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Well, I’m glad that’s settled.

In Roger Goodell’s quest to make football safer for all players, he will not stop, he will not leave a single stone unturned, until he has eliminated all cheap shots from the game and punished all perpetrators to the full extent of the Article 46 law.

Unless it’s Vontaze Burfict willfully and intentionally diving at Martellus Bennett’s knee. That gets a free pass. As does him head-butting Rob Gronkowski. And as far as Burfict going out of his way to stomp on a defenseless LeGarrette Blount? That’s more of a grey area. Sure, you take some money away from him. But take him off the field for a game or two? That would be too severe. Even if he’s a notorious, recidivist, habitual offender.

So the price point as been established. If you’re having trouble defending some opponent’s best offensive weapons? Dive at someone’s ACL, go helmet-to-helmet and try to tear his ankle ligament while he’s at the bottom of a pile, and it will only cost you 75 grand. That might be a lot to you and me, but in the big picture of an NFL season, to get a Bennett, a Gronk or a Blount out of a crucial game? It would be a bargain at twice that price.

To review: If a player continues continues his career as a serial cheap shot artist with obvious intent to injure, that will cost him a fraction of a paycheck. But if he’s at least generally aware some employees mess with the footballs at home games, that costs him a quarter of the season and his reputation. That’s justice, Roger Goodell style.

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Jerry Thornton

On Tuesday’s Dale & Holley with me show, Michael heard from his old roommate Paul Zeise, who writes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette saying Patriots fans won’t like his new column. Of course, Pats fans tend to like columns in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as much as Bill Belichick loves Microsoft products. But I’ll be the judge of this one.

As it turns out, Zeise was wrong. I love his column. I haven’t read a good piece of nonsensical, paranoid, Belichick-isn’t-a-good-coach-he’s-just-lucky-he-has-Tom-Brady claptrap in a long time. And Zeise delivers.

Brady’s legacy is simple and mostly untarnished — despite some under-inflated footballs he threw against the Colts in the AFC title game two years ago. …

Belichick’s legacy, though, is far more complicated and far tougher to gauge. The stench of several cheating scandals, the fact that he’s never really won anything without Brady and his conveniently forgotten stint in Cleveland will forever tarnish his accomplishments. …

Chuck Noll wasn’t a world beater after Terry Bradshaw retired, but in 1984 he got to the AFC championship with Mark Malone as his starter, and he got to the second round in 1989 with Bubby Brister.

Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks, Bill Parcells had success everywhere he went with different quarterbacks — including a Super Bowl with Jeff Hostetler — and Tony Dungy in Tampa had success with guys like Shaun King.

I love it. And I say again, anti-Patriots jihadists are divided into two radical ideologies. The “It’s Belichick, Not Brady” faction and the “It’s Brady, Not Belichick” sect. Michael Holley’s old roomie obviously belongs to the latter. Unfortunately for us non-deranged sane people, the two sides seem to get along and have yet to engage in an all-out war and destroyed one another. But I’m hopeful.

The worst part of this used diaper of a column is that it reads like a term paper. It’s as if Zeise had to start with a thesis so he picked “Belchick only wins because of Brady” and had to stick with it, even when all his researched proved the opposite.

Chuck Noll proved he was great by going to the second round of the playoffs. “Bill Parcells had success everywhere he went.” “Tony Dungy had success.” So he’s measuring “success” by winning one playoff game? Well, Belichick did that in Cleveland. With Vinny flipping Testaverde. Against Bill Parcells. Not to mention in 2008, he squeezed 11 wins out of Matt Cassell, who hadn’t started since high school. And won games last month with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett. But rather than just throw up his hands and admit his argument has no merit, he does the Patriots-hater thing. Which is to press on with his point and hope no one lets the facts get in the way of a good, illogical screed.

He thought we’d hate it? No chance. In fact, I need more of these in my life. It’s the best way to enjoy a season following the best team in football. Now we’ll just have to wait for the next, “Brady only wins because of Belichick” column. You know those dopes will want to weigh in.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at WEEI.com/return.

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton