Tyler Seguin was partying all summer in Toronto. Former Toronto Maple Leafs CEO Richard Peddie tattled on him. Also, Marshawn Lynch continues to be awkward, as he sells Skittles on cable TV.

[0:00:58] ... that this was coming out of Toronto I think is interest because. Richard Petty. With the former CEO of the Toronto maple. Apparently throw it out of state under the bus. Because. I guess take its ...
[0:02:46] ... tell us that you performed last year for the outlook for the Dallas Stars rather. Good for me graves there was a time when the injuries are racking up and those that if we can keep ...


Akeem Ayers in The Player’s Page Everyone remembers Malcolm Butler’€™s interception to win the Super Bowl this past year, but I’€™ll never forget the play right before it.

Jermaine Kearse had just made that circus catch, putting the Seahawks at the five-yard line with 1st-and-goal. We know Marshawn is going to run the ball, so we throw in a bigger package. I get on the field, and I know what’€™s coming. Everyone knows what’€™s coming. The fans are going crazy. You see people setting up ropes around the field so that nobody can jump out from the stands when the game ends. It’€™s coming down to the last couple of plays.

I’€™m lined up, the ball gets snapped to Marshawn, and he comes right my way. There’€™s a gap right there, and he’€™s running through it. Hightower hits him, and Marshawn starts to stumble right towards the end zone. I shed my block and dive over to him ‘€” right as he’€™s trying to stretch the ball over the goal line. There’€™s a collision. The dust settles. And I’€™m laying there staring at the ball. Stopped at the one-yard line.

The rest is history. …

To get traded to New England was just unbelievable. I had heard about the culture of the team ‘€” the intense preparation and complete focus — but I didn’€™t really understand what that meant until the first week I was there. New England prepares with the expectation of winning. You go there as a player and you know the tradition they have, the players they have and the mindset they have. Anything other than winning is simply not an option. And I can see how they’€™ve maintained such success over a long period of time. When I arrived, I just had to follow everyone’€™s lead. The organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

I couldn’t be happier that Akeem Ayers delivered this little piece of Patriots Porn. I’d suggest you read the whole thing because he offers a lot of insight into his personal journey, how he came to New England and the way he was received by Mr. Kraft and others. But I pretty much served up the money shots here.

I’ve watched the play he describes here, the penultimate play of the game-clinching defensive stand – almost as many times as I’ve watched the Malcolm Butler interception. And while Dont’a Hightower got credit for the tackle in the box score, it was a group effort by the Pats‘ defense. Vince Wilfork got a push on Max Unger that forced Marshawn Lynch to make a cut. Pat Chung made first contact and tripped Lynch up. And of course Ayers and Hightower were there to stop him short of the goal line.

It was an amazing stop that will forever be overshadowed by the world-changer that came next in that way that no one remembers what the hell happened on the Apollo 10 mission. But without it, we’re listening to people say the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in 11 years. So thanks to Ayers for the play and for shedding light on it. With the season starting in nine days and the Patriots “America’s Game” plus “Do Your Job” premiering between now and then, I can’t think of a better way to kick off a week’s worth of looking back at the championship. By Friday the 12th I’m going to have to check myself into a Patriots Porn addiction treatment center.


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Jerry Thornton


Germany Zoo workers in Duisburg shot an orangutan late on Monday evening after two of the apes escaped from their cage in the westerly city.

“Since the animal was already climbing over the outer fence [of the zoo] it was no longer possible to tranquillize it,” a statement from city authorities read.

“Unfortunately, a person authorized to use firearms was forced to use his weapon.”

Dozens of police and firefighters had rushed to the zoo after news of the animals’ escape before the all-clear was sounded at 9 pm.

Orangutans can weigh up to 100 kilogrammes, and are considered dangerous enough that police officers were armed with submachine guns as they searched.

“At the end of the day, the protection of human life had to come first,” city spokeswoman Anja Kopka told Ruhr Nachrichten. …

The other orangutan who escaped was tranquillized and brought back to its cage inside the zoo. It was not immediately clear how the escape happened.

With all due respect to the animal rights people who are all upset about this, they need to look at the big picture and see what’s really going on here.

This wasn’t some llama that got out of its pen or some emu that went missing. This was an orangutan. A highly evolved, intelligent, conniving, self-aware, 100 kilogram death machine that can kill a man where he stands. And worse. I mean, have we learned nothing from movies?

It begins with a simple orangutan escape. Then it’s other apes. Soon they begin walking upright. Then we train them to be our monkey butlers and do all our dirty work. In time they start learning our ways, then develop the power of speech and before you can say “Charlton Heston” they’re at the top of the food chain and we’re the grunting, speechless animals.

So you can weep for the ape that got shot and curse the zoo keepers who took him out. But you’d be ignorant of every great piece of science fiction in which the human race gets destroyed due to our own arrogance and inability to heed warnings. Well this isn’t going to happen if I have anything to say about it.

Next thing you know, these animal rights zealots will be saying we can’t kill dinosaurs when they break loose from zoos too.


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Jerry Thornton

Can we as a nation please stop congratulating Jane Rosenberg for her latest, less crappy Tom Brady courtroom sketch? Yes, I agree it’s an improvement over the gawdawful, viral, meme-worthy first one. But praising her for the improvement is like taking your kid out for an ice cream to celebrate him bringing up his grade from a zero to a D-.

