I’ve been full time at WEEI for about a year and a half. Before that I wrote for Barstool with a special emphasis on football. I’ve always felt like I’ve written a million NFL blogs and I rocked ’em all. Until this very moment.

This is football analysis. This is how you break down a team and get right to the heart of a franchise’s failures. What’s been wrong with the Jacksonville Jaguars all these years? Well, in their first year, they took it to the limit. What’s their problem been for the last 20 years? They play by the rules. You can’t have a newcomer come in and … steal the show.

That’s the kind of high octane content and cogent insight that gets you a beach house. And I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been able to deliver that level of quality. And to think she’s sitting there on a beach in Jacksonville and Ray Lewis is getting paid to talk football. There is no justice.

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Jerry Thornton
Larry Wilmore and Barack Obama brought the house down and left the audience in stitches at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner.

[0:00:52] ... be accomplished again and you just have to be connected. Brett and Ted Kennedy got an honest test score probably not that I'm guessing probably. Sobel you would think would be the class of 2020 aren't ...
[0:03:06] ... it's all over in January. God if this well yes it's both Hillary Clinton expert do you think we'll ever see like her grades inner cities because we've never seen what I'm not. Policy is on ...
[0:04:44] ... him Biden hanging out they shot some stuff and then later that movie theater goers almost. Mean how long as that's his tank with five minutes or so ago. Here's Obama Saturday night talking about Donald ...
[0:07:36] ... never prohibit upsetting it was in a product by heard you know. Ice cube Busan on the nose in the congress of the hall of our song. Hill and skewed in pain and used it right ...

Donald Trump is enjoying the endorsement of convicted rapist, Mike Tyson.
Jessica Mendoza was on the broadcast last night as the Sox and Yankees played in Fenway Park. She continues to add limited insight while avoiding any and all criticism. Also, Lee in Rhode Island infuriated the guys with his Tom Brady phone call.
On Friday night, Kevin Faulk was on stage to announce the Patriots pick in the NFL Draft. Faulk showed his support for his former teammate, Tom Brady, on the microphone and in his attire.

[0:00:06] ... time greens today. Our guys. I do think I was surprised that Kevin Faulk had the balls to do that I was surprised. The National Football League let him do that. I'm surprised that Troy Vincent who look like he's somebody just barred it in his face. Didn't faze him backstage when he saw the channel a trip ...
[0:01:10] ... Jesse Watters in these two guys from my affected both Toivonen thing Kevin Faulk roll around on the dirt backstage trump. People in the California in a stop to the ground and I don't think they were in position to stop them. And you know what. It was brilliant Spock was really he didn't dragon though don't make a big deal out of did it with a smile on his face and they said what about the second time or the thirteen it's up three times guys and I've got like a job was done the right. And a better economy did I think Bob Kraft has probably offended by it that's not been distributed to the commissioners not know Bob Kraft called John Marron apologize sorry. It was much better watching at that bush just listing to it because he came about Jack ...
[0:04:12] ... he's getting you know more. Arrogant. More defined now that he's beaten Tom Brady and survived that storm. But I think we're gonna hear more about how to you know more about it needs the right ...
[0:06:06] ... what it anyway kind of describe. That that the courts said that Tom Brady you know chief. It. It has empowered when the flotilla of lobster boat pulls up got a deck they come. Lobster men ...

Last night, ESPN2 re-aired their "30 for 30" which details the Red Sox win over the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. Curiously, all footage and conversation regarding Curt Schilling's performance in Game 6 was no where to be found.

[0:00:42] ... wrong like Graham are on the pitch for the Diamondbacks in the World Series that I watch on I watched ESPN two years ago is due before the saw Ortiz and October. Forty's not to act ...
[0:03:59] ... just say oh I got an idea what should shove it up. Curt Schilling's. No lose touch. By showing. And cut that all of our four days and October what do you think she looked like ...
[0:06:01] ... knew she should be. She should be willing sport should be doing College Softball right of course if you can what you can do studio show as a host maybe she could large and we. It's ...
[0:11:44] ... in all of sports. Putting them in Iowa Wisconsin were tipped. Myself Jon Gruden Hugh B brown want. Most people get cradle is the best doors at Bernie's ball just not there was this analyst is ...

The Sox swept the Yankees and have won 7 of 8, leading many to wonder if John Farrell has the team playing well enough to keep his job.

6. Roger Goodell lied again when he said he’s spoken to the Krafts and everyone has “moved on” from Deflategate.

Mr. Kraft may have accepted the fact he had no legal options available when he capitulated at the NFL owners’ meetings last summer. But it’s clear now he expected some sort of consideration for standing down and based on what he told fans at the team draft party, is still ripped.

“I have been in constant communication with Tom over the past 16 months and we’ve had numerous conversations this past week,” Kraft said Friday night at a Gillette Stadium draft party. “We are both on the same page and he knows exactly where my allegiances, and the total team’s [allegiances] are, relative to the extremely unfair discipline that he has been subjected to. I share in our fans’ anger and frustration with the penalties the league has levied, and the entire process and how it was conducted. But please trust that I am always trying to do what I believe is best for this franchise, and pledge that I will always continue to do that.”

Those comments plus the fact Mr. Kraft was snugging with Brady at Gisele’s book party make it pretty clear who’s side he’s on and the fact that the team has not “moved on” one iota.

5. They drafted a pretty unique guy in Malcolm Mitchell.

It’s not every year you draft a kid who had a feature done on him by that “CBS Sunday Morning” show that usually devotes segments to cellists or videos of migrating birds. But Mitchell was profiled last year because … he joined a book club for middle-aged ladies.

I’m not about to suggest that because Mitchell comes across as such decent, high-character guy, that’s going to translate into a great career. Being able to relate read all of the “Hunger Games” in two days and relate to housewives is great and all. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll know when to stem off his route against MOFO coverage or hang onto a ball in traffic. But given this team’s recent history, it’s a safe bet that a suburban book club member is way less likely to go on a murder spree than someone who came out of U. of Florida with character concerns.

4. Nobody works a draft board like Bill Belichick.

Trying to carefully chart how Belichick maneuvers his way up and down the draft board is like doing your taxes by yourself. There are just too many numbers to track, too many decisions to try to justify. It’s best to just ignore the minutiae, let the details wash over you and just ask somebody who understands it all how much you’re getting back. Except this draft, buried in the avalanche of deals, this little gem was hidden:

— The Pats traded picks No. 147 and 243 to Seattle for pick No. 225 and fourth-rounder in 2017.

That’s significant because Roger Goodell’s illegal search and seizure took the Patriots’ fourth-round pick next year. Or, to put it more accurately, the higher of whatever fourth-round pick they have. By trading that fifth-rounder (No. 147) he not only moves up a round, he assures they’ll have one. And given that it’s Seattle, it will likely be around the back end of the round, right around where the Patriots’ will be. Genius.

3. The Patriots had the same draft crush I did.

Injured Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith was the one elite prospect I hoped might fall to within the Patriots’ grasp. I was wrong. He went off the board earlier than expected, when Dallas took him at No. 34. The Pats immediately then moved their second overall pick, and the dream was dead.

2. They’re willing to consider a change of quarterbacking philosophy.

Not since the dark days before the Bradichick Dynasty have the Patriots taken a quarterback like Jacoby Brissett. I have no idea whether or not the kid can be an NFL quarterback. But what any one minute of his tape will tell you is that he is not the traditional pocket QB they’ve always gravitated toward. I defy you to find more than a handful of 3, 5, and 7-step drops on his game film. I’m sure he’s capable of it. But most of his plays seem to come from moving outside the pocket and throwing on the run or pulling the ball down and gaining yards with his feet. Maybe it’s a reflection of management acknowledging the game is changing and the time of the mobile quarterback is upon us. Regardless, watching Brissett will be one of the most intriguing subplots of the preseason.

1. Kevin Faulk is still clutch.

Even in retirement, Faulk proves he’s still the guy you look to to make a huge play in a tight spot.

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Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton