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[0:06:04] ... in the NBA coach up writer Erica carrier related notes about. Receiver Brandon Marshall let the New York Jets this offseason but that we town opting to sign with the giants. One guy who isn't sad ...
[0:11:15] ... him to be known to do now. OK so finally back when Tony Romo retired and was announced as the next announcer for CBS sports. A color at a simple question for Mike princess. You have ...

Adam Silver announced Wednesday the NBA will host the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte, N.C.  (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

Adam Silver announced Wednesday the NBA will host the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte, N.C. (Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

NBA commissioner Adam Silver receives a lot of credit in liberal circles for championing progressive causes. One of his signature moments came last summer, when he announced the league was pulling the 2017 All-Star Game from North Carolina due to the state’s anti-LGBT ordinance, known as House Bill 2. Prior to the relocation, Silver said a “change in the law is necessary for us to play in the kind of environment that we think is appropriate for a celebratory NBA event.”

But as it turns out, Silver was being disingenuous. The league announced Wednesday the 2019 All-Star Game will be hosted in Charlotte, despite the fact that LGBT people in North Carolina still face more oppression than they did prior to HB2’s passing.

While it’s true that Democratic governor Roy Cooper and the GOP-controlled state house repealed the bill earlier this year, the changes were perfunctory at best. Only the legislation’s most controversial provision, which prohibited transgender individuals from using the bathrooms or locker rooms of their identified gender in schools or government buildings, was struck down. Other discriminatory edicts in the bill were largely left unchanged.

For starters, local governments and schools can’t create any laws to protect transgender bathroom rights without approval from the state legislature, which is still dominated by Republicans. City and county governments also can’t pass their own LGBT ordinances until at least 2020. The state legislature is free to push that date back at any time.

The passage of HB2 last year brought great economic harm to North Carolina. More than 65 corporations, including Apple, General Electric and NIKE, signed an amicus brief to block the bill. Wired estimates the state lost nearly $400 million in the months after it was signed into law.

Much like Indiana two years ago, when then-Governor Mike Pence backtracked on portions of a stringent religious freedom bill after corporate pressure, the economic downturn in North Carolina forced the state government to act. Cooper, desperate to fulfill one of his signature campaign promises, quickly reached an agreement with the state legislature to repeal the most scrutinized aspect of the bill. The window dressing worked, with the NCAA announcing in April it will once again host championship tournaments in the state.

Social advocacy organizations are less impressed, however. The ACLU slammed HB142 as a “disgraceful backroom deal that uses the rights of LGBT people as a bargaining chip.” The Human Rights Campaign echoed those sentiments, saying it “betrays the LGBTQ community.”

In his statement Wednesday, Silver recognized the bill’s shortcomings, but said it was good enough for him. “While we understand the concerns of those who say the repeal of HB2 did not go far enough, we believe the recent legislation eliminates the most egregious aspects of the prior law,” he said.

If Silver were truly committed to promoting equality, he wouldn’t settle for a watered down repeal. But with the NCAA back on board, the pressure against North Carolina is off. Boycotting the state is no longer en vogue.

In today’s world, nearly all major corporations claim to be proponents of same-sex rights. Back in 2015, 379 major companies urged the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage, setting forth an expectation of equality in the business community. Marching in a gay pride parade, which Silver did last year, is more symbolic than anything else.

Taking a stand requires doing more than what’s popular. When Silver removed Donald Sterling from the Clippers in 2014 over his racist remarks, nobody protested. He also regularly receives a round of applause for allowing star players to speak out about social issues, such as gun violence and police brutality.

But refusing to return to North Carolina, and breaking with the NCAA, would’ve taken real guts. It may have even angered Hornets owner Michael Jordan, who’s likely counting on the All-Star Game as a way to showcase his franchise.

Silver has shown he’s willing to stand with the crowd in the name of social equality. But when faced with an opportunity to stand out on his own, and make an even bigger statement, he declined.


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Alex Reimer

Safe to say Uncle Nap is loved in the Holt household but his beard kind of tickles

A post shared by Brock Holt (@brock_holt) on

Brock Holt posted this picture to his Instagram on Wednesday of his son, Griffin, and former Red Sox teammate Mike Napoli.

Napoli is in town with the Rangers, who take on the Red Sox in game two of their three-game series Wednesday night.

