Vince talks about the win over the Jets and his blocked field goal.

[0:00:06] ... Vince Wilfork will join us here on a patriots Monday Bill Belichick at the top of the hour but. Jerry joins us right at 3 o'clock when Tedy Bruschi joins us we have got his take on what. He saw yesterday where you I'd disheartened and disappointed her with a what ...
[0:01:59] ... the dual within minutes after the act. Joining us right now is New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork prince is sponsored by big wide world class market drop camp. And the New England Comodo tractor dealers he joins us on ...
[0:10:21] ... week. And our armed group take that as a patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork sponsored by big Y world class market. Dropped camp and the New England who voted tractor dealers. We've got some time for some phone calls between now on the top of the hour Bill Belichick will join us just after the topic for a 56177797937. Is the telephone number. It's dale and Holley lied at Gillette on ...


Christmas shopping season brings out the worst in the worst people. (Jerry Thornton/

I like Christmas. I want to be clear about that. I know it’s not for everybody. Plenty of people go all Charlie Brown around now and can’t wait for December 26th. But I’m a big Christmas guy. I push my emotional chips on the table every holiday season and go all in.

Yeah, I love Christmas. It’s human beings I hate. And it gets worse this time of year.

OK, not all of you. Not even most. Just that tiny subset of the human population who make the holidays worse for the rest of us. The ones you can largely ignore all year long until they crawl out of their spider holes and interact with their fellow man because they’ve got the same list of stuff to do as us normal people.

My Exhibit A is the Land Barge captain pictured here. Some dink pulled this move at the Hanover Mall over the weekend. At a section where I can always, even in the height of shopping season or in the middle of a blizzard, snag a space within 50 feet of the door. (Don’t bother trying to learn the location; the secret dies with me.) I mean, we’ve all been victims of the jerkstore who straddles the line with his left and right wheels before. But that is so 2013. The Vertical D-bag Double Space Park Maneuver is the new hotness.

And this begs the question: Where does this guy rank on the list of the worst people you encounter during Christmas shopping season?

The Five Christmas Shoppers You’ll Meet in Hell:

5. The Bargain Huntress — This is the lady for whom shopping isn’t something you just have to get through. And it’s not even a funtivity. It’s a competition. An all out bloodsport you only win by getting better deals than everybody else then bragging about it. She’s the first person lining up for the doors to open on Black Friday, hoards coupons by the ream and will burn a full tank of gas to save 10 bucks. That’s how she got a 70-inch LCD for what you spent on your last movie popcorn. The worst thing is, the whole experience means nothing unless she tells everybody about the deal she got as they open the gifts. She’d rather take the taunting penalty than give up the chance to spike the ball in your face. She’s usually married to the guy who tells you lottery stories and the sister of the guy who gives you the details about how his fantasy team made out.

4. All Lost in the Supermarket — These are the people with absolutely no sense of their surroundings. Slack-jawed, mouth-breathing undead who wander the aisles with no peripheral vision and no clue if they’re blocking anyone. You’ve got the box of tree lights you came in for and you’re just trying make your way through them like a bike messenger weaving through traffic? Forget it. There is no space so wide they cannot set up a road block of carts to impede you. And you couldn’t get their attention if you shot bottle rockets at them. They often travel in pairs, but sometimes you’ll find the female of the species out on her own, while her mate waits out her journey in one of the comfy chairs by the kiosks, with the 1,000-yard stare/look of death in his eyes.

3. Just Enough of Me, Way Too Much of You — These are the people who are perpetually hacked off that the stores are crowded. At the peak buying season. Does that mean they stay home and shop online and save everybody their misery? Hell, no. They still go to the malls, but live by the premise that anyone else taking up the exact same space as them has no right to do so. The best subspecies in this particular phylum are the retirees who could go any time, any day of the week, but choose to go nights and weekends to be extra bothered by those of us who have to go around our work schedules. They’re closely related to the ones who wait until Friday afternoon of a long weekend to head to the Cape, then get mad the roads are crowded. Or as my friends who live on the Cape call them, “New Yorkers.”

2. The Terrible Parents — The TPs usually fall into two categories: The ones who are stressed out, and the ones who are not nearly as stressed out as they should be. The first kind scream at their kids and make things really awkward for everyone else. The latter raise their kids like free-range chickens, allowing them to roam free and make things really miserable for everyone else. Personally, I’ll take “awkward” every time. The worst of the TPs are the ones who let their kids loose with shopping carts of their own, creating havoc and borderline vehicular homicide playing Grand Theft Auto in the housewares aisle while mom and dad are wandering around in their pajama bottoms utterly ambivalent to the mayhem they’ve unleashed upon the world.

