The Lead Every NFL game has two officials in the replay booth.

There’€™s the “replay official” and the “replay assistant.” Those two guys. That’s it.

When a referee goes under the hood, he’s consulting with the replay assistant. In Sunday’s Super Bowl, the replay assistant was a man from Denver named Jimmy Oldham.

As you’ll see from the pictures and comments … (which Mrs. Oldham publicly posted on Facebook), Oldham’s wife is a passionate Denver Broncos fan. Like really passionate, which begs the question: how on earth did the NFL assign Oldham to the Super Bowl and expect him to remain unbiased?

I’m sure the NFL will either ignore this or tell us it’s no big deal. The audio/visual squad geek assigned to handle replays at the Super Bowl just happens to be the happily married half of a shameless Denver Broncos fancouple. For a game in which we saw one of the most baffling, inexplicable non-reversals in the history of instant replay, when Carolina receiver Jerricho Cotchery so obviously caught a pass that no one from Phil Simms to Jim Nantz to former NFL official Mike Carey could, for the life of them, explain why it was ruled incomplete. I’m sure it’s just a complete coincidence that at the end of an exhaustive, nationwide search to find some nerd to handle the equipment, they found a guy who’s wife can’t contain her blatant love for the Broncos.

Does this prove the game was not on the level? Or that the Cotch Botch was Jimmy Oldham rigging the game in order to get Mrs. Oldham in the mood to reward him with a trip to Pleasure Town? Unfortunately, no. It’s not proof. But it does prove once again the NFL’s blatant disinterest for even appearing to know what it is doing. There are 320 million people in America, probably 319 million of whom could have handled the job. But the NFL gives it to a Denver fanboy and expects that no one will notice, object or even care. Because the NFL has zero respect for anything besides hauling away giant dump trucks of cash on a daily basis.

And once again, I find myself asking what would happen if, say, in Super Bowl XLIX it turned out the replay assistant was a Patriots fan. Congress would be called into emergency session and martial law would be declared. But it’s only those lovable Broncos, captained by America’s Sweetheart, Peyton Manning. So there’s nothing to see here.


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Jerry Thornton



My San AntonioMonika Rostvold, the Texas State fine arts student who sat nearly naked on campus last semester as a live artistic performance against sexual assault, has carried out another piece that has the campus buzzing again. …

On Monday, she laid flat on a picnic table outside the student center wearing a bra, panties and covered in Chick-Fil-A waffle fries and showered in ketchup. …

“I think the fact that food being craved and satisfied relates to how we satisfy our emotional and physical relationships now a days and just questioning, is this what we want,” she said.

Far be it for me to question Monika Rostvold’s art. I confess that I’m the kind of patron of the arts who gravitates toward Norman Rockwell, paintings of ships and the magic of Bob Ross, but I don’t want to be so narrow-minded that I can’t appreciate the subtle nuance of a college student in her underwear with ketchup and waffle fries on her body.

And I have to say, while at first I didn’t get it, her interpretation makes perfect sense to me. I hadn’t ever really contemplated the way food being craved and satisfied relates to how we satisfy our emotional and physical relationships. But the way she had those fries on her funny business really brought that message home. And now I am questioning whether this is what I want.

I get another message out of this is as well. Something even more nuanced in my own interpretation, that is probably lost even on Monika. And it’s the message that her parents are spending $18,000 a year on tuition, room and board so their daughter can have total strangers eat fried foods off their daughter’s belly. At least that’s what I read into it. And as the great Ron Swanson said, “It’s art. Anything is anything.”


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Jerry Thornton











Here’s how you inject a little sweet jelly deliciousness into the otherwise plain, boring donut of election season. By having an MSNBC anchor screw up a name in a hilariously goofy way. And as you can practically guarantee in 2016, the Internet did not disappoint.

I’m being semi-serious when I say that if I was advising Bernie Sanders, I’d tell him to grab hold of this #BernieSandwiches thing and ride it all the way to the White House. Not many people think free college educations for all is a good idea or even remotely possible. The country is divided on universal health care. But no real American doesn’t love sandwiches. Establish yourself as the sandwich candidate, promise that your presidency will mean more, bigger and more affordable sandwiches for all, and you’ve got the formula for a 1984 Ronald Reagan-sized landslide.

So, well done, Chris Hayes. And as always, well done, Twittersphere. This is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they invented democracy.


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Jerry Thornton

Much has been made about Barack Obama’s love of basketball and his pickup games at the White House. Bernie Sanders, who hopes to succeed Obama as president, showed Tuesday he’s got game as well.

The Vermont Senator shot hoops with his grandchildren in Concord, New Hampshire, while waiting for the final results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary — which he won handily over Hillary Clinton.

The 74-year-old showed some skill, banking in a series of short shots.

Sanders said in a previous interview that he was a “very good athlete” and his Brooklyn elementary school won the borough championship. He ran track at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School, where he said he ran a mile in the impressive time of 4 minutes, 37 seconds.

Sanders has another connection to sports: He was part of the bipartisan House Committee on Government Reform panel that grilled Roger Clemens and other Major League Baseball players on the use of steroids in baseball in 2005.

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Jerry Spar
Bernie fans continue to invade the D&C show.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:04:51] ... right right there to thank these people for a private plane giving George Clooney's going back the Lake Como. Adding in the middle seat out god hears this I got a look at this next story ...
[0:06:28] ... you'd like march. I liked it okay noticing Ridley Scott might win best director yes yes he's got a good chance when mr. sew this up for best picture and best actor. Correct picture best actor mr. rector yes yet. And what's gonna is rep revenue gonna win best picture yikes wallets to a question that my people thinks it isn't like it's the Killen now. You'll look any expert who haven't ...

Cam Newton doubled down on his defense.

[0:02:03] ... the Super Bowl we were trying to come up the reason. Like Cam Newton would not have tried to pounce on his own fumble remember and we failed miserably right yes and the best we can ...
[0:02:33] ... what he says scared about a minute exchanged the Charlotte media and Cam Newton. Take care of him at last fumble there just. Good to have you gone over that play in your mind and and ...
[0:05:01] ... the idea you could do it Lubbock card you can do what Trent Dilfer to say the words. He quit he. Gay outreach O'Keefe for each choked he throws he panicked they can't make themselves say ...
[0:06:30] ... move on but he'd. I think what you really sees the real Cam Newton you know the real I saw you had his challenge right now right right to spoiled pampered guy. Who we don't when ...

Le Batard is still a moron.

[0:00:00] ... seconds of brief interview. With that Brady done by Jim Gray on Super Bowl Sunday must be nice to talk to but we talked to. Geez you sum up contractually opera obligated to Westwood One but not us examples to show wants seasons at the Super Bowl yesterday. Heard on bogged down who's you know naval able enable us good. Jury be a part of that and on into ...
[0:01:03] ... never looked. Our would you say a line. And the search topic Tom Brady put himself personally. In his own head I asked him well maybe he's the best quarterbacks of all what does it back ...
[0:01:48] ... debatable he'd Los not not a corny I know my opinion is Tom Brady's best ever. If you were to ask him most athletes. 30 lead they would defer they would say I'm Obama addressed through ...
[0:02:24] ... in other people's. All right so let tarred weighs in on this Tom Brady's situation and just when you think you could say something more stupid and he said yesterday about him. He's comparing Brady and camp and then it runs off the rails for look at art. What your limit. Like Cam Newton is right now still threatening we're gonna get into that little more later and Tom Brady this what you prefer. Tom Brady is asked are you one of the best quarterbacks all time quote that's a hell of a question I wouldn't put myself ...

The guys discussed the NH Primary.

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