Hour 2 - The guys talk about the Boston Globe article attacking Tom Brady and his charity work. Pete Abe's is an idiot saying his twitter account was hacked but in fact he is just an ass man.

[0:01:01] ... Everybody talking about this Bob hole or piece from the Boston Globe. Tom Brady gives much to best buddies but his take it millions. For his own charitable trust don't click. Not act I don't really ...
[0:01:37] ... is this not a story that deals with. Other professional athletes including Tom Brady and how they deal. Where is their charity. Saw it coming now and there'll welcome and always coming now inherit its graduates of the pictures yeah Brady but think why on him. He's done what he's thinking picking all because that's pretty much because you're gonna get a lot of attention because he's Tom Brady could see a lot better doing. Hit pieces on Tom Brady that it is Lou Moroni accretion four nights a disk. All our trust managers to what's the first thing people of jump ...
[0:05:20] ... walking out Flickr number entry kitchen I think of some Russia and Tom Brady. Was working hand in hand without soul. If you look at the timeframe of all of this looks to me like Audi ...
[0:10:42] ... kept them often to whatever one's right change the world. Bus foundation Tom Brady's foundation. You know maybe he says you looked into it that he does his job I think Bob hold as a really ...

Aaron Hernandez left three handwritten notes next to a bible in his prison cell before he hange

Aaron Hernandez's sexuality was reportedly at the center of the investigation into the Odin Lloyd murder. (Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe)

Aaron Hernandez’s sexuality was reportedly at the center of the investigation into Odin Lloyd’s murder. (Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe)

Aaron Hernandez left three handwritten notes next to a bible in his prison cell before he hanged himself last week. The Daily Mail reports they were addressed to his fiancee, four-year-old daughter and gay prison lover. The identity of Hernandez’s alleged partner has now been revealed.

Citing sources, the Daily Mail says the disgraced ex-NFL star’s prison boyfriend was Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old Worcester native who’s serving time for armed robbery. According to the British tabloid, Hernandez gifted Kennedy a $50,000 watch and other property before he took his own life. Kennedy is reportedly under suicide watch.

Daily Mail reporters went to the Kennedy’s suburban home seeking comment, but his father chased them away.

The Milford Daily News covered Kennedy’s early morning robbery of a Cumberland Farms gas station in Northbridge when he was arrested in January 2015. During the burglary, Kennedy was sporting a black mask and wielded a butcher knife. Police handcuffed him after a high-speed chase.

Kennedy set up a profile on a website titled “Write Your Prisoner,” asking for pen pals so he can “possibly build friendships with people from around the world.” His hobbies include racing motocross and “doing anything that includes the outdoors.” His earliest release date is March 1, 2018.

On Kirk & Callahan last week, Boston-based investigate journalist Michele McPhee first reported Hernandez was in a relationship with a male high school classmate from Connecticut prior to the 2013 Odin Lloyd shooting. She says Lloyd’s alleged knowledge of the romance may have played a role in his murder.

“There was a relationship with somebody from his high school years,” McPhee said. “That may have provided –– and this was one of the investigative theories in the beginning –– because they got information from Ernest Wallace that perhaps –– and remember, Ernest Wallace was the guy who ditched the gun –– they had information from him that one of the motives is Odin Lloyd used a derogatory term for gay people in front of Aaron Hernandez and that Odin Lloyd had knowledge because of this relationship he had with the man in Connecticut.”

Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez is asking a judge to release the former Patriots tight end’s suicide notes before his funeral Monday. Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for the 2013 Odin Lloyd slaying, was recently acquitted on double-murder charges for a Boston shooting, five days before he was found dead in his prison cell last week.

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Hour 1 - Glenn, Lou, and Christian react to the Bruins losing another overtime game and being knocked out of the playoffs by the Senators. They also talk about the Celtics and Bulls series and how the Celtics were able to win another game in Chicago.
Hour 1 - Glenn, Lou, and Christian react to the Bruins losing another overtime game and being knocked out of the playoffs by the Senators. They also talk about the Celtics and Bulls series and how the Celtics were able to win another game in Chicago.