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Lucy Burdge
Andrew Hawkins is the latest in a string of wide receivers coming through Foxboro. A Seattle council woman has the all the reasons why Colin Kaepernick should play again. And Gronk is doing more Gronk things.

[0:04:44] ... him that they did they will do you end up having a Wes Welker career they'll let you decide I want it every. There are waiting to find somebody else because he doesn't have left without ...
[0:10:06] ... over the of the performance of the patriot. It compared to what Tom Brady is going to be Tom Brady may be. Argues we got to have a bigger impact because. He's the quarterback he's gonna have more touches on the ball and the coach is gonna have. And that's. And obviously you know he's not gonna be in the game it's much but did that indicate less influential. Just because he's not on the court then another coach in another sport. He's less info what influential because the ploy here on the court with only five guys out there. Has a much bigger impact on the game LeBron James says he bigger impact on the game that even Tom Brady as in the game of football and if you're coaching against Tom Brady. And you know this'll weaknesses in the right part side side of the line or something. If you're the other coach you ...
[0:15:21] ... it but still pissed that he's not supposed to tell Paul Pierce Seattle Seahawks general manager. Pete Carroll and owner Paul Allen I'm running to convey that can't cap but it would be welcome in Seattle. ...
[0:20:45] ... support solidarity. Former NBA player eaten Thomas the New York State senator James Sanders junior. Rapper. Rod big. I don't know who rod big it is and it was ball. Season female terrible terrible rapper. Canada ...

Andrew Hawkins is the latest in a string of wide receivers coming through Foxboro. A Seattle council woman has the all the reasons why Colin Kaepernick should play again. And Gronk is doing more Gronk things.
Tyronn Lue. Greg Popovich. Brad Stevens. Steve Kerr and Mike Brown. You have to imagine that these NBA coaches are having some major impact on their teams...right?

[0:01:50] ... of the difference in the NBA with with what this conversation before. Luke Walton won his first 29 games as a head coach okay. I'm the head coaches out right now in Golden State you've got ...
[0:09:13] ... Jim Brown what can I get that every road here. A need Gerald green is my started tonight knowing Needham off the bench I need four minutes out of Amir Johnson he's trying to pull porch ...
[0:11:59] ... so now Steve Kerr has health problems. And which is Faso and Luke Walton takes over wins is what's in ninety since coach. All right so it didn't make a difference and now Steve Kerr is gone they have lost a free can play off game. These coaches don't mean how much they just don't apply to everyday college coaches in basketball or everything to the players. Version out every night here personality and in two. By the by the time Luke Walton got hold a team. It was pretty much you know plug and play with that team so coach and some veterans at ...
[0:24:05] ... in place but you know pat that get me. Hey eat at JR Smith field underneath the basket we need to wait and perhaps. Nobody else's. And there everybody else on the program both teams are ...

Tyronn Lue. Greg Popovich. Brad Stevens. Steve Kerr and Mike Brown. You have to imagine that these NBA coaches are having some major impact on their teams...right?
Shaq and Charles Barkley were at each other again. Rob Gronkowski has a restructured contract that encourages more participation. And more rule changes from the NFL!

[0:03:20] ... Rick Fox. Dirk finish after pitcher yet I'm going wait a month Alonzo Mourning. It when he beat. A long vote is supposed to. Talk about it. Anyway way that it was panels Orioles out of ...
[0:26:06] ... grant's family skeptic and and indeed they did a dual press release Tom Brady and the patriots never did that together. So this is probably pushing him OK you bitching you want more money you know ...

Shaq and Charles Barkley were at each other again. Rob Gronkowski has a restructured contract that encourages more participation. And more rule changes from the NFL!
Tawdry details about Aaron Hernandez's life and suicide continue to be released. (The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

Tawdry details about Aaron Hernandez’s life and suicide continue to be released. (The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

When Aaron Hernandez was alive, he was viewed as a murderer who would likely spend the rest of his existence behind bars. But the disgraced ex-NFL star is suffering an even worse fate in death. He’s become a tabloid sideshow, with salacious details and rumors about his life getting leaked with little regard on seemingly a weekly basis.

