“It’s almost Halloween,” I said. “I’ll post a few creepy haunting videos this week,” I said. “It’ll be fun.” Now I immediately regret watching this.

I have serious doubts that all of these clips are as unedited as the video claims. But if even a couple of them are real, particularly that baby balancing on the rail of the crib and that poltergeist trashing that redneck’s kitchen, then I am officially freaked the hell out. Keep me awake? Not if I sit up all night with a bat in my hands and 911 already punched into my phone.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at WEEI.com/return.

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Jerry Thornton
Josh Brown, who is the center of a domestic violence scandal, put out a statement saying some contradictory things that we already know about the Giants kicker. Glenn, Lou and Christian call out Brown and talk about his phony statement.
Yet another member of the Red Sox baseball operations staff is leaving and joining Mike Hazen in Arizona. When the should the Red Sox be concerned? Also, Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about a surprise twist with the vacant Red Sox GM job.

[0:01:08] ... it he has yet. I eased into the stool. And of the Chicago Cubs in the World Series so congratulations. All of knowing what all the Boston Red Sox fans. It is the thirtieth anniversary. Of this moment. Okay. I ...
[0:02:20] ... know Billy Buckner oh yes I'll have a commercial bogey blowing a World Series okay kids with even though he does deserve what he does. Here's with the missing any it'll be like ESPN is picking ...
[0:04:19] ... The problem is is that apparently is bee and forgot that the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 05 most she argued that there I got. Mean Chicago White Sox won the World Series how the championship since 1965. Chicago 102010. It's eleven to one and White Sox fans oppressed. Just a split left off the list. Story. But I don't need all the nerd notes that they have over there he has and you think that someone might pick that up you'd think so. It's pretty remarkable World Series is able to complete games by their starters something you wouldn't see in this day and age and in baseball but situation ...
[0:10:09] ... India where Albert and dot dot that a great job with that David Ortiz and Ortiz preparers that. Are we got a yeah we got a a major issue here. Ready for this. A couple of ...

The Pats look like their the best team in the AFC (again), but after Denver's win on Monday Night Football, can they contend? Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about who the biggest threat will be.
Some cubs fans seem to think just making the World Series means they've broken their curse, but Lou is here to prove them wrong. The guys talk about the Cubs curse and preview the World Series.
Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss why some ex-NFL players, like Heath Evans and Nate Burleson are being easy on Josh Brown when speaking on TV and the radio.
(Photo by Jerry Thornton)

(Photo by Jerry Thornton)

Inside TrackThe Rolling Stones are in town to play a private event for the Kraft family at Gillette Stadium tonight for several hundred friends and business associates of The Kraft Group.

The super-exclusive soiree in the Optum Field Lounge will be followed by a show starring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood on the Gillette field.

A spokesman for the team said the party is “a private function.”

Invitations went out several weeks ago and the Krafts reportedly were hoping to keep the whole shindig under wraps. You know, to avoid those “why wasn’t I invited” calls.

As a close, personal friend of the Kraft family, you might assume I feel slighted that I’m not on the guest list for this super-exclusive soiree at the stadium.

It’s only natural. They’re inviting several hundred people. Having met family members on at least two occasions now, I’m easily in their inner circle. Way deeper than whomever was last on the guest list. Not to mention, I like the Rolling Stones.

But in no way am I upset about not going. To me, this falls under what I call the “Clean House” theory.

There are two kinds of friends in your life. There are the kind that you try to impress. So before you invite them over, you clean the house from top to bottom. Vacuum rugs. Swiffer the floors. Scrub the toilets. You do it because, even if you like these people, there’s an element to the friendship where you think you’re going to be judged.

The better friends are the ones you don’t have to clean for. They like you and your place just the way you are. Dust bunnies, towels on the floor, skid marks in the toilet and all. Those are your true besties.

Sure, the Krafts are having people over. But they’re putting their best foot forward for them, sprucing up Gillette, and presenting them with the foremost rock band in history. Their real, true BFFs are the guys they don’t invite down to a swanky party to be privately entertained by the epic songbook of the world’s most iconic Rock ‘n Roll front man and one of the great blues guitarists ever.

So if anything, I feel bad for those poor, lesser Kraft friends who will be there. Unless it turns out my invitation got lost in the mail or something and they call to invite at the last minute. Then, I’d go. I don’t want to be rude. But either way, I know how tight we are.



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Steelers DepotIt wasn’t the defining play of the game but it sure could’ve changed the final outcome. Chris Hubbard was flagged for a holding call on Jamie Collins late in the second quarter, negating a touchdown to Darrius Heyward-Bey. With it, the Pittsburgh Steelers would’ve roared back, tying the game at 14.

Instead, they retreated backwards. Two plays later, Chris Boswell pushed a 42 yard field goal wide right. A missed opportunity, a running theme for the game.

Speaking to reporters in the locker room after the game, Hubbard didn’t feel he did anything wrong and Collins slipping as he tried to turn the corner influenced the referees call. …

“He slipped,” he said via Steelers.com. “And I was trying to put my hands out and I did. They called it and I was pretty upset about that one. …

“The ref came over to me and said he didn’t think that was a hold call,” Hubbard said. “I didn’t pull [Collins] down. He slipped. I guess they felt the need to still call it.”

Breaking news: The Patriots beat the Steelers, followed immediately by Steelers players and coaches whining about how it wasn’t fair and they got cheated. And note that this is not a repeat from 2015, 2013, 2007 or the AFC championship games of 2004 and 2001. Or any of the other dozens of times people in the Steelers organization have bellyached that they didn’t really get dominated by the Patriots; the game just wasn’t on the level.

Last year it was Mike Tomlin convinced that the Patriots surreptitiously jammed his sidelines-to-helmet communication with the radio call of the game. And Ben Roethlisberger making up a rule that says the Pats defensive linemen aren’t allowed to shift. Working backwards before then, it was James Harrison crying that Tom Brady gets special treatment no other quarterback gets. Joey Porter saying Spygate cost him rings. And in between, rampant paranoia from the entire Pittsburgh franchise about hidden microphones, Pats assistants pawing through locker room garbage cans looking for play sheets, and on and on and frickin’ on.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Wait. Strike that. It is funny. It’s funny any time an organization can’t face their own shortcomings and instead blame their problems on everything else. On secret spying systems and mysterious, unnamed, crooked officials admitting they blew calls without picking up the flag and making it right.

It’s funny in that way that it was funny to watch Scooby and Shaggy thinking they were being chased by ghosts, when the fear was only in their heads the whole time. So keep it up, Steelers. Keep thinking the Patriots’ phantom is real instead of pulling off its mask and realizing it was you all along.

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Jerry Thornton
Callers weighed in on the Josh Brown disaster and Heath Evans still needs more info on Josh Brown.
Chris Russo called in to defend himself on comments he made regarding John Mara's handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence case.