1. The Parking Doosh — I have to give the top (bottom) spot to this guy. Because he’s got issues with the kinds of issues with the size of his penis that can only be solved by driving an expensive whip, he feels that empowers him to take up two parking spots, either horizontally, diagonally or, in my man here’s case, vertically. The rest of us be damned. If some older gentleman who was wounded at Chosin Reservoir but doesn’t want a handicapped placard has to walk a couple of hundred extra yards in the cold and the elements, so what? This guy’s midlife crisis counts more than your comfort, safety or well being. To him the true meaning of Christmas will always be “F-you.”

I won’t let these jagoffs spoil my Christmas, and you have my thoughts and prayers as you try to do likewise. Remember that while their ranks are growing, we’ve still got them outnumbered. And there’s nothing about the worst of them that we can’t solve. Like the saying goes, every time a parking doosh gets his vehicle keyed, an angel gets its wings.


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Jerry Thornton
With Julian Edelman inactive, the Patriots offense relied heavily on Danny Amendola to fill that role. Amendola had 8 catches on 11 targets for 63 yards and had a good day in the return game as well. He spoke about being ready to play at all times.

[0:05:14] ... steals it to the game. Onion some nice to do and in Saint Louis and I want pharmacists. You go to them. I just go they tell me it is true. Ever ever plainly that's probably doubles to ever did in my career I was playing as a rookie. And it's I want to get more ball so what a special teams goes a realistic and you get more ball you guys know what do about those teams I hate you. I I do I hit a bad purpose the play. The tendency her where what I Boston Celtics thanks for the artist. So I think it was West Coast it was warm all of them playing in Mexico every single special teams rights and you can't but is that something that ...
[0:07:12] ... Denver loses tonight you've got only that I sent out with it. Home field nimble and seating all the way through if Denver wins tonight you walk into a locker room is it like they never ...

Patriots DE Chandler Jones created a lot of pressure on Geno Smith, as he's done since he was in college. Chandler spoke about priding himself on the pressure he can created all by his lonesome. He also spoke about how the team is focused on Buffalo, and not looking too far to the playoffs.

[0:02:14] ... Michael person. I started. That trend. Jenna were talking earlier about out Troy brown and set on not a post game show on Comcast that he thought that I'm pass rush. Tactics that you guys use ...
[0:03:49] ... it seemed that Regina we have an exchange. There's two in the AFC east. And there are you know that's who we have to be. In it and that's where I'm not be given team we ...
[0:04:20] ... but specialties been huge blaze though just Amendola. They'll punt return obviously Vince Wilfork block but it just seems like every week. If things uncle special team shows up. Yes and and you know coach called ...
[0:07:27] ... lo. Direct and I had. It's in our banks fear fear this Janet Jones brought to us by NFL mobile flies want to TV and Internet exclusively. From Verizon. ...

A loyal listener tweeted that he was DENIED a chocolate frosted doughnut with bacon. The Steelers William Gay was flagged for taunting... his own teammate? Marshawn Lynch continues to hate the media.

[0:00:27] ... it on on those returns to Boston as a member of the Dallas Mavericks tropical ones wrath of we roll here Christian. Mr. we have unfortunate news about the growing momentum. Dunkin' Donuts market euphoria 85 special which is of course chocolate covered don't know with him on top. Which we which we had today in studio human right related blog I'm rob big give from Duncan don't apply yourself and just the people precise person or eight pattern on its own which adds that all you have your triangulation debate yes because there's needs to be just enough bacon and each bite that kind of coexist with the chocolate in the donors of the people have been. Between editing going to Dunkin' Donuts ask you for the for your special kitty shot down there won't make the doughnuts that's on the some Twitter yesterday as well. We are all included in between there's a least one person that went to Dunkin' Donuts ordered the donuts. And they refused to make reform and he refused to make it and this is all about the consumer. It's keeping your customers happy customers that are wrong there's there's there's there's no link that you won't go so that you you gimmick that moment okay thanks to walk down. I have got driving attracted definitely wants the DL what they launched. If you start tweeting Essex or go to Dunkin' Donuts you got app. At mentioned at Dunkin' Donuts we got to get them on board with this right they need they need that they need to put their arms around ...
[0:02:17] ... normally most people you know. They come back with a good stoic Dunkin' Donuts we'll be right put them economic I don't its momentum until this this is a big step not real and it's not gonna let you drill our campaign we're gonna we're about as the starting at big. And Dunkin' Donuts lies yet that is idol. A great idea I've modified BI I like five side's ability though you guys are gonna eats ...
[0:09:02] ... boards and in the space in the New York media or the Philadelphia Eagles you think any of those players were voluntarily wanna be talking this week they're listen it's part of the job. However to ...