I understand we live in a participation trophy world where mediocrity is rewarded and failure is excused. But Jane had one job: Capture Tom Brady’s preternatural handsomeness in pencil and charcoal. And she crashed and burned utterly. And this latest attempt from Monday’s court hearing is really just OK. Even the one she did in between court appearances, while a marked improvement, still doesn’t make her a Rembrandt, a Da Vinci or a Bob Ross.

So no matter how much she whines and begs for our approval, let’s cancel the parade and admit that with all she has to work with in terms of Tom’s perfect bone structure, Ph-balanced hair and dreamy eyes, we deserve a lot better than what she’s produced. I’m a forgiving man and can accept a lot of people’s shortcomings. But just not when it comes to Tom Brady’s looks.


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Jerry Thornton


Allow me to ask the obvious, simple question given the state of this mess. The question to which all fans of the Red Sox and of Don Orsillo deserve an answer. Did the Red Sox confiscate fans’ pro-Orsillo signs or not?

There are two possibilities here. The first is that Sox ownership ordered their security people to take completely heartfelt and non-offensive “Free Orsillo” signs away from their paying customers, then forced Dan Shaughnessy to remove the reference from his article. Which, if true, is some real Soviet Union-style way of doing business. Denying freedom of speech, suppressing dissent and then lying about the crackdown in your state-run newspaper.

The other possibility is that Dan Shaughnessy got the report wrong and removed the falsehood without a correction to cover his tracks because he doesn’t understand the reality that in 2015 screen captures make every lie permanent.

The first scenario is almost unthinkable. The notion that the Red Sox could be so tin-eared that they would send the Bolsheviks down Yawkey Way tearing honest messages of support for a long time and beloved broadcaster is surreal. It’s like something President Snow would try in “The Hunger Games.” And they couldn’t possibly think word wouldn’t get out, blow up in their collective face like a Jason Pierre-Paul cherry bomb and make them look far worse than the few loyal fans they have left holding harmless signs up on NESN’s telecast.

Whereas the second scenario makes all the sense in the world. This after all is the same Dan Shaughnessy who, from curse talk to his hatred of Nomar and Curt Schilling to Deflategate and beyond, has never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

There’s nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see here.


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Jerry Thornton
Shannon Sharpe was on First Take yesterday comparing Brady's alleged deflating of footballs, to Alex Rodriguez' admitted use of steroids.

[0:00:06] ... And you're known sorry it's not Randy Moss it is it not Troy Brown thumb mediator. They knew it isn't New Orleans sent a second year that Joseph for real hope Miller efforts that would be ...
[0:01:04] ... got one game left I don't know it listen they just got Reggie Wayne now bring in over dealer Saunders I was going to be a practice squad got to do it released Josh Boyce. And ...
[0:03:10] ... maybe a little different take on first. Do you believe still that Tom Brady cheated and lied about it. Absolutely absolutely absolutely but if you listen to court judge Berman. He failed with Tom Brady Melbourne were better. In the second how would regulate this apple ball on that argument whom they Iran's number the better this ...
[0:06:03] ... gave. If he was able to that he would not vote for Tom Brady's go to the hall and that was what. The show was supposed to be about most looked woefully about what the ludicrous statements. He Oprah so you have a he did answer the question he cannot fill it's kind of well here. The sooner you have been quoted many times on the show by the Manning usually sits in that chair because you were on Stephen a's radio show us. You've been quoted as saying you would not want Tom Brady in the hall of fame that you occupy you still there. No I think he deserves to be an all I need ...

Lou had the call of the game last night. Also, some more foreshadowing about the arrival of Glenn Ordway to the 10-2 time slot. And finally, Lou and Christian anticipate a ruling from Judge Berman.

[0:09:02] ... other for the effort was there really an effort. According fear Rappaport Tom Brady was open to serving a one game suspension preparing to cooperate. We've heard that before you want to admit guilt or except ...
[0:15:35] ... that there was that text if there was a phone call what Tom Brady said. After these referees checked the ball all right drop that be decided twelve and half. You got a case that would ...
[0:16:43] ... flat out just nip this in the but early on just like Troy Vincent said will be done and a couple days the cut to get this. Because if it gets any other team that we said the very first they've it's the jackets Jacksonville Jaguars this is not even an issue. The fact that it Tom Brady. Bill ballot Jack. Robert craft the New England Patriots that's what it's about and more importantly could funnel down to board up ...
[0:19:05] ... you don't arrogance but she's. And let him rest right now electric Troy Vincent members talking about now Juan. You'll all of this money will wasted our had hearings and help this ball LN FL play in the fact that there. A challenging our guard decisions that are going to arbitration and going to district court and all this money that we can be saving helping others. And it's like well he's accused pleaded or what what do you why do it if you didn't see general op deflate gay and and Jerry enemy in Ray Rice you know and and Adrian Peterson and begins grew up maybe. The Jonathan Martin's situation the walls of Paul was bogus the first time around. I mean if ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Kirk and Dino gave their thoughts on the next move in Brady vs Goodell.
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