It’s been more than one month since Hernandez hanged himself in his cell at Souza Baranowski Correction Center in Shirley, five days after he was acquitted of double-murder charges. Since then, an avalanche of documents pertaining to his time in prison have been released, painting the portrait of a tortured soul who frequently clashed with officials.

The revelations range from troubling to downright sad. One batch of records shows Hernandez racked up multiple serious offenses while he was incarcerated, including at least three for fighting and one for possessing a nearly six-inch metal shiv. Another set of prison documents recount an evening in which Hernandez devoured 20 honey buns from a mistaken jail commissary delivery, because he was so hungry. The former Patriots tight end also once ate a letter, so guards wouldn’t be able to read it.

All the while, sordid hearsay about Hernandez’s sexuality continue to circulate. Last month, Boston-based investigative reporter Michele McPhee said on Kirk & Callahan investigators were looking into Hernandez’s sexuality as a possible motive for the 2013 Odin Lloyd murder. According to McPhee, Hernandez was carrying out an intimate relationship with a male high school classmate, and Lloyd had knowledge of the romance.

Around the same time, the Daily Mail also started publishing stories about Hernandez’s alleged prison boyfriend. He was identified as Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old armed robber who reportedly had grown close to the one-time NFL star while they were imprisoned together. The story reached a fever pitch late last month when Kennedy’s lawyer held a press conference, claiming Hernandez left his client a $47,000 watch and addressed one of his three suicide notes to him. Lawrence F. Army Jr. didn’t address reports about the nature of their relationship, saying Kennedy would tell the story himself one day.

All the while, Hernandez’s fiancee has engaged in a public campaign of her own, seeking to dispel rumors about his sexuality. In an interview last week with Dr. Phil, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez called the gay stories a “crock of bull.” She also denied Hernandez had left Kennedy anything.

It’s difficult to have sympathy for Jenkins-Hernandez, considering her apparent complicity in her fiancee’s purported evil deeds. She testified in both of his murder trials, claiming ignorance to his lifestyle and actions. In the Dr. Phil sit-down, she said she “more or less cooked and made food” for Hernandez’s friends, and then got out of the way.

But still, there’s something unsavory about watching a widow be confronted with tawdry rumors about her fiancee’s alleged secret sex life. Further compounding this feeling of uneasiness is the fact that the couple’s four-year-old daughter, Avielle, will be exposed to all of this one day.

That’s not to say Hernandez’s sexuality isn’t a worthwhile story. It may have been motivation for a murder, which makes it paramount to the public interest. The details involving his rumored relationship with Kennedy are less relevant, but inevitable. Hernandez killed himself in spectacular fashion, leaving blood on his cell’s walls and writing the biblical verse “John 3:16″ in red marker on his forehead. Palace intrigue surrounds every high-profile suicide, especially when it involves an NFL star-turned-murderer.

The Hernandez interest likely won’t dissipate any time soon, either, considering we still don’t know the contents of his three suicide notes. The letter he purportedly left for Jenkins-Hernandez was released earlier this month, though she questions its legitimacy. There was also one addressed to his daughter.

The intended recipient of the third note is unclear, however. Jenkins-Hernandez denies it was left for Kennedy, saying it was meant for Hernandez’s attorney. Jose Baez, who says he’s conducting an investigation into Hernandez’s death, has been peddling that claim for weeks.

At this point, everybody surrounding Hernandez seems to be focused on protecting their own self-interests. For his fiancee, it’s about resuscitating her reputation and perhaps making a little coin, since Hernandez’s estate is reportedly worthless. Baez, a shameless publicity hound, probably wants to milk the high-profile case for all its worth.

Hernandez’s brother spoke out of the first time Tuesday, too, promising to “tell Aaron’s truth.” In other words, he appears to be begging for his own highly paid appearance on a syndicated daytime talk show.

Since Kennedy’s attorney refused to say whether his client was romantically involved with Hernandez, one can assume that Kennedy is also holding out for a pricey tell-all interview. Recently revealed documents in which Hernandez asked to bunk with an inmate whom he calls his “heart” lend credence to the notion he may have been bisexual or gay.

The drip-drop of Hernandez revelations will probably continue to come out . The bloodthirsty media –– WEEI.com included –– will be there every step of the way.

The possibility of spending the rest of his life locked up in relative anonymity may have been too much for the 27-year-old Hernandez to stand. But this alternative is far worse.


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