Tom Brady was sacked 4 times and the offensive line has a lot of communication issues. The Jets out-rushed, out-passed, and out-possessed the Pats, but in typical NY Jets fashion, they did NOT out-score New England, as the Patriots moved one step closer to having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

[0:02:10] ... ahead of all time to read straight as and a touchdown Lavoy. Ed Reed did probably up late break. Yeah listen it was I just I expected acting to be a lot tougher than people thought ...
[0:06:15] ... back to take a look at receiver is on the right side Tom Brady. He asked to come back scanner across if you come back across robberies base and pick up the back. Rock on the ...
[0:07:51] ... call it's a units of their colleagues in the unit looks good. Dan Connolly outs Josh Klein is in this for the first half before he gets benched. You know and any gut was Fleming who ...
[0:08:27] ... unit hasn't looked right. Especially last couple weeks with just one got Dan Connolly out. Do you think they've regressed to the point they did the first four weeks where this is the ultimate weakness the ...

Gerry and Kirk welcome Meter to the podcast. They discuss what Meter is up to now and what TV shows they're currently watching.

[0:01:44] ... Palm Beach floors are here's the problem people the honest and idolize Howard Stern he's good shooters he's brilliant he's funny. He's a total sellout as we know he's a problem he has problems walls are ...
[0:10:24] ... blocks like. And you and lose on this one we talked about Tom Brady's clinic at all about. Nutrition and balance in all that they exercised in the stuff. He doesn't think that's that important you ...
[0:11:27] ... that's the point a make when you she would never go to Tom Brady's clue what it powered up that way. Florida it's about athletes you know that bit based. Hours of sleep a night thanks ...
[0:13:12] ... Tornado right now you know tsunami I heard to open his eyes house building his retirement home. We're gonna have to go with them to Bed, Bath & Beyond the pick out. Formats of the bathroom man is it ...

Not to go into paranoid Patriots fanboy mode, but let’s review, shall we? The FCC gets complaints because an un-mic’d up Tom Brady uses cuss words in the middle of a game. The Globe writes frowny, furrowed-brow editorials about Bill Belichick‘s postgame decorum and Gronk’s roughhousing in the heat of battle. And Fox’s own Joe Buck once went after then-Viking Randy Moss for his “disgusting display” of fake mooning Packers fans who real mooned his team bus. But Kenny Albert can wear a sweater with a snowman pecker joke on it. Fine. I’m just trying to work out where the media world’s moral goalposts are so I know which direction to kick.

To be clear, though, I like a good snowman wang joke as much as the next guy and I thought Albert’s sweater was funny. I give him credit for getting it past the producers who probably are getting flooded with complaints. My only beef is that he’s about 20 years late to the snowman/carrot/penis gag party.

All true humor really began with Harry and Lloyd.


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Jerry Thornton

By my math, this sad, downtrodden soul shelled out $250 to buy this thing on from NFL Shop, just to cry out to the world about how terrible life is for Gang Green.

The day may yet come when the humiliation of Jets fans fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when it is no longer funny to watch the utter demoralization of these poor, miserable wretches. But it is not this day. This day we laugh.


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Jerry Thornton
Amendola   Jeff Zelevansky

Danny Amendola played like he had something to prove. Mission accomplished. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Things to consider while posting Knee Jerk Reactions anyway, in spite of threats from the North Koreans:

— You know all those times I said I don’t want the Jets to let go of Rex Ryan? How I need him in the AFC East forever, running that team into the ground and providing me a bottomless cup o’ blog material with all his buffoonery? Yeah, about that. Never mind. Forget I ever said it. The sooner he’s out of the division and coaching someplace that’s not on the Patriots’ schedule, the better.

— We’re now two full seasons removed from the last time the Patriots rolled to a nice, easy win against Rex’s Jets where everything went according to plan. Every game in New York the Pats are 10-point favorites. At home, they’re giving two touchdowns. But every game ends up being the alley fight from ‘€œThey Live.” The last four games have been decided by three points, three points, two points and now one point, with one of those a Jets win. In fact, let me get my prediction for next year’s Pats-Jets now, just to save time: It’ll come down to a blocked field goal in the fourth quarter. And I’ll be suffering stroke-like symptoms watching it.

— It’s to Ryan’s undying credit that even in his 13th game coaching against the Pats he can still come up with schemes they are not ready for. Blitzes, stunts, fire zones and games that leave a very disciplined and uber-prepared offensive line blocking air while pass rushers come in unblocked.

— Take that sack on the opening possession. The Jets not only drew it up in such a way that Nate Solder was left to block both Calvin Pace and Jason Babin, but also sent David Harris in behind them all the way from the middle linebacker spot. Even from the shotgun, Tom Brady had no chance.

— The second sack was just a case of Muhammad Wilkerson getting the initial punch on Marcus Cannon and driving him backward. But the third was more of Rex’s diabolical genius. The Patriots had Rob Gronkowski at the Y-tight end spot and Shane Vereen in the backfield in protection. The Jets gave them a two-down-linemen look but then ran an overloaded blitz to the strong side with Antonio Allen and Demario Davis. Both rushed in like it was a Black Friday Doorbusters Sale and Brady was marked down 75 percent, with Gronk and Vereen as the store security helpless to stop them.

— I’m making up a Patriots’ Mistakes Bingo Card. It’ll have spaces like “Browner Pass Interference,” “Solder Hold” and “Chung Bites on Play Action.” And “Cannon False Start” is too automatic to be anything but the Free Space in the middle.

— So like I’ve said before, I need Rex Ryan in my life. He completes me. But not as much as having an intact Tom Brady does. As Capt. Kirk once said when he was warping out of orbit to get away from some all-powerful alien guy, “I want to put 100 million miles between us and that madman.” In Rex’s case, I’ll settle for one conference.

Danny Amendola plays like a guy who’s fully aware that people think he’s fragile and is willing to do anything to prove them wrong. So he’s running every kick out of the end zone, refusing to fair catch punts, fighting for yards after contact, jumping over tacklers, turning upfield looking to gain ground after his helmet’s been torn off. He’s doing everything short of asking guys to punch him in the belly as hard as they can and holding his hand over a lit candle to prove how tough he is.

— And it’s a good thing he is. This was one of those games that was decided by about a dozen or so plays, and none of them was bigger than the little slip screen on third-and-7 when Amendola fought for the first down. I still don’t know how he got through all that traffic. He was like a burglar navigating through a hallway filled with alarm lasers. And the last couple of yards were all grit and balls. That one play right there might be the difference between home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and a trip to Denver. If so, it was worth the whole $6 million he’s being paid.

— Look, I’m not exactly the place where Jets fans come for comfort and support, but if they’re cheesed off about the officials giving Amendola that first down, I completely understand. I mean, in order for it to be a first down, isn’t the ball supposed to touch the pole? Isn’t that why they call it the “first-down marker”? Because it “marks” the “first down”? And by the way, is it too much to ask that they, y’know, signal that first down? For two full minutes I sat there with dilated pupils, shortness of breath, sweating and tightness in my left shoulder thinking the Patriots were about to go for it on fourth-and-a-chain-link because they decided to keep that whole down-and-distance thing to themselves. Half the time we can’t get these guys to shut up, but on the crucial call in a huge game they decide to go all Code of Silence on us? It never ceases to amaze me how NFL crews can screw up simple things I never saw the refs get wrong in 11 years of coaching youth football.

— I’m kind of liking those car ads with the retro toys, but one thought keeps gnawing at me. Why do women always blame Barbie’s impossibly high standard of female beauty for ruining girls’ lives, but we’ve never heard of one boy getting body image issues from playing with Stretch Armstrong or Skeletor?

— There were almost too many crucial plays in this one to list here. Amendola’s first down, obviously. And the back-to-back plays on that final drive when he hauled in the deflected ball then picked up the first on that little out route. Brandon Bolden came up big, first with that six-yard pickup on a first-down pitch when the play looked stuffed but he jumped over some bodies. And his conversion on third-and-1 that iced it was a brilliant bit of running. The Pats were in tank formation (three TE, two RB) and the Jets loaded the tackle box, but Bolden had the presence of mind to bounce it outside (with the help of James Develin’s earholing of Allen) and it was time to take a knee.

— I know most fantasy leagues are over at this point. But going forward, given the fact that Belichick gave all his crucial fourth-down carries to Bolden, you might want to avoid ever having a Pats running back on your roster. That way lies madness.

