Glenn and Lou preview tonight's Game 3 match-up between the Celtics and Hawks.
Callers voice their concerns with John Farrell and the state of the Red Sox.

[0:01:43] ... one point. One is. He had and it. Trapped shore. Oh with Chris Young exports are. And I. 'cause of the Derek he had left the he'd be facing continued. Well we're right hand and if ...
[0:03:10] ... was going to be web with the power sinker or Ramirez. Verses. Chris young and he'd like that he knows Jackie has handled lefties in his career. To operate in the season before that game it ...
[0:16:11] ... affectionate pocketbook I understand but that can't be your. You can't fired John Farrell because of what people writing or saying that you can if you get fired because you don't think he's doing a good job you think the data manager. That come in and help you win more game OK do you think he's too good job so far. No so that you got so it it works candidate so you're gonna get rid of him because he's not doing a great job here's the one thing I would worry about. An story of all I know you don't I don't. I would worry about him because he's in the dugout side by side would John Farrell. Is he says they're going to won't. With these decisions by Ferrell were so near put blinders on that god. I just ...
[0:17:37] ... might go to toilet billow and say that Torino all want pitcher Chris Young I don't know I think it like this matchup better we're Shaw. You know geek brief. Jaunt your call in the manages team. Well I'm pitching Persia in two hours ago I was management will of them that we don't know maybe set that it yes it's good call. We get a few Christian maybe maybe Torre say that we can decrease your best John remember and he. So we don't know what is going on all I know is that the final call. Is John Ferro. It's a Carl Willis is either doable but it's John Ferro at what you brought up again about Hanley Ramirez yesterday. Came true again in that game yesterday I thought that ball was gone on a pig just missed Pamela feel like ...

Sausage tells the guys that he's moving onto greener (read: more lucrative) pastures. His potential replacement, Paul, is interviewed for the job.

[0:05:59] ... guard Kirk never repaid him when he won the bid for the weight loss or just pain and he would put the way back it up about it. Pay him for money that half. And all ...
[0:09:04] ... I've never watched before it's so wasteful toast hoop that's that's the biggest mistake is I've showtime HBO Cinemax yeah. All of them and I watched ours that's not true. This morning I was flipping around ...
[0:11:48] ... I'm regrettable yeah. If you tell your kids can put up the first night. I met him a moment sex app. As we didn't say what it's so afraid of that our story you. Have you ...
[0:14:03] ... myself. Rule like and don't you come and we'll leave you ever physically attack her and why it's only me why you like who get to that. It's you crossed a line more than when you. ...

Sausage tells the guys that he's moving onto greener (read: more lucrative) pastures. His potential replacement, Paul, is interviewed for the job.
The passing of Prince brings the guys to discuss all the beautiful women that the music icon has slept with.
ESPN's firing of Curt Schilling has been a divisive topic. John, Gerry and Kirk discuss who's supporting Curt, who's detracting, and callers discuss North Carolina law that started the entire controversy.
David Price had one of the worst starts of his career, and in the middle of a winnable game, John Farrell entrusts little-known William Cuevas to keep the team in it.

This grainy, poorly transferred recording is the best tribute I can give to the late, great Prince the day after his untimely death. It is, of course, the halftime show he did at Super Bowl XLI, otherwise known as “The Super Bowl Where Peyton Manning Won an Undeserved MVP,” otherwise known as “One of the Worst Super Bowls Ever” and more often, “The Super Bowl Where the Halftime Show was Way Better Than the Game.”

I’m forever biased toward U2’s stirring and emotional 9/11 tribute in Super Bowl XXXVI, otherwise known as “The One Where a Dynasty Was Born,” but I have no problems saying Prince’s performance that night is the second-best halftime show ever. He was at the height of his powers, his song selection perfect, and the fact that it actually rained through “Purple Rain” made the whole scene surreal.

I hate to be That Guy, the wannabe hipster who tries to prove he’s cooler than you because he liked an artist way before you did, but I’m being completely truthful when I say I was in on the ground floor of Prince. I saw “Purple Rain” the movie twice in the first weekend it hit the theaters. I’m lucky to have three older brothers who, to their undying credit, were into a much more eclectic musical selection than everyone else I knew in Weymouth. So I had “For You, Prince,” “Dirty Mind” and “Controversy” at my disposal during my formative years. One of my brothers saw Prince play at Metro on Lansdowne Street for five bucks. He came out in a G-string held up with suspenders, played every single instrument on the stage and had simulated sex.

So it was a long road from there to the Super Bowl. Especially given that the NFL is run by billionaires who, while my brother was watching him pretend-hump his bass player in a club behind Fenway, were predisposed toward halftime “entertainment” like this:

But Prince’s unmistakable talent would not be held back. Tragically, he’s gone and his like will pass this way but once. RIP.


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Jerry Thornton
John, Gerry and Kirk respond to Thursday's big news.



New York PostNick Mangold roots for the Rangers like he’s playing center for the Jets. He goes after the opposition, only verbally.

For the second time this year, the Jets center attended a Rangers game, and harassed the opposing team like a diehard sitting in the upper deck six beers deep.

Mangold, wearing a blue Rangers sweater during the Penguins’ 3-1 Game 3 victory … was specifically going at Penguins assistant coach Rick Tocchet and star center Sidney Crosby, pointing at them, a source said, and was seen leaning over the railing to talk trash.

It’s not my nature to say anything positive about the New York Jets, but I love Nick Mangold and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

This is what I want in my pro athletes. Supporting the other local teams, even to the extent of acting like a drunken, degenerate lowlife. You hear some overly sensitive ballplayers complain that they resent getting criticized by people who never played the game. Well, we can say the same thing about them. They’ll rip fans when they’ve never known what it’s like to sit in the stands, wear a team jersey and ride hard on the visitors. But not my man Mangold. He’s walked a mile in a-hole fan shoes, so he can say anything he wants.

What I wouldn’t give to have him in a Patriots uniform.


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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton