Does anyone care about the Ryder Cup? Which NFL Stadium do you want to visit? Should Jim Harbaugh go to Michigan? Should the Bruins worry about Spooner's defense?
A mom tells her son that his crush likes another boy.

[0:00:16] ... wrong these days with MF beat. -- -- Kind of sports related mixed martial arts and the world of movies do. I express my desire. To see Jeter brought out and run around see. It -- Your. ...
[0:01:16] ... like the USC is going to have to look at the current active roster. The next opponent -- -- EST frontal will be filming two films between now and the end of the calendar year I ...
[0:05:41] ... me off -- or worse by order of the bottle optical cables ice cream colored don't like that. Both forgiven right DC last year model in their safe that only person should ever loved. -- -- ...
[0:06:40] ... not -- -- -- it's not supposed to make good quality -- Olympic Games like that. And screen TVs that are arrangements that publicist released a statement. With normal use it -- -- -- -- both ...

Kevin Millar touches on Jeter's final game, the 2015 Red Sox, and gives his prediction for October

[0:02:09] ... he said he didn't treat me like I was celebrity. -- he's Derek Jeter in -- not -- -- for its ingenuity as leverage to view middays with them at below overloading Christian -- Tim bends it's our last conversation with Kevin law or he's brought to us by -- RS restoration specialists and -- smoke shop. Former Red Sox player co host of intentional talk in the MLB network. Are we out of sappy music we should have similar musical bed here for Kevin during his last interview with -- some get a little clubs at. You a look at what they're big guys. -- last game in Yankee Stadium last night our -- our last thing I'm Debbie tidy little. I think it's a reward five. You know I I really do. And I don't really care I don't really care about the girl that can't happen Yankee Stadium yesterday you know it might have been just a great way to end it that was just. And -- even predict that ...
[0:04:04] ... many years and you look at for forty years that he spender Derek Jeter. 70 point here kaposi's -- as 20142013. And they 2008 we're the only other three if the Yankees did not go policies ...
[0:05:22] ... to slow down their heart rate -- situations. Are raised wanna bump. Derek Jeter another one you know Joseph Montana back in the day would not once all the great ones do that. This guy I ...
[0:06:18] ... issues this year battle they did it make -- play just as Derek Jeter batted second played shortstop but it there are other issues. But I'll follow what was Winnipeg Joseph Girardi here all -- you ...

The guys discuss Billy Crystals tribute to Jeter. "He was my teammate." No he wasn't.
Lou and Christian think Jeter should go out on top and sit out this weekend. Tim disagrees.

Former Athletics pitcher Dave Stewart was named the senior vice president and fourth-ever general manager of the Diamondbacks.

Tony La Russa, who became chief baseball officer of the Diamondbacks earlier this year, hired Stewart because of his good track record in baseball. La Russa was Stewart’€™s manager from 1986 through 1992, and also in 1996. The two won three consecutive American League championships from 1988 through 1990 and claimed the World Series title in 1989 over the Giants.

“I’ve known Stew for nearly three decades, and his diverse background includes championships on the field as player and coach, in the front office and in contract negotiations as a player representative,”  La Russa said in a statement Thursday.

Stewart will replace former GM Kevin Towers, a person Stewart served under as a special assistant with the Padres. Stewart also has been a special assistant for the Athletics and was an assistant GM for the Blue Jays. He was a pitching coach for three different big league clubs.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy success as a player and coach and really enjoyed my time representing players, but this is the perfect challenge for me,” Stewart said in a statement. “To try and put together the pieces of a championship team is something I can’t wait to begin and I could not be more excited about doing it with De Jon [Watson] and alongside a Hall of Famer who I respect greatly in Tony.”

Watson will join Stewart with Arizona as senior vice president/baseball operations. Watson had spent the last eight years with the Dodgers, with the last few years as the vice president of player development.

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Andrew Battifarano
Rodney Harrison previewed week four in the NFL.

[0:00:10] ... wake up with Cumberland farms farm house -- -- coffee all legend Rodney Harrison. On farms farm house -- ice coffee is so delicious it's -- good even put out. Just 99 cents any size and only at Cumberland farms from Rodney Harrison joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- how are you. Go well remarks. How at risk is this offensive line ...
[0:01:07] ... strange position to be the first time he's -- the ball to Tom Brady in a place where he can't even hear himself think a lot of stuff can go wrong. Right. Well I mean they're ...
[0:06:57] ... collect a -- bank. The kind of would. A different form of Logan Mankins got great help but think yeah it is their last opportunity. The -- -- record of being able to -- out like this it's like nobody ever question Rick Rick cotton got their. There are already laid it on the I think you deserve but to answer the hatred. I think they would for a while -- on metal but a lot of people get a guy like. I'd like to say -- if you're playing for the Washington Redskins last night and you're watching your quarterback -- for of the worst interceptions not to mention a lost fumble. What point in ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:05:10] ... at it you know always not it's. Policing the taxpayers. Or as. Deval Patrick calls it just an anecdote an interest and -- anecdote globe get there eventually it'll play catchup you know get to work ...
[0:05:49] ... weekend in Italy Linksys finally -- so I was back on now. Governor Deval Patrick insisted yesterday he has no intention of taking. Attorney general Eric holder's job acknowledging yesterday before and off to Washington DC to appear before the Congressional Black Caucus and he's been in ...
[0:06:35] ... no plans and no interest in making plans to be the next attorney general for not gonna see you working for this president's administration. -- -- I don't anticipate that no. At this time to -- ...
[0:11:54] ... com -- attended the year -- environment alone you know. Leader -- Al Gore's were a hundred -- it's true that is true. The great one of the green boxes yes all time headlines brought you ...

The guys opened the show by discussing Derek Jeter's final performance in the Bronx.

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Five weeks ago, a Haverhill man bought a winning $1 million lottery ticket. Earlier this week, police raided Gary L. Bond’s house and found cocaine, marijuana, EBT cards, a machete and brass knuckles. He was charged for cocaine and marijuana possession as well as trafficking.

His wife, Fritzlaine Liautaud, faced the same charges, but posted her and Bond’s bail earlier this week.

Said Callahan: “It’s one thing to get caught, you got caught. You’re a liar, you’re a cheater, you’re stealing from the taxpayers, you’re dealing drugs. But then there’s this indignation. How dare you?”

Continued Callahan: “How is he given an EBT card? You walk in the [welfare] office, and they just say, ‘Here you go’?”

Replied a sarcastic Dennis: “His back hurts, Gerry. He can’t work and provide for his family.”

Said Minihane: “So I can go get one?”

– Governor Deval Patrick said Thursday that he has no intention of succeeding Eric Holder as attorney general. Many have speculated a role for Patrick in the Barack Obama administration, especially since Patrick is going on a trip to Washington, but Patrick continued to deny it.

“Wouldn’t it be a lot fun to hang out with Obama and Patrick?” Minihane asked. “Go play 18 with them?”

Said Callahan: “I was just hoping he’d take the gig and go before the Senate and get out of our lives.”

– A Canadian man unsuccessfully attempted to smuggle 51 live turtles over the Detroit border and into Canada when he taped the reptiles to his body. Kai Xu tried to put the turtles under his sweatpants, but he was caught by agents near the border.

Asked Dennis: “How big were the turtles?”

Replied Minihane: “They’re like those little snapping turtles.”

Said Dennis: “Well, you’ve got to be careful then, if they’€™re snapping turtles. Like, where you put them in your sweatpants.”

– Robert Kennedy Jr. and new wife Cheryl Hines recently purchased a $5 million home in Malibu, California. The house was bought from award-winning composer David Kurtz.

Callahan didn’t have many nice things to say about Kennedy.

“All you need to know about Robert Kennedy Jr. is he’s been called the dumbest Kennedy,” Callahan said.

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Andrew Battifarano