Christian truly believes he is the funniest person around. He also believes his comic style can transcend any type of audience. The rest of the staff isn't convinced.
Free agent safety Husain Abdullah has decided to call it a career. The guys discuss this and concussion issues surrounding the NFL.

[0:00:01] ... concussions story because her couple things happening. In the news in the National Football League a today one of them turns out to be another player at this. Age thirty in this case Hussein ability a safety for the Kansas City Chiefs has announced his retirement. Why we sent five concussions and he's going you know want. A wanna be able have some type ...
[0:01:15] ... they think about it and then you've got the the link with Jeff Miller and him. Admitting the connection in the wake of of CTE in football which aren't good for the National Football League not any surprise but he's the executive vice president. A player health and safety. And he's now come out on the record. ...
[0:03:37] ... correct to a degree. Is that if you're in order in the National Football League is that tactic that they right now well an accountant and I think he's he's just. He's he's as you're I'm here and yours yet just because. He played football is because he had concussions. And suddenly he's developing alzheimer's or he's committing suicide at whatever. You know recipients aids definite. What we've seen enough studies right now in the week starting to admit that there is a connection with all of this you know why would you take that approach if you're an older in the league it's almost that say you know what I don't. Jerry Jones 'cause it's a similar thing the bit. Egypt there's no doubt as it's they're all saying we don't the knowledge to back ...
[0:05:13] ... To opine on the link between CT heat and football. Pummel layman. Jeff Miller is a layman as well he's thrown him under the plus arm. But some of the stuff that. That that hearsay is ...



It’s stories like this that make me think there might be something wrong with me. That I’m missing some gene that controls sensitivity. Or maybe there’s some internal organ – a gland that secretes an enzyme that makes you feel offended – and I was born without it. Because I just can’t get myself worked up into a lather because Kevin Harlan made a wisecrack about “rising from the dead” on Easter.

Maybe it’s because Harlan is great at his job. Or that he’s been a frequent guest on our show. Perhaps it’s because one of my co-workers is close to starting a crowd funding campaign to build a statue to the man. But mainly I think it’s just because I lack the fundamental capacity to get all upset over a one-liner delivered with absolutely no bad intent.

I went to Mass on Easter Sunday. Got together with family. Ate ham. Watched the kids poke through their baskets and told their parents how nice they look. Went home, watched the Syracuse-North Carolina game and heard Harlan fire off the line. But the whole thing about it being a hate crime just eluded me somehow. But then again, I have a history of missing the boat on this stuff. When Al Michaels said “Do you believe in miracles?!?” I never equated it to him comparing a hockey team to Jesus’ turning water into wine trick. When someone talks about a having “a cross to bear,” I always forget to point out the sacrilege. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Notre Dame’s Touchdown Jesus and missed out on the whole blasphemy of implying the Lamb of God could be a college referee. That’s on me.

In a way, I envy the Easily Offended. Life must be more interesting when you constantly figure out ways to paint yourself as the victim of someone else’s inappropriateness. It must be rewarding to find offense where others just hear a harmless joke and start demanding apologies. But like I said, I’m not wired like that. I guess it’s just my cross to bear.

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Jerry Thornton
With the playoffs right around the corner, both the Celtics and the Bruins have questions to answer about their respective futures. What does free agency hold for the Celtics? Can the Bruins hang around in the playoffs?


Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Wow. I might not have stood a chance against Dan Shaughnessy in the Dennis & Callahan Sports Media A-hole Bracket, but Geno Auriemma absolutely mopped the canvas with him in the “UConn Women’s Team is Bad for Their Sport” debate.

I won’t pretend to follow women’s college hoops. As I typed that last sentence I came up with six new ways to not care about the Lady Huskies program. But I can, at the very least, appreciate excellence in any field of endeavor. So I have to admire a guy like Auriemma, dominating his profession like it’s never been dominated, then having to answer a question about one columnist saying he’s ruining the game because of it. You’ve got love the way he makes no effort to hide his contempt. Or to apologize for being great at his job. He just swats the Curly-Haired Boyfriend’s opinion away like it’s a gnat, while at the same time defending the rights of everyone to not follow his sport if they don’t like it.