[0:13:33] ... lap and we got about an hour we can wait you say Gerald Green. I suggested a small so I see green or -- year I would go small. In my feeling on making fun of people calling and talking about Gerald Green out of nowhere to. We are on Thursday night on a lot of I go ahead and take a victory. How patriotic ...
[0:14:13] ... I've lacked that a lot of Beers and other times I sandal Amir Johnson make the trip. I don't even want him to go to Chicago. So I don't care fearless I don't care who is Terry -- year that went to the starting lineup or Gerald Green. Or I don't care who it was. But and the broadening the Celtics rather they always plays well mayor Johnson's starts comes ...
[0:15:11] ... gonna play in the perimeter now suddenly the guy that was guarding Amir Johnson. What's she going to do you gonna come out the perimeter and guard rose year or guard Gerald Green nope. They'd have to leave him open especially if they wanna double and trapped by is coming off patent. Conceding that you're ...
[0:15:48] ... looks that you would with the mayor John. If whoever you know Gerald Green going to start on her body you know is to spread Stephens what agreed adjustment. He could've kept Amir Johnson is certainly a the last two nights they would one Rondo. Is the reason. Rondo all on unreasonable and Rondo is the reason why bar the rebounding has improved as well first off he's there is a point guard that goes out and get 789 rebounds a game on everybody's that a basket easy saw the first two games. He blows by Isiah Thomas when he takes a hoop they rotate around. And either he's dishing it to somebody old when he shoots or some video ...

Fox News host and Donald Trump lapdog Sean Hannity often spars with the vaunted mainstream political press. But he set his sights towards Katie Nolan this weekend, after the FS1 personality called him a “literal f***** moron.”

The exchange started when Hannity lambasted the New York Times, which published a story Saturday about Trump’s habit of phoning friends outside of the White House for strategic advice. Hannity, who’s been one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, was listed as a trusted confidante to the President. The right-wing firebrand didn’t take kindly to his inclusion in the piece, accusing the National Security Agency of surveilling and unmasking him –– an apparent reference to reports that former NSA head Susan Rice asked for the identities of some Trump associates whose conversations were caught on surveillance.

Maggie Haberman, one of the authors of the story, fired back at Hannity.

But Haberman’s rebuttal was nothing compared to Nolan’s reaction. The former “Garbage Time” host dug right into her Fox cohort, unleashing a stream of insults. This prompted Hannity to take a shot at Nolan’s career.

When Hannity stopped engaging Saturday night, Nolan went after tweeters who were taunting her with sexist remarks.

Hannity appeared to express contrition Sunday, saying he has “ZERO problem” with Nolan “being real.” While Nolan and Hannity work for different networks, FS1 and Fox News are both owned by 21st Century Fox.

Though “Garbage Time” is on indefinite hiatus, FS1 says they have big plans for Nolan. Earlier this year, the Sporting News reported the station is developing several new TV shows for the feisty commentator. Perhaps Hannity could be her first guest.

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Hour 4. The guys think the Globe was looking for more with Brady, possibly a Trump connection. Crazy Al joins the show multiple times.

[0:06:39] ... Jo green and won two games that are right that's a little Amir Johnson matters and I thought I saw the reaction yesterday's sell expands in where is this team been. This weekend was much more about Rondo not been and the Celtics insults play great now no account I don't and they kill them and in the play grain in the Blue Mosque on the road. You'll get through the series you know. I have my doubts about them reaching Clinton now reaching the the and yet we're playing next play Washington Atlanta winner right. Direct and actually knows unfortunately and look to see Cleveland's husband he can't win that it could Rondell White signal to Milwaukee and it smoked likely but there's no answer on the basis of size on the bench. I mean askew ...
[0:08:07] ... agree on that we projected disagreeing but before we do. You're predicting Tom Brady will appear in DC didn't. Last week and we there's only going to be in. In Connecticut Tuesday that the US funeral ...
[0:15:05] ... small donors the owners don't care about the charity. What charity. And Tom Brady what. Oh god I think it's. Plane he was just fighting Al nine shots and he believed in and it was just ...
[0:16:58] ... she when I was through with the story. And pretty high opinion Tom Brady as a man. I've higher than them he's raising a pond of money. He's raising a crap load of money for charity ...

Hour 3. Gerry and Mut defend Brady while Kirk thinks it’s a little suspicious. Callers weigh in on the Tome Brady piece. Climate marches are taking place across the country.
Hour 2. Gerry, Kirk, and Mut discuss the Celtics win against the Bulls and continue their conversation about Brady and Best Buddies. Headlines with Kirk features a new accusation against Sean Hannity.
Hour 1. Mut joins Kirk and Gerry. The guys can’t believe neither Boston newspaper covered the Hernandez sexuality story. Over the weekend, the Globe’s Bob Hohler wrote a slanted piece about Tom Brady’s work with charity.