— Obviously no one came up bigger than Vince Wilfork on that blocked kick. Or Scott O’Brien, whose special teams units are dominating week after week. You watch that block and the one by Jamie Collins against Miami last week and you can see they’re not just random acts of guys defeating one-on-one blocks. There’s pre-snap movement. Players shifting up front. Making reads. Taking proper angles in on the ball. Clearly O’Brien is finding weaknesses on film and scheming his rushes to exploit them. And yet practically no one knows who he is. Remember when the Jets’ special teams coach was Mike Westhoff, who made a name for himself with his potty mouth on “Hard Knocks” so the Jets couldn’t run a punt back five yards without the obligatory cutaway shot of him on the sidelines for a reminder of what a brilliant strategist he was? Meanwhile, your average Pats fan couldn’t pick O’Brien out of a police lineup. And his units are the single biggest advantage the Patriots have in every game.

— Speaking of potty mouths, the cameras caught Rex using sailor talk after he didn’t get Amendola’s first down reversed. I hope America will do its part by flooding the FCC with complaints and the Globe staff is hard at work with editorials of righteous indignation complaining about how he’s corrupting our youth. Sorry, but putting money in the swear jar just won’t do. This calls for public outcry. What do we want? Sanctimony! When do we want it? Now!

— It seemed to me the Patriots were a lot less aggressive on defense than they have been. The linebackers and strong safety for the most part hung back at the second level, as opposed to all the interior pressure and A-gaps blitzing we’ve been seeing as the season’s gone along. For that I credit Nick Mangold, who’s 10 times the center that, say, Samson Satele of Miami or Chris Watt of San Diego are. Even after Mangold went out, it took the D a while to adjust and start attacking Dalton Freeman. But when the Pats did, it was effective. The key play of the game for the defense was the late third-and-3 on the edge of field goal range when the Pats put Collins and Dont’a Hightower up on the line of scrimmage with Rob Ninkovich on the outside. Hightower blitzed, but a combo of Breno Giacomini and Bilal Powell both had checked down to Ninkovich, and High came in at full speed for the sack.

— On that note, is there an O-lineman in the league the Patriots feast off of more than they do D’Brickashaw Ferguson? Watching him twice a year against them I’m always amazed he’s still in football. Chandler Jones forced the interception by Collins with a textbook swim move on him, then later speed-rushed him to the outside (helped by Collins hammering Chris Johnson as he tried to release into his route, which forced Geno Smith to hold the ball) for a huge sack. But no matter who faces him, the Patriots always D’ominate.

— More credit where it’s due: The Jets are the worst team in football when it comes to defending tight ends, but they kept Gronk bottled up as well as anybody. To my untrained eye, it looked like they were backing up their overloaded blitz packages with pattern read coverage, where you’re in zone but it’s a matchup zone. Meaning you’re not so much playing the area in your zone as you’re playing the man and anticipating his routes. That’s how they ended up with Marcus Williams jumping routes and so much bracket coverage on Gronk that took away his options. Or they just said “69” a lot and he laughed so hard he couldn’t focus. Either way, good job by them.

— That said, the Jets’ offensive play-calling is a fireable offense. Shrex should be fired just for calls like thinking they could run Percy Harvin out of the wildcat without thinking there’d be seven Patriots in on the tackle. Or a reverse to Harvin where Chandler Jones might as well be waiting with a knife, a fork and a napkin around his neck. Not to mention a direct snap to Powell that fooled no one. I’ll concede there hasn’t been much talent there, but when ownership finally does whack him, they need to give him the Godfather I “You’ve got to answer for that offense, Carlo” speech.

— Of course now that I’ve seen Woody Johnson‘s wife, I understand why he wouldn’t be pissed at anyone. Holy smokes. He’s one of the worst owners in sports, inherited every nickel he has and is married to a blazing hot dangerette who could be his daughter. Because the universe is a terrible, terrible place.

— Speaking of owners, what was that thing dangling from Bon Jovi’s neck anyway? It looked like a field pass, but since when do they make you wear them like a dog tag? He looked like one of those chumps you see at the ski mountain who put their lift ticket on their zipper so it whacks them in the face all day. C’mon, Jon. When you’re hanging with a mogul’s mogul, you have to clean that up.

— This week’s applicable movie quote: “You fly jets long enough, something like this happens.” – Viper, “Top Gun”

— I’m confused. Does this mean the AFC East is still a bunch of tomato cans that don’t give the Patriots any challenge or not?


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