Which is part of what makes Shaughnessy’s argument so laughable. Like he’d be riveted to women’s basketball if only UConn didn’t destroy the competitive balance. Who’s does he think is buying that argument? It’s OK to not care about a sport. But don’t try to tell us you would, if only one team wasn’t so much better than everyone else. By that logic, the UCLA men’s team ruined the sport in the John Wooden era. And Red Auerbach’s Celtics should have put the NBA out of business in the 1960s. And baseball would have never survived about three separate Yankee dynasties. Not to mention what Hulk Hogan’s reign would have done to wrestling.

Say you don’t like Geno Auriemma’s sport. Say he probably should have taken the leap into the men’s game. Say you don’t like his tie. But criticize him for being a great winner and you deserve the verbal swirlie he delivered on you.

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Jerry Thornton


In order to raise money for the family of Odin Lloyd, the court has approved the sale of Aaron Hernandez’s house at 22 Ronald C. Meyer Drive in North Attleboro. The asking price is $1.5 million, which works out to a nifty $7,038 per month on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Which must be a bargain because the real estate listing on the place claims “There is a 75 percent chance this home will sell in the next 9 days – go tour it soon.”

The listing also describes Shooty McMurders’ former criminal lair as:

Brick front Contemporary Colonial with 3 car garage located in Prestigious Westwood Estates. Open floor plan with 2 story balcony overlooking family room and foyer. Master suite with private balcony, gas fireplace, wet bar with refrigerator, oversized master bath has jetted tub, double vanity and tiled shower. Custom gourmet kitchen featuring . granite island, wolf appliances, wine cabinet, pantry, wet bar and dining area. Sun filled room off the dining area overlooking the in ground pool and cabana. Pottery Barn look entryway off the garage with built in coat racks, seating and drawers. Finished basement with custom bar, sink, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. The finished basement also offers a full bath including a sauna and ice bath a theater room and a possible workout room. Private showings only with pre approval.

I get how real estate advertising works. You don’t say a house is “small,” you call it “a starter home.” You don’t call some dump for what it is, you call it “a handyman’s special.” And like any of you, I want the Lloyd family to get as much out of the estate as possible. I just have a hard time hearing about jetted tubs and wet bars, gourmet kitchens and wolf appliances (Note: please let that be a brand name) when we’re talking about the hideout of one of the most notorious criminals of our time.

I don’t blame the realtors for holding back. But if they wanted to be completely honest, the ad would read:

Here’s your chance to buy a house you otherwise couldn’t afford! If you’re one of the few people who’s not completely weirded out by the idea of living in the former home of a convicted murderer, have we got a deal for you! You’ll be able to sleep in the same master suite where he decided to throw his privileged life away. Relax in the bar area where he used to do drugs with his lowlife accomplices. Prepare meals at the same granite island where he rationalized (allegedly) killing two people outside a nightclub because one of them spilled a drink on him. Luxuriate in the same sauna where he contemplated the cold blooded murder of his friend. Enjoy the view from the poolside cabana where he convinced his girlfriend to hide the murder weapon. And hang up your coat in the Pottery Barn look entryway off the garage where  the police took him into custody. Granted, that’s creepy as hell. But if you have the stomach for it, you can save some money and live in an otherwise nice place. And, the neighbors will love you for not being a homicidal maniac. Comes with a partially damaged home security system.

On second thought, the buyer might really want to consider just leveling the place and building a new house.

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Jerry Thornton
OMF starts the Monday show by recapping Christian's odd Easter traditions. Then, the guys start to look at the David Ortiz Farewell Tour which begins today at Spring Training.

