Gary Tanguay is in with Kirk and Callahan for a Patriots Monday and the guys open up the show discussing the Pats Sunday victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 2, a game which saw Jimmy G go down to injury.


Things to consider while admitting that, while none of us knew for sure how Tom Brady would spend his time in exile, no one guessed he’d get into cyberbullying:

— I’m going to try to stay positive. I’m going to try not to look at Sunday as the day we lost the hottest new quarterback in the NFL, put a raw rookie with only a few weeks of practice under his belt in charge, and found ourselves one hit away from having Julian Edelman under center. Instead, I’m just going to look at it as Sweet Chicken Teryaki Day. Thanks, Subway!

— But there’s no denying the nightmarish fever dream that is losing Jimmy Garoppolo just as he had the rest of the AFC ready to throw down its weapons and sue for peace. I’m just going to keep reminding myself it’s better to be emotionally attached to the team that has to figure out how to win with a rookie third-string QB than be part of the 31 fan bases that are celebrating the Patriots being in this bind. Especially, God forbid, the Bills.

— I typically get down to the stadium for Patriots Monday around noon. And I fully expect that by the time I get there, the Jimmy G. banner and number 10 will be up on the lighthouse.

— Make no mistake, before he went down, Garoppolo was on his way to one of those Brady-like video-game-number performances. He was all man, fully in command of Josh McDaniels’ offense. Completely familiar with the route combinations. Making the pre-snap reads. Identifying the mismatches. Making quick decisions. It was all there.

— The first touchdown to Danny Amendola is People’s Exhibit A. First of all, he set it up with a perfectly executed motion screen to Martellus Bennett behind great upfield blocks by Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan. Then on the scoring play, Garoppolo motioned James White out to create an empty set. White and Edelman ran “Hoss,” which is a hitch and a seam combo. On the front side, the other three ran a “Ghost” with Bennett going deep, Hogan to the flat and Amendola finding space between Jelani Jenkins and the safeties. Garoppolo got rid of it under the pressure of your classic pincer movement from Andre Branch and Terrence Fede against his tackles. Amendola made the hand catch and got across the goal line under sheer force of will before finishing it off with a helmet-less Maori War Dance. And you just knew Miami was going to have no shot. If. Garoppolo. Stayed. In. The. Game.

— The Bennett touchdown simply was a matter of Garoppolo finding his best option and exploiting it. In this case, Bennett matched up on Kiko Alonso and beat him on a seam route. It was one of those moments where the McOffense is like playing “Go Fish,” except you can see the other kid’s cards.

— The best part about the third touchdown was that the Dolphins tried to test Garoppolo with a 0-blitz, bringing six rushers and leaving no safety help. Even with Koa Misi launching at him like a Koa missile from the side away from the protection unblocked, he knew he had Amendola on a slant in single coverage and hit him for the score. And Miami was never going to challenge him like that again.

— That second scoring hookup by Garoppolo and Amendola tied the record they had set previously: handsomest touchdown combo in NFL history. It’s one that will never be broken.

— The biggest waste of money on the day was the Viagra ad that ran right afterward, with the Pats up 21-0. Believe me, Pfizer. None of us needed one.

— I still say that Jimmy G.’s finest moment wasn’t even a touchdown throw. It was the way he escaped a certain sack. Alonso had him in the basement, handcuffed, dangling from the hot water pipe and was just about to hook him up to the car battery when Garoppolo managed to swing his legs up and snap his neck. Or something. It all happened too fast. Suffice to say he got out of an impossible situation.

— We should have seen the Garoppolo injury coming. The appearance of the one they call Welker was a bad omen. When you welcome a Betrayer in your midst, you’re courting danger, and everything occurred just as the oracle foretold it.

— Still, I’m not at all down on the Patriots’ chances with Jacoby Brissett. To steal the Hooded One’s line, there were some things he needs to do better, but he did some things well. He can’t be messing around with the ball with a free blitzer bearing down on him, obviously. And he missed a couple of short throws to Edelman. But you can’t find fault in his decision-making.

— Brissett looked great on plays like the play-action misdirection where he hit Bennett on the backside for the catch-and-run. Followed by the fake toss to White where he quickly hit Bennett on a tight end screen for a big gain. Add in the scrambles for first downs and that kung fu master-like one-handed snatch of the high snap that could have spelled doom, and you have to feel happy with how the first date went.

