sideline and smacking helmets with his teammates, that that was just for show?”

Scott: ‘€œListen, I respect Tom Brady, but when he does that he looks like a dork. How many times does he miss air high-fivers? He’€™s missed celebrations because he’€™s just awkward. He’€™s a corn ball. You’€™ve seen him dance, he’€™s a corn ball.”

To be clear, I don’t begrudge Bart Scott trolling Tom Brady, fake respecting him while really not respecting him, questioning his toughness, bringing his wife into the conversation and calling him a cornball dork. I really don’t. Scott is a moron who has to pull outrageous statements out of his ass in order to be relevant. It’s his nature and you can’t ask him to help it. Getting mad at him is like walking out in the middle of Hurricane Joaquin and getting mad that your hair got mussed up.

All I want to do is to point out that this is the kind of guy CBS gave a seat at their NFL coverage desk every Sunday. In a world filled with recognizable, insightful and opinionated former players, they hired Bart Scott, a buffoon who hates Bostonians, resents every aspect of Tom Brady’s existence and openly roots for the Patriots demise. And it’s not like he’s kept his contempt for the Pats a secret all these years:

So let this be a lesson to all you aspiring broadcasters out there. Hating New England is the path to success in today’s media world. Fortunately having guys like Scott around for extra motivation is also part of Patriots’ path to success.


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Jerry Thornton
Kirk and Craig disagree on the future of Ron Darling.

[0:00:00] ... There's no doubt in his mind none whatsoever that Tom Brady will serve. A four game suspension. This year after the appeal is heard that the NFL Australian expert out of my own ...
[0:04:24] ... you that they were interested in talking to run now darling Rem dog jumped. And said that eight capital told bird that was the case now etc. I mean it's pretty even think you really think ...
[0:06:37] ... for sort of foreign almost almost. Michael. Michael Newton I think tonight Michael Vick it's exposed. That is scorers over. Wasn't it of that but it it it just exposed I can assure you strike career ...
[0:11:21] ... you think you enjoy yourself right he's got to sit next to Bart Scott about a Monday's Dino. Erroneously to a among minutes ago Monday he is the calling in and talked a couple of hipster ...