Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— A 16-year-old girl without a license was caught driving southbound in a northbound lane on two highways in New Hampshire on Sunday morning. This girl reached a speed of 118 mph as she drove her family’s Toyota RAV4 on interstates 93 and 293. State troopers chased her down until she ran over spike strips that stopped her.

“A Toyota SUV can do 118 [mph]?” asked a shocked Dennis.

“And the story says through the tolls,” said Callahan.

Said Minihane: “Yes, she went right through the tolls.”

“You better have good aim,” replied Dennis.

Replied Callahan: “This is the craziest teenager, and I feel bad for her parents, must be tough. But have you ever heard of anyone this nuts? … A RAV4, at 118, with cops chasing in the wrong lane down 93, it’s a miracle she’s alive. And you know the next shoe to drop? We’re going to find out she was texting. Probably texting her boyfriend.”

“She’s a pretty good driver, could be a stunt driver,” replied a sarcastic Minihane.

The hosts played a news clip in which the girl’s mother spoke about the incident. The mother had no idea what her daughter was doing and said the 16-year-old told her that she left something in the car in order to get the car keys in the first place.

“She left something in the car?” asked Dennis

Replied Callahan: “Yeah, her brains.”

— A couple refused to leave Ten’s Show Club in Salisbury after security guards said the two engaged in inappropriate behavior and touching. After the couple did not leave when asked by the club’s staff, responding police officers arrested the two for disorderly conduct.

Said Minihane: “I feel like everything should be in play here. So what, you’re at a strip club, it’s a sexual place. Why not?”

“It’d be messier than this studio if they allowed them to do anything,” Callahan said.

“Get a room,” said Dennis.

Asked Callahan: “Isn’t that part of the fun, you go there, you get aroused and go home or you go to your hotel room?”

Minihane said he isn’t the biggest fan of going to strip clubs.

“Why would you walk into a strip club, now?” asked Minihane. “Doesn’t it feel antiquated, strip clubs, almost?”

“They were inspired, they were inspired,” replied Dennis.

— Bill Cosby faced questions this weekend after more allegations emerged about his possible sexual assaults. His appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” was canceled and the comedian was asked if there were any truth to the accusations during an NPR interview. Cosby only shook his head and did not provide a verbal response to the questions.

The hosts were not pleased with the way host Scott Simon apologized to Cosby for asking the questions.

“What’s the name of this stooge again? Did he apologize enough?” asked Callahan.

The hosts mocked Simon’s voice and how he said, “This question gives me no pleasure.”

Said Callahan: “That’s how you should start Tom Brady off, ‘This gives me no pleasure.’ “

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Andrew Battifarano
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Tim Hasselebeck with the latest on the Pats.
The Guys opened the show by discussing the Pats 6th straight win.

Welcome to Monday’s Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Curran calls the show to break down tonight's game between the Patriots and Colts.

[0:00:37] ... radio this week that make a lot of people were overlooking. This Indianapolis Colts steaming you wrote your patriots preview on CSN and if this is a much more difficult game in match up but the ...
[0:10:36] ... them injured I mean that you look at demo oh Austin Polly. Brandon Stokley. Ellis Clark they'll pick the place. We will keep merely because of the lack of arms and it'll be great quarterback but ...
[0:12:00] ... their defense. Can't. I look at Kansas City and I wonder can Alex Smith went but predictable trolls like at the deep. It's going to be a phenomenal final 56 weeks of the senate bill season I think things they may help. May change tonight based on what happens in Indianapolis but through the patriots and the Indianapolis Colts will be a couple of housecleaning things. Here a Christian Fauria who joined us early on is brought to you by buying masks bloody dot com path easy and free and mass money. ...
[0:13:12] ... abort Stearns for the real posting shall following the patriots and the Indianapolis Colts as soon as that game is over you come right back to us. They'll take your phone calls and you're taxing your ...

Fauria gives DIckerson a call to give his take on Pats vs Colts, how Belichick prepares his team after a bye, his thoughts on Luck, Gronk and more.

[0:00:43] ... over two to Aussie or WEEI. Off following the patriots and the Indianapolis Colts not joining us as he does each and every NFL Sunday from an epi is Christian Fauria. Christian let let me ask you not to up first about the patriots and the colts put out what to think of ...
[0:08:19] ... week here would be crazy not from up there raiders. There your Peyton Manning rockers as plain W editor breed. He's in the top five. I mean it is everybody's done great promises ability to bulk ...
[0:13:43] ... of the show. This morning presumably particularly pretty important one I get Adam Vinatieri kicked in the game when you Google properly miked. You know your logic changeable and well you know it. I don't know ...
[0:14:55] ... lot more tucked in next wick. Barbara you got to take care Christian Fauria from MF be. Still to come Steve DeOssie will rejoin meanwhile also talked to Tommy car follow half hour of NFL Sunday ...

Dickerson and Price discuss their thoughts on what the keys are to the game. They talk about Brady and Gronk, how people forget about Reggie Wayne with TY Hilton on the other side, if Shane Vereen can get involved in both the running and the passing game and more.
Greg and Chris discuss how the running game can still impact the game in a pass-happy league. Chris talks about how the Patriots utilize their RB's to open things up for Brady and the gang.
Mike Wells is in Indy and joins the show to give his take on what will go down at Lucas Oil Stadium tonight. He think the Pats will come out on top because Brady and Gronk are on a roll. He discuss his list of top QB's, Andrew Luck's progress and how the Pats are able to take away every team's best option.

[0:00:19] ... duties over channel seven he will come on back. A little while Christian Fauria from MLB he will join us as he always does Max now or as will Tom eat curry and from. CS and ...
[0:06:06] ... where are you prepared ships. Mike how much of a factor can Reggie Wayne still be Bill Belichick is very complimentary of him this week calling him one of the best route runners in the history of the game rivas of really went on and on about the impact he's had on the field. Is he the kind of guy who could be a bit of a difference maker to better we kind of old blowing up from the outside. Took out. He went out to play maker oracle. And Bill Belichick Oprah. He's got to oracle outer. Take a desk or rich or ain't it got you know aren't all spotter. Open book ...
[0:11:11] ... play app. Mike canoeing and we all know about the ability that Adam Vinatieri has seasonal hall of being ticker in the minds of a lot of folks would give us a thumbnail sketch. But the rest of the cold special team owners and Indianapolis parlance to be happening deem records over the the speaker to be worried about. It goes great it is a partner let's kicker had cracked. Amanda Coetzer. Pre pre school where police are psychics before we. And make things happen. I mean McAfee you struggle out or Italy but I'm sure I know Bill Belichick ordered special teams unit. Don't Wear our sites it's a beta or oracle RR psychics they've had this year. Because I ketchup ...
[0:12:15] ... a little surprise is here in Indianapolis. For blow came here prepared Bill Belichick get to where it. And it gets that we hear so it's. A little little surprise first a quick break and that's ...