— That final drive that would’ve closed the sale were it not for the missed field goal was a championship drive. Yes, it was mostly LeGarrette Blount, who came up huge in a way we didn’t see from a running back all last year. But Brissett moved the chains a couple of times as well. Overall, the coach has to be pleased by that finish, especially after the way he put the whole sideline on blast when the previous possession crumbled under the weight of negative plays, fumbles and Joe Thuney holding calls.

— I’ll put it this way: I find it easier to believe Brissett is capable of beating the Texans on Thursday than Kevin James could be married to that woman in his new sitcom. C’mon, CBS. Like it didn’t strain credulity enough that a fat, doofusy UPS driver would be married to Leah Remini. This chick makes Remini look like … Kevin James.

— Arguably the best player on the field for the Patriots was Nate Solder. It was hard to even tell who was lining up against him because they had so little impact. I’m pretty sure it was Mario Williams a lot of the time, but for all you heard from him, Solder might have found a seam in the turf and stuffed him inside it. It speaks volumes that whenever the Patriots needed Blount to carry the load, they ran tosses to Solder’s side, and time and time again he sealed the edge to spring Blount loose. Like the play when Blount matrixed over Byron Maxwell, Solder put (I think) Jason Jones behind a Jersey barrier to set it up.

— The defense is another story. Or two stories. A Tale of Two Defenses. I don’t know if Jimmy Garoppolo was the Patriots’ most important player or what, but it seemed as soon as he went out their whole approach changed. They stopped being aggressive. They went into this ineffective off-coverage. Maybe it was related to the score. Or maybe they had just lost a couple of one-on-one battles, like the double move Kenny Stills scalded Justin “Weakest Link” Coleman with. Or maybe it was just momentum. But the second half felt like 2012 all over again. And none of us needs that.

— Although, it was fun to see the return of the front where one or two linemen get down into a stance and the rest all just kind of mill around doing nothing. The one I like to call the State Worker Defense. At times it was Shea McClellin showing an A-gap blitz and then dropping into zone coverage. Sometimes it had Trey Flowers at nose tackle. Others it was Chris Long. It’s their variation on the Giants’ NASCAR front, and it had mixed results. It never really produced much pressure on Ryan Tannehill, but he did have to throw a ball away with no one open. Still, it was against that front Miami put its first points on the board just before the half.

— The one thing you can always count on from Miami is that it will do Dolphin-y things. And this game was no exception. Going into this one, I had “Jay Ajayi fumble,” “Snap over Tannehill’s head,” “Personal foul penalty on Bobby McCain,” and “Terrible interception right into Jamie Collins’ sternum.” So I got Dolphins Stupidity Bingo.

— Look, I probably couldn’t tackle Tannehill if I caught him walking down my back steps with my Ted Williams baseball and the Irish Rose’s underpants in his hands. But I’m a rapidly aging writer. Patrick Chung is a professional tackler. When he’s in that film session watching Tannehill truck him on that final drive, it’s going to a “Wanna get away?” commercial in there.

— I thought Long stepped up, particularly with that batted ball after Miami had gotten it out to midfield. If you watch him every play, you see a guy constantly fighting and clawing his way through blockers. With McClellin, I see a guy either getting single blocked out of a play or just dropping back into space and having zero impact. I hope I’m right about Long and wrong about McClellin.

— This week’s Applicable Movie Quote: Tie. Both from “Apollo 13.” “If they could get a washing machine to fly, my Jimmy could land it.” And, “Well, we just had our glitch for this mission.”

— Could anything have been more perfect than the headset in Tannehill’s helmet going out, just as the Pats were dominating? Knowing that the whole country was screaming, “This always happens in Foxboro! Shenanigans! Cheaters! Liars! Take away a draft pick! Retroactively take away the pick from 2014 they used on Garoppolo! Cheeeaterrrs!!!” Only to have it turn out to be nobody on the Dolphins thought to throw in a fresh set of batteries. They’re just lucky it takes AAAs and not those little round specialty ones. Otherwise they’d have had to send an intern down to Radio Shack and ask a nerd for help. That’s a hell of a professional outfit they’re running down there.

— We’re on to Brissett.

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Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe

— U.S. women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe again knelt during the national anthem Sunday, despite implications that she might face punishment from U.S. Soccer.

