Jets coach Rex Ryan got a sendoff from fans in the town where he lives before the Jets lost Sunday's AFC championship game to the Steelers. Fans were invited to show up outside his New Jersey house Saturday morning for an early morning pep rally. Invitations were sent by the mayor of Summit, N.J., as well as the local high school football coach. The event was approved by Ryan's wife, Michelle, who made an appearance.


The Patriots' loss to the Jets on Sunday was a blow to Boston sports' psyches. But it only falls in the middle of the pack in our list of Boston's 10 most devastating losses since 2000. To find out which humiliating losses rank ahead of it — inlcuding setbacks by all four of Boston's major professional teams — check out the entire list at the LEEInks blog.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said his feelings were hurt by criticism from new Red Sox reliever Bobby Jenks last month, but Guillen admitted that his son Oney crossed the line when he tweeted details of a meeting in the manager's office with Jenks. Jenks had criticized his former manager's handling of the White Sox pitching staff, and Oney Guillen responded by suggesting Jenks had problems with his drinking and marriage, and that Jenks cried in a meeting in the manager's office.


Steelers linebacker James Farrior, a former Jet, said Wednesday that he was looking forward to hearing his old team talk trash in the lead-up to Sunday's AFC championship game and he's disappointed in the silence. "It is always funny to hear those guys talk," he said. "They do a lot of trash talking. If you really look at it, those guys really do a good job of backing it up. They talk a lot. I think it is a lot of smoke and mirrors. If you fall into it and you believe the stuff that they are saying, you'll get beat."


According to a recent study, about 40 percent of fans drink alcohol at sporting events, and 8 percent leave a the event legally drunk. Those who attend tailgate parties are 14 times more likely to be inebriated. “Eight percent doesn’t sound high, but translate into how many people are leaving the stadium drunk, and you have thousands of people,” Darin Erickson, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor in epidemiology and community health at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, told


Penguins star Sidney Crosby reportedly is considering skipping the NHL All-Star Game because he is upset at the league for not protecting its players. Crosby has twice been given concussions from hits to the head this season, and neither offending player was suspended. On Tuesday, the league is to name the two players who will serve as captains and pick the teams, and Crosby is expected to be one of them.


Boston sports fans looking for something to lift their spirits following Sunday's debacle in Foxboro can turn their eyes to Los Angeles. That's where the Lakers lost their composure and Sunday's game to the Clippers, 99-92. Clippers star Blake Griffin led a comeback from a 13-point third-quarter deficit and got under Lamar Odom's skin in the final seconds, leading to a scuffle and the ejection of four players (including Ron Artest despite his peacemaking role). "[Griffin] punked us," Kobe Bryant said. "He just ran through us. We didn't put up much of a fight."

Former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor pleaded guilty Thursday in New City, N.Y., to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute in a deal that will keep him out of jail. "She told me she was 19," insisted Taylor, who must register as a sex offender.


Following the Cavaliers' embarrassing 112-57 loss to the Lakers on Tuesday night, a message was sent from LeBron James' Twitter account: Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything! On Wednesday, karma apparently turned its attention to LeBron. First, James denied he wrote the original tweet in an evasive and confusing interview in which he denied wishing ill will on the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers have been struggling for a while, but on Tuesday night they hit a new low — as in, the team's worst loss ever. In losing for the 21st time in 22 games, the Cavs were hammered by the Lakers, 112-57.


"It can't get any worse than this," Antawn Jamison said. "If it is, y'all going to have to help me. I don't know how much of this I can take. This, by far, is the bottom."