We close out Dale and Holley with the best soundbites of the day.

[0:03:00] ... exactly in he's punchline. Plus a couple of great coaches today. First Buddy Ryan. Architect of the Chicago Bears for six defense father of wrecks and rot lot of fans will remember the fighting had on the sidelines with a offensive ...
[0:04:31] ... long Chuck Noll was the offensive coordinator so oh all time favorite Buddy Ryan quote. Quarterbacks overpaid overrated pompous bastards it must be punished. It's everything you need that nobody one cents a lot chuck knows off of the quarter where. Jets colts. Were were things that for the jets. From Winthrop play. On the this is that the the patriots hired. That's right no of Michael Thai politics not a good proper phrase is I don't think so she thought about and I don't I. I've got storage for your ...
[0:10:34] ... that the other from your team president. Here's the president of the New York Yankees showed some class pride basically called little more. Yeah that would be in delivery. Over the times are perfect mix things up ...

I’m off on a vacation to Alaska. Thanks for reading and if I don’t end up as bear scat, I’ll talk to you soon.

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Jerry Thornton

On the latest Unsportsmanlike podcast, WEEI’s newest full-time wrestling/MMA podcast host and my pal Adam “Uncle Buck” Cormack joins me to break down Season 6 of “Game of Thrones.” I call it the best single season of any show ever, and UB goes as far as to say it is now the best TV drama series of all times. Valar Morghulis.

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Jerry Thornton
After an embarrassing outing last night, Angry Lou rips into Eduardo Rodriguez, who seems to not realize that he needs more than two pitches in the big leagues.
Angry Lou is angry at Red Sox manager John Farrell, who is misusing his roster and didn't give Xander Bogaerts a night off last night, even though they made a roster move for a back-up shortstop.
Angry Lou is still rolling, and this time he focuses his anger at Dave Dombrowski for not getting a left fielder during the off season and for general bad roster construction.
Angry Lou made it all afternoon, but finally snaps -- this time at Orlando in Boston, over a disagreement on what to do with Dustin Pedroia.
Kevin Durant is openly meeting with 6 teams to see where he will play next year...but how should OKC feel, considering everyone thinks he's going back there?

I won’t for one hot second pretend that I follow soccer. But I do try to follow life on this planet. And you can’t be a citizen of the Earth without being aware when something monumental happens. Like Iceland beating England in the Copa America tournament. From what I gather, this is an upset of colossal proportions. And along with the fallout from Brexit, pretty much handed Britain its worst week since German bombs were whistling down out of the skies like raindrops.

What has to make it worse, is that the Icelandics capped off the win with one of the most badass celebrations in the history of team sports. It takes a special kind of cool to play off your Viking heritage and use it to spike the football in England’s face. And to remind them that this is exactly the way your ancestors kicked the Brits’ junk in the dirt back in 866.

If it were up to me, I’d go with some serious Ragnar Lothbrok, History Channel’s “Vikings”-inspired stuff:

But as celebrations go, there might be none in all of pro sports as cool as this. If I was a Minnesota Vikings fan (and by the grace of God I am not), I’d be ashamed we never came up with it.

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Jerry Thornton

(NSFW, language, unsafe levels of dooshiness)

If you don’t remember the kid from this clip from last fall, he is Luke Gatti, the former UConn kid with a hunger for jalepeno mac & cheese, an insufferably condescending attitude and the world’s most punchable face. This video exploded, as did Luke’s painfully insincere apology days later.

If you do remember him, it shouldn’t surprise you that the sniveling little turd burglar is up to much, much worse. Enough to get him arrested in Florida. Via MassLive:

A clerk in the Palm Beach clerk and comptroller’s office said that Gatti, 20, of Bayville, New York, was arraigned in May on a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. … Gatti allegedly “raised his left hand in a ‘hook-em-horns’-like gesture” and called arresting officer Richard MacLean — who is white — the N-word.

Congratulations, humankind. You are now the nanny to yet another incorrigible, privileged, self-absorbed asswipe with no regard for people who actually earn a living. And working people are now babysitters to the Luke Gattis of the world. Cops, food service managers, prison guards, the doctors who will pump his stomach the next time he poisons himself with booze and the EMTs who will have to bring him back with Narcan every time he overdoses from the heroin addiction that no doubt awaits him.

So thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Gatti. Appreciate it, Bayville. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you for unleashing this monster on the rest of us.

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Jerry Thornton