[0:12:53] ... they ran out. Got to tell you you put TB EU put Tom Brady next. It was up to my kids wanted to get the sugar was gained drilling yet. He has come Brady said it ...
[0:18:16] ... analysts celebration. Today is the first going away party. For Big Papi David Ortiz. Holidays are good bye to Fort Myers door and that's you know I was wondering like is epic games can be on at 1 o'clock. Well past abuse because it's the start of the celebration yes I think they want it to maybe get some of that. Ceremony now that not all the rest of the whales files look at another and they go to Montreal in legal reform Mike Triplett twins cross street you know within it owed much of a home is the last game a chip loop. So it's a little farewell to war when David Ortiz and it's and so begins. So we all of David Ortiz and we all have great respect for what he's done I won't. Say it unabashedly. He is the greatest clutch putter I've ever ever a case of him a few times emperors and Celgene is. For the moment he's been one nominal in big huge moment. And we know what it's like to hear for an organization that was what 86 years without a championship is phenomenal tremendous. But we saw this would Derek Jeter. And unfortunately for David Ortiz he's not Derek Jeter Derrick Jeter is a first ballot probably should be unanimous selection to the whole thing. David Ortiz as much as we problem here. It's somebody that probably will be on the edge of making the whole thing and probably not gonna make it as first couple years maybe aren't wearing them. But we haven't. What is this the point yet. Monotonous as we go through the higher. Season because this is an important season for this organization. At a senate David Ortiz doesn't deserve recognition on his way. But this team has got to get out of the basement this famous finally got to ...
[0:20:51] ... that too is that it is that should be. Doing this for David Ortiz won his right here in Boston in the Italy's New York. The minute now are you taking out the entire rivalry some ...
[0:21:25] ... year yeah we ought to scam to get out of the basement David Ortiz wonderful terrific greatest clutch hitter ever. But the articles through this ritual the entire season is used at low as their bit ...

ORANGE, CT (WFSB)Parents were upset when an Easter egg hunt turned into a shoving match on Saturday morning.

For the third year in a row, the Easter egg hunt was held at the Pez Visitor Center in Orange.

According to Pez, event organizers placed more than 9,000 eggs on three different fields. The goal was to have staggered starts for each age group.

“When it came time at like 10:30 a.m., the parents just bum-rushed that area,” West Haven resident Nicole Welch, who attended the event with her 4-year-old son, said.

The free event drew hundreds of people, but it quickly got out of hand, according to parents. …

Welch told Eyewitness News that children were trampled, parents knocked over children and eggs were stolen out of peoples’ baskets. Peterson said the crowd was “kind of like locusts.”

Just to be upfront about it, this is not the Easter egg hunt riot I wrote about last year. This would be a new and different riot in what is fast becoming an Easter tradition. New clothes, going to Mass for the first time since Christmas, chocolate bunnies, ham, Peeps and those gross Cadbury eggs filled with disgusting gelatinous corn syrup? Those are so 2010. The new hotness is trampling little kids so your kid can score more candy. It’s a tradition unlike any other.

So all those parents like Nicole Welch can get down off their high horses. Her 4-year-old knew what he signed on for. The Pez hunt is not for the feint of heart. It is a zero sum game, pal. Darwinism in its purest form. There are 9,000 eggs divided by however many kids and only the fastest and strongest will survive. To the victors go the spoils and all that.

Let the mama Welchs sit back behind the ropes, politely obey the rules and wait to be told when to go after the loot. Winners go get some. She can go on TV and whine about how unfair it is. But the parents who fought for what they wanted were sitting at home laughing at her through jellybean-filled mouths.

The bottom line is what I said after last year’s riot. An Easter egg hunt is not a fun day for kids of all ages. It’s a bloodsport. And you either get yours or someone else will. Sure, Easter is about Jesus dying for our sins and being resurrected to bring us all eternal life. But nowhere in the Bible story is there anything that said adults can’t observe the holiday by stealing eggs out of a little kids basket. So you just keep doing you, parent of Orange county, CT.

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Jerry Thornton
Callers on kids playing football.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:01:24] ... is a story that quoted one source on the record Roger Stone Donald Trump's chief political advisor. Let me be clear this national enquirer story is garbage. It is complete and utter lies. It is a tabloid smear. And it is a snare that has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen. It is attacking my family. And what is striking. Is Donald henchmen Roger Stone and for months. Been foreshadowing that this attack was coming. It's not surprising that Donald Trump's tweet occurs the day before the attack comes out. I I missed the part where he said I have never ever had ...
[0:02:47] ... on or later on. Now I like about you know we're call Donald Trump's character into question. I would like Ted Cruz to issue a statement. Whether or not The National Enquirer story is true that ...
[0:04:39] ... acquires his and his alone. While they were right about OJ Simpson John Edwards and many others I certainly hope they are not right about why don't they were. I hope they're not right up about ...
[0:06:53] ... for me Amy Adams and he is the worst that men Alderman George Clooney. IQ your girlfriend yeah it was terrible and it clearly did ya are kinda want to leave which have a Batman tattoo. ...