Rapinoe, who started her protest while playing for the Seattle Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League and continued it with the U.S. national team, heard a mixed reaction from some in the crowd before Sunday’s game against Thailand in Atlanta.

“Obviously there were boos tonight, boos and cheers tonight. I totally respect that,” Rapinoe said. “People feel a certain way, and I want to be respected for the way that I feel. I think that’s their right to do that. I totally understand that. That said, there’s some people that support me.”

Colin Kaepernick started the kneeling protest and continued it Sunday before the 49ers played the Panthers, but Rapinoe is the first to protest while representing her country.

Rapinoe said she met with her coach and a media relations representative from U.S. Soccer — which previously stated that it expects all players to stand during the anthem — and “talked through my process.”

“I want to keep everybody in the loop,” she said. “It’s sort of an ongoing thought process. What’s the best way to handle everything and, for me, what’s the best way moving forward? And then, obviously, it affects everyone, so I want to appreciate and make sure I’m keeping everyone in the loop and hearing their opinions and giving mine as well.”

The U.S. team next plays Oct. 19 in Utah, while the Reign close out the regular-season Sunday in Houston. Rapinoe implied that she plans to continue her protest during those games.

“I don’t know why [the end of the protest] has to be the most important thing in this,” Rapinoe said. “I think in a large way it’s ‘OK, you’ve knelt, you’ve made your point.’ But I don’t necessarily feel like that. I don’t know what that looks like. Do I kneel forever? I don’t know, probably not. But I think until I can feel like I’m being more effective in other ways, then this seems appropriate to me.”

— The Patriots aren’t the only AFC contender with injury problems. The defending Super Bowl champion Broncos lost a key player on their defense Sunday when linebacker DeMarcus Ware fracture his right forearm after colliding with teammate Von Miller during the second half of a 34-20 victory over the Colts.

Ware will visit a specialist Monday to determine if he needs surgery.

“We have to see in the morning, actually, what the case is going to be — if it’s something he can play with or if it’s something that has to be fixed,” Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said.

Ware, who is tied for the lead among active players with 136 career sacks, has been battling back problems that caused him to miss training camp.

“I feel like D-Ware, he’s battled some injuries,” Miller said. “He’ll be right back, though. That’s just the type of pro that he is. He’ll be able to fight through it.”

ON THIS DAY TRIVIA (answer below): On Sept. 19, 1977, which Red Sox player singled in his first two plate appearances after going 4-for-4 the day before in his major league debut, giving him hits in each of his first six major league at-bats?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “This game is a 100 percent injury rate. It’s football and everyone’s just got to do their job a little bit better.” –– Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, after Jimmy Garoppolo was injured in Sunday’s 31-24 victory over the Dolphins

STAT OF THE DAY: 12 — Home runs in the last 21 games for Hanley Ramirez, who swatted a pair in Sunday’s 5-4 victory over the Yankees

‘NET RESULTS: Brandon Drury hits a walk-off single with two outs in the 12th inning as the Diamondbacks edge the Dodgers, 10-9.

The Blue Jays-Angels game in Anaheim is interrupted by a swarm of bees.

A policeman in San Francisco catches a foul ball with his hat.


SOOTHING SOUNDS: Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers was born on this day in 1940. He’s the one on the right.

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The debut of WEEI's new late night show! Arcand is with you until 2AM talking all things Boston sports. The Patriots win the game but lose Jimmy (James) Garoppolo and the Sox steal one more game from the Yankees.

[0:18:01] ... it wasn't some special play. You know how many times you seem Tom Brady taking it like that and go down right there on the shoulder popped right back up and keep going. And I'm not college Ubisoft is obviously I mean that was just you know I was sort of a freak way to go down. And I think did in down. He is kind of a little guy. He's she's noted Tom Brady in terms of stature back there. But he's definitely an hour I mean he was just looking so good and so confident ...
[0:19:29] ... age certainly not guys playing in the second career start. You know Tom Brady wasn't doing then his second career start you don't look like that. He was good obviously but I mean that they drop ...
[0:20:50] ... it's the last word. Because of that I feel confident saying this. Tom Brady coming back in this. The week five Cleveland game which I believe is October 11. After what I saw today. And what I saw against the Arizona Cardinals. I believe that this team will be for an out. October 9 cern at the eleventh. Allen quickly when Tom Brady comes back I believe summary you'll come back to a team that has not lost a game yet. And I don't necessarily ...
[0:24:22] ... the best game on Thursday. FitzGerald had an amazing game sort of Brandon Marshall sorted Eric Decker so did Matt Forte. Yet a four way tie for like if she player of the week. And you ...

The debut of WEEI's new late night show! Arcand is with you until 2AM talking all things Boston sports. The Patriots win the game but lose Jimmy (James) Garoppolo and the Sox steal one more game from the Yankees.

[0:01:30] ... the course of this weekend certainly tonight with the Red Sox and Hanley Ramirez in particular. Continuing to just carry the day and giving the fans something to go home with. Tonight here at at the ...
[0:02:40] ... of look back at the CE series of events that led to Hanley Ramirez getting acquired last year. And that. 1 Monte got off to an April where he was just crushing the ball and making everybody think the bench Arrington was a total genius for signing a guy you Barbara last April. Yet ten home runs and a month. And then seven for the rest of the year. And between. That month of April and that amount. May be two months ago. Hanley Ramirez who took a long time for people who sort of warm up to the idea that him their Mears can be a productive and not just productive but vital part of this lineup. And considering how many big proper you have all up and down the lineup right now guys having MVP type seasons. Now you have to throw Hanley Ramirez right into that mix too was she gets closer to being the third guy on this team with thirty home runs in ...
[0:05:22] ... two days in October. To finish off the season there against the Toronto Blue Jays back here Fenway Park and it's off to the post season for this team. As we get closer to the post season. ...
[0:08:47] ... the end. That's who these teams are feeling like right now the Baltimore Orioles watching this team come in got to be shaking in their boots and for good reason. In around this is this team ...

The 6:45am and 7am segments with Kirk, Gerry and Gary Tanguay discussing Garoppolo vs. Brady now that Jimmy G is on the shelf

[0:00:28] ... now Forrest Jackson Jimmy Claussen Josh Freeman Matt Flynn and Ryan relate Charlie Whitehurst. How fullback Peyton Manning my outwardly to. More size and remember you know whom. I'm inaudible I'd I don't want soy and. The other Comcast which ...
[0:04:08] ... of equality to support their injuries school. Lots of people have seen Peyton Manning the airport Witten for a lunatic in the park broke via a winner at breaks news on the issue and an army ...
[0:11:46] ... of the the six said the team is as bad as senator Trent Green I think Trent green is worse than cents worse since it's funny. I'm pumped up as Jamie ergo we're what happened her she was like. With your teachers ever did decide according to a great job at the deepening its use whatever she and I don't know an office is saying nothing you don't normally I just. Tape with a where does it kind of important thing talk going around talk to talk the Bill Belichick that that it's it's important they continue to run the ball right that was important things going on in on the quarterback ...

Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Butch Stearns break down the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots win over Dolphins.
Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas and Butch Stearns break down the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots win over Dolphins.

[0:06:06] ... shocked at the beginning of the season we talk all about it art show. I am at these veteran quarterback. What's up Matt Flynn or Ryan liberal but we're still out there right yeah I think ...
[0:18:31] ... Never have all the injuries that Corretja when it. That's my main Christian Fauria right here genius he nailed it's almost it's 1230 today. That was a half an hour before kickoff and he talked about ...

Gary and Chris take a final look at the Patriots-Dolphins game, discuss the key storylines, and are joined by OMF's Christian Fauria.
Gary and Chris take a final look at the Patriots-Dolphins game, discuss the key storylines, and are joined by OMF's Christian Fauria.

[0:00:41] ... as we saw last year to reject if they can. Keep Suh. Mario Williams who is expected to play despite leaving last week's game because of current issues weaker or situation guys at this point because ...
[0:14:53] ... to be. But it still think these two to run the ball ultimate football beat the witness when he. I finally gets it it'd be that close I think Jimmy gets knocked around. I think Jimmy ...
[0:18:03] ... on the invitational WEEI on meth use the F enormous it is Christian Fauria. Payouts for aerial money. But your solo action at all so too is to be here and you'll see just me in ...
[0:24:18] ... a I think it's more. So you're blocking or when he gets Jason Taylor a yacht a ship released. You don't go out and on the pass through a third out. But